Villa fans criticised for “Scouser in the black” and poverty chants vs. Liverpool

Aston Villa supporters let the mask slip with a series of baffling chants during Monday’s 3-3 draw with Liverpool, including “sign on” ringing out at Villa Park.

Heading into Liverpool’s final away game under Jurgen Klopp, there was a sense among many fans that the hosts would be welcomed into the Champions League.

With Villa needing a win to guarantee a spot in Europe’s top-tier tournament before the final day, though, when the Reds took a 3-1 lead the home supporters let themselves down.

Bizarrely, Villa Park saw ‘Sign On’ and ‘God Save the King’ sung by thousands, along with a rendition of the altered Steven Gerrard song for their former manager.

It left many Liverpool fans watching on disappointed with the behaviour of their Villa counterparts.

And even more baffling was the abuse towards referee Simon Hooper, who was somehow dubbed “the Scouser in the black” by the home supporters.

It is seemingly just par for the course now that, if things are going Liverpool’s way, opposing fans often turn to the anti-Scouse songbook to ‘get their own back’.

There was no tragedy chanting audible on Sky Sports’ broadcast, it must be stressed, but poverty chanting is frustrating enough.

Similar unfolded in recent years less than 60 miles away, with Leicester fans gaining a poor reputation with Liverpool for resorting to the same tactics.

Liverpool’s 3-1 lead was later overturned by a Jhon Duran brace, which saw a share of the points as Villa edge closer to a top-four finish.