LONDON, ENGLAND - Saturday, December 19, 2020: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during the pre-match warm-up before the FA Premier League match between Crystal Palace FC and Liverpool FC at Selhurst Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Jurgen Klopp doesn’t “see a reason” to punish Premier League’s ‘Super 6’

With the Super League having barely got off the ground, Jurgen Klopp feels the Premier League‘s ‘big-six’ do not need to face punishment for the actions of their owners.

The backlash was instant to the greed and power grab from the billionaire boys club of the 12 founding members of the Super League, so much so that the concept fell to pieces merely 48 hours later.

The owners of the clubs involved were rightly called out and soon thereafter discussion turned to possible punishments for their intent to kickstart a breakaway league.

There have since been countless debates over the possibilities, most of which would see the burden carried by the managers, players and most notably the fans rather than the owners.

Point deductions, relegation, bans from Europe and hefty fines have all been mooted and when posed with his thoughts on it all, Klopp’s personal opinion is that there is no more reason to punish as the Super League came to nothing.

“That’s above me. What can I say about that? A lot of people said a lot of things about [punishments]. They all had their reasons,” Klopp told reporters.

BERLIN, GERMANY - Saturday, July 29, 2017: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp chats with club owner John W. Henry before a preseason friendly match celebrating 125 years of football for Liverpool and Hertha BSC Berlin at the Olympic Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“I don’t see a reason to punish the clubs now for that. Nothing happened, we are now in the same situation as before.

“If someone wants to punish us for that I cannot change that, obviously. [But] I have nothing to say about that, to be honest.”

Many will likely disagree with Klopp’s stance and it could very well be for the reason that most suggestions would only hurt those who spoke valiantly against the plans.

The Premier League, meanwhile, are expected to implement a new rule to ensure no member club can orchestrate a similar move in the future.

As for Klopp’s love of the game, it remains well and truly in-tact with only what goes on around it and the constant desire to stretch players to the limit which he could do without.

“Never with the game,” Klopp said when asked if the events of the week ever changed his love for the sport. “Just with the things around it.

“It’s just we are all waiting for this [Super League], now we can’t stop writing about, talking about it and I get it. It’s a big one, I felt the same way.

“I have a clear opinion about what I didn’t like about the idea and I thought I made it clear. I never lost love for the game but the things around it, come on.

“With all the things that happened around it, the game stayed the same. Got better and better and better and if you give the decisive people more time to train you will see how much better this game could be in the future.

“Everybody is in the moment squeezing everything out, not only the leaders of the big-six, the Premier League as well by the way.”