Liverpool fans pick their ideal midfield transfers after Jude Bellingham ‘U-turn’

Liverpool’s summer activity was sent into overdrive on Tuesday night after the Reds reportedly “conceded defeat” in the race for Jude Bellingham, leaving many to draw up another target list.

With at least two months before the summer transfer window opens, news of the club stepping back from Bellingham to pursue alternative targets came earlier than many expected.

The prohibitive fees needed to conclude a deal – upwards of £115 million – should not have come as a surprise but that is the reasoning that has been given for Liverpool’s ‘U-turn’.

With an overhaul needed, the Reds could instead spread the money they would spend on one generational talent on at least two players – not that everyone will agree with that.

But when the Bellingham news dropped and other targets were listed, such as Mason Mount, Alexis Mac Allister, Nicolo Barella, Moises Caicedo and Ryan Gravenberch, it got fans thinking about the alternatives:

“Caicedo, Mac Allister, Nunes, Neves, Lavia, Rice, Mount, Scott, Gallagher, Le fee, Thuram, Kone, Stach, Kamada, Wirtz, Barella, Veiga, Ugarte, Florentino Luiz, maybe I’m forgeting some names that are ready to move this summer and some of them may be better or as good as Bellingham in the long term.”

TaliJashariLFC in the comments.

“For all that money that was saved for Bellingham, can easily get players like ugarte, thurram, kone, enzo le fee, mount (year left), lavia.”

Rahul in the comments.

“I’d be happy with Mount, McAllister/ Caicedo and one more midfielder. If you can get a CB and a RB on top of that, that’s a great window.”

YTLFC in the comments.

There are certainly plenty of alternatives out there for Liverpool to pursue and they will want to get their business done early.

The issue for many, if the reports are accurate and it is not a transfer tactic, is that Liverpool have stagnated by waiting for a target who everyone knew would cost a pretty penny and by turning their back now, it would have all been for nothing.

The Reds need to find stability in their transfer dealings once more, other clubs will know to strongarm them and Liverpool can ill afford to waste time nor money.