Liverpool player makes heartwarming donation to local cafe’s food drive

A Liverpool player, wishing to remain anonymous, has generously provided the means for 200 care packages from a local coffee shop to be dispersed to people in need.

Throughout this great time of need and the desire to help the vulnerable members of our society, people and businesses have formed various initiatives to assist in any way they can.

Food supply remains a concern to many and Fika, a coffee shop based in Childwall, was quick to set itself up as a drop off point for essential items to be made into care packages for people in need in the local community.

For those unable to directly donate items, Fika opened a fundraising page for donations to help in the purchasing of supplies.

And a Liverpool player who wished not to be named provided a heartwarming donation which resulted in 200 care packages being delivered to the wider Liverpool community.


A post shared by Fika Coffee on Instagram said: “Thank you to the Mystery Liverpool Football Club player, who wants to remain anonymous, for purchasing 200 Fika Boxes from us.

“Have given them away to members of the Liverpool community in conjunction with the Owen McVeigh Foundation.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock had proclaimed in early April that Premier League players needed to “play their part,” but unbeknownst to him or he didn’t care to know, gestures like these were taking place and always have done, long before the pandemic.

And this is yet another brilliant gesture by a member of the team, following on from the Players Together initiative led by Jordan Henderson, the donation of equipment from Trent Alexander-Arnold to key workers, Andy Robertson’s donation to a mental health charity and countless other examples which have been publicised and those that haven’t.

* If you would like to learn more and donate to Fika’s Corona Care Packages you can do so here.