Onwards and Upwards


Well I’m still basking in the glory of our victory over the chavs last weekend. Normally when you are hanging on to a 1-0 lead it can get nervy towards the end as the opposition pile on the pressure but in truth I thought we were comfortable winners and never really looked like conceding.

The victory was made all the sweeter by the fact that it was Torres’s first game for the chavs since he turned his back on Liverpool and I think we are well rid of him. Now that he’s gone any anti-Torres talk seems like sour grapes but I honestly believe we are far better off without him. I was getting fed up with the sideshow when he was here and I’m even more fed up with it now that he’s gone.

While he was here it seemed that almost all of our games over the past 12 months or so had become part of the Torres circus. Regardless of the result of our games we would hear the same questions over and over again. How did he play? Did he look interested? What was his body language like? Did he look happy? Does he want to leave? Has the real Fernando Torres been abducted by aliens and replaced by a clone with the wrong coloured hair, a face like a slapped arse and a couple of dodgy hamstrings?

Ok, that last question was one of mine but the vast change in Torres both as a player and a person since his “supposed” surgery ahead of the World Cup last year is very strange and I don’t think we can rule out alien involvement. Alien abduction has long been a problem in football and particularly at Anfield but the authorities refuses to acknowledge it exists and brush it off with lame excuses about loss of form and confidence. I think there is clear evidence to suggest there is a bug-eyed alien behind this but so far David Moyes has denied any involvement!

Anyway enough from the parallel universe my mind sometimes drifts into, my point is that the circus that has been following the Torres clone around for the last year or so has been a distraction and taken the limelight off the team. Granted our results over the last year have been pretty poor but there have been some good performances within the team that have been largely ignored due to the spotlight been constantly on Fernando Tortoise.

For example, it’s good to see Lucas getting a little bit of recognition for his performances since Dalglish took over but the truth is the lad has been playing his heart out and has been our most consistent performer for the last two years. There have been other players as well who have put in good performances in some games that have gone unnoticed due to the media circus surrounding Torres.

I’ve also got a pain in my ass hearing a lot of the crap that has gone on since he left. First he said Chelsea are a bigger club, then he said that actually Liverpool are a bigger club and now he’s saying that Liverpool are a bigger club but Chelsea have been a bigger club over the last 10 years, or something like that. He’s also now said that he had lost his enthusiasm at Liverpool. This is a guy who was earning £110k a week at Anfield and had the adoration of Liverpool fans worldwide and yet he claims to have lost his motivation?

He also claims his move was for sporting reasons and nothing to do with money, so clearly the chavs making him their highest paid player on £175k a week is just an accounting error! I don’t know what he is looking to achieve with all of this crap he is spouting to the media but whatever it is, it’s not working. Torres’s actions have spoken louder than his words and those actions show that he is nothing but a traitor, a two-faced liar and just another petulant and greedy footballer. That’s not just sour grapes from a Liverpool fan, I think most neutrals are also coming around to this point of view.

So at this stage I’m sick of hearing about bloody Torres. As far as I’m concerned the matter is closed and if he wants to sell his soul and sign for a team with an average age that’s increasing faster than the State of Florida, that’s very much his loss and we will continue onwards and upwards without him.

Of far greater importance then Fernando Footnote is the way the team is playing and we are playing some great stuff at the moment. Kenny has the team playing as a team and they all seem to be enjoying their football which has made a huge difference to our performances and it’s terrific to watch. All of the players are playing their part. In defence, I thought it was a strange decision to move Glen Johnson to left back but I don’t think he’s ever played better for us and Kelly is playing some great stuff on the right, and with four clean sheets in our last four games our centre backs are also looking solid.

In midfield, Lucas is doing his best Ronnie Whelan impression, Gerrard is slowly getting back to his best and Raul the Merciless is playing some great stuff and just can’t stop scoring. In attack, Kuyt has been moved back to our forward line and it seems to have given him a new lease of life. Deadly Dirk may not have scored recently but he’s reminded us what it’s like to have a forward who constantly harries defenders, actually knows how to hold the ball up and has the ability to pass the ball to somebody in the same coloured shirt. I’m also looking forward to seeing Suarez. He looked very good when he came on against Stoke and it will be interesting to see what he can do when he plays from the start. All this and Andy Carroll still to come, life is good!

Whether we can keep this run going and claw our way a bit further up the table remains to be seen but at least we can now see some progress being made with the side and a style of play that we can develop and build on for next season. I’m really enjoying the football we are playing and I’m looking forward to our games with an enthusiasm I haven’t known in years.

Next up we’ve got Wigan at Anfield on Saturday. They are not having the best of times at the moment but they are one of those sides that is capable of springing a surprise if you give them half a chance. They will provide us with a different type of challenge but if we continue the form we’ve been showing lately I can’t see anything but a home win. I think Kenny might revert back to 4-4-2 and play Suarez and Kuyt upfront for this one and I’ll put my money on a 3-0 Reds win.

Keep the Faith

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  • Rory Breaker

    Blud, the 1st 45 mins of that game last night had Arse sitting back with 10 men behind the ball. And it was working…right up until Fabregas played the idiotic back-heel right to Iniesta and Messi did what he does. So I’d have to agree with Rafalution. We’d have to stick not one but 2 holding mid’s (lucas/meireles) and hit them on the break. It can be done. But you would also have to neutralize the individual threat of Messi. Enough of that though.
    We have Braga tomorrow. Aurelio, Agger, Jonjo are out. Luis is cup tied. Anyone else out? Carroll to start? It sounds like we have enough healthy personnel to handle them. Nick a goal or two and keep a clean sheet at Anfield.

  • blud red

    thanks lads, just wondered. i think we played a lesser side when we beat them, they certainly weren’t famed for playing stellar football, but that was an emphatic victory none the less. real madrid were just shit when we played them, but it was an excellent performance nonetheless.

    here’s another question for general consumption.

    why are their no girls on this site?

    is it because the testosterone scares them off?

    is it because girls only use the web for celebrity gossip?

    or is it like the sketch in life of brian and some of you are women masquerading as blokes?

  • theredman

    Blud Red,
    if the surgeon had gone down any further with his scalpel you would now be reading comment’s from Theredmiss.

  • dougle

    I listened to that interview with Carra on 5 live on Sunday. Incidentally that program is generally awful and the presenter makes Margaret Thatcher look like Mahatma Ghandi. He is just an annoying, cliche-ridden, right wing hack with his nose firmly up the arse-crack of the english sporting establishment. (This is probably why there are no females here by the way).

    Anyway … Eventho’ I am no defender of Carra’s recent (apparent) politics I think he did not mean it in a mealy mouthed way when talking about the difficulties Roy faced. It was just that Roy is “pure brit” – 70’s vintage – and he inherited a system with personnel he could not work with. I don’t think he mean’t everything Spanish was necessarily crap. He just mean’t the two didn’t mix.
    That’s not to say he didn’t want shut of Rafa and everything to do with him by the way.
    Splitting hairs I know but …

    As for everyone exonerating Carra’s lunge last weekend I am with LB on this. It’s simply that he should have been sent off and we could have lost the game and handed the mancs the title. What’s so hard to understand about that? For sure Carra had “to mark his territory with Nani”, but he could have done this in a less stupid way. he was lucky he didn’t fuck the game for us as too many senior players have done in that fixture over the years. We got lucky. As someone mentioned if that had been Webb as ref then Carra would still be walking now.

    Anyway we got away with it. thanks be.

  • elbmw

    No girls on this site?

    Andy Gray scared them away!

    Nah, that would probably be because we swear a lot and vent our anger and frustration in a way thats not palatable to the female gender.

    Also , if memory serves, I remember one or two American girls came on here at about the time the G&H bandwagon begun to decimate our club and a couple of the lads scared them away with their anti-american sentiments and monikers (Yanksarewanks?LOL!) as well as the fact world war 3 had just broken out in kopblog. That was a couple of years ago and I haven’t seen any other female bloggers since!

  • rome77

    What do you mean no girls… Diggers still here ¦ )

  • Rafalution

    RedMan, you crack me up :-)
    RoryBreaker: Stevie G didn’t fly with the team to Portugal. I don’t think hos groin is 100%, so he will have another 10 days to get it right. I Hope Big Andy gets 30 mins or so & bangs one or two in.

  • LondonBarnes

    The current Barca team is not perfect and as they are human beings they can be beaten… but they are the best side I have ever seen.

    Not surprised Gerrard has not travelled but I hope we field a strong side. Afterall the Europa League is our only chance of winning a trophy. Also 6th place in the league might not get a Europa League place. Birmingham won the Carling Cup so they are in. One of the top four will have to win the FA Cup for 6th place to get the last Europa spot. I can’t see us finishing in the top 5. Fuck ups against Wigan and West Ham saw to that in my opinion. So we should be taking the Europa seriously now. I’d go as far to say it should now be our priority.

  • timmysuarez

    Rome #445,Quality :)

    LB i agree this should be our priority since its the only cup we can win.It would be great for Kenny and a brilliant lift for the supporters after all the H&G crap.

    Especially now we have no league game at the weekend,i`ve no doubt Kenny will field his strongest eleven tonight.

    I`d chance this XI but what do i know …



  • ar53fluff

    rome…i respect your opinion of Carra. We all have our own opinions.
    I have nothing but respect for the guy and I dont deal in allegedly this and allegedly that. As Rafa said ‘I want to talk facts’. Innocent til proven guilty and all that. I just dont buy that Carra and Stevie alligned against Rafa. And like I said, Carras not gonna come out and say, yeah we all tried our hardest but unfortunately Woy is just fuckin clueless as a manager.

    We all know he was useless…thats beyond debate, but Carras only doin what any of the team would have done when quizzed on the subject. Hes sayin that the team did not tow the line. Ok, we al know thats just tellin the media what they want to hear, but this and the other crap people are trying to slaughter Carra with is just wrong. Its plain Wrong.

    If you dont like the guy, say it. But the one and only thing I look at, since I dont know him personally, is his on pitch record and contribution to this club. Same for Stevie.

    I dont give a shit about ”alledged”rumours and press simply because they are usually bullshit.

  • timmysuarez


    We`ve been through this a few times now but i`ll try sum it up for you.

    Carra`s relationship “allegedly” broke down with Rafa.Since Rafa left has Carra come out and thanked him for what he did for him?

    Carra`s buddy in the media chris bascombe of the NOTW lea the “lost the dressing room” stories in hte media.

    Carra admitted he didn`t approve of “not being liked ny the media”..which incedently goes against what LFC always were.The “us against the world” mentality.Stick the mediua and the establishment.

    Carra suddenly became buddy buddy with Arian Durnam who lead the onslaught against Rafa on Talkshite.The same Adrain Durham who Carra called out for a scrap live on Talkshite when he accused Carra of being a “bottler” after ending his international career the first time.Suddenly they were scheduled to go to south africa togehter to work on the world cup,but carra got called up.

    Add to that he tied up a nice contract before FSG bought us,the same contract Rafa wasn`t going to give him,allegedly of course.

    It`s all alleged of course,but read between the lines Ar53fluff and you`ll come to a conclusion.Then you like others may have wanted Rafa out anyway so choose to ignore it.

    Carra will always be a legend of a player and his achievements shall never be forgotten,but this whole escapade has laft a sour taste in my mouth.I`ve lost some respect for him after that.

  • rome77

    TimmySuarez nee Torres sums it up.

    “Carra will always be a legend of a player and his achievements shall never be forgotten,but this whole escapade has left a sour taste in my mouth.I`ve lost some respect for him after that”


  • timmysuarez

    New blog——————>>

  • rome77

    New blog lads and lasses :)