‘I painted Jurgen Klopp’s leaving present – one of the best experiences of my life’

Abigail Rudkin is a Liverpool-based artist whose work was gifted to Jurgen Klopp as a leaving present from the club.

Over the last few months, Rudkin’s life has been frantic. Between appearing on Sky Sports, The Anfield Wrap and The Redmen TV, she has also found time to continue her painting.

She even got to meet Klopp, with the boss later remembering her in a press conference before praising her and other supporters’ creativity.

We caught up with Abigail Rudkin to learn about her Liverpool life.


The first Liverpool match I went to was…

I don’t think I could remember the first Liverpool match I ever went to – my dad’s been taking me since I was about two years old!


My favourite season supporting Liverpool has been…

Probably 2019.

Winning the Champions League and getting to attend the parade with my dad was unbelievable.

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If I could relive any game in Liverpool’s history, it would be…

Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona. I was working in the club shop that night and didn’t get to experience it in the ground.

I’d probably go back and try make sure I got a ticket! If not that, I’d want to relive this year’s League Cup final.

Knowing it was Jurgen’s last trophy with us, I’d take it in a little bit more.


Any famous meetings?

Meeting Jurgen was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

They say don’t meet your idols but he goes above and beyond expectations!


How did you start creating Liverpool-inspired art?

I started creating Liverpool artwork back in 2020 during lockdown.

I was doing my BA Fine Art degree from home and wanted a bit of a change in what I was painting, so my dad suggested I painted Klopp. It went from there really.


If you had a dinner party with three figures from Liverpool’s past or present, who would they be?

The three people I’d have a dinner party with are Jurgen, Bill Shankly and King Kenny.

You can follow Abigail Rudkin on Twitter here and buy her art here.