Nike leak detailed images of Liverpool’s full 2020/21 home kit

Further leaks of Liverpool’s home kit for 2020/21 were made public on Thursday evening, this time from Nike themselves.

The Reds are set to make the switch from New Balance to Nike early next week, but there will be few surprises on the day as images of the kits continue to surface.

Leaks of kits are part and parcel of modern-day technology and football it seems, and while they usually come from various sources across the web, trusted or not, this time they have come straight from the source.

Merely a day prior, one UK retailer mistakenly released details of the full home kit which was later taken down with the message that the products are “no longer available.”

And a similar chain of events unfolded on Thursday evening, but this time it was Nike at the helm as they provided details of the ‘Vapor’ home kit, the ones the players are going to use on the pitch:

This particular kit, and not just a replica, is set to set you back £99.95, with a further £14 needed to customise with a players’ name and number and the new Premier League champions badge.

It is a noticeably lighter red than the one currently worn by Liverpool in the previous two seasons with New Balance, and Nike did provide a description of this particular version of the new 2020/21 home kit in the, now broken, link:

“The Liverpool FC Vapor Match Home Shirt gives you the same look worn by your favourite pros on the pitch. It’s stretchy, streamlined design moves with you, while breathable fabric wicks sweat and dries exceptionally fast for peak performance.”

The shirt with a white and teal trim is coupled with shorts with a thicker white stripe down the side, which matches up with a similar detail down the length of the top on each side.

The prices are expected to be slightly cheaper for replica kits, with the previous leak from a UK retailer having been priced at £70 for men’s and ladies, with junior sizes at £55.

* As aforementioned, the product is no longer free to view on Nike’s website, with the official launch expected early next week.