Stefan Bajcetic, Bobby Clark and Kaide Gordon go on work experience at a farm!

As part of Liverpool’s partnership with VistaPrint, Stefan Bajcetic, Bobby Clark and Kaide Gordon were sent on work experience at Acorn Farm in Kirkby.

Bajcetic, Clark and Gordon are the latest Liverpool players to get to work in collaboration with VistaPrint, visiting Acorn Farm in nearby Kirkby.

The trio were set a series of tasks including feeding goats, with Clark proving the most popular among the animals.

Gordon’s approach to handling a guinea pig was laughed off by Bajcetic, who told him “it’s only a guinea pig, man!” as the winger squirmed.

“We’ve been here nearly 40 years, it’s our anniversary next year. We’ve got 97,000 visitors every year,” Acorn Farm CEO Tracy Trumble explained.

“Most of our guys support Liverpool – there’s some Evertonians!

“We work with people with disabilities; they help us to run the farm, we wouldn’t be here without them.

“They look after the animals, do maintenance, they do all the plant sales. Monday to Friday, we have 100 placements, and they come here every day.”

As part of their visit, Bajcetic, Clark and Gordon presented Acorn Farm with a letter from VistaPrint, which included a £3,000 donation towards the cause.

Clark said: “It was such an enjoyable day at Acorn Farm for us all and the team there is fantastic and a real asset to our local community.

“I’m glad we got to experience this together as part of the club’s partnership with VistaPrint.”

Trumble added: “It has been a dream come true for us and all the people we support to have Stefan, Kaide and Bobby come and visit the farm.

“These young lads are wonderful players and lovely people, they have provided a real buzz around the farm for staff and visitors as there are a lot of Liverpool supporters at the farm – we would welcome them back anytime!”