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Real Madrid president insists Super League continues despite “poor English” withdrawing

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has insisted that the “the Super League continues” as he pointed to the “poor English” clubs who folded against UEFA threats.

Sometimes you just need to let it go and that’s the case for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus who are still backing the Super League ship that sunk more than two months ago.

The plans that sought to forever alter the football landscape rightly earned widespread condemnation and yet Perez continues to beat the drum.

He joins Barcelona president Joan Laporta, who recently accused Liverpool and Man United of being “the real founders,” in pushing forward as their respective clubs face worrisome financial situations.

The three remaining clubs are currently awaiting a European court ruling on the Super League after UEFA’s disciplinary actions were put under an injunction over competition law.

Liverpool and the five other English clubs, in addition to Atletico Madrid, Inter and AC Milan, all issued apologies and accepted fines from UEFA after it unravelled merely 48 hours after the competition was announced.

And in an interview with El Transistor, transcribed by Madrid Xtra, Perez, Super League president, remained adamant that “no one can leave” the competition.

“There is a binding contract and no one can leave. The Super League continues,” Perez said.

Fans protest against the Super League and it eventually led to its collapse within 48 hours of the announcement (Zac Goodwin/PA)

“There are not only three teams left, it’s a lie. There is a binding agreement of all 12 teams. The Super League continues, nobody can leave. UEFA threatened us and the poor English clubs fell for it.

“They signed something they shouldn’t have signed, because they are committed to the Super League. They wanted to punish them, and the courts have said no.

“We went to the judge who made a ruling and said the Super League cannot be touched. UEFA cannot do anything to the people or the clubs. It’s stopped. Now the court in Luxembourg must decide.

“We have been working on this for two years. It’s a format to prevent football, which is losing interest, from dying.

“We are not excluding anyone, but everyone can’t be there. A Roma-Sampdoria has less interest than a Manchester [United]-Paris Saint-Germain. The fans are in charge here.”

Perez has long been vocal about the Super League and while Liverpool’s owners lay claim to some of the blame for what unfolded, the Real Madrid man takes it to a whole new level.

Selfish interests are at stake and as they are not going out quietly, it’s one that will rumble on through the courts and beyond.