Liverpool’s purple third kit for 2023/24 features “pioneering” new Nike logo

Liverpool’s new purple third kit for the 2023/24 campaign has already leaked online, and is now reported to feature a “pioneering” Nike logo.

With the release of next season’s away kit on Friday, Liverpool now only have one more announcement to make when it comes to their new kits.

It is already widely reported that Jurgen Klopp‘s side will wear purple as their third kit for the new campaign – though it is unlikely to be seen often.

Last term saw Liverpool wear their dark green third kit for just three games, though sales of the shirt will likely have been high given its popularity among fans.

The decision to push forward with a purple kit may prove divisive, but the design is certainly an attractive one, featuring an all-over pattern.

Leaks online have already shown the new shirt and shorts in full, but now Footy Headlines have reported a new detail from Nike.

Liverpool’s kit manufacturer have opted to produce their logos for the ‘authentic’ third kit using their Nike Grind material, with images showing it on the Nike swoosh and LFC badge.

* Images above show the new, cheaper ‘stadium’ version.

An initiative which began in 1992, Nike Grind is a “pioneering” collection of recycled materials – made from manufacturing scrap, unused materials and end-of-life shoes – reused for Nike products.

According to the programme’s official website, over 140 million lbs of Nike Grind have been recycled into new products over the past 31 years.

Footy Headlines report that the updated Nike Grind will be debuted in 2023/24 with Nike’s kits for the 2023 Women’s World Cup this month.

It is speculated that the manufacturer will use it for all of their ‘authentic’ third kits for the new season.

Liverpool are expected to launch their new third kit in September, with a strong chance it is not unveiled until after the campaign begins.