Liverpool fans rue “predictable” Jude Bellingham news – but others have a theory

Fenway Sports Group came in for criticism after stories of Liverpool’s U-turn on Jude Bellingham, but other fans had theories on the timing.

Late on Tuesday night, journalists across Merseyside brought the news that Liverpool would no longer be pursuing Bellingham as he had been deemed too expensive.

A potential deal with Dortmund is set to exceed the £100 million mark, and with the likes of Man City, Man United and Real Madrid all in the hunt, the Reds are said to have pulled out.

That has left many supporters furious with the club’s owners, FSG, after what has been depicted as a long wait without midfield signings on the proviso that Bellingham was the No. 1 target.

But as others took to Twitter, Facebook and the This Is Anfield comments section, an interesting theory arose.


Many fans were furious at the initial story…

“We had money kept for Tchouameni (around 60m if I’m not wrong). We earned 100m+ from last season’s UCL run alone. We earned from winning domestic cups and coming second in the PL. That’s almost 60m. We will earn at least 45m from this season UCL run. Not to mention TV rights, Merchandise, sponsors etc. Do they seriously want us to believe they don’t have money to go for Bellingham and if they do, the rebuild will be in jeopardy?”

skint_git22 in the comments.

“And we wasted a whole season just for this? It was so obvious we needed midfield reinforcements last summer but still chose to wait for Jude knowing very well that he is out of our price range.

“What at all are they smoking in Boston and in L4?”

Onera (Ghana) in the comments.


But others have theories about the timing…

“Makes me even more convinced we’re signing him! Happens with almost every big name we’ve ever gone for!”

Ben Roberts on Facebook.

“I’m sure we were ‘priced out of’ VVD too. Relax everyone. The ITKs… know nothing these days”

RF9 in the comments.

It remains to be seen how the situation will play out, but the optics of Tuesday night’s leak are not positive in the context of a campaign essentially wasted.

There is every chance, given the club’s history, that Bellingham could still walk through the doors of the AXA Training Centre this summer – but also every chance he does not.

If the story is as reported, though, it would be a damning indictment of Liverpool’s strategy under FSG.