Onwards and Upwards

on 10.02.2011

Well I’m still basking in the glory of our victory over the chavs last weekend. Normally when you are hanging on to a 1-0 lead it can get nervy towards the end as the opposition pile on the pressure but in truth I thought we were comfortable winners and never really looked like conceding.

The victory was made all the sweeter by the fact that it was Torres’s first game for the chavs since he turned his back on Liverpool and I think we are well rid of him. Now that he’s gone any anti-Torres talk seems like sour grapes but I honestly believe we are far better off without him. I was getting fed up with the sideshow when he was here and I’m even more fed up with it now that he’s gone.

While he was here it seemed that almost all of our games over the past 12 months or so had become part of the Torres circus. Regardless of the result of our games we would hear the same questions over and over again. How did he play? Did he look interested? What was his body language like? Did he look happy? Does he want to leave? Has the real Fernando Torres been abducted by aliens and replaced by a clone with the wrong coloured hair, a face like a slapped arse and a couple of dodgy hamstrings?

Ok, that last question was one of mine but the vast change in Torres both as a player and a person since his “supposed” surgery ahead of the World Cup last year is very strange and I don’t think we can rule out alien involvement. Alien abduction has long been a problem in football and particularly at Anfield but the authorities refuses to acknowledge it exists and brush it off with lame excuses about loss of form and confidence. I think there is clear evidence to suggest there is a bug-eyed alien behind this but so far David Moyes has denied any involvement!

Anyway enough from the parallel universe my mind sometimes drifts into, my point is that the circus that has been following the Torres clone around for the last year or so has been a distraction and taken the limelight off the team. Granted our results over the last year have been pretty poor but there have been some good performances within the team that have been largely ignored due to the spotlight been constantly on Fernando Tortoise.

For example, it’s good to see Lucas getting a little bit of recognition for his performances since Dalglish took over but the truth is the lad has been playing his heart out and has been our most consistent performer for the last two years. There have been other players as well who have put in good performances in some games that have gone unnoticed due to the media circus surrounding Torres.

I’ve also got a pain in my ass hearing a lot of the crap that has gone on since he left. First he said Chelsea are a bigger club, then he said that actually Liverpool are a bigger club and now he’s saying that Liverpool are a bigger club but Chelsea have been a bigger club over the last 10 years, or something like that. He’s also now said that he had lost his enthusiasm at Liverpool. This is a guy who was earning £110k a week at Anfield and had the adoration of Liverpool fans worldwide and yet he claims to have lost his motivation?

He also claims his move was for sporting reasons and nothing to do with money, so clearly the chavs making him their highest paid player on £175k a week is just an accounting error! I don’t know what he is looking to achieve with all of this crap he is spouting to the media but whatever it is, it’s not working. Torres’s actions have spoken louder than his words and those actions show that he is nothing but a traitor, a two-faced liar and just another petulant and greedy footballer. That’s not just sour grapes from a Liverpool fan, I think most neutrals are also coming around to this point of view.

So at this stage I’m sick of hearing about bloody Torres. As far as I’m concerned the matter is closed and if he wants to sell his soul and sign for a team with an average age that’s increasing faster than the State of Florida, that’s very much his loss and we will continue onwards and upwards without him.

Of far greater importance then Fernando Footnote is the way the team is playing and we are playing some great stuff at the moment. Kenny has the team playing as a team and they all seem to be enjoying their football which has made a huge difference to our performances and it’s terrific to watch. All of the players are playing their part. In defence, I thought it was a strange decision to move Glen Johnson to left back but I don’t think he’s ever played better for us and Kelly is playing some great stuff on the right, and with four clean sheets in our last four games our centre backs are also looking solid.

In midfield, Lucas is doing his best Ronnie Whelan impression, Gerrard is slowly getting back to his best and Raul the Merciless is playing some great stuff and just can’t stop scoring. In attack, Kuyt has been moved back to our forward line and it seems to have given him a new lease of life. Deadly Dirk may not have scored recently but he’s reminded us what it’s like to have a forward who constantly harries defenders, actually knows how to hold the ball up and has the ability to pass the ball to somebody in the same coloured shirt. I’m also looking forward to seeing Suarez. He looked very good when he came on against Stoke and it will be interesting to see what he can do when he plays from the start. All this and Andy Carroll still to come, life is good!

Whether we can keep this run going and claw our way a bit further up the table remains to be seen but at least we can now see some progress being made with the side and a style of play that we can develop and build on for next season. I’m really enjoying the football we are playing and I’m looking forward to our games with an enthusiasm I haven’t known in years.

Next up we’ve got Wigan at Anfield on Saturday. They are not having the best of times at the moment but they are one of those sides that is capable of springing a surprise if you give them half a chance. They will provide us with a different type of challenge but if we continue the form we’ve been showing lately I can’t see anything but a home win. I think Kenny might revert back to 4-4-2 and play Suarez and Kuyt upfront for this one and I’ll put my money on a 3-0 Reds win.

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  1. Good blog Gerry! I also think we will revert to 442, and maybe Aurelio will start on his original position, and Johnson occupies the right wing. I’m not sure if Gerrard is fit to this match, and I just heard that Shelvey will be sidelined for 12 weeks or so due a knee injury.

  2. [This week’s gem] “…I think there is clear evidence to suggest there is a bug-eyed alien behind this but so far David Moyes has denied any involvement!”

    Unmentionable has left and it seems we just can’t stop talking about him. The reason is because we once loved him and he’s worked extra hard to ensure we don’t. As always, it’s his loss.

    I was praying that Ancelotti played his three forwards together, which got answered. Those three egos CANNOT be arsed into playing with each other one bit! Again, their loss, this time literally.

    I have been even more tired of LFC being a two man, three team. We needed closure in that regard, and King Kenny was making enormous strides too. Why this lad would demand a move during the closing days of that eventful January window, only he knew. He and Chelsea might just be a match made in heaven, as thunder and lightning are too.

    We are a team again and the passion is back. Raul the Merciless (CLASSIC!) should get a whole article for himself, and we might just see more of him following what I hear from media circles is a groin injury to Stevie G. I am happy that Lucas has been gradually getting his long overdue plaudits. He’s a classy player, a young legend in the making, in the mould of the Dynamo.

    Who’d have thought as of this week we’d be sitting just six off Chelsea and Spurs, in sixth place? Who’d have thought, this side of Hodgson, we’d get 12 points and keep three consecutive clean sheets while racking up a positive goal difference? Who’d have thought that our recent 12 point haul would outdo Arsenal’s ten and counting? Who’d have thought that our legendary King would be on course to be crowned an emperor?

    I can’t wait to see Caroll-Suarez in full flight, backed by an awesome Red army, numbering youth among them. I am excited as I’ve not been in aeons and cannot wait to ride this Kenny-inspired wave. It’s good to be Red, long-suffering and all, but Red.

    After all, isn’t that what the color of the future is?

  3. Great point, Sam. The best part of how Kenny has the team playing is that every player is playing so well and to their strangths that it’s been tough to single out one single player for their performances. Not only that, but Suarez is just getting started and we still have Carroll to look forward to. Exciting time, indeed.
    Wigan has been a bit of a bogey team, so hopefully we can keep the momentum going against them on Saturday.
    There’s a good article on ESPN about Suarez and how we can expect him to assimilate quickly…

  4. Hi Gerry, nice blog as usual, one thing missing though, you didn’t comment anything about Reina. Though it is something which looks to destroy our party. But one thing I have been thinking for a long time has been the fate of our Spanish contingent since the departure of Rafa. Once we had 5 Spanish players representing their national team. Now we have got only Reina remaining. Don’t you guys think this has something to do with Reina’s comment? I think there is also a change in the general direction of the type of player we want. Without sounding skeptic or anything like that, I would like your comment on the type of players KK is bringing in. Am not against it at all, provided that KK sees it ok. KK is developing Kelly and Njonjo rapidly, Glen seems to have been given another spirit, and they are English, he has brought in Andy Caroll, and he is English too, we were after Ashley Young, who is English too. We were again about to bring in Charlie Adam, who is from Scotland. Does it sound anything to you the way I think? Consider also that, the core of the mancs all this time of there domination has been UK players, and also considering the Fabregus flirting with Barcelona and Torres sulking, doesn’t it draw a certain pattern?

  5. Alright Gerry super blog there man.

    Great result on sunday,also it puts an end to be all the talk about Torres thank god in a way we had the chavs immediately after his signing because it would have went on and on and on.

    Lucas,only getting praise now,is long overdue in my book.The lad is improving by the day and the notion that he wouldn`t get into any of the top four sides,never mind squads is gone.How many times has he dominated the midfield against one of the big four?I`ve lost count.He is becoming an essential part of our team for the future.I`m sure Kenny see`s it that way too.The stick the lad took,especially from our own was a disgrace.The lad came from a different continent,culture,language etc.Did you know the lad first left home and his home city at 14 years old?

    As if that wasn`t difficult enough to deal with he had people abusing him form all angles.The lad could have walked,i for one wouldn`t have blamed him.

    What did lucas do?Did he sulk?Did he point fingers?Did he hide?

    Answer to all those is FUCK NO.

    The lad put his head down,worked his bolix off and improved in a bid to prove all his doubters wrong.And he has,so anyone in here who doubted the lad had potential and claimed “not fit to wear the jersey” well quite frankly you should all admit to having a big slice of humble pie.

    And there was a few in here.I myself,early on,thought the lad struggled,but to be fair to him he has improved immensley in the last two years.I never abused or said he wasn`t fit for the red shirt.

    Lucas,take a bow son,take a bow.

    As for our new signings,well i too Gerry hope to see Suarez get a run from the start on saturday now he has trained with the lads for a bit.Maybe 60-70 mins should suffice.

    I hear John-joe is out for up to three months,shame that the lad was getting his fair share of minutes under Kenny.He`s young though.

    Anyway Gerry did you get my email about the username,i no longer want to be called TimmyTorres,can the techy guys do something?

  6. A great and happy blog Gerry (for a change),
    nice one Timmy did you get your surname changed by dee poll LOL,
    the way the lad’s are responding and playing under KD, i cant wait for our forgotten ex-chav Joe Cole to start to up his game (when fit) because we all know he can be a class act on his day, so i think that’s another plus to look forward to apart from Andy Caroll and Timmy Suarez.

  7. hoy

    listen up, i slated the lad lucas. i put my hand up. but come on, he did look rank at times. i am now eating my hat, though, and glad to do so. i rate him ok. and i will finally admit he is a brazilian after all. i read this online:

    “If an indicator of his performance at Stamford Bridge was needed, then Lucas’ Opta Index stats provide it.
    Against Carlo Ancelotti’s men, he completed 89% of attempted passes, 82% in Chelsea’s half.
    They are figures impressive enough before you consider the calibre of midfield opposition and the high intensity of the game.
    It’s been a similar story in each of his outings under Dalglish, although his pass completion rate for the entire campaign – 84% – is of an equally high calibre.”

  8. gerry

    thanks for the blog. we’ll get used to this if your not careful.

    fernando tortoise/ raul the merciless!! brilliant.

    sam wanjere

    well said, the king may well be crowned emperor.

    sorry to hear about jonjo. in a nutty kind of way i was really beginning to enjoy watching the lad play.

    if anyone can make that fop joe cole play its KK and Clarke. i’m not a big fan of his, but there’s still time to teach him how to play better contributory football. he has the skill, but his decisions need looking at.

  9. Great link there TS,take a look at his face every time he scored,always smiling,he loved the game and probably still does.Today’s players take note!

  10. I am one of those whom have stated that I do not rate Lucas nor Deadly Dirk.
    I also believe that there are many here who would never play 3 centre backs given the chance and will always find reasons for the so-called modern 4 man defence, even after evidence that the 3 centre backs(or defenders approach) have produced some of the best performances from LFC, Istanbul included. Fair enough.
    As for Nando, good luck to him. I will not slate him because he had given me many memories and his departure allowed us to get two exciting strikers in place. I am pleased with the end result.
    I do hope Pepe will stay and firght for honours for many years to come. I believe LFC can accomplish enough to persuade him to stay and I agree with Gerry that its onwards and upwards from here.
    Thoroughly excited about Luis Suarez and Andy Caroll!
    Long live the King!!!

  11. Nice one Gerry. I’m very curious as to what formation Kenny will put out on Saturday. During the course of this season, pundits, ex-players alike, have been slating our crap squad. ‘Not enough quality’, they said. Rafa’s fault, by the way.
    Now, it seems we have options all over the park. Does the King play 3 defenders & 2 wing-backs? Does he play 4-4-2? Does he start Suarez or stick with Deadly Dirk, or start them both?
    Not bad options for a shit squad. I’d feel comfortable with Aurelio at left back or left midfield, Stevie on the right or behind the striker. Just as long as Lucas stays in the middle, we’ll be ok.
    So yes, can’t wait for Saturday & a packed Anfield, the boys playing good ‘pass & move’ footy & Suarez lighting up the ground.
    Timmy, I thought you were going to change your name to TimmyJinjaNinja, or TimmyStawberryBlonde?

  12. timmysuarez

    great link to the doco on KK.

    hilarious in parts. kenny’s chinese whisky advert, the training ground at melwood in 1985 looked so basic.

    bad times too, the influence of hooliganism, heysel stadium disaster.

    but it was brilliant to see the dressing room and KK checking out new puma footie boots with the salesman looking like something from a diehard movie. pure class by the way

  13. Ya Blud,i say he got a right doing over in the dressing room for that whiskey advert!

    Rafalution pal,whatever about Jinja,i`m far from a feckin Ninja let me tell ya :)

    Maybe i shouldn`t have nailed me name to another player after the Torres debacle!

  14. Great Blog Gerry and funny as fuck can’t remember when last we can have a laugh and feel good about the state of play at Liverpool. It good to have it all back to normal. We are rightly feeling positive about the future, we are playing some great football and are moving in the right direction under the King and I can only see it going from strength to strength, seeing that we have rid ourselves of most of the destructive influences and the rest will not get any change from Kenny who is Mr. Liverpool through and through.

    As for Lucas, it still baffles me how people can still, say he was shit to start with. Yes compared to Gerrard, Alonso and Masch he was not the finished article, but they are arguably the best in the world in their particular positions. This kid showed class and guts from day one, not to mention dignity with all the abuse he got.

    I suppose people measure and expect different things than some of us. I remember some of us saying that he was outplaying Alonso a few years back before Alonso’s outstanding year before he was sold. We quickly forget how young he was and how much he had to adapt and get used to.

    Well I think there is real optimism for the future, decent owners, great Manager and a team spirit that is a joy to behold. The future indeed looks Red.

  15. FFS Timmy, you’ve just ruined my morning!

    Wangled it to work from home today and just popped into the auld kopblog to see what’s going on. Seen the Kenny link. Thought I watch the first minute or so. One hour later, still there!

    It was fuckin’ great. Didn’t know about his acting career. Cringeworthy but I guess he got a few bob for it.

  16. I see that the LMA didn’t let Roy stay out of a job for too long. Good luck to the WBA is all I can say!

    Well, I suppose that it’s his level. Now he can talk about avoiding relegation, lowering expectations, blaming everyone but himself…

    Think that I will stop there, before I go off on one.

  17. Yeah, good luck to WBA indeed! Poor fuckers…
    My lineup for Saturday:
    Kelly Carra Dagger Jonno
    Stevie G Raul Lucas Aurelio
    Timmy Suarez
    4-4-2, just because he can! We’ve seen the 3 CB’s work, so he might be liable to change his format – but then again, we’ve looked really good in the last 2 games. Who knows hey?
    Scary as backup, Maxi as cover for Stevie (carrying a niggle?) & Ngog. Who? Almost forgot about him.
    Whatever team takes to the park, I just hope we can keep up the ‘pass & move’.
    3 zip to the Redmen – Suarez, Dirk & Jonno.

  18. @KeithSA-some of the reasons why I do not rate Lucas is because
    1)he loses possession of the ball a little too easily
    2)he gives away soft fouls
    3)he has had some a many bad passes
    4)many of our plays have ended when the ball comes to him
    He performs better when there are generally 2 midfielders in front of him pressuring opponents into mistakes. This makes him better at intercepting opponents plays and picking up the loose balls or clearing up the spillage.
    The current system is much suited to him as he is now more able to break up play with the pressure being forced upon the opponent by the whole team, and that he is asked to play it simple, one thing he always does. In such a system, he is filled with options of more players surrounding him as he is always moving around and leaving himself open for a pass. There are many players around him that he at times is seen running into our own players.
    This is how I have seen him play. Still is my opinion only. Just wanted to help to clear your bafflement but I know I would most probably not succeed as you will not see it in such a way and will point out what you do see, which I can also understand but just not agree with at this point of time. Cheers.

  19. I just wrote out a 4 paragraph post only for it to disappear into cyber space. Fuck sake. Can’t be arsed re typing it.

    I feel sorry for West Brom fans. Went from a progressive young manager who had the team playing some good football. To fucking Roy Hodgson.

    Against Wigan I’d leave out Gerrard. Let him rest the groin. We have the mancs coming up soon. I’d bring in Suarez and either drop Kuyt deeper or put him on the right – depending on what formation we go with.

  20. so excited about the 2nd half of the season. hopefully we stay injury-free, and providing we do and everyone hits their full potential, this is the team i reckon is a match for anyone…


    what do’ya reckon? really liking the 3 centre backs. johnson definitely suits less defensive responsibility. like the idea of stevie pulling the strings from a deeper role, especially with raul looking so good up the park. saurez seems like he can handle a freer role behind carroll, moving along the line and switching with the other attacking players. carroll’s positional stats suggest he’s able to drift back and let others play in front of him anyway.

    we’ve instantly become a more fluid unit under kenny so those positions would interchange, but as a starting formation, i really like the look of it. cole could come into that attacking triumvirate if he shows his skills in training. aurellio could easily slip into the side as well in any of the deeper positions.

    fucking exciting! genuine hopes for a top 4 finish now. unbelievable. what a difference a month makes!

  21. Good blog Gerry.

    West Brom’s directors obviously didn’t see the ship steadying job Roy did for us, good luck to them!!

    Satyromaniaman – You forgot to add a smiley to the end of your comment #27, well i hope you forgot to!!

    What is it with our own fans regarding Lucas? What is it they expect from him?

    I’m tired of explaining to people, especially Liverpool fans, what his role in the team is! He’s not there to spray 50 yard passes around the pitch or knock the ball into the top corner from 35 yards, so stop comparing him to StevieG & Alonso! He’s there to break up the opposition play, he’s there to annoy the fuck out of the opposition, he’s there to start our attacks with simple little passes, the same role Mascherano was employed to do, only Lucas does it better, yes BETTER, in fact if Masch was still here now i don’t think he’d get in ahead of Lucas & Raul!! The guy puts in more tackles than anyone else so of course he’s gonna give away more free kicks and pick up the odd yellow card here and there, and the day he stops playing like that is the day we get rid of him!!

    There’s not one player in the Premier League who is playing that role better than Lucas at the moment, and as i have said, Gerry has said, Aitch has said and KeithSA has said so many times, Lucas has been our most consistent player for the past 2 years or so!!

  22. lucas is definitely playing out of his skin, but seeing as we can’t have 2 withdrawn midfielders and 3 centre backs, i’d go with gerrard back there breaking up play, annoying people with aggressive tackling AND spraying 50 yard passes.

    it’s either that or switch to a 4-2-3-1.

    i think the players we’ve got suit a 5-1-3-1 better though.

    one negative comment about lucas (sorry)… he still keeps getting caught in possession every game. it gives me the right heebee jeebees when he’s trying to hold players off in front of the defense.

  23. Sambo, this would be my starting X1, when everyones fit!


    Raul has done brilliantly the past few games playing further up the pitch in support of the attackers. But if Kenny keeps playing the same formation he played the last 2 games, StevieG & Raul will interchange and baffle the fuck out of the opposition!!

  24. looks good idono.

    still…. tough call to drop dirk the way he’s been playing of late. plus i really like the idea of breaking forward and flooding the box with 3 attack-minded players behind the target man, and a player in the ‘quaterback’ role setting it all up. alonso used to do it for us and i reckon stevie’s the only player capable of spreading play in the same way.

    nice position to be in though, ay!? too many good players to fit into the team.

  25. Santromaynian

    I`m sure keith will answer you but i can`t help myself.This gets on my nerves when people spout crap like this without backing it up.

    @KeithSA-some of the reasons why I do not rate Lucas is because
    1)”he loses possession of the ball a little too easily!”

    Lucas has one of the best pass completion rates in the premier league.His rate against chelsea was 89%.This is his norm.

    2)”he gives away soft fouls”

    It does seem like Lucas gives away more fouls than others.In fact Lucas makes more tackles than every other Liverpool player.For example,Lucas made over one third of our tackles against the Chavs.Making that many tackles,your going to give away fouls,its natural.
    3)”he has had some a many bad passes”

    Again look at my answer yo point one.In fact your point one is the same as point three.Whats up with that?
    Oh yes,it fits your agenda.

    4)”many of our plays have ended when the ball comes to him”
    Again,the same thing,my answer to point one covers points one,three and four.

    You`ve spouted the same thing in three different points,with different words.

    Clever,is that Santy man,very clever.

  26. Pepe Reina has been our most consistent performer for the last 2 seasons. Maxis finishing is Lucas-esque LB. Discuss! :-)

  27. @Idono2 #27 :) and just in case ;) :O
    @Sambo #36 nice lineup! :)… I’d drop Kuyt before dropping Lucas there
    @Idono2 #37 I can understand that’s how you see it.
    @Idono2 #40 :):):):):):) I’d play Jay Spearing ahead of Lucas :):):):):):)
    Still have the option of Joe Cole when he is fit. As for Maxi’s shooting skills… hope it is a one game thing as we have seen him do much better in even harder circumstances. Maybe Kenny will tell him to put it in the back of the net and discuss the options after the game?

  28. @timmysuarez – to you it may be the same thing but to me, I see it differently. Good points though timmy.
    Let me do try to explain the difference when I commented such in 4 different points.
    Losing possession – What I meant was, he did not get the chance to attempt a pass. Hence the stats is kinda redundant.
    Having made bad passes – I stand corrected from your stats. Like I have said earlier, I have seen him make bad passes. Just because a pass is complete, does not quite illustrate whether it is a good pass or a bad pass. Its the stats and you have made use of it well. I am just saying what I have seen and I agree that he has been improving.
    Many of our plays ended – what I meant was, the whole play in general. The stats clarifies the balls that he manages to continue plays with. Again, I am saying I have seen some plays that have ended with him. The last few matches though was a great improvement. I admit.
    Yup, Timmy, I know it’s hard for you to accept because I do not back up my views with stats like you do. It’s just a personal opinion and I do get a lot of slack for having ’em. Cheers.

  29. OK men – I will admit to being wrong about LUCAS. I was blinded by the free kicks he was giving away in dangerous areas and didn’t credit the hard work he did.
    I can only clain insanity,old age at 82,being an ancient fart or anything else you wish to discredit me with but …… I have been a Liverpool supporter for 72 years and have had the River Kop sluice down around my feet at about half-time.
    OK,I emigrated however I still watch the team,and it is a team again now,on Setanta Canada and I am really looking forward to Saturday’s game against Wigan and seeing it.
    What a delight it is after all the nerve wracking years and angry shouts at the TV or comptuter!!!
    The smiles have brought a few more cracks to my face, but who cares?
    Thank God for the new owner,the team, King Kenny and all who helped bring back the Red glory.

  30. Satyromaniaman – :-)

    Sambo #39 – Every team needs a player like Lucas to do the donkey work and make the space for a player like Gerrard to make 50 yard passes.

    In fact if Gerrard was so good at spraying 50 yard passes around the pitch Rafa would have played him in the middle to utilize that gift. But unfortunately Gerrard when played in the middle always looked for the KILLER pass, which more often than not ended up looking like a Carra HOOF and ended up resulting in a throw-in or goalkick for the opposition. I think it’s fair to say Gerrard probably gave the ball away more often than anyone else when looking for his Killer passes. On the very odd occasion when he did find his target, how many resulted in attempts on goal? Nevermind actually directly leading to a goal. I wouldn’t say too many!!

    Don’t confuse Gerrard’s Killer passes with Molby/Alonso spraying the ball around the pitch on a regular bases and more often than not finding their targets and quite often resulting in goal attempts/goals. Gerrard isn’t in the same league as a Molby/Alonso when it comes to passing!! That’s just my opinion.

  31. As per Sly Sports-

    Hodgson was appointed at Anfield in the summer following Rafa Benitez’s exit, but lasted just six months as he was unable to bring the success he enjoyed with Fulham to Merseyside.

    I disagree with that, he got us the knock-out stages of the Europa and as high as 12th in the league and equalling Fulham’s away record of last season. WBA are dreaming of such success!!

  32. I’m glad Timmy answered satyromaniaman before I could – almost had a hernia when I saw ‘rate Spearing ahead of Lucas’ :-(
    Anyway, Santy, take a look at that youtube clip I posted on Gerry’s previous blog. It’s the Chav game, and it shows Lucas’s mistakes as well as his good stuff. Then tell me if he doesn’t play passes that puts someone in an attacking/goal scoring or creating opportunity.
    But the crux is, he does make a full 1/3 of our teams tackles every game – so yes, he will lose posession every now and then, and he will give away a freekick or 3.
    Of course you are entitled to your opinion, I’m just concerned that I must be nuts to rate him.
    Mr. JackHill sir, good to see you have come around ;-)

  33. Any1 that thinks spearing is a better player than Lucas hasn’t got a fucking clue in my opinion, I’m guilty of spouting my fair share of dribble in here from time to time but that statement is ridiculous, & on pepe being our most consistent player it’s tight between him & Lucas, in all honesty pepe has his fair share of blunders in which he dosent get ridiculed whenucas gets murdered, his latest one is not coming out & quashing those rumours about leaving,

  34. The Lucas debate yet again. The player divides opinion. One thing I think most of us agree with is that the lad has great character, is very committed and has been one of our most consistent outfield players in recent times. I think his strengths are that he is good at closing down angles and winning possession by cutting out the opposition passes. His own passing range up to about 15 yards is good. He’s an intelligent player and usually picks the rights pass when it is in the 15 yard range. Where I feel he needs to improve is the longer pass, the instinctive pass, the dwelling on the ball in our defensive third and his finishing ability.

    Let me back up what I have just said otherwise Timmy will be coming after me with a pitch fork and a blow torch.

    Remember when Drogba robbed Lucas of the ball and set up Torres for that chance? That is what always worries me about Lucas. Dwell on it, hesitate on what his next move should be. Get tussled off the ball and the opposition is away running at our isolated defender. What Drogba did to him is not an isolated incident. It happens fairly regularly. Although not as often as it used to.

    The pass over 15 yards or the instinctive pass. At times Lucas will have the ball in the middle of the field, Johnson or Kuyt will be running down the right in space. Lucas will look up and see him. He knows he wants to pass the ball to Johnson/Kuyt so what he tends to do is one of 2 things: 1) Run with the ball towards the right 10 yards or so and then play the pass. By then a lot of the momentum has gone out of the attack and either Johnson or Kuyt doesn’t have the space they had a few seconds earlier. 2) He’ll play a pass with not enough weight on it or slightly behind Johnson/Kuyt which again kills the momentum of the attack. A top class passer such as Alonso would pass the ball to Johnson/Kuyt before WE the watching fans even notice the ball was on. More often than not the pass would be a perfect one.

    Finishing. I don’t need to elaborate. I’m not expecting 10 goals a season from Lucas but I do expect 5 yard headers under no pressure to be deposited into an open goal.

    So there you go and I hope people don’t think this is me taking a shot at Lucas. Despite what I have said above he is a key player for us.

  35. Old `Arry isn`t having a good day is he?

    First spurs miss out on the Olympic stadium,then his attempts to have his tax evasion charges deopped,fail miserably :)

  36. In the last four games we have won, the only game we could count ourselves a bit lucky was the Fulham game at home, Lucas was missing for that game, so that puts the whole debate to bed :)

  37. Hello Jack. Nice to see you back. Every fan of LFC is smiling again. Good to see you now realise Lucas’ value. He has been having good games for some time now, as Gerry pointed out.
    Hope to see another clean sheet and I’ll also go along with Gerry’s prediction of a 3-0 win!

  38. @Rafaluation-You are very much sane indeed to rate Lucas. I just do not rate him. I understand and agree he has improved and I am only too happy for him and us that that is the case. I also understand that fouls are bound to occur. LB more or less covered how I feel about Lucas.
    @LB well said. I would like to just add there are some fouls he gives away that are too soft or really needless. I can understand the percentage factor but I also tend to see that as a defensive/holding midfielder who is needed to go into challenges more often, he would know where to position himself in a challenge. For a holding midfielder, it is quite worrying if he is easily dispossessed or give away soft fouls.
    My point of view is that, the current system suits Lucas in that there is more pressure on the opponent to make mistakes as the whole team is now pressuring them. This make Lucas’s job easier because he has a knack of cutting off the passes or picking up the loose balls. In the current system, he is also more closely associated with teammates ( there are more teammates within his passing range)as we play more as a unit now and his movements and triangle passes can help the team. We are playing pass and move and keeping the ball on the ground most of the time so that really suits him. That being said, Spearing can also do such a job just as well but with a better passing range and better ball winning abilities. He may lose out to Lucas on experience who has been on the field long enough to pick up a thing or two, but I do rate Spearing more than Lucas… so basically I’m #51


    “TO GET it straight, I think we should avoid the natural temptation to jump straight in to the deal with NESV. Whilst they are charming, intelligent and credible their bid is by any standards at the extreme bottom end of the of the ‘right deal’ threshold we set for ourselves: it only reduces debt by less than half and is I feel unlikely to yield incremental equity to fund a stadium.

    “They may say they have money if necessary but I do not take this very seriously. Their eyes only lit up at the idea of other opportunity improvements. An American deal guy simply can’t avoid using other people’s money if they can.

    “There is no extra money on the table to enable short-term investment in what remains a squad palpably needing more quality if we are to be definitively top four. New American sport team owners with the senior guy being a hedge fund manager could not be worst from an image standpoint, which is an issue for us independents. I have not even talked about valuation. I leave that to other members of the board.

    “So what is positive? Answer, they exist. Which is not a lot, but it is not to be underestimated in importance.”

    He then suggests they “double check that none of the possibles who have come and gone in the last 18 months to apparent levels lower than Sharjah but higher than NESV are not there.

    “So I repeat this is a bottom of the barrel outcome,” he ends.

  40. LB, I saw that article re email from Purslow. The guy is just a fucking snake – not to be trusted & indeed, to be despised.
    The prick is to blame for a lot of things, starting with being responsible for the sacking of Rafa.
    Well done for FSG ‘relegating’ him from the start.

  41. Saty,
    “the current system suits Lucas” FFS the current system suits every member of the team since KD took over.
    “There’s more pressure on opponents to make mistakes as the whole team is pressuring them”, isn’t that what football’s all about, and you would like to put a stop to it cos you rate Spearing ahead of Lucas, i despair i really do, “what’s that line, you cant please all the people all the time”.

  42. Gerry talking of alien abduction didnt one of the Mancs owners called Knight or something get abducted by aliens in Todmorden or oddmorden as we call it.
    Spearing better than Lucas Saty you go missing for 18 months and come back with the funniest one liner i’ve heard for a while,classic ¦)
    I see Roy as got another job shame W Brom fans like attacking football.

  43. Saty I’m not gonna get into a war of words with you, to old for a I bet my cocks bigger than yours senario, so tell me when did you see spearing put on these displays of brilliance that earns him his place in the first team ? The lad hasn’t got it & never will !

  44. some of the reasons why I do not rate Lucas is because
    1)he loses possession of the ball a little too easily
    2)he gives away soft fouls
    3)he has had some a many bad passes
    4)many of our plays have ended when the ball comes to him
    He performs better when there are generally 2 midfielders in front of him pressuring opponents into mistakes. This makes him better at intercepting opponents plays and picking up the loose balls or clearing up the spillage.

    The funniest thing about that is, I thought he was talking about Steven Gerrard, and had simply misspelled it L u c a s.

    Utter nonsense. You can disguise it up all you want as “I have an opinion” but the world simply is NOT flat, no matter which way you look at it.

    And no he isn’t Alonso, but stop this nonsense about how he doesn’t spray 50yard passes before you make yourselves look the nonce.
    He’s been doing it repeatedly, especially in the last 4 games, now that people are MOVING after they’ve passed.
    He’s twice in the last 4 games sent a 50yard runner that not only didn’t end the play, but actually resulted in us scoring two players later!
    And in the last 4 games he’s sent touchline to touchline play-switching passes right to his intended target (unlike SG who’s twatted it out of play as many) at least 8 times that I can remember off the top of my head….
    … so please lads… stop talking off yours!

    Spearing is a promising young lad… but he is not yet at Lucas level… and I mean the level most of you think Lucas is at, not the level those with some actual footy judgment think he’s at.

  45. Oh… and the “needless fouls” are rated as such because they usually end up conceding a free kick to the opposition on the edge of the box.
    And no, that isn’t where you wanna be giving away a free kick…
    … but…
    … given how fuckin dodgy our defense has been for the last 18 months… do you really want him to NOT stick his foot in there and just let payers run at them???

    I suggest you look at all those “needless fouls” again fellas…
    … what you’ll find is they are more often than not, almost always, in a situation where he’d moved forward with the ball, completed his pass, someone else had lost the fuckin ball and it had come right back at us.
    Lucas was forced to track back into position and despite having the best keeper in the Prem, with his defenders backing off, he’s had to decide to make a defense/goal protecting foul.
    Yes it’s frustrating at times, but I’d rather he jumps in, than let someone just run at your defenders… especially when those defenders have been in such rank form.

    If Rafa had taken Lucas with him to Inter, Gareth Bale wouldn’t have been the hero of that 4-3 game, coz he’d have gotten brought down twice outside the box by Lucas.
    I don’t advocate dirty play by any means, but you just don’t let that happen. Three Inter players had the opportunity to put a foot in on Bale in that game and didn’t.

    What we see is Lucas making the foul…
    What we never see, is what could transpire if he didn’t.
    Oh no, wait that’s not true… what happens is Andy Carrol scores a fuckin blinder from 25 yards.

    Lucas was backing off in that game, dropping back into the box, because Kyrgiakos had been sent up top for hoofers by Hodgson, and we’d lost the ball and were being caught on the break.
    I’d bet money if Soto had been in position, Lucas would have been out to tackle Carrol, but he had to cover that CB spot so he held his ground and gave Andy the space for the shot.

    You wanna call them “stupid fouls”
    I call them “tactical fouls”
    … there’s a difference!

  46. Gerry I always like your blogs and you bring up new observations / insights and ofcourse you have a very good sense of humour. That is how I got attractd to this page.
    Having read this blog I didn’t think it offered a lot.
    Perhaps I am spoilt for choice with many fellow kopbloggers analyzing.
    Or perhaps could be that I still like Torres and your continuous slating (running nearly for 10 paras) causes me to not like this blog. Anyway I am came here expecting to read something interesting alas there wasn’t anything new. Sorry Gerry.

  47. LB i`m going to be completely honest here.I`ve never seen charlie adams play in my life.So it wouldn`t be fair to have thouhts on that.

    I here he`s a good passer of the ball,scores goals and his set pieces are also very good.

  48. There was a poll on the .TV channel today asking is Carra the best defender we`ve ever had?

    He`s up there,but in my opinion he wouldn`t surpass Emlyn Hughes,Alan Hansen,even Lawrenson was a better defender.Sami included also.

  49. the lucas debate has indeed returned once more (what’s this… the 10,000th time?), but unlike the last ones, i think this time we almost all agree that he is a quality player who adds a lot to the team and we’re lucky to have him.

    something that hasn’t changed is Aitch barging in with his size 12s, dismissing other people’s opinions as nonsense and passing his own off as facts! c’mon mate. i know you’re a bit of a kopblog legend but your nowhere near the all-knowing purveyor of truth you believe yourself to be. you’re just a bloke with an opinion.

    you love lucas and everything he does. some of us love lucas but think there are areas of his game that need a bit of work.

    comparing him to gerrard on a bad day is all very well, but gerrard on a good day is worth 5 lucases so it’s a pointless comparison. yeah some of gerrard’s passing goes awry but it’s his awareness that really sets him apart. he knows where everyone is. he hardly looks up before switching play or putting someone through. as LB said above (hit the nail on the head by the way) lucas needs to improve his awareness, speed of thought, and early ball. he’s great at buzzing around giving and receiving, giving and receiving, but he’s sometimes too ponderous on the ball, gets caught in possession too often, and doesn’t have the vision a player in that position needs to be a genuinely great. i’m sure it will come, he’s a young lad, but it’s not there yet and discussing him as a player with qualities AND faults is fair enough.

    LB, as for charlie adam, i think he’d push lucas out, but lucas under the care of KD would have the potential to win back his place. i’d love to have charlie adam, but actually i’d rather the money was spent on widemen. i think we look pretty strong through the middle.

    just so you’re clear…i’m a big fan of lucas. he’s a great player. he could be better though. i’d rather have gerrard deep with 3 attacking midfielders in front of him and 3 CBs behind him.

  50. I don’t want to slate Charlie Adam LB, but lets be honest.

    The lad is having a great season… its why we went in for him.
    But he’s a big fish in a very very small pond. Charlie Adam is Blackpool’s Stevie G.
    But prior to signing with Blackpool for 500,000 he was wallowing away in Scotland… unnoticed and certainly not the target of big clubs for big money.

    And it’s fair to say that at that time… Lucas was fuckin carrying our midfield on his back…
    … while the undroppable SG was sending 50 yard passes straight to the opposition defense, or letting simple 10 yard passes bounce off his shins and out of touch for an opposition throw-in.

    Charlie Adam has not been doing the “same job” … and by that, I mean playing the same position… at Blackpool for the last 2 years… that Lucas has been doing for us, very well, for the better part of 2 years now.

    So if the suggestion is that Charlie should walk straight into the LFC 1st Team and replace Lucas…
    … I hope you’ve spent sufficiant time asking and answering 2 questions.

    1. Can he transform his form at a small club where he is the pivotal go-to leader, to a Big Club where he’s just another cog?


    2. Can he adapt to playing a deeper lying, largely unappreciated defensive role, and forego the glory of banging them in?

    …to directly answer your question LB… (and its a bit loaded really, coz…)
    … let’s face it…its anyone’s guess what Kenny Dalglish is gonna do next…
    … I mean seriously… who would have gone to the bridge facing Drogba, Fredo and Anelka, and gone with 3 (largely regarded as slow) centerbacks?

    … Would Adam have been in the side over Lucas?
    Maybe… but on merit he fuckin shouldn’t be.
    … in the side over Maxi, or SG maybe…
    … now that’s a question???

  51. Spot on again Aitch about Lucas. In particular the part about people finally moving so he can first time the ball into space. It’s not Lucas who’s been slowing the team down …. anyway.

    I reckon tomorrow will have goals in it. Wigan have nothing to lose. They have done very well against us recently. I think it will be a good game. I agree with Gerry that we’ll score a few. Looking forward to it. Gonna be interesting to see if Kenny and Stevie C go with a 3-4-2-1 …. i.e will Carra play?

    LB my reading is that even if Charlie Adam were here we’d start with Lucas. He’s very important because of his defensive awareness in front of the back 2/3. Stevie G and Charlie Adam, Raul Miereles, all are more forward thinking players.

    Lucas has other qualities of course but ye don’t need another lecture on that !

  52. So Sambo you reckon Stevie would be able to “hold” the midfield on his own ? How ? What would he bring to the role ? What about the defensive aspect ?

  53. Sambo, I’m not a kopblog legend and I’m not all knowing…
    … but I have coached… very, very successfully at youth level. If I told you how successfully you wouldn’t believe it.
    That doesn’t necessarily make my opinion better than anyone elses… but I do formulate mine on what is happening on the park.
    If Lucas plays like shit… I’ll say he plays like shit……. But on the park for the last 18 months… he hasn’t been.
    Not only has he NOT been playing like shit, but he’s been playing very well.

    That’s not my opinion… that’s just what’s been happening.

    Suffice to say… there are opinions and there are opinions.

    The “opinion” that Lucas is shite, is NOT an opinion… it is a foolhardy idea disproven by the last 18 months of consistently solid, increasingly good performances.
    Many of the “faults” leveled against him, may well have been true 3 and 4 seasons ago… when he first arrived….
    …they aren’t any longer…
    That’s not me… that’s the lads own performances on the pitch… and if you don’t see it, then you aren’t looking.

    You suggest he still ponders on the ball too long.
    Any chance that’s coz his teammates weren’t running into space for a pass perhaps?

    … THAT is why he plays the ball short 10 yards sideways to an open man?

    As a midfielder myself… who always strived to play like Molby… I looked to release a player fast… but I can tell you that simple 10 yard pass is your basic bread and butter.

    In the last 4 games Lucas has been caught on the ball no more than anyone else. Why?
    Because Kenny has put movement back into the squad.
    In fact… someone suggested he was at fault for this against Chelsea…yet Stevie G got caught out and robbed of the ball 5 times that I can remember off the top of my head… but it was still suggested SG is a better option in the deep role than Lucas. Even the all-conquering Meireles got caught out a few times.
    “Surprisingly” in that particular game, Kuyt and Lucas were the players least guilty of this. Hmmm?

    You suggest sambo that “comparing him to gerrard on a bad day is all very well, but gerrard on a good day is worth 5 lucases so it’s a pointless comparison.”

    … I can only read that and think… have you been watching us for the last 18 months.

    This is not a philosophical discussion.
    Is SG at his best better than Lucas?
    Of fuckin course he is. He’s better than 99% of footballers on the planet at his best.
    But he hasn’t been at his best for a very long time.
    You think it’s a pointless discussion…
    … I suggest to you that without Lucas playing the way he was playing last season… we might very well have finished a lot lower than 7th … and we might very well still have a negative goal difference this season.
    … coz SG, 3 or 4 games apart, wasn’t doing a whole helluva lot… on a weekly basis… to further our cause.

    You can call that size 12s all you want… it doesn’t change the facts.

    I don’t LOVE Lucas. I recognize him. And when people get him wrong, I say so.

    I was accused of not liking SG because I criticized some of his performances. I held up my hand last week and said that stray passing aside, SG put in a real Captain’s performance against the Chavs. He led the team the way we needed to be led.

    If SG gets back to his best, then we can have the argument about whether he should sit deep and Lucas should drop to the bench… until then… it’s a daft discussion. You don’t drop an in-form player for an out of form one and expect to get results, even one as good as SG. That’s coaching 101.
    Some players in the modern era have become un-drop-able… not because of their performances, but because of their reputations and power-base.
    And that goes against everything in the coaching 101 handbook. But it is part of modern football now.

    Last year if we dropped Torres, we were mental, coz he was Torres and only needed 10 seconds to change a game.
    Problem with that philosophy was, he regularly got 90 minutes and didn’t change most of them.
    This year… we’re better off without the sulk?
    What’s the difference?

    Last year we didn’t drop SG because he only needed 10 seconds to change a game.
    Again… problem was… too often, he didn’t… and it left us virtually “playing with 10 men”
    But Lucas gets criticized???

    Lucas looked out of his depth when he first arrived at LFC.
    But to hold to that opinion after the last 18 months is laughable, whether you like it or not.

    When Lucas has been needed… he’s stepped in and done the biz. He’s not Alonso, he’s not Mascherano, and he’s not Stevie, but he’s done a more than competent job… and often when others around him were less so.

    Lucas will drop to the bench occasionally between now and May… we’ve players to accommodate… and at some point, he’ll move on… and when he does, he’ll likely get replaced by a better player…
    …but to have watched the lad play every game the way he has played, over the last 18 months… and then discount his contributions… well…
    …its not debatable, its just…
    ..at best… uninformed…. at worst…. size 19 alert… just foolish.

  54. dougle

    this is only my opinion, and frankly, i doubt kenny will go for it, but i reckon with 3 CBs behind him and dagger more than the others drifting forward into midfield, stevie could sit nicely in front of them.

    he started off as a defensive midfielder remember, it was rafa who moved him forward (to great effect and i’m not knocking that). but he’s still a great tackler. he’s strong. he’s a great passer. he could command the centre of the park, receiving the ball from his CBs, orchestrating attacks and switching with raul and the others when he gets the chance to roam forward. the way that kenny’s got us playing now, the position are constantly interchanging.

    what are your concerns exactly? that he’s too attack-minded to play there on his own? i don’t know about that. especially as he gets older that position could really suit his strengths.

    you might remember i’ve been campaigning for him to be moved back there for ages. when Aquaman was in the side i really wanted to see him pushed up and stevie pulled back. with raul in the side now, i still feel the same way. i was really impressed by the german team at the world cup, and what impressed me most was the ability of of schweinsteiger and khedira to unleash attacks. that’s what i want to see from liverpool and that is my main concern about lucas, despite all his obvious qualities.

    what do you reckon?

  55. Lucas only does two things wrong regularly in games (& one of those isn’t really his fault).

    Hi style is one of close control even under pressure. You watch how many times he comes out with the ball when one or more opposition are after him. The little sod’s got telescopic legs and stretches out of the way.
    But, if he’s been turned back towards goal he regularly gets barged over (in my opinion fouled) but refs never seem to call the foul so it counts as possession lost. It’s been happenning since he started and it happened again on Sunday. Yes, he should get the foul. No he rarely does so he should adapt and get rid earlier to someone facing upfield.

    The other thing is his heading. I’ve said it a few times: he is a great defensive header of the ball. He’s brave and has good hops. But as Fat Scouser once said “he’s got a head shaped like a fifty-pence piece” and can’t seem to get headers on target in the opposition penalty area otherwise he’d have some more goals to his name by now.

    That’s it. Two regular faults. Two. Not too shabby that.

    Oh wait I’ve just thought of one more…he just can’t seem to get Carragher to pass to him. Ok. Lucas has THREE faults. Yeah, drop him for Spearing!

  56. aitch

    i was just thinking about a hypothetical potential team assuming everyone’s fit and playing well. i’m not suggesting dropping lucas now. if you read back, my main point was formational and the possibility of playing 5-1-3-1 (in which case i’d probably drop lucas over dirk).

    each to their own mate. maybe we are watching different games sometimes. i’m in nz so my telly’s upside down.

  57. Gerrard simply is not a defensive midfielder.He not a holding midfielder.

    He`s most devastating when allowed as free role.He`s been at his best when he had someone to protect the midfied for him to go and do his business.

    He would be wasted there imo.

  58. timmy, with 3 CBs, don’t need a ‘holding midfielder’. you need a player to control the game in front of them. gerrard could do that couldn’t he? it’s hardly a waste to use him in the most influential position in the team.

  59. “i’m in nz so my telly’s upside down.” :)

    But that’s the problem isn’t it mate… its one thing to have a philosophical discussion about these things… but far too many “fans” …
    … and I appologize if I’ve miscarachterized you as one such in my reponses…
    … don’t make that differentiation.

    Kenny said somethign fuckin spot on to a Sky reporter the other day.
    Asked if Jamie Carragher was as good as Hansen, Lawrenson and the like, he responded.

    “Well those lads can’t play anymore so yes, he’s the better than them, coz he’s available for selection and they’re not.”


    In other words… he might not be the best defender we’ve HAD at LFC, but he’s fuckin good and available.

    And again, I’ve been critical of Janie in recetn times… but against the Chavs he was back to the old Jamie.. and that’s what we want… to once again dream of a team of Carraghers.
    After all, did anyone ever dream of a team of Hansens, or shudder the thought, Lawrensons??

    That’s the problem I have with the whole “Lucas is not good enough for LFC” thing.

    People often spout off about him not walking into another top 4 team… as though Hargreaves or Fletcher would walk into ours!
    Its a philosophical debate.

    Is Lucas the best midfielder at LFC?
    Maybe not… but I’ll tell you what, he’s been the best we’ve had to chose from for a good while now.

    When the sale of Xabi Alonso was rumored in that summer to Real, I made the rather definitive statement that if he stayed we WOULD win the Prem, but if he left, we’d still have a chance, but probably wouldn’t.

    Of course I made that statement not knowing the unheard of injury list we’d suffer… and in retrospect, I don’t think Xabi staying would have made a blind bit of difference.
    Well… not in terms of winning the Prem like, but as I pointed out with Lucas earlier… he might well have helped us retain 4th… but there you go.

    Like you… at the time of Xab’s sale, I trumpeted the idea of removing SG from the hole and returniing him to his box-to-box midfield role.
    Thank fuck we didn’t do that though… coz he was pants for most of last season.

    …But the lad that did play in that midfield role in his place, namely Lucas, proved everyone wrong.
    I’m sorry, that’s not my size 12 opinion mate, he just DID.

    And that’s the thing with philosophical ideas… the thought of moving SG back into midfield isn’t a bad idea…
    but it isn’t a good one to make arbitrarily…

    … right now, Lucas is playing very well in that role. He’s linking with Raul and SG very well, he’s providing balls for Johnson and Kelly to run onto AND he’s covering for them when they push forward.
    … so why change the formula arbitrarily???
    … unless Stevie is doing something in practise to suggest a definitive return to his old form again…
    … then we shouldn’t be making that change… unless its a necessary part of a larger tactical approach…
    … and only Kenny knows that.

    I reckon it’s gonna happen though… coz we now have, in my opinion, 2 much better options for the hole, in Suarez and Raul.

    ….what I mean by that is… I’ve never truly bought into the idea that the hole was SG’s best position.
    The lad is one of thoose rare breeds that, when on song, can play anywhere, and so he did the job in the hole…
    …but even aging, he’s better suited to midfield…
    The philosophical issue for me is… can he put aside the Captain Fantastic head and concentrate on being part of the team…
    … i.e. setting up Raul for the headlines for instance, as opposed to needing to grab them for himself?
    I think that remains to be seen, but compare Stoke, where I think he looked like he felt a bit overshadowed by Raul grabbing the headlines…
    … to the Chav game where he seemed okay with it…
    …and its anohter example of how Kenny just might be sorting out the larger pictures?

    … but I digress…
    My team for tomorrow… whatever Kenny picks, thank you very much.

  60. i think kenny’s use of 3 at the back has opened up a whole range of possibilities. lucas could play in front of them with stevie, raul and suarez in front of him. i wouldn’t have an issue with that selection. personally i’d keep dirk up there though because he seems to have benefited more than anyone from kenny’s style.

    so…. who do you drop when everyone’s fit?

  61. Last season Steven Gerrard scored 14 goals and had 10 assists. Whilst playing injured for a large swath of it. This season he is currently our top scorer with 8 goals and has 5 assists. Having missed a month of it.
    The useless cunt.

  62. Ah… dammit, just when we were approaching some sort of accord, you go and say something like “with 3 CBs, don’t need a ‘holding midfielder’.”

    That’s exactly when you do need a holding midfielder.
    Having 3 center backs, very often means one of them is drawn out wide to cover for the forward playing right and left back…
    … when that happens, the HM covers for that space thats left open in the middle.

    While Rafa only briefly experimented with 3 centerbacks… very often his back 4 was deployed in a manner that required the outside lads to overlap the Right/Left midfielder…
    The idea of deploying Masch was exactly to cover for that…
    …try to recall where Masch made most of his flying tackles… it wasn’t down the middle… it was putting people into the hoardings.

    That is pretty much the definition of how/why you play a holding midfielder…
    … to get the R&L backs forward without leaving your center-backs completely exposed to the break.

    … unless that’s just me and me size 12s
    … but that’s how I was taught it…
    …and though I hated playing the role, have on occasion played it in my size 6 1/2 Predators.

    …I know, I know… tiny feet, but I make up for it with an equally tiny and embarrasingly pencil thin nob :)

  63. …again sambo… you don’t pick a name out of a hat…
    … you drop who’s not playing up to the level everyone else is… that week.

    You pick your best 11 on the day, not your best 11 shirt sales.

  64. anyway… interesting discussing it with youz, but I gotta go.
    Just bought the nephew his first pair of Preditos and gotta go give them a run out at the park, his season starts in two weeks, and its time to pass the baton.

  65. @Sambo – No, I wouldn’t put Stevie G in the holding position when I have the option of letting him run at defenders. I also agree with Aitch that in the hole is not where Stevie G performs his best, i.e. with his back towards the goal. Stevie G is best box to box, like Raul, running, tackling, passing, a goal threat from distance and running into the box. The way he, Raul and Lucas ( and to certain extends with Kuyt and Maxi) has interchanged while on the pitch is awesome.
    The holding midfielder sitting in front of the back 3 is used as a shield breaking up plays in the centre and to push their play out wide. The wingbacks will track back but until then it will be the holding midfielder and the 3rd defenders’ job to hold the fort.
    So, I wouldn’t drop Lucas, over Kuyt at least. With Suarez coming on, he is best used coming in from wide areas and in the hole. The best place for him would be in Maxi’s place, moving from left to right and right to left behind the striker. I would rather Suarez get use to the role he is going to excel in. When Andy’s fit, then he’ll take over Kuyt as the front man.
    #63 Spearing is stronger on the ball, has better ball winning abilities and a wider range of passing. The basic stuff of a holding midfielder. In games with LFC senior, I am assuming, he is asked for the time being, like Lucas to play it simple. He dint light up the scene but he got the job done, like Lucas.
    #61 theredman- I am happy and pleased. Do not get me wrong. Just because I do not rate Lucas does not mean I am not happy with the way things are looking, like Geryy said, onwards and upwards. Yes, I agree the system suits the whole team as KK has managed to get the players to perform in their positions to play football to their strengths. And I have said just that, Lucas is now able to play to his strengths in this system much better, as do the rest of the team.
    This system of 3 centre backs will do well because of the players we have,essentially our wingbacks that provide width and crosses up front,a centre back who is good on the ball, a techinically adept attacking midfield and of course, a holding midfielder good at interception and picking up loose balls. Andy will fit in nicely as will Suarez as the striker who pressures the defenders and the man in the hole, both goal threats. Well, on paper at least. Andy is a plus in set pieces and defending. It’s exciting times as we have many personnel for these two roles, namely Ngog, Jovanovic, Cole, Suarez and Andy besides the current Maxi and Kuyt.

  66. Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, riding a spotted Palomino, somebody just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.
    Its a sad, sad day when you come to the full and inescapable conslusion that indeed… you are no longer 25.

    I just took the 10 year old nephew to the park…and fatally ended up in a pick-up game with a handful of the like-aged midgets.

    The mind was still willing… but the flesh has sadly, become oh so weak!

    I think I might have come to the conclusion that I hate 10 year olds… those little bastards will run you ragged!
    I was near pukin my guts out runnin after them.
    To quote Bill Murray in Stripes: “I gotta get in shape.”

  67. saty i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the lucas/spearing debate, looking forwaed to the game tomorrow, should be interesting to see whose in the team & what formation kenny will go with at home, id like to see , riena, carra skrtel agger, aurelio & johnson, i think johnson will start on the right as i think kelly is a doubt , which leaves aurelio on the left,in the middle lucas & meireles, ive put raul in the centre as id leave stevie out if that groin injury is’nt 100% cleared, in front of the midfield with width id go with suarez & kuyt & ngog to lead the attack, he can hold the ball up well which will let suarez,kuyt & raul to get into the box i think we’d be strong all over the park with that team.

  68. That Lucas montage from the Chav game. I must be fucking senile or something, coz I thought I saw a couple of defense splitting 40-yard passes (sorry, not 50 yrd) played by Lucas. Amongst the other 30 passes he made, that is.
    It’s funn that Kenny keeps on selecting him, wether it’s in front of the 3 CB’s, or in a 4-4-1-1.

  69. #89 I’m positively hoping that I’ll start to get in shape with ’em 4 year olds over ‘ere. Know exactly what you mean.
    #91 LOL. Good one.
    #93 Good one. Wonder what other choices KK has as HM….Poulsen?

  70. #95 That’s just it. In order to keep the formation and to be able to allow Stevie G and Raul the freedom to interchange forward, KK has played with a HM sitting behind. If he asks, Stevie G to play HM, then the move itself would tremendously limit our attacking options and even invite us into a defensive approach. This would not allow our players to use their forte in their positions. If he asks Shelvey, who is generally an attacking box to box player in the mould of Stevie G and Raul, he would be basically asking the lad to perform in an area that will not utilize his strengths. Having the choice of Lucas and Shelvey, to play HM, KK has chosen Lucas, quite rightly. I am saying, in my opinion, Spearing can do the job Lucas has been asked to do. More so than Poulsen because Spearing has greater speed, a better first touch and plays with passion. This lad can perform in the HM role(breaking up play, intercepting passes, tackling, passing the ball out-some here say “the donkey’s work”) and will do well to gain experience because he has greater speed, has better control, is stronger on the ball, has better passing range and can attempt shots from distances. All he lacks is experience. He may not seem to light up the place, quite like how Lucas seems to me, but in terms of HM, he will get the job done.

  71. Shelvey out for the rest of the season (3 months), poor bugger. He’d ust managed to force his way to regular first team appearances from the bench. :-(

  72. satyman

    i think you better get behind lucas as a player and as a person. if the supporters don’t start giving the boy some proper love, he might think, i’ve had enough of this, and bugger off like aquaman to be much better for someone else and that would be a crime. i see you’ve come round to viewing him in a better light and perhaps you will study his game more in detail just like i’ve been forced to do.

    truth is, i never thought much of the lad either, but in the last few months i’ve began to notice how much i like his unique style of play. he is pivotal to our midfield play now.

    the first time i started to like his game was against spuds, the game we lost. i began to see a midfield partnership with the brazilian that really impressed me. before i thought the portuguese was peculiar. with lucas he really shines, and lucas shines when mierles is on the park.

    maybe some players spark each other, like torres and gerrard, they just understand each other.

    i always see lucas pass the ball simple to miereles whenever he can.

    the quick pass you and lb have spoken about him not being able to play is not always an intelligent option either. when you break from defence it is not always necessary to lay the ball quick to glenda or whoever, because you need to start thinking about attacking as a unit. to do that you need other players in support, so lucas might also be under orders to hang onto the ball till he has proper support and personally i like this style much much better. that is the reason why LFC now has four or five players attacking the box rather than one or two.

    on another point

    that SG interview was illuminating. it just goes to show how much him and torres got on, not as some have suggested. gerrard said he was ‘heartbroken’ when torres said he was leaving. there is obviously a genuine friendship there.

    sometimes we should ignore the gossip and give SG a break. he is one of the finest players to pull on the liverpool shirt, no question, i think he deserves more respect.

    i thought chris huyton was going to get the west brom job. i think he’s better suited. is this racism in the game, a la black managers not being given a fair chance? i mean, in all honesty, huyton plays better football. he is experienced in retrieving a team from the championship (if WBA do go down). instead they have chosen old itchy and scratchy. i feel so pissed off for huyton, i feel like sending the baggies fans some stats on uncle woys away wecord. i bet that cunt fergie put in a good word for his old mate. well done for buying miereles hodgson. it was the only good thing you did in your mercifully brief tenure at LFC, you rubber faced muppet. we play the baggies on the 2 april away from home. if there is any justice miereles will get a hattrick.

  73. @bludred -I like Lucas’s character as a person. I am behind every player on the pitch when they are on the pitch. I am happy his progress means the team benefits. I agree that Meireless is a major factor in Lucas’s improvement and Meireless playing in a 3 man midfield is definitely benefitting the team as he is used to play in such a role. However, as any supporter here has his/her own personal favourites and opinions as to who is the better player, I still rate Jay Spearing over Lucas. On form though, Lucas deserves to start (as Jay Spearing’s form is not currently known but he has done well enough coming on). In essence though, the way KK has got the players to believe and play is the one major factor that is making the difference. Each is fighting for that inch that makes the difference and knows the man next to him is doing the same. That is what makes the tactics works most of the time.

  74. How much would Lucas fetch if sold ? The one problem with Spearing and Shelvy is their lack of pace, even Aitch can run faster ! Hopefully Spurs will drop points 2day, fifth spot here we come ! Where is FS ? Clips of team 88 on http://www.youtube.com

  75. Bit of advice Aitch… Think Molby.
    As for size 6.5 i know a 10 year old with size 6 feet i dont know about the other thing but he’s a big fat lad :)
    Donal you gave me quite a scare then with that its my worse fear with Carrol.
    Last season Gerrard played the holding mid against Wigan,it didnt end well he made 1 tackle (while sat down)
    BM More than the 6 mill we paid.

  76. Gotta say Blud Red, really enjoying your posts lately. 2 clinkers already this week, great stuff mate.
    Redman, I havent read anything remotely derisory towards Sian from Saty! Do me a favour love!
    I’m a tad concerned about today lads. These fuckers have become something of a bogey team for us over the last 2 or 3 seasons. Add to this our injuries and doubtfuls for today and this one could be a banana skin. I’m thinking a nervy 2-1, Suarez with the winner.

  77. 1 nil half time , sweet volley from raul the merciless
    west brom 3 nil up at half time, the fans better enjoy it now before itchy takes over next week

  78. I wonder what happen to Agger? Not even on bench! Injured or rested?

    Just look what our king has to say about Lucas.

    “It was interesting to see him playing for Brazil on Wednesday,” said Dalglish. “They have had some fantastic players in his position and the best known was was Dunga, who won World Cups and went on to manage the national side.

    “I’ve always said Lucas is highly thought of in Brazil, probably more than in Britain, but certainly not at Liverpool.

    “I don’t know why he has started playing so well. Maybe he just needed time to settle. Whatever the reason, we’re just grateful for the job that he’s doing.

    “We have always appreciated what he can do. Last Sunday he was as good as anyone on the pitch at Chelsea. So to see him playing for Brazil wasn’t really a surprise for me.

    “I don’t think Lucas is going to be the one who beats five or six players and puts it into the back of the net. But he may be the one who stops the guy going past the first fella then sets us on our way.

    “He’s an important member of the team. Most teams have someone like that in the ranks and we are no different.

    “The fact he started on Wednesday for Brazil tells you they must be very pleased with him as well, and the performances he’s put in for us mean he’s deserved it.”

  79. Good one here theredman!

    But I actually didn’t realise Gerrard isn’t in the squad as well. That’s a bit worrying. Are they both injured or what?

    Seems Wigan is really a jinx to us! Fingers crossed for a winner for us in the end…

  80. Brilliant… we spend half a dozen posts defending lucas and he puts in his worst performance in 18 months.
    Had to happen didn’t it? We jinxed the poor kid.

    Mind you, everyone was off their game today. Fuckin International breaks do my head in… never fails to fuck us up.

    Suarez hit the woodwork twice, so it could have been a different story, but…
    But credit to Wigan… they brought the game to us… and they play decent footy for a team struggling for survival.

  81. Saw the game on Setanta Canada – frustration!
    Suarez hit the woodwork twice and a freekick just over the bar.Once Mereiles went off the Reds seemed to lose their way and Wigan took over, so I suppose a draw was a disappointingly fair result.
    Kenny has players injured etc and had to think about the Europa Cup games,but I was surprised to see Jovanovic and Ngog come on as subs. Whatever happened re-Pacheco not being used?
    It was a good run but what a poor way to end it.

  82. Didnt Lucas play midweek with 10 men for 1/2 a game combine that with 2 long haul flights and you have 1 knackered Lucas. Whats Carra’s excuse ?
    Anyway nice to hear the old 2 pts dropped which compared to Roys 1 pt gained is a sign of things looking up. (some strange kind of positive negative)

  83. We were below par today and yes Aitch we jinxed the lad.Not many outside suarez,kelly and meireles played well today.

    Wigan came and had a go and credit to them,they deserved a point form the game.

    At first i thought Meireles substitution was a bit pre-mature but lookin back i`d say he had some sort of knock at half time and Kenny told him start the second half to see how it went.We missed him when he went off.

    When you look at it its 13 points out of 15 so its not a bad return for the last five games.

    In fact its an excellent return.

  84. Aye, Raul went straight down the tunnel with the physio when he came off, so a forced sub rather than anything tactical… but I’d have expected Poulsen over Ngog to be honest… thought that was a bit ballsy considering that Wigan were giving it a go.
    That sub would have made sense if they were parking the bus maybe?
    I dunno, I’ll reserve second guessing Kenny on that one.

    I’d agrree about Suarez, Kelly and Raul… when Suarez gets fit, he’s gonna be scary!

    But I also thought Carra and Skrtel actually played quite well (aside from the revertion to hoofing late on, but by that time the movement had really slowed down, and they were being given fewer options.)

    There was some very decent approach play today, even in an overall subdued performance, and but for some truly awful “final balls” this could have been a very different game.

    And yes, Lucas did have a bit of a slog midweek, as did a few others… seems like we have a real problem with international weeks though, where other clubs often survive them, or at least seem to weather them better???

    As Jack said, a mixture of disappointment and frustration (but nothing like in the recent months) and on the whole, probably a fair result… just.

  85. WE looked very flat Today..Ivanovic..looked well off the pce, but thats what we get when we bring on a player who hasn’t had akick of the ball in Yonks..
    Aitch I agree with you Internationals in midweek “do my head in’ to.
    Onward and upward is right Gerry..
    I would have bitten your hand off for four wins and a draw, with a big win against Chelski..

    What have you done to F.S.? Iread the posts when I can, just been a busy few months for me..
    I did get over to Liverepool in Dec..saw the Aston Villa Game.got a great seat on the kop..about bloody froze though..
    “Toshack Keegan one nil” Let’s hope we are saying the same thing about Suarez and Carroll..The Future’s bright the Futures Red…

  86. today showed why we will have difficulty challenging for a top-4 spot without investment in the squad. Coming off the intl break we were knackered, whereas wigan’s players are too shitty to play internationally. When KK turned to the bench his options were pretty woeful.
    I think this shows how important lucas is to the tm that his first gm struggling under KK is also our first loss (in the prem at least). Considering the circumstances I was pretty satisfied w the performance. Hit the post 2x, only conceded a goal that was 3yds offside, had to contend with a ref who might as well have been wearing a manc kit, and still managed a draw. Onwards and upwards.

  87. I thought our performance was flat and uninspiring. I think we just have no answer to teams with genuine pace out wide. Wigan are one of those teams.
    Stats at the end of the game proved Wigan go wide nearly 52% of the game while we were around 32%, thats because one we don’t really have wide players and two we are in desperate need of pace.
    Some people happy with the result, I’m not its Anfield and a draw against Wigan is as good as a loss, even Gerry was forcasting a 3 shit win.
    Saurez although a reasonable start needs to stay on his feet, he also isn’t a line leading forward, he’s a dribbler into the box going forward type, as it showed late in the match.
    I understand several had played mid week and things would have been tiring, but Johnsons efforts were just plain lazy. The lads got wonderful talent but just appears to lack effort.
    Overall the positives we didn’t lose, as far as the game boring to watch, especially since it was at home.
    A week off to recover, then West Ham, can anyone tell me what positions make the Europa League, is it 5th and 6th, thanks.

  88. You guys have said it all: Lucas probably his most ordinary game this season, no ‘pass & move’ etc. Suarez is looking exciting – with a bit more luck we coud have taken all 3 points. Saying that, I thought Wigan were good value for their point.
    Well, off to see U2 at Soccer City tonight. Sold out & should be about 110,000 of us there. Can’t wait!

  89. Nyobody bothered about Wigans offside goal its cost us another 2 pts and come the end of the season those points will make a differance.

  90. Yeah bring back Sian Massey…where’ve you been.

    Apparently Ngog and Jovanovic had good games for the ressies mid-week so I can see the logic in bringing them on. It says to all the boys – play well and you may get first team action.

    Yeah, we jinxed Lucas but I blame Satyr for bringing it up in the first place… ;-)

    Agree with all the comments above re the flat display (which felt like a loss). But in Kenny we trust…onwards and upwards!

  91. Sambo 75

    thanks for answering my question. Sorry I didn’t get back – life got in the way ! Argument is passed now.

    Haven’t had time yet to really read through comments but what a funny league this is. There is no complete team here. On their day just about anybody could beat anybody else.
    All teams have tactical or technical or player deficiencies in them. That’s where a good coach will come in I reckon. Kenny did very well to bring in Steve Clarke.

    Overall I thought we were a little unlucky it seems on Saturday. I only saw the last 15mins where we were camped in Wigan’s box but Suarez apart didn’t seem to have much buzz about us.

    I’m not surprised though. Wigan are never a safe bet for us. They are strong where we are weak.

    For what it’s worth I like them and I like Martinez and i hope they stay up (notwithstanding the difficulty they always cause us – that’s up to the coach and the team to sort out.)

  92. oh Boy.. I am sorry.
    I thought we did okay considering we were without Stevie G up till Meireles left the pitch. I was actually happy going into halftime. I know much more was expected from us at Anfield, and drawing to Wigan even with their offsided goal and 2 of our attempts is no consolation. If the goal was disallowed for offside and we scored the other 2, I wonder if any here would be saying the same things about what we saw from our players. Lucas lost possesion around min 36 but he did extremely well to win it back. ;P

  93. To support Aitch #74, here are some statistics on Lucas from AnfieldIndex and Opta on Twitter:
    100 appearance results: 55 wins 24 draws 21 loss;

    100 apps breakdown: 07/08 – P18 W14 D3 L1 08/09 – P25 W16 D8 L1 09/10 – P35 W16 D8 L11 10/11 – W22 W9 D5 L8

    Lucas Leiva has an Opta 84% pass completion ratio this season.

    Passing range @LucasLeiva87 EPL 10/11 – 20 apps >=90% – 1 85-90% – 7 80-85% – 5 75-80% – 6 70-75% – 1 Excellent stats for Lucas

    Lucas pass success 2010/11 % V CFC 40/45 88.9% V SCFC 66/74 89.1% V WWFC 42/53 79.2% V EFC 42/50 84% V BFC 39/50 78% Consistent! #LFC

    Kenny Dalglish Hails Outstanding Lucas Leiva …. http://bit.ly/eDKmOx

    Enough said…

  94. Sorry Satyro, I do not have stats for Spearing. Will ask for it.

    Meanwhile additional stats on Lucas from the Wigan game:

    LFC V WAFC @LucasLeiva87 pass %: Tackles – 57.1 Duels – 68.8 Fwd zone pass – 84.6 Bck zone pass – 84.2 Total passes – 84.5 <-top lad (CreditZ: Anfield Index on Twitter)

  95. Returning injured from internationals is unacceptable.Kuyt and Maxi are 2 slow and old.Fourth spot is gone, no width, pace or creativity on saturday.Why do a shite side lkie Wigan screw my bets and cause the Reds problems.Mancs always hammer them.

  96. Lucas palys all the friendlies, cos the good players couldn’t be arsed turnuing up.Did he play in the wc, fat chance.Same for the clown Kuyt, any chance of him scoring b4 season end.Jono ain’t a left back.

  97. If Arse win cc, sixth gets a europa spot, if 2 teams alreay euro qualified play in FA cup final, seventh gets a spot in the europa.Europa winners should get a place in cl qualifiers.

  98. 15 years ago today the great Bob Paisley passed away, RIP

    Bob Paisley: “Mind you, I’ve been here during the bad times too – one year we came second.”

    “This is the second time I’ve beaten the Germans here… the first time was in 1944. I drove into Rome on a tank.” Bob Paisley (RIP).

    A true footballing legend!!

  99. Bugerman,

    You’re slating a player who was (and still is) first choice in the Dutch national team that went all the way to the World Cup Final barely last year.

    Messi played for Argentina in the Friendly against Portugal. So by your logic, Messi is a young bench warmer that played since the senior players weren’t bothered to play in a friendly match.

    I’m glad you’re not the Liverpool manager.

  100. Just to add one more thing. Even the ultra defensive Roy had consistently fielded Lucas. So we have 3 successive Liverpool managers plus the Brazilian national coach (who is a legend in the same role Lucas is playing for us) fielding him, all recognising his contributions in the middle of the park

    And the same goes to Kuyt with the Dutch national team and 3 successive Liverpool managers picking him.

    Burgerman, do you really think you are better than all 3 Liverpool managers plus the Brazilian and Dutch national team coaches?

  101. Satyro, Here you are:

    Spearing Vs Everton *Passes 32/45 – 71.% *Interceptions – 2 *Tackles – 2/3 66.7% Only appearance in the EPL 2010/11.

    What do you think now?

  102. A couple of things…..

    Re;Lucas v spearing.There`s isn`t really a debate here.Lucas is head and shoulders a class above the lad.Spearing is game,but i feel he won`t make it at LFC.

    Re;Burgermans ridiculous comments.

    Why anybody bites to this WUM who has been at it for over two years now i`ll never know.

  103. #140 Thanks Knight. I think that’s an amazing start for lad who’s only 22 this year… and should be having more games to add on to that experience and improve. Comparing those stats are you gonna say Jay Spearing deserved only 1 premier league game? I do believe he deserves more run outs.

    I think he played 8 games so far for LFC this season albeit not all in the premiership so there would be some argument about the stats-opponents etc.

    Games played by Jay Spearing in 2010/2011
    Europa League Th 29Jul 2010 (started-full)
    Rabotnicki 0 – 2 Liverpool
    Europa League Th 05Aug 2010 (bench-on 73′) Liverpool 2 – 0 Rabotnicki
    Europa League Th 16Sep 2010 Liverpool 4 – 1 Steaua (started-full)
    Carling Cup We 22Sep 2010 (started-full) Liverpool 2 – 2 Northampton
    Europa League Th 21Oct 2010 (started-full)
    Napoli 0 – 0 Liverpool
    Europa League Th 04Nov 2010 Liverpool 3 – 1 Napoli (started-full)
    Premier League Su 07Nov 2010 Liverpool 2 – 0 Chelsea (on as 90th min sub)
    Premier League Su 16Jan 2011 Liverpool 2 – 2 Everton (started-full)

    That’s a playing record of 8-> 5-3-0 (unless one takes off the Chelsea game where Spearing only came on as a 90th min sub.
    I just wanted to compare this to the appearances stats of Lucas. C’mon. This lad can do a job. His stats are not horrendous. He can get the job done.
    Is he really soooooo bad that no one in his right mind could rate this lad over Lucas?
    I can only say I have seen him play and he has got the job done and have even gave MOTM performances in my book.
    Again, I cannot use stats and I feel even this that I have given cannot be used at all. How does one measure a player who is strong on the ball? Not everything can be measured in stats but these are good stats to begin with, to work with. Jay has got a good touch, he’s got vision and he’s got heart.

  104. Satyro. I like Spearing. Young, talented and a real fox terrier much in the mold of Mascherano. I am sure he will be given more games.
    Sorry, I only have the stat from the BPL. Don’t have the stats from European and other games.

    My point is the same as Aitch: Lucas has made himself to be a thoroghbred midfielder. Slowly, slowly some mfans have come to that conclusion.

  105. Thanks Knight. I agree he is lacking experience but I think that is the only aspect in which I can agree to which he is lacking from Lucas.
    Spearing is just a year or 2 (depending how one calculates) younger than Lucas and needs to be getting more time just as much as Lucas has had his when he was 21. Lucas has had a ton of games… Spearing now needs to start getting them. Spearing has better stamina, is a quicker passer of the ball and can bring more options for our HM role. Because he isn’t given much time on the field there are less stats for the lad but watch his skills, watch his eye for a pass, watch his tackles. This lad has the moves. Although not a huge criteria for a HM, he can be a goal threat at times. I can’t find any of the videos from his performances except for one or two on the net but I have been impressed enough from the games to see he should be given the nod more often. He wasn’t even on the bench against Wigan…
    Is Lucas rated so far ahead of Spearing because he has an 89% completion passing rate?

  106. Brian Kettle: Martin Kelly attempted 12 tackles on Saturday, the most in the #lfc team (Guardian Chalkboards). Who attempted second-most, 10? Luis Suarez.

  107. This is a good tibute from LFC.tv to Bob Paisley, which is free to watch.


    And i can’t believe the Lucas/Spearing debate is still raging on, there is no contest in my opinion, Lucas is head and shoulders above Spearing.

    Personally i don’t think Spearing is good enough to become a 1st team regular for the ‘Pool, he’d have done it by now if he was. There’s no doubt he’s a spirited young lad and the type who is good to have in your squad but i feel he’ll probably move on in the summer to get regular football!!

  108. Indeed Knight that Swiss Ramble site is a good read i’ve been reading it for a while he’s actually a Southampton fan which cast doubts on his mental state ¦ ) but he knows his stuff.

  109. #148 Idono,

    Thanks for that pal,superb tribute.

    Even the press tried giving the great man a hard time,particularly,as Nessie says,the southern press.

    Reporter..”Bob,Can you explain the definition of ?Flair”

    Bob..”Yea,its those things at the bottom of your trousers” :)

  110. Roy Hodgson When asked by the press if he thought WBA were good enough to stay up.

    ‘I’m afraid after 90 minutes working with them today and 90 minutes watching them on Saturday, I can’t answer that question,’ he said. ‘I would like to say so, but it would be foolish of me to make rash statements.’

    He hasn’t got a clue how to motivate players.Because he wants the England job he making his excuses already.What a clown

  111. Adding to the debate about Lucas I never rated him in the past but he has grown on me and the deciding factor is he is our best defensive midfielder.

    Poulsen’s legs have gone,as for Spearing I don’t know why he’s still at the club he was a promising player about Six years ago he’s 22 years old now if he was good enough we wouldn’t have needed to buy Poulsen.At the time none of us was thinking “what about spearing” he needs moving on for his own sake.

    None of the other alternatives have the the mental discipline or the self sacrificial qualities to play the role and before we criticise Lucas we have to ask ourselves was Mascherano any better on the ball and the answer would be no.

    He was just a yard dog (Albeit a very good one) who’s lack of ability on the ball was masked by Alonso,s presence.

    On the 3 at back formation its only temporary until we sort ourselves defensively if it was a good formation the whole of the world would not have discarded it.

    Even Germany favour a back four now and it used to be there staple.

    Also I think Suarez and Carroll are going to be a devastating pairing upfront can’t wait.

    Suarez imho will be more effective than Gerrard in role behind the main striker,Gerrard only seemed effect as a 2nd striker when Torres was playing.

    Gerrard should play on the right of midfield where he can whip crosses in for Carroll and tuck into help the central midfielders when necessary.

  112. Burgerbrain,
    why dont you fuck off and support the manc’s then you whinging fucker, Rafa got the sack because of the like’s of you and your ilk, LFC dont need supporters like you.
    Sorry about the rant and abuse guy’s but that daft fucker get’s right up my nose.

  113. Torres substituted against Fulham without him scoring and the guy on Talkshite said it will take time for him to get his sharpness back ?

    Wasn’t he playing virtually every game for us before the transfer there talking as if he’s been out injured for 2 months.FS always talked about how these guys are biased towards London clubs.

  114. @Knight true, the manager always has first hand information.
    Idono2 / London Red and the reason “he should have been in by now” – I do not think it’s a fair comment as he is just breaking into the first 11 at age 22, Lucas was thrown in at 21? The reason why he was loaned out last year was because he was still young, needed to gain experience as first team and we had the Monster around. He was brought back when Monster left to fight for a place in the 1st eleven. Poulsen was bought becos of his experience in Permiership by RH who rated the guy, experience which Lucas has but not Spearing. And yet Spearing has only been given 1 premiership game to gain experience? I do not get the logic that if he was any good, he would have already claimed his place as he is not even being given the nod to start more games. Meanwhile we trust him enough to leave him on for the full 90 minutes in games outside of Premiership and he does a good job, and then he is not chosen to start more than 1 premiership game? Really, I do not agree with that because Spearing is good enough otherwise he would not have been brought back to fight for a place, yet because he is young he is considered in-experienced and further yet we do not give him more games.
    Time for Spearing to claim his spot over Lucas and he can only do so if he is given a fair amount of run of games to do so.

  115. satyromaniaman,

    Have you considered that maybe Kenny thinks Spearing is at the moment not good enough even to dislodge Poulsen in the holding midfield role?

    That seems to be the case judging from the games that Kenny has been in charge of so far.

    Unless you think you are a better judge of a good player to be included in the team than Kenny Dalglish, I think you shouldn’t simply think that you’re right all the time.

  116. Didnt Kuyt play in a WC final recently? Not sure – but I dont believe they’re friendlies where no one else can be arsed to turn up?

    Seriously – some of the Gen Y posters in here are so clueless its almost funny – except that these dumb arses are actually destroying LFC with their total stupidty!

    If Burger Cunt was any more of a moron he’d be related to the Palins!

  117. saty , please enlighten us to poulsens premiership experience, he has played for asneas bk, holbaek b&if,copenhagen,schalke,sevilla juventus & unfortunatley for us , you stated in your last comment that poulsen was brought in by itchy because of his prem ex, would i play spearing in front of poulsen? absofuckinglutley! but no way would he be on the teamsheet in front of lucas, i dont even think spearing has been involved in the england youth set up, its not an anti jay spearing conspiracy going on in here the lad just aint ready, will he ever ? who knows? we would all be made up if he was a regular first team player as he is born & bred scouse & there’s nothing more a red fan like’s than a local lad in the team,
    rafalution im dyin to hear how the U2 gig went

  118. Kopcolly, it was absolutely awesome, sensational! Left home at 3pm, got home at 1am. Long day, but worth it. 100,000 fans, from 10-year-olds to 70-year-olds. Been buying their music since…well, since the Edge had hair. Bono made a crack about Ireland not getting to the WC. Besides all their political rants, they put on a very professional show – they don’t just get on stage & play, they put on a show. Lighting & effects were out of this world, literally. Together with the Rose Bowl in Califirnia, biggest gig they have played, I believe.
    Cape Town should be good.
    Got to agree with London Red #154. Simple comment – looking forward to Suarez behind Carroll, and Stevie G out on the right.

  119. Satyro, KK knows the players. He must rate Lucas ahead of Spearing. Looking at the stats (OK, from Spearing’s one game), it would appear Lucas is a better holding midfielder. If Poulson comes in , it is to play alongside Lucas, not replace him.
    I think I have sent enough stats showing why Lucas is our best holding player. Unless he is injured or really too tired, KK will not want to replace Lucas. He is one of the key members of the first team spine.

  120. In Chelsea’s three PL title-winning seasons they have averaged 63 points after 26 games, 18 more than they have in 2010-11. Gapped. Source: Opta on Twitter

  121. Woy Hogdson is at his best again….

    Roy Hodgson, in his first press conference since taking over as the new manager of West Bromwich Albion, admitted that he had been “wounded” by his chastening experience at Liverpool.

    Hodgson went from being manager of the year with Fulham in May to an acrimonious exit from Anfield in the space of just eight months. The 63-year-old was dismissed by John W Henry, the new Liverpool owner, in January and replaced by Kenny Dalglish.

    “I didn’t feel drained [by what happened at Liverpool] but of course you do feel wounded,” Hodgson said. “I’ve had a very good spell in my career and it was a long while since I’d had a serious knockback in my career.

    “It hasn’t dented my belief or confidence but I can’t lie and say it didn’t hurt me or I didn’t care. I’ve had an awful amount of praise and when you get the opposite it’s not something you necessarily embrace.”

    “The people who wanted me at Liverpool didn’t last too long. I think the new owners found themselves in a very difficult situation because we weren’t winning enough games and the fans made it perfectly clear they wanted me gone and somebody else in,” he said.

    He argued he has nothing to prove after a 35-year career in management. “I can’t for one minute suggest that I felt wanted at Liverpool,” Hodgson said. “But at West Brom I think everybody will accept that the club made quite a concerted effort to get me, and persuade me that I should come and be with them and help try to preserve the status, so of course I feel more wanted here.

    “What happened at Liverpool doesn’t make me more determined, I couldn’t be more determined. I don’t feel I’ve got anything to prove, they were looking for somebody who had nothing to prove.”

    “I would settle for the last day, absolutely. I don’t care how we stay in the Premier League as long as we stay there. If we stay up and people say we did fantastically well with good football that would be lovely. But if people say how lucky we were, that’ll do for me as well. I don’t mind being lucky.

    “Whatever I say doesn’t matter, though. What counts for something is every Saturday afternoon, or Sunday or Monday, that 90 minutes. We’ve got 12 times 95 minutes – I don’t know how many minutes that is, but every one is going to count.”

  122. Old Roy, always ‘me me me’. I’ve done this, I’ve done that. Goold luck Roy, I can’t hate you, but you weren’t right for us. You should take a hint though, and stop blaming others, from previous managers to your players.
    I see that AC has been earmarked to return for the Scum clash on the 6th March. Vidic & Rio will be having nightmares.

  123. LB #150: Top interview that! Nice to see something from an intelligent footballer – not too many around. He says some nice things about our fans (applauding the Reds AND Barca off after we lost), and some interesting comments on Carra.

  124. Kopcolly-My bad, what I meant was Poulsen was bought because of his experience to play in the Premiership…as in, in the 1st 11 in the premiership, not so much to be used in carling cup or eufa games. Sorry. Still, my main point was that he was bought because of his experience.
    Axchoice-If my questioning and comparisons between Lucas and Spearing and then me rating Spearing means I am questioning KK’s judgement, then so be it. But I do not view it as such. I have said, the manager always has first hand info. I was happy KK chose Spearing to play in the derby with Everton… for reasons clear enough. Doesn’t anyone question the manager’s decision at times? Didnt I hear in the last game, “Poulsen over N’gog”, or “Why not Pacheco”?. And why is that? Is it not because we are all interested to know the reasons…at least to me, it is to learn more about such decisions… to try to find an answer that is acceptable.
    Hence when someone is baffled about why myself and a few other do not rate Lucas, I am just trying to explain even though I know the explanantions may still be just as baffling…and seem not to make any sense to many…
    Knight-Lucas may be the “best” we have because of the stats … but that is because Spearing doesn’t have much stats to begin with.. and that’s because he doesn’t get enough games… and that’s the “mysterious” part… for me cos all I have heard is 1) KK chose it to be so he has to be the worse off player 2) he is not good enough -period(no other reason as to why) 3) cos he has not done it by now, so he probably doesnt have the stuff ( which stuff is lacking?)
    I mean, if comparing stats is the one and final way to determine a player, Lucas is probably better than Alonso or probably the top two HM in the whole Premier League… is he truly?
    This debate can end quite easily. Simply by stating in which area Spearing loses out to Lucas… besides experience.

  125. No team in EPL history with 45 points from 26 games (like 2010-11 Chelsea) has finished higher than 3rd or lower than 7th. Destiny.Source: Opta

  126. Satyr,

    Yes. We are confused with the manager’s selection at times. I was surprised at Poulsen’s selection, but I gave Kenny the benefit of doubt, believing that he knows the team better than I do, and maybe Poulsen has some qualities that both Roy and Kenny sees that I don’t.

    But your clear preference (or bias) of Spearing over Lucas is akin to questioning the collective decisions of Rafa, Roy and Dalglish most of the time, since Lucas has started most games in the last 2 years or so. You don’t even give these managers the benefit of doubt that they see some qualities in Lucas that you don’t.

    If you want to insist that you know how to spot a better player than all 3 managers mentioned above based on what you see on TV, I’ve nothing else to say.

  127. Satyromaniaman #158

    I think we’ll just have to agree to dissagree. You’ve obviously seen something in Spearing that most of us here have not, as well as the last 3 LFC managers. As i said earlier, in my opinion, he’s a spririted young lad and commited to the ‘Pool, but i feel he needs to move on if he wants to further his career because i just don’t see him getting the playing time you feel he deserves. Also, Spearing has made 15 appearances so far for the club in all competitions and personally i have seen nothing to suggest he’ll ever be more than a squad player for us!

    Saty, you made this comment, “Time for Spearing to claim his spot over Lucas and he can only do so if he is given a fair amount of run of games to do so.”

    Now, what manager in their right mind is going to drop Lucas, our most consistent performer for nearly 2 years now, and replace him with Spearing just to give him game time to gain experience? No manager would be crazy enough to do that, not even Roy!! Spearing needs to prove himself at Melwood, day in day out, and he obviously hasn’t that, well not enough to earn a regular starting place in the first X1.

  128. Do I see something all 3 managers do not? Well, I do not see it as such. Obviously the managers have seen something in Spearing and is giving him the chances, that’s how I see it.

    Spearing was doin well and according to RH, he was breaking into the first 11. Then he injured his ankle around Nov last year.

    When he recovered, KK put him on for the Everton game and then got himself a broken toe or something during training at the end of January.

    So obviously even the last 2 managers do rate him, yes?
    Like I said, I am not questioning the manager’s selection decision as there are many things I cannot know first hand. I am saying Spearing needs to be given a run of games.

    As for the unthinkable of dropping Lucas because he is our most consistent player, isn’t Spearing a consistent performer himself? I am not sure which manager will drop Lucas based on Lucas’s performances for the past 2 years, but week on week, Spearing can push into the first 11 with the slightest drop of form from Lucas.
    Knight~ love the stats on Andy Caroll!!! Onwards and upwards! can’t wait for the next game.

  129. Satyr,

    The most obvious reason Spearing is chosen for the Everton game I can think of is Kenny is giving every player his chance to impress and that includes Poulsen.

    Yes, Spearing was chosen because he was deemed good enough to start against Everton, but Lucas is chosen for ALL the games he’s available since Kenny took over.

    Obviously this tells us who Kenny rates higher, who is first team and who is on the bench.

    Roy had publicly stated the Europa games are for Team B, and Spearing had started most of his games in Team B this season. So this implies Roy also thinks he belongs to Liverpool Team B.

    As for consistency, you are using Team B results over less than 8 games (not even a large enough sample statistically) for Spearing to compare with about 100 (statistically significant number. If you don’t believe, ask your teachers) games of consistent performance by Lucas over the last 2 years under 3 different managers.

    Spearing is not even in the England U21 squad now, and nowhere near the England senior team. But Lucas had already played in the Brazilian national team on a few occasions. Unless you think the English squad is much stronger than the Brazilian one.

    I’ve seen Spearing play. Yes, he has a good touch at times, but he’s too small in size for his rather aggressive style of play. Until he proves me wrong (I hope he proves me wrong so that we can have another good player) on the pitch I’m not convinced he can dislodge Lucas in Liverpool’s first team.

    Your only reasons for justifying Spearing over Lucas are (1) your personal preference, and (2) you think you know better than the 3 Liverpool managers in judging who to include in the Liverpool team.

    I am so glad you are not involved in team selection.

  130. Axchoice- So Spearing loses out because his size is deemed unsuitable for his style of play.
    3 managers, all of whom see something in the lad, Rafa when he gave him his debut, loaned him out because he wants him to develop first team games. RH who brought him back to fight for the first 11 and gave him B games which he took and was about to break into the first 11. KK who put him on the derby and praised the lad for his performances. All this points to just a lack of experience in the lad and these managers have rightly been giving him some games to get his feet wet.
    Yes, Lucas has more experience than Spearing, and Lucas is taller. The managers (add in the national managers and we now have 5) rate Lucas over Spearing- so it must be true that Lucas is the better player and has nothing to do with experience.
    Spearing has to be outstanding and then consistently outstanding before he can be rated over Lucas. Woe is me for rating Spearing over Lucas. I shall now wallow humbly in the deepest pit for having been proven wrong.

    On to better things.
    Onwards and upwards!!!

  131. Getting back to the earlier stuff about Hodge Podge and the British media. I was watching a tv channel at the weekend that was giving out updates from the other games. When West Brom went 3-0 up the guys started saying what a great immediate impact Hodge was making in his first game in charge, then when it went 3-3 they said that “Of course Roy Hodgson hasn’t officially taken over at West Brom yet.” Fucking unbelievable these clowns!

  132. Gerry you should have been round the block enough times for something like that not to surprise you.
    Poor old roy and his not getting a chance, im sure his bank balance eases the pain!!! Im still pretty gutted with the wigan result, i know 13points from 15 is a good return but another win would have given us an extra edge. Anyways what will be, will be.
    Got tickets to my first liverpool man u game and its gonna be my first time in the kop. (all these years and only getting in now) better late than never i suppose. The thought of seeing carroll and suarez tear them apart has me as happy as hodgson at a face scratching competition.

  133. Rafa did they play bad? An unbelivable show indeed, I’ve seen u2 22 times now & each time they get better, actually seen the 360 tour 3 times last year & at the end of there song walk on Bono broke out in2 you’ll never walk alone, I couldn’t believe it, I almost cacked my pants ! I’ve got tix 2 c them in philidelphia & the new giant/ jet stadium in July & I can’t wait, Sorry 4 rave’n on about u2 lads but I’m just so sick of the spearing debate

  134. Raheem Stirling looks a good prospect,pity he’s not a few years older he’s the type of player who runs at defenders and commits them and we don’t have many of them in the squad at the moment.

  135. A quick comment.

    Torres going to Chelsea, so far 2 games one point. Maybe there is something we don’t know ? In any case they have gained an off form 50m superstar and they have not yet, nor anywhere nearly, bedded him in. The opposite is true. It’s a pity we didn’t win the wigan game, there is pressure piling up on that team and club.
    Saw Spurs swat Milan aside tonight. I reckon the Chavs could miss out on CL next season.

  136. London, I heard that Kenny took him to Prague this weekend. If Sterling manages to feature in that match, he will be the youngest player ever to wear the red shirt. Breaking Jack Robinson record, who is also travelling with the first team.

  137. Anyone got any working links to the Raheem Sterling goals? I’d love to see them but LFC have taken all the obvious ones down.

  138. 3 of them were still up on youtube as of last night Mac. Jaysus he looks a player. The way he clips the first one into the bottom left corner at the Kop end, well, it took me back 20yrs. The poise, the composure, the manner in which the ball is dispatched. The similarities in style and stance between him and arguably our most gifted ever Red are very difficult to overlook. And yes, no 2 players are ever the same, and its impossible to compare 2 players from different eras, but, and I hate to say this but, I might as well have been looking at a young John Barnes. Thats what instantly came to my mind watching the first goal. I kid you not. The finish was that classy. If these 3 guys make it – Pacheco, Suso and Sterling – damn are we gonna be scary in 2 or 3 years time.

  139. Jaysus Timmy, enjoy it I did…

    Nice one Digger. Barnes? he reminds me of a diminutive Henry the way he cut in from the left.

    But once you say a player is “the new…” he’s finished. All good and great players have something about them that is truly unique. Here’s hoping with Sterling, Suso, Pacheco, Coady and all the others we find out what it is.

    Exciting times indeed! :-)

  140. A guy I work with’s sister in law is related to Raheem Sterling. West London boy, born in Jamaica. QPR had another special player in the same age group but he was dragically stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight outside his school.

  141. Timmy,
    thank’s for the link buddy, great, great goal’s from the young lad and yes Digger a good comparision to Barbes.
    But can any of you guy’s tell me who the Red’s number 8 is, he reminded in appearance to a certain carrot-headed manc midfielder also in his tackling where 2 of Sterling’s goal originated from, also did you notice the smiles from KD and Comoli.

  142. Ya, I know what your saying, and I was loathe to do it but……..its hard not to see more than a passing resemblance no? The way Barnes was able to just…..flow past players, it looked like everyone else was standing still as he was just weaving through them. And the finishing, ah jaysus Barnes’ finishing. Great players like Dalglish were able to pass it into the net but for me Barnes used to caress it into the net! The sublime little clips and curls. I dunno, I thought Raheems first goal was something very akin to what I’m talking about. Just a delicate little sidefoot gently pushed into the corner beyond a despairing dive. Not saying he’s the new anbody, least of all Barnes, just saying theres a striking resemblance in style and stance. We were blessed to have a player like Barnes once. I doubt we’ll ever see his like again.

  143. Let’s hope Raheem Sterling comes on tomorrow in Prague. Gosh, even Suarez, Agger and Gerrard are all not in the team.

  144. Alright lads,the lads a talent alright and he`s got some of the best looking after him.His feet will be kept firmly on the ground.

    I personally think Kenny brought the lad to prague for some hookers,eh hem… sorry for the experience.I wouldn`t fling the lad near the first team just yet,he`s still a boy and although he looked like a world beater the other night,we must remember they were playing against southend youth.

    That said the boy has a future and a glaring one.

    While we`re on comparisons LB i reckon he reminds me of Michael Owen at the same age.

  145. Redman,

    That lad is Craig Roddan a local lad from Fazarkely.Caught my eye also,we could have a few gems coming through after all.Never mind the Suso lad and pacheco also on the fringes.

    The futures bright for us no doubt.

  146. Great result for the Gooners tonight. Was half hoping for a Barca rout though, the reasons being two-fold; Arsenal would be completely focused on the Prem and of course Barca would be in the next round to eventually take care of Man.ure. But as with everything else it seems this season, the Gods continue to favour the devil for some fucked up reason. It would be just typical that Arsenal hold on at the Nou Camp and meet the mancs in the semis only to be trounced a la 2 yrs ago, whilst also having fallen an insurmountable distance behind in the Prem due to the distraction of 2 cup competitions and a deep C.L run. Come on Barca, bring it all next day, do the mancs later, Chelsea draws with the mancs twice giving Arse the impetus to win the title aswell as allowing us to slip into 4th. Mmmmmm……….I’m away to the bookies!

  147. Thank’s once again Timmy,
    i will be keeping my eye out for Roddan, Fazakerlt eh, do wonder’s for the home-grown for the club, yes mighty impressed, and (dare i say it) if he does turn out as good or half as good as Scholes (how i would have loved that cunt at Anfield) i for one would be made up.

  148. Trying to resist the urge to comment again on Lucas…Failing…I don’t think I can make it…

    Nate at OhYouBeauty has wheel-ised Lucas’s passing stats for the Wigan & Chelsea games:

    “Out of the 103 passes attempted in both matches, 88 of them were played forward – 85%. 72% of Lucas’ total attempted passes were both completed and went forward. Only 6 passes against Chelsea and 9 passes against Wigan were backwards and none were misplayed. 15 out of 103 attempts. So much for that myth.”

    More good analysis:

    One of the benfits of the amount of crap and bullshit flying about since the Moores/Parry-Hicks/Gillett days is that we, as fans, have had to get educated about what’s been happening on and off the field of play.

    Thankfully it’s starting to calm down off-field (with the Epic Swindle decision due to be given tomorrow in the high court). The crap about what constitutes a good player or the value of transfers has been gone into to the nth degree. But that’s a good thing right?

    If it makes us stronger…

  149. Liverpool squad: Reina, Jones, Gulacsi, Johnson, Flanagan, Aurelio, Robinson, Kyrgiakos, Wilson, Carragher, Kelly, Skrtel, Meireles, Cole, Maxi, Jovanovic, Lucas, Coady, Ince, Sterling, Pacheco, Kuyt, Ngog.

    prague is a beautiful city. it has great bars, great beer, beautiful architecture and stunning women. i once saw a policewoman wearing a friggin mini-skirt, i kid you not. and we call ourselves a civilised society?
    i was also sold a lump of resin that was a lump of tar, but i was so off my head on absinthe it didn’t really matter. they also have installation art all over the city like the bus stop that was made out of pistols and revolvers. great city that. i wish i was going. if i had an extra fifty notes i might even consider it, but i don’t…ahh fuck.

    what is even more interesting is the squad. named above on the LFC website (which pales into insignificance when compared to Kopblog)…no recognised strike force, as such.

    yes i see kuyt, but apart from the dutchman, no other regular first team striker. i can see cole and pacheo and of course i can see sterling, and the good lad ngog, but this strikes me as a squad that is offering experience to those who don’t often get a look in. nice, but chancey, and i don’t mind that at all.

    what is also very telling is that the big AC is travelling to be with the lads. i can see only one good reason for putting him on the flight: get him in with the banter and warmed up for the real deal against the mancs on sunday.

    KK is the least predictable manager we’ve had in er…yonks. can anyone remember if he was this experimental in his first tenure at LFC? i find it hard to second guess the bloke, and i don’t mind that at all because i always like to think i’m the big know’all. clearly i haven’t got a clue.

    its a bit like going to the cinema and knowing what the end of the the film will be like and then you realise you’re watching sixth sense or usual suspects and you haven’t got a clue.

    there are many here who are hoping he will blood sterling and give pacheo a run out, but i have no idea. there will be those who think j cole will get a knock too who may feel disapointed when he hasn’t been named sub.

    but now try to look at the future and i see good things ahead.

    if he give pacheo a run out, that means he has confidence in the lad and that he will be used in up-coming matches. if he plays sterling, that sends out a message that LFC will be playing with a winger a la lennon or that other school kid walcott.

    if he doesn’t play J cole that will mean he is surplus to requirements and will be gone for six mil in the summer. i can’t quite figure it out. can anyone else.

    don’t let anyone fool you that this is a mickey mouse cup. we’ve won a few of these in the past and i never complained (i think its 3 so far and counting). this is the Kings first season back and we’re in the running, so it’s a serious proper game of football on thursday.

    what does everyone else think about the line-up because i am confused.com

  150. Yeah Blud, with you there on the Prague women…

    Played for a week there at one of the clubs a while back and couldn’t stop staring…very rude of me ;-) (music not footy)

    Ngog is STILL our top scorer in euro-land but I think KK will go with Kuyt like when we beat Chelsea – everyone was saying we’ve no strikers.

    Gerrard and Carroll are injured, Suarez is cup-tied.

    Sounds like they’ve sold their top players in the transfer window (their top-scorer included) and they’re just back from their winter break so should be a bit ring-rusty. Still, they’ve got a couple of kids of their own to look out for so it should be an interesting match-up if King Kenny lets our youngsters loose.

    And no way of guessing which way Kenny will run it…4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-3-3, 3-6-1, 3-5-2…Se7en?

  151. Just watched those 5 goals. Wow!
    I’m surprised Roy didn’t sell him or loan him out (he says, tongue in cheek).
    Kopcolly: they didn’t play ‘Bad’ – unfortunate, as it is my favorite U2 song. Is Bono a LFC fan then?

  152. Thank god U2 didn`t play Bad Rafalution.There would have been 100,000 unhappy fans there.

    The two cowboys are back in town lads and have won the right in the High court to sue RBS and the directors of the old LFC board.They can only sue in the UK so its the cowboys from texas against the government run bank in the British high court.

    Good luck tweedle dum and tweedle doo,you`ll need it.

    None of this has any effect on the day to day running of LFC or its current owners i`m lead to believe.

  153. Been too busy to comment lately lads… and just having a quick read before finishing a project before kick-off.

    Have you seen “It Might Get Loud”?
    Just watched it last night.
    Interview with The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White.
    Not a fan of White’s, but I must say I gained a much better respect for him as a musician after watching that.

    All 3 discuss how they came about their particular sounds/styles and their early days.

    There’s one particularly great scene, where all 3 are discussing something and Page starts playing some riff… Edge leaps out of his chari and near knocks the cameraman over trying to get a better look at what/how he is playing.
    So fuckin cool!

    Anyway, if you get the chance, check it out!

    Oh and…
    Come on Reds.

  154. team news:
    Reina, Johnson, Wilson, Kyrgiakos, Carragher, Lucas, Aurelio, Kuyt, Maxi, Meireles, Ngog. Subs: Gulacsi, Skrtel, Kelly, Coady, Cole, Pacheco, Jovanovic.
    I’m hoping for:

    Hope to see Pacheco get a run

  155. Hopefully Joe Cole can brighten things up,I have to say our lack of pace is the main reason we are not putting these sort of teams to the sword easier.

  156. It’s official: Joe “messi” Cole is past it at this level. He’s done. I doubt we’ll be able to get anyone to take him on a free, even. More excellent work from Purslow.

  157. Listening to the commentary by Steve I was almost put to sleep. What was Kenny thinking of- a draw,I suppose. Eggnog draws good wages but that is all-get rid of him. I assume it will be a different team at Anfield next Thursday.

  158. Right, so that’s the fuckin honeymoon period over with then eh?

    I thought I’d woke up from a pleasant dream and Hodson was still in charge!

    Underpar performance doesn;t even begin to describe that.

    They hadn’t played a competitive game since mid-December… and have only had 2 friendlies since that time… and it showed…
    … but we made them look good?

    0-0 might be a good result away against an in-form team… but not against a team that hasn’t played in 9 weeks.

  159. #202, rafa, is bono a red? , i doubt it very much, that man hasnt time for football, i seen him kick a ball in slane castle in sept 2001 during the elevation tour, he nearly fell on his hole,it was a great day, ireland had just qualified for the 2002 world cup & 100,000 fans got to watch the game on giant screens, followed by the greatest rock band of our generation,well worth the trip home from new york, anyway when he sang it on the 360 tour it was part of the free aung san suu kyi campaign , the burma leader who was on house arrest,
    back to football, wasnt that an abismal performance tonite, poor all over the park , pepe to the rescue again, im in no way havin a dig at our manager but the lads looked like old itchy was back in charge, fuckin hoof ball & if im honest the wigan game wasnt much better, we cant afford to fall back into a rutt,
    the ball is in our court for fourth spot as i think the chav’s & the spuds will continue to drop points they all have big games, the chavs have to play the scum twice , & we have to take advantage of this
    onwards & upwards!

  160. so the chav’s loose again, hehe, one more lose & carlo’s a goner i think, ive said it here before & here i go again, i dont think it will be to long before rafa gets that job, LB you could be eating your hat sooner rather than later mate.

  161. Well the Chavs v Everton only goes to highlight what a disaster the 2 points dropped at home against Wigan. the Chavs are on a horror stretch and we should have been right on their tale, piling on the pressure, not beating them then dropping points at home.
    I would like to think that Rafa has far to much respect and class to take the Chelsea job, however if he does then he didn’t deserve to manage our club in the first place.
    I don’t think he’ll even bother, anyway to many fingers in the pie at that club.

  162. gaz, id hate to see rafa with them cunts, but the thing is rafa’s in england looking for a job & not just any job, abramovich just spent 70 mill with an eye on catching the scum in the lge which i doubt will happen, & he has a real hard on to win the champ’s lge, which aint gonna happen either because of the way they are playing this season under carlo,
    now im not stating that carlo is the problem, but they are looking like & playing like they did under scolari, & its common knowledge it was player power that got scolari the sack, so if they dont get a result europe in the first leg they are in real trouble, if they scrape thru the russian mob might just decide to bring some one in that could bring them there holy grail
    if this is the case then who are the possible candidates??? for me unfortunatly that’s where rafa comes in, we all think & want to believe that rafa wouldnt take that job but the truth is that rafa’s a football man , thats his fix, he’s a football junky & i think he’s ready for a hit, & who else could get the 50 mill part of the 70 mill they spent in jan to fire on all cylinders???
    i hope im wrong , we’ll see,
    watch this space!

  163. gazza , no i was saying that abramovich has a real hard on to win the champ’s lge, ancelotti has won the european cup twice as a player with milan & twice as a manager, so no boner needed on his behalf, maybe just a pissy horn :-)

  164. pshenava, i think pacheco will find it tough to break into the first team this year with both suarez & carroll, he might get a run in some of the uefa cup games as suarez is cup tied, but next year i think he’ll get his chance in carling cup & it will progress from there, i think kenny will start introducing the young guns in this comp next year, we’ll see the likes of pacheco suso ince ecelston wilson sterling & two of the local lads spearing & young conor coady, ayala amoo, theres raw talent in these lads not forgeting to mention shelvey, these lads are the future,
    good damn rafa for leaving the squad he has, eh?
    i see old itchy has gone from not having a magic wand to having no magic words to keep wba up, this was his first interview as manager at wba, what the fuck? maybe he’s empolyed by the banks to get teams relegated & get them into liquidation:-)

  165. reds to play in fenway next year, fantastic news for all us red fans here in the states, aitch, digger & co maybe a kopblog road trip is on the horizon???

  166. Quiet wknd in here with The Reds off. Nothing much going on as regards us. Anyone any news on Dagger and Stevies injuries? They gonna be fit for Thursday?
    Arsenal cant catch a break in these cup draws, Barca in the c.l and now utd in the f.a cup, ffs! Ah well, at least its the end of utds run of soft cup draws.
    Chelsea, wow. Wheels really, reaaaally starting to come off there. Bigger club Nando?? Muuwahahaha!! Well done to our little neighbours.
    Yes Colly that will be a great roadtrip. Remember the last one up to Conneticut to watch The Reds smash Celtic? That was Owens last appearance in a Red shirt if memory serves. And Cisses first. And if memory continues to serve, I’m almost sure that in Carras book he wrote that on the bus ride back to the hotel after that game Owen got the call informing him of Madrids offer. Jaysus, looking back now who knew what an incredible journey we all had undertaken that night. Yours wasnt the better one Michael.
    Anyway, yes Col I’m in. Dont think its confirmed yet but lets hope it happens. I’m sure the New York Liverpool supporters club will have buses organised to depart from the 11th street bar but sure if not we’ll begin the roadtrip from the Starting Gate or the Heritage heh heh!

  167. Lots of decent songs for suarez on the liverpoolfc site. Like the bang bang one. but what about “all you need is luis” to the tune of “all you need is love”

    starts off “luis, luis, luis,….luis,luis,luis,… luis,luis,luis….it’s easy! luis,luis,luis,…..luis,luis,luis,….luis,luis,luis….. it’s easy. All you need is luis, all you need is luis. all you need is luis luis. Luis’s all we need!”
    Would be good to get some beatles back on the kop!
    Any takers?

  168. digger,i was at that game at renschler field,5-1 but your memory is wrong,owens last game was against roma at giants stadium,he later sat on the bench in the champs league qualifier prior to moving to madrid.Little did we know we would win it that season.

  169. He did indeed John dident he score against Roma? Thanks for the clarification, time and Stella playing tricks with my mind! You still in the states? I really this goes ahead.

  170. Jaysus!!

    I hate all these F.A. Cup weekends..seems like we haven’t played in months.

    Anyway apparently tomorrow’s match is a sell out – so fully expecting a MUCH IMPROVED Red’s performance against the Czechs..

    Doesn’t seem like Kenny is gonna risk Stevie but I’d say Kelly & Dagger will return

    2-0 Reds…hopefully

  171. hello fellow reds,

    you can tell when its quiet in the blog, the yank contingent start talking all apple pie.

    its like we’re in some weird limbo land waiting for a competitive match. fer fucks sake will somebody please kick a ball in anger, i’m getting withdrawal symptoms.

    i reckon the big AC will get his first kick tomorrow? what do you think? twenty minutes to go, sort of thing.

    to be honest, i haven’t said a word in two weeks because of two draws, jeez i’m a fickle bitch, but a draw is a loss in my books. lets have some friggin goals against the spartans (TONIGHT WE DINE IN ANFIELD!!!!)

    crikey, i am definitely losing the plot. i need to see the reds play. i need to see AC make his debut with a full strength reds team behind him. i want it all. i want it now.

    what is life without football?

  172. Jesus LB is it the sight of the Talkshite building or what?

    Hope you have something lined up mate,with the new baby to feed man.Best of luck on that.

    God i hate when there`s a break,seems like forever.Good to here Aggers back,i feel he`s a big part of Kennys plans,and the way he wants the team to play.Good also that its a sell out,i was down to go actually but i`m sandwiched between two birthday weeks with my eldest daughter being nine last friday and the one with the thousand faces Birthday next week so the funds are being severley dented.So i had to give my ticket away.Hopefully the next round i`ll get over.

    Anyway the six o clock kick off is a bit of a bolix for me as i work till seven but hopefully we`ll do a number on them tomorrow night.

    The rest could have done the players some good anyway so with that i

  173. Jesus LB was it the sight of the Talkshite building and seeing the perverts going in there every morning or what?

    Hope you`ve something else lined up man with a new baby to feed and all that.Good luck with it anyway.

    I hate breaks from the footy.Feels like forever.I`m glad the dagger is back i`m sure Kenny loves thew way he plays,fits right into the way he wants the side to play.We should be fresh after the break so a couple of golas could be on the cards.Sell out too so hopefully a decent atmosphere for the Kings first european game.

    God i`d love if we made it to dublin,christ imagine the session eh Gerry.

    Get the camp beds out man :)

  174. Timmy, I never saw any of the Talk Shite pundits. Maybe most of them start their shift well before I do. Anyway, fortunately I have a new job starting in a couple of weeks so I’ll be alright!


  176. BM my references are from my previous job mate. Was there 4 years compared to the 4 months I was at the recent job. BTW I told them to stick it in the most professional terms. Tommy my boss was a total cunt. Hodgsonesque.

  177. Good jaysus…I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to managed by a Hodgson-esque manager!!

  178. ok

    Reina, Kelly, Wilson, Agger, Kyrgiakos, Meireles, Lucas, Poulsen, Kuyt, Cole, Ngog. Subs: Gulacsi, Pacheco, Jovanovic, Maxi, Carragher, Spearing, Skrtel.

    thats the squad. GULP!!!


    and don’t let the door hit ye on the way out you Fernando Torres of finance. Snake and traitor.

    Another one bites the dust I suppose.

  180. Thanks Fowler… thats a good one~
    Now for the last 16… Thank Fowler we scored, as honestly, I can’t see us scoring in this game..

  181. Good goal by Kuyt but when everyone is fit in the league would he start I would prefer Gerrard to play on the right Carroll & Suarez upfront obviously and Meireles and Lucas in the middle that only leaves the left of midfield and I think I would prefer Joe Cole to play there because I think he will improve as he gets fitter and will offer us more than Kuyt offensively.Kuyt has been a brilliant servant for the club but he doesn’t look as energetic as he used to be and I’m surprised we are looking at extending his contract as he will only get slower his touch is awful and we need to get more pace in the team especially down the flanks and I imagine he must be on a good 60k/70k which could be better used.

  182. We are crying out for a very quick skilful winger who can chip in with some goals.

    I no we need players in other positions but I think we need to push the boat out in the summer and sign a quality winger.

    We really need to sign 2 but I think if we can can at least 1 quality wide player to provide the chances for our new strike force it would take the team forward.

    One of the problems we had in the past was we would spend 20 million on 3 or 4 players because we needed to plug gaps and most of the buys were gambles which wouldn’t pay off.

    I would prefer if we would put quality over quantity and maybe dip into the youth setup to replenish the the 1st team squad.

  183. Not the best performance tonight lads but its job done all the same.

    Braga next we`re due to play the home leg first but a mate told me it could be changed.He told me the for a reason for the change but i can`t remember.

  184. A win is a win. But one thing is certain: we need FSG to give Comolli & Kenny a 35-40 mill war chest. We need more (quality) depth, staring with a winger. Kelly showed glimpses of real quality – he is going to be great for us in the future.
    LondonRed, I like that lineup (with Gerrard on the right), but a top winger on the left would complete it – not Cole!
    I hate these Int’l & FA Cup breaks.

  185. Your right Rafalution but we don’t have one at the moment and I think Cole can do a job on the left until the end of the season .And I don’t fancy the alternatives.

  186. Although I’m fast beginning to believe that NGog probably wont make it at the highest level, I think his problem last night is that he just needs a goal. Look at Defoe – hasn’t scored in something like 17 league matches now for Spurs…is he suddenly rubbish?

    Overall delighted with the victory – if not the performance. On another night we’d have scored 3 or 4 but in general it was all a bit scrappy and lacking cohesion.

    I really don’t ever want to see Poulsen play again – his lack of pace is frightening and I just fail to see (apart from being a wise old head) what he brings to the table

    But the real positive is to look at who WASN’T playing (Suarez, Carroll, Gerrard, Glenda and Kelly (for 2nd half) and realise that even though our squad is paper-thin in quality terms, we’re gonna be able to field a very strong first XI very soon

    Let’s hope we can against the Scum on Sunday week

    Onwards and upwards

  187. london red

    it seems you don’t really have wingers anymore, you have people who play midfield, left or right, who operate on the wing with scope to cut inside and release the full back to run on behind them. actually, full backs like kelly and johnson are considered wingers. kelly was excellent yesterday. he provided several telling crosses from the right. we did not need a winger, we needed a better strike force to convert his efforts.

    sonic the ngog, nice lad, hit couldn’t barn a door.

    poulsen/spearing??? hmmm.

    its a result though and now apparently we’re through to play SC Braga who play in that weird quarry stadium in portugal (what a stupid idea that is).

    i’m quite ashamed sometimes the way grown men fling themselves to the deck in modern football. carra touched this black guy, well built, about 6″2, he took three steps then went down on the grass like he’d been hit by a sniper. like all these jokers who wear snoods and gloves, fer fucks sake. didn’t anyone tell them its an outdoor game, if it’s too cold for you play fuggin snooker or table tennis. i’m playing footy on the local park this sunday. it will be cold and wet and muddy and the showers will be shit and horrible and yet not one fucker will be wearing a snood or gloves or friggin body stocking.

    actually, reading that makes me wonder why i do it???

  188. Injury wise, could be screwed for the Spam game.Kelly, Aurelio, Agger are 3 of the first choice back four.Should of bought a wide player in Jan. Cole, Maxi always cut inside and lack pace.Plenty of deadwood to shift in June, start with Ngog and Poulsen.How are the team doing in the under 18 league ?

  189. came in to excitedly share kelly’s performance, but everyone seems a bit down on the game. i mean yeah, it was a bit shit in the second half, but kelly in the first half was fuckin amazing! pace, strength, skill, but most importantly, confidence. he looked almost Bale-esque the way he moved past his defender and whipped in quality crosses. carroll must’ve been licking his lips looking at that. really excited about kelly. what’s the news on his injury by the way?

  190. Welcome aboard Arthur! And no, Defoe is not rubbish. He’s a proven top tier premiership striker. Wash Ngog? Not so much. I’m guessin we’ll be watching him go this Summer. And good luck to him, I think its fair to say he gave his all and for a million quid we got our moneys worth and more. But at 21 if a 37yr old journey man is besting you, well, not much else to say really is there?
    Anyway, not gonna say much about the performance except thats its worrying to see old habits creeping back in. Hope we get a couple of good sessions in before Sunday and pray Stevie is fit. If theres one thing last night, in fact the last 2 or 3 games, illustrated once again for me is, its how much we miss Stevies creativity and influence when he’s absent. We’re terribly pedestian when he dosent play.
    Well done Dirk, you infuriating anger management class inducing hoor! One of these days my t.v will pay the ultimate price for my watching you but what Kenny said the other day about Carra applies to you too, rather have you with us than against us. Jesus knows your no world beater but I’d say you could beat the world if you put your mind to it. Thanks for yet another vital goal.
    Any word on the injuries lads?

  191. Good to get the win and great to get another clean sheet. Kenny and Steve Clarke have definitely improved our defending.

    The game last night was a bit shite wasn’t it? Like watching a League One match at times. Seems the long ball is creeping back into our game a bit. Especially when Poulsen is in midfield and our striker struggles to hold the ball up.

    We badly need creativity and pace in our midfield.

  192. Not a great performance last night, but a great result. It’s always good to win games when you haven’t played great! Hopefully we can go all the way to the final here in Dublin, the atmosphere would be absolutely amazing with the amount of support we have here.

    Rafa’s on Football Focus tomorrow, this time on the couch with Lee Dixon, should be good.

  193. With luis, joe cole and hopefully Carroll coming into the side in the next couple of games it might just give us enough of a lift for a good end of season run which after the last two years would be a great way to put an end to it all and look forward to better times.

  194. just seen on the lfc website that we play braga away in the first leg on march 10th at 6:00pm & at home on st patricks day (17th) at 8:05, so timmy it looks like your mate was bang on about the change,
    great news for all us red paddys, on our great national day of getting FUCKED UP we get to watch the mighty reds march on the road to dublin , SWEET!

  195. Lads, lets face it that was a dreadful performance and the crowd should get their money back. Poulson, why was he so in demand 10 years ago, just because he may have lost pace doesn’t explain his inability to pass, tackle or generally run.
    Ngog tries hard and gives his all, but in the real world of LFC, he’s not up to scratch, however at the moment we don’t live in the real world of LFC, he’s all we have. However at the moment I’m wondering whether he’s in the shop window, or just generally holding up the progression of younger players.
    Kelly may have had a stormer going forward, but he was seriously outclassed by that 17 year old kid on the left hand side. He waltzed around Kelly several times. He needs to work on his defence and recovery once beaten.
    Reina was down, Carra was hoofing, The Greek was ordinary, I thought Wilson went well, Cole came into the game, Lucas never stopped.
    And then there was Kuyt, thank fuck he scored, it gives the Kuyt bashers another week off. I think our best formation when only Ngog is available is to have kuyt up front on his own, like against Chelsea and let him do what he does well, shitting the other team off. Leaving Ngog on the sidelines.
    Games like this are where Ngog should be excelling while Pecheco and co should be getting a run. Anyway onto the Spam and hopefully a good result keeping us in the Europa spots.

  196. Guys I’m happy for Kuyt to play as a backup striker but out wide he’s not good enough for Liverpool football club.

    I can accept grafters and plodders in defensive positions but not in attacking ones if he was a squad player brought in to shore up the team against better opposition fair enough.

    But against the teams we should be beating easy like Sparta Prague we need game changing quick intelligent wide players who have pace to burn and provide a goal threat.

    Games are controlled from midfield in which we should have only one predominantly defensive player and he should be surrounded by good passers who can retain possession,chip in defensively and hurt the opposition.

    I have seen Kenny’s pass and move system work brilliantly in the late eighties when we had a midfield of Barnes,Whelan,Mcmahon and Houghton with Beardsley & Aldridge up front.

    We have the building blocks in place mostly with Gerrard,Meireles and Lucas in midfield & Carroll & Suarez upfront we are just lacking a quick wideman to give us the balance we need on the left side of midfield.I hope in the summer we buy a dominant centre half to play with Agger a good left back and very quick good left winger.

    For the centre half and winger I like Cahill at Bolton and Nzogbia at Wigan not sure about the LB but whoever we bring in needs to be a competent defender with good pace.

  197. We have needed two wide players with skill and pace for the last 6 years. Riera and kewell were at least wide players, but both were either injured or had lost their pace, if Riera had any in the first place.
    I’d also like to see our deals signed up early in the transfer market, rather than last minute hope we get them registered buys. Realistically there is a heap of players who could be moved on, some first teamers, plenty from the reserves, all of them taking up wage spaces.
    I also think we seriously need to look at pushing players out on loan, and forcing the teams to start them. Whats the use of a loan if the player sits on the bench. I reckon the club should continue to pay the wages of the player providing he’s in the starting 11. They pay if he’s a sub or not playing at all.

  198. Starting lineup: Reina, Johnson, Kelly, Carragher, Skrtel, Wilson, Lucas, Gerrard, Meireles, Kuyt, Suarez.

    Subs: Gulacsi, Kyrgiakos, Cole, Poulsen, Spearing, Maxi, Ngog.

  199. Really like the look of the team. I hope Johnson really pushes forward.
    I can see Stevie/Raul/Luis and Dirk really rotating around so wet spam cant work out who is playing where.
    3-0 to the reds. Stevie, Luis and Johnson to score.

  200. That first half was an absolute disgrace. Fucking gutless. West Ham clearly want it more than we do and thoroughly deserve their lead.

  201. 2 down half time, were shite again all over the park,
    cant see us coming back from this one,
    spam need to win by 3 clear goals to lift them out of the bottom 3, looks like that shouldnt be a problem for them today,with the way they are playing & the way we are playing the deserve it, cant remember the last time we came back to win a game, think it might have been against city 08/09

  202. 3-1 defeat to West Ham WTF.
    The way our last few games have gone I think we should be Including Raheem Stirling & Suso on the bench and throw them on in the last 30 minutes they can’t do any worse.

    All our hopes are now pinned on Carroll,attacking wise we are not a major threat at the moment.

  203. That’s the last straw for me with this squad. Too many players fucking poor. A lot of players living off past reputations. As of now it’s just not good enough and a big bloody clear out is required.

  204. 20 – Steven Gerrard misplaced 20 passes v West Ham, the highest total by any LFC outfielder in a PL game this season. Turnover.
    Tweeted by Opta Sports 5 minutes ago

  205. Too simple solution LB. We need to get rid of a few players and replace them with younger players with great potential. There’s no need for a complete overhaul.

  206. I saw the game on Setanta Canada.There is no doubt that West Ham wanted to win more.
    Not only do some players need replacing but Reina had an off-day and my heart sank when Ngog came on.
    The team and Kenny had some bad luck, but surely there should be better players available for team selection.
    To me,the only Liverpool player who showed talent was Suarez after Meireles went off.
    Ah well,the next game to see is the League Cup final.

  207. Imho Based on 1st team squad Players to be kept (GK’S)Reina,(DEF’S)G Johnson Agger,Wilson,Kelly (MIDF’S)Gerrard,Meireles,Lucas,Shelvey,Pacheco

    (ATTACKERS) Carroll,Suarez.The rest can go or be used to fill squad places.

    I think we need to buy at least four players to go straight into the 1st team.Centre half,Left back,Centre midfield and Left midfield.

  208. Today was a feckin disaster all over the place. We couldnt get our passing together simply because they were all over us like a rash. they showed balls today. we didnt.

    Wilson was beaten time and again like he was a traffic cone. Lucas and Miereles were playin like two girls who were afraid to get a bruise or two. I got tired of watchin them pull out of tackles, particularly Raul.

    There was just no grit from us anywhere, except for Kuyt and Carra. Carra was constantly getting pulled out of position to cover for Wilson. Every second ball was met by a west ham player.

    Attackin wise, nothin to write about. Suarez showed a couple of good turns. Thats it. Thats all I can say for 90 minutes about our attacking play.

    We just looked slow and lost and didnt want it. But I think we need a big presence up front and Carroll cant come back quicker. Suarez cant hold the ball simply because he hasnt the height or strength. Ngogs time is up as far as im concerned.

    I dont agree the likes of sterling and suso would be the answer today. Today was about being outfought in midfield. Those lads would have got kicked into the stands.
    Im just glad we have the Mancs next week. Thatll get the lads tapped into that fight that we sorely lacked today. Lets not forget the Mancs went to bottom Wolves and got handed a sound defeat, so I dont want everyone being too down and I just hope that theres no knee jerkin towards Kenny that I saw in the forums after both Sparta games. The media even pointed out that had Roy been managing us for those Sparta games, he would have got slaughtered by the supporters. But Kenny can do no wrong. What the stupid feckers who pointed this out fail to mention, is that the supporters didnt turn on Roy based on one game. And also, Kenny is a legend who has been there and done it, and IS our King for what he acheived and done for us.We would never turn on him.Hes the man to take us back to glory, no matter how long it takes.

    It was just an off day lads, not helped by having too many average players, combined with the great players playing like amateurs.

    I think some people , including myself, got a bit carried away thinking we can get fourth.That Kenny got us up to 6th after the complete cluster fuck that Hodgson left behind is quite an achievemnt. Fourth place was always a very very long shot.

    We will bounce back on Sunday. And Im just looking forward to the summer when Kenny should get the job, ship out the duds, and get another few decent players in. YNWA

  209. Agree with sachem and ar53fluff.

    Everyone was so very happy couple of weeks back no mention of any rehaul and suddenly 3 games – 2 europa and 1 league causes us to ask for a rehaul

    Fickle is the word that best describes this.
    Kenny raised our expectations and so did Rafa. There is a similarity there.

  210. Theres nothing fickle about having a pair of functioning eyes. Chastising people for opening them is somewhat unfair Pshenava. The overhaul we speak of is not only plainly obvious, its a neccessity. You say you agree with Ar53fluf yet overlook his ability to see what we all see; ‘too many average players’ and ‘ ship out the duds in the Summer’. London Red has it bang on save for forgetting we need a right winger too and Lucas moves to the bench as the valuable squad player he is. Retaining 6th and going as deep as we can in Europa cup aside, its all about the Summer for me now. Was impressed with Kenny in January and have complete faith he will show the door to those who need showing it and replace the deadwood with players worthy of the crest. Anyone who dosent think the inevitable clearout is coming or is neccessary is in for a shock methinks.

  211. Does anyone know if we sold Gerry in the winter transfer window. Does anyone know what club he went to.?
    Sad day for the Reds but we seem to always lose to relegation bound teams, I think we’re the team keeping all those in the hunt.
    We are looking slower and slower. The last few games seem to be getting back to the Mr Hodgson days.

  212. My suspicion is that people pull out because they want to win the Europa Cup and also because it is the most probable way for the team to get into the Champions League next season.West Ham had more desire to win the game to avoid the spectre of relegation from the Premiership.
    When the route into the Champioms League is achieved,then Kenny will clear out the deadwood in the summer.

  213. the deadwood has to go. no doubt. lucas and kuyt should not be getting a start week in and week out.

    Again though, yesterday was not about tactics or technical ability of individuals (except for our goal). Im watching a rerun of the match as I type this and the main let down for me is that West Ham showed so much aggression and fight after they got thier first goal. It was like they had an extra man in every position. Our lads didnt match this desire or aggression. Scott Parker was fucking everywhere!!

    I was disappointed in the first half with how easy our midfield, including Stevie, was bullied.Lucas done that thing he does where he kinda half arsedly goes for the ball, and either gets moved out of the way or trips the guy up. Raul is still compltely useless defensivley. He got shrugged off the ball time and again. And poor Danny Wilson just had a nightmare.
    Make no mistake, we are alot better than what we showed today, and need to get back to playing with the wind in our sails like we did when Kenny first came in January. Maybe we are facing the Scum at the right time.
    Jack, I hate to be a pessimist and I hope Im wrong, but there is no route back into the C league this season. fourth is all but gone now. But as far as Im concerned, it was well gone in december. We are looking to just get back into the Europa league again next year.

    Kenny will sort this out, no doubt about it. But all we can do now is try and win as many games as we can til the end of the season. This summer is all that matters now, and I firmly believe if we get a decent winger or two, ship out the duds who are wearing our famous, sacred shirt, and win the first few games of the new season, then we could well get right into the top 4 next season.

    But all this negative talk of ‘the honeymoon period is over’, and ‘we are looking like Hodgsons team again’ is completely premature and pure kneejerkism. We were all lauding Kennys tactics and the teams coomitment after winning at Silent Bridge, so I dont think its fair to start grumbling after one or two games that havent gone our way. Did we all think Kenny would just have us winning game after game after game, especially with one striker who is basically shite (Ngog) and another who needs some time to adapt?

    Sorry to rant guys but after reading a few posts in the post Sparta forum I got really annoyed. Im all for opinions but some people blatantly accused Kenny of completely fuckin up his tactics and not having a clue, based on one fucking game. And no doubt those same pricks will spew thier bile again after yesterdays result. They were probably still swimming in thier daddys balls when Kenny was our manager first time around, and when he won the league with Blackburn.

    I believe in Kenny, and the owners, and the most of the team, and all in all im well happy with how Kennys rescued us from what would certainly have been a relegation scrap under Woy. Kenny Dalglish will get this team back to where it belongs, and will give his everything trying to. YNWA

  214. @JackHill

    We ain’t getting into the CL man, the last two league matches virtually ensures that. Not that I’m going to be overly critical of Kenny for this – he was handed a tricky job and only one short transfer window to make any real changes

    But a MAJOR overall of the mediocrity that is lingering in our first XI and overall squad needs to take place in the Summer.

    OUT: Cole, Jova, The Konch, Kyriagkos, Poulsen and possibly NGog. I also wouldn’t be giving Dirk a new contract and there are serious questions over the likes of Agger (he’s injured AGAIN for Christ sake) and Skrtel

    I’m genuinely excited about the future but I think we may to have to endure a few more disappointments like yesterday before then

    Oh and one more thing – can someone please tell Kenny and the British media that Gerrard CANNOT play centre midfield !!

  215. Midfield was terrible, no creativity or protection for the back 4.9 of the starting 11 looked 1st choice Skrtel was poor, as was R M.6 th @ best, why do bottom sides like Spam cause so many problems, only won 3 of 13 home games and had a gd of -6 @ home ,b4 yesterday.Look @ how the Mancs destroyed Wigan.

  216. We looked like a team praying for the season to end yesterday very very poor. It wont be a problem getting motivated for next week and I think we’ll beat them as long as the Ref doesn’t decide it as usual.
    But we need to stay sharp the players have ten games to show if they want to be here or not and we need a European place at the very least which we will not get if we play like that too often. what is the latest on Carroll? Will he make an appearance on Sun?

  217. I thought that the winner of the Europa Cup gets one of the places in the Champions Cup.
    If I’m wrong then this old fart had better shut up and just read the worthwhile comments.

  218. I was furious watching that 1st half. There is absolutely no excuse for being completely outfought by the opposition. West Ham have the worse home record in the country. My mates bro (Hines) plays for them so I have had a keen eye on their performances all season. They have been fucking woeful and have looked like relegation certainties for a long time. So for them to roll their sleeves up and hand us a beating like that is very hard to take. The travelling Kop should get a refund for that.

    I don’t think 3 at the back works unless you have at least one footballing centre half. Not having a natural left wing back is a problem as well. Going to Chelsea and playing a containing game is one thing but taking the game to the opposition is another thing. We struggle to create a number of clear cut chances and as a result don’t score enough goals. Our defending has improved but fuck knows what happened to that yesterday.

    I am just fed up with the mediocrity and I can’t wait until the summer so Comolli and Kenny can address it. As far as I am concerned nobody should be sure of a place in the starting eleven.

    Is Agger able to play for 3 months without injury? For goodness sake the guy must be made of paper mache.

  219. Several months ago I said Gerrard was finished as an elite performer. Nobody at all agreed with me. Again I pose the question. When was the last time he put in an 8 or 9 out of 10 performance? All his attributes that made him one of the best midfield players in the world. It’s been a fucking long time since he displayed them.

    Yesterday I was wondering who was wearing number 8 for us.

  220. LB I didnt disagree with you about Gerrard but he’s going nowhere, apart from Napoli 2nd half he’s done very little he’s just not disciplined enough for a CM role.Carra is in a similar place but with him its more obvious he’s past his best.It was a good job your mate Hines wasnt running him ragged yesterday because it could of been worse with Carra rugby tackling him and getting a red card :)
    Poulsen never had it to lose and Cole lost it a while ago and for 90k a week + Poulsens wage ??K ,i’d rather spend that money on someone who actually does something for us like Lucas or Kuyt or get Insua back with a pay rise.

    On a seperate note knives are been sharpened,
    so i best polish up my sheild.
    Kennny may need to borrow it soon.


  221. That was Stevies first game back after missing the last 3 or 4 with injury LB. And did it show. The lad dident look near fit. Probably 60%. Tops. So its a tad harsh to single him out when he’s just back from a 3 game layoff and the entire team is shit, well, with the exception of Kelly and a flash or 2 from Suarez. Its hardly his fault our dependance on him continues to such an extent after a decade that we still rush him back too soon after knocks. I mean seriously, shouldent we be able to knock over West Ham without Steven Gerrard? In my view yes, but it would seem I’m wrong.
    To your broader point, yes. Yes Stevies days as an all consuming rampaging midfielder are on the wane. Does this mean he’s finished as an important contributer to our team? Of course not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’ve become so conditioned and accustomed to supernatural brilliance from this guy for years now that, when as happens to all players, injuries, knocks and father time catch up to him, we’re all sitting agape wondering why Stevie aint saving us anymore. The days of Steven carrying us on his back are over. It couldent go on for ever and it wont. The days of 9 out of 10 performances are gonna become fewer and further apart. Does that make him shite? Of course not. It just makes him more like the other players on the pitch. When fully fit Stevie will still play an important role for a few more seasons yet. It wont be the Stevie of yesteryear but thats life and we should all begin getting used to it. Time waits for no man. Not even Superman!

  222. Jack i think the Europa cup winners should qualify for CL but as it stands now they dont.
    Italy looks like losing their 4th place CL qualification spot but i think it will go to Germany rather than the Europa cup.


  223. To be honest I could have singled out every player. Everyone was shit. As Gerrard is still probably our most talented I expect him to put in good displays, but I honestly can’t remember him putting a run of good performances together for a long time. Fair enough he was out injured and missed 3 games but does that excuse giving the ball away 25 times?

    We no longer rely on Gerrard to carry us at all. In my opinion we do not look significantly better with him in the team than we do without him. This has been the case for a while.

    Gerrard is probably Liverpool’s best ever player, I am not taking that away from him. But to me it’s looking like he is past it.

    We now have no world class outfield players. We need to do some good shopping in the summer and hopefully next season some of our players develop into world class.

  224. I am noticing more and more in each game how poor Dirk Kuyt’s touch is. When passed to him the ball always seem to bounce too far away so he has to take a few steps to chase it. His crossing is also just terrible. Good work rate and all that but I’d rather have Stevie on the right and Meireles in the middle with Lucas.
    I never rated Lucas but I think his passing this season has improved tremendously. He is still slower than a slug on valium but he passes alot more forward than sideways and backwards, which is nice to see. His speed though is just soooooo slow! How can you run the midfield if people are running rings around you? They always catch to him so quick from behind, which is why he loses the ball a lot that way.
    Other players of note. Love Kelly’s runs down the right. Good crosser too. Glen has made the left his own and is doing well. Centrally, we are still a bit off. Jamie is getting on and still hoofing. Skrtel seems to have lost some confidence. Agger is always bloody injured! Stevie was off the pace. Hope he gets up to speed soon. Joe seems to be getting his feet. Ngog for me just doesn’t cut it. Still too young and naive and not technically good enough.
    Suarez looks awesome!! Love the Pepe!!! :)

  225. Big game needed from Stevie on Sunday against the Scum. Really hope we don’t go for the 3 5 2 formation again – without Kelly it would be doomed to fail

    I think there has to be serious questions marks over the future of Agger seeing as the man gets injured reading a book!

  226. According to the Guardian there are serious doubts over Meireles for Sunday..fucking hell

    If he’s out I’d like to see:

    Johnson Agger (if not fit Skrtel) Carragher Fabio
    Kuyt Lucas Maxi
    Gerrard Suarez

    God – that’s not great is it???

  227. rome77, mate you are spot on. i cant help but feel that the next time we get a draw or loss this season, our King will be given a crown of thorns and hung out to dry by the Judases i mentioned previously. The ones whos demand for instant champions league football is so great they cant control thier kerking knees.

    It happened to Rafa, its happening to Carra and Stevie now. The guys are coming to the end of thier careers, and have been absolute fuckin warriors for this club, so Im not about to start pointing fingers at them when we have a bad result. Fact is, the team are lacking quality. But fighting spirit isnt about quality. It doesnt matter what formation you use, if you dont put the hard graft in on the day then the so called underdogs will beat you. As i said before, the Mancs got turned over, rather convincingly, at Wolves, who were bottom of the league. So why do we sit here and think we have a god given right to swan into upton park and give them a beating?

    Listen, we all know that the squad is lacking in some areas badly. And Kenny will address this in the summer Im sure.

    But right now, lets just be positive. Did Kenny blame the squad, or Rafa, or the weather, or the fans, for yesterdays defeat? No. Woy would have though.

    As Rome77 said, the knives will be out, but I sure hope Kenny doesnt need to be shielded from any knives coming from Reds supporters.Am I saying that hes perfect and wont make mistakes? No, cos he aint, but I dont expect him to be.Hes the manager. Who am I to tell him what formation to play or what tactics. I just hope others dont either.He may not be a Messiah, but his second coming has already saved us completely crumbling.We just need to accept there will be shit days as well as good days.

  228. thats jerking knees at the start of my last post. not kerking knees. not sure what a kerking knee would be like.

  229. Yeah it probably does excuse him LB. To some degree at any rate. Ever tried playing injured? I’m sure you have. We all have. Not easy right? Quite difficult to execute a pass when you dont have the neccessary range of motion I’m sure you’ll agree. Should Stevie have played? No, probably not. But like I said, its something we’ve doing for years and obviously a risk Kenny felt we had to take again yesterday.
    As for not looking significantly better with Gerrard in the team than when we dont, I couldent disagree more. Without Stevie we struggle greatly for some creativity or a spark to make the breakthrough. Just look at the last 3 games prior to west ham. Dire, dour shite. You and I both know stats dont paint a full picture but how different would last season have been without his 14 goals and 10 assists? Thats 24 goals in all competitions the guy brought to the table last yr. And he was injured for a large chunk of it. And shit too, or so some would have you believe. Where would we be without his 8 goals and 5 assists this term? A term he’s missed 8 wks of through injury and a debateble suspension. I shudder to think. Not significantly better with him? C’mon bud. Look, I hear where your coming from on a broader level, I think you just have to adjust your perspective a little. We all do. The Steven Gerrard of circa 01/09 is gone. Forever. Thats what time does. Steals away the great days and leaves you with memories. We have to stop expecting the gut busting 10 out of 10 displays week in week out and realise we are watching the final couple of seasons of arguably our greatest ever representative. And treat him accordingly. Are we not the most knowledgable fans? In my opinion its unfair and unrealistic to keep expecting that level of performance form a player heading into his early 30’s. We have a full week to recover Arthur so hopefully Meireles can make it. The mancs on the other hand have a cruncher on Tuesday. What I’d give to see a coupla reds and injuries there. Anyway, regardless, I’ve no doubts we’ll put it up to them whatever the 11. We always do. And then we’ll lose to some bottom feeder the following week. But fear not, the Summers coming and the Kings masterplan will continue to unfold.

  230. I know the press think we do but I wouldn’t say we give Kenny a easier ride than Roy,the problem with Hodgson was he was out of his depth and I felt he was dragging us down to his level.

    I never thought he was capable of getting us back to the top,the signings of Poulsen and Konchesky sum up Roy’s reign as manager(Juve deffo tucked us up on the Poulsen/Aquilani swap they probably couldn’t believe there luck when we put in a bid for him).

    Basically Hodgson was not capable of running our great club and Kenny is,I believe Kenny will improve us whereas Hodgson was a idiot that’s the reason we don’t condemn Kenny for a bad result as we did with Roy.

    Nothing to do with hero worship,my favourite ever liverpool player was John Barnes and I wouldn’t want him within a million miles of the managers job.

    Regarding Dirk Kuyt I have nothing against him personally but he’s not good enough to play out wide for us I know he plays there for Holland but he is surrounded by players like Arjen Robben,Rafael Van Der Vaart,Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie so his hard working game compensates for these players,totally different situation to the one at Liverpool.

    The teams above us have wide players/wingers like Nani,Valencia,Walcott,Nasri,Arshavin,Silva,Adam Johnson,Bale,Lennon and Malouda and we think Kuyt is the answer for us am I missing something ?.

  231. I haven’t seen anyone turn on Kenny in here. Criticism of legends like Carra and Gerrard is not a knee jerk. Both have been below par for a long time. I call it as I see it, always have done and if I believe a player is living off his reputation I will say so.

    8 goals and 5 assists is a decent return. Although 3 of the goals were penalties. But there has been a definite drop off in the quality of Gerrard’s displays and his influence on the side in my opinion is not as significant as it was.

    League record without Gerrard:
    W3, D2, L3 Ave points 1.4

    League record with Gerrard:
    W8, D4, L8 Ave points 1.4

  232. As far as Steven Gerrard is concerned I would like him to play on the right in a Ray Houghton type role.

    Or if Suarez is capable of playing a similar role to what David villa does for Spain drifting in from the left to join the main striker.

    Maybe Gerrard could maybe reprise his old role playing behind the main striker(Carroll) with a winger on the right in a 4~2~3~1 formation.

    I think once the team is sorted and settled Gerrard will still have a very important role to play for us in some capacity.

  233. youre right LB.Noones turned on Kenny in here. But you can tell from some of the posters in the forum, they want to have a go at kenny. but they dont, cos its not as easy to knee jerk against him as it was against Rafa.There was grumblings here and there, about us using a shite formation and tactics…about the honeymoon period being over…as if kennys 8 game run unbeaten was achieved not by his managment skills but simply his reputation. But i was merely hoping out loud that noone does turn on Kenny after a bad result or two.

    Youre right about Stevie. He hasnt been his best..due to various circumstances, but i dont think that hes living off his reputation. Ive no doubt hes trying as hard as he can.. and he will come good.

    I guess im just reacting to the general feeling that some people in the media and messageboards were wating to pounce at the first stumble that Kenny encountered.

    The hypocritic bullshit like….yeah, poor Roy has an awful squad to work with……then next its, oh the squads actually ok cos look what Kennys doing with it….now,after a bad day at wet spam,we are back to…oh our squads useless and Kennys only done ok cos of a honeymoon period.

    the media love this shit. they wanted and waited for kennys first stumble…and now they are ripping the team apart again. Had Woy had lost yesterday, again he would have blamed the lack of squad quality and the poor pitch and the price of milk. But Kenny stands firm and defends his players. He doesnt put them down, or question thier ability. Instead, he does the right thing and defends them to the hilt..no matter what.Thats the way it should be.

  234. From Hackett, Newcastle, text 8111: “I feel sorry for Hodgson, his team at Liverpool was the worst Liverpool team in recent years, and this WBA team would struggle to get promoted in the Championship this season! He got Fulham to Europa League final; he is not a bad manager.”

    Find it hard to get excited about anything at the moment – think Andy will prove to be a diamond.

    Keep the collective chins up lads. Kenny I’d doing a decent job!

  235. Hi guys – a bit dispiriting this weekend. I would like to look at the technical/tactical side of the game. Why were we soooo slow particularly first half (didn’t see second half myself).
    For me the root of it was the defense. Carra (much maligned of late), well he too is coming back from injury and will take some time to get up to full speed (I know !!! not very fast anyway). He and Skyrtl don’t work together anymore whereas Skyrtl and Agger do. Agger is key here, as LB identified, when we play 3 at the back we need at least one ball playing centre half. None of Carra/Skyrtl/Kyriakos are ball players, they are stoppers and let someone else deal with the ball.
    On top of that Carra is too slow now and tends to sit deep, dragging the team backwards. Lucas then receives the ball …. slowly and unimaginatively from an array of players who don’t want the ball, too deep to begin with. All options are blocked because of the time factor and also the lack of need to mark Carra/Skyrtl/Wilson whick leaves lots of extra West Ham players to block and hassle Johnson/Kuyt/Stevie/Suarez/Raul etc.
    The result is no pace or no penetration from the middle up.
    This is not gonna change until Agger/or some ball playing centre-half is playing. Sorry guys cos if Agger doesn’t play against Utd then we ain’t winning that game by my reckoning.

    Kuyt’s lack of control and first touch, Stevie’s bad passing, lack of fitness, blinkered vision, Raul’s weak tackling and lack of bite, Cole’s lack of fitness, touch, tactical awareness etc are all factors but the root of it all is at the back for me. I think if we could make the game and disrupt the opposition by Agger breaking forward and Lucas receiving and giving in space and pace then a lot of the failings wouldn’t be so obvious and the strengths of said players would come to the fore and we’d look a lot better and perform a lot better.

    Whatever about wingers and forwards etc we absolutely need a fit ball-playing centre half.

  236. ——————-Reina——————
    ——Carra——–Skrtel——-Aurelio(if fit Agger)
    Kelly(if Fit)—-Spearing—————–Johnson
    ——–Stevie G———-Meireles——–

    Should Kelly not recover Johnson to take over Right wing back duties.
    Should Agger/Aurelio not be fit, Danny Wilson to start there. However he will need a player in front of him that will cover the width defensively… the most appropriate would be Glen Johnson… but if Johnson is switched because of Kelly’s absence, then Maxi to provide the width down the left.
    If Meireles is unfit, Lucs to fill in
    And if AC is still not starting, Kuyt to start upfront.
    Onwards and Upwards.

  237. ldhawan: not sure about your comments re Lucas being ‘soooo slow’? He has bossed the midfiekd in almost every game he has started this season. I agree that his last 2 performances haven’t been great, but then neither has the teams. Do you remember him bossing Scholes, Carrick etc when we beat the Mancs last season?
    Digger, out of interest, where do you think Stevie G should play for Liverpool? I agree with LondonRed in that he far better & effective on the right of midfield, or even just behind the striker. Maybe Suarez on the left (like Villa), AC through the middle & Stevie right of midfield with options to get into the box (Kuyt’s present role)? If memory serves, Meireles & Lucas had looked good earlier in the season as our 2 central midfielders.
    Gutted after the Wet Spam game, but there is hope & it is still a ray of sunshine after Roy’s tenure. I’m sure Comolli, Kenny & Henry are on track to shift the deadwood at the end of the season – Konch, Ngog (like the lad, but is he going to make it?), Poulsen, Spearing (?) and, sad to say coz he gives 120%, Kyrgiakos. We should get a tidy sum for these, and with Suso, Pacheco, Eccleston & Stirling (ok, only 16 but…) coming through, we should have a decent squad next season. Add the funds from the above sales plus FSG’s kitty of (say) 30 mill, we could get in 3-5 decent/good players?

  238. Rafa, did you put spearing in with the deadwood???? How could you ??? Satyr ain’t gonna be to happy with you big guy, On Sundays game I think we are in trouble, no Kelly. Possibly no agger, Raul carrying a knock, & Stevie way way off the pace , I’d go with 4-4-2 on this one, riena Glenda carra skrt & agger on left if fit. Left mid maxi Raul ( Raul looks tired I might add) Lucas Stevie on the right, suarez & kuyt & hopefully Carroll 2 come on as a sub, I hope Wilson dosent play as he’ll get roasted , I’m sure he’ll come good but just not ready, if suarez gets into the game we could pull this one off

  239. Nice to see the shreck & golden cock get off with there lastest antics, there’s rules for some & none for others, I’d be happy with a draw 2day vidic gettin sent off for rape’n you know who( can’t speak his me anymore) Rooney see’n red for ride’n soon granny in the crowd,hope the baby face assasin leaves his firearms at home & if not catches fergiescum between the eyes!

  240. Aurelio is out until April ? , so he will @ best make a few appearances b4 his next set of injuries ! Need a creative midfielder , remember how Hakin Yakin and Ze Roberto tore the Reds to shreds in the 2002/3 CL ?Sell Kuyt while we can still get some cash, along with Ngog, that’s £ 5 mill towards a new striker.6 new signings needed @ a cost of £ 50 mill (gross).May not even make the EL next season, sixth may not be enough.Hope Brum win 2nite.

  241. Burgerman:

    According to Kenny today on LFC.tv – Agger, Fabio and Meireles may all make Sunday

    Still no mention of Carroll so we’ll have to assume we wont see him :(

    As an aside, has this become a once a month blog??? come on Gerry – get your finger out!

  242. Kopcolly, I thought about incuring the wrath od Satyr before I mentioned Jay Spearing under ‘deadwood’. But that’s just my opinion – the lad doesn’t do it for me, I can’t see anything in him to be honest – a poorer man’s Danny Murphy if you ask me.
    About to watch the Chav$ki/Scum game. Got no idea who I want to win – my optimistic side says scum, so that we could catch the Chavs for 4th spot – my head says the scum must be beaten so theat the Arse can win the league. What sayeth you lot?
    Yeah Arthur, I saw reports that Kenny is optimistic that Agger & Aurelio will be fit. But 10 days ago there were reports that AC could make his Liverpool debut? Keep those fingers crossed redmen!

  243. i faintly remember the kop groaning when kenny went through a bit of bad form as a player,everyones human here.

  244. #324 – Deadwoods… With the possibility of the return of Aquaman and should KK close the deal with Charlie Adams, Spearing with have a harder time breaking into the team than now with Poulsen and Lucas. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucas’s name is still the first on the team sheet then either … it has become somewhat a default by now. ;)

  245. rafa, so the mancs were beat, i wanted a draw,but i was also hope’n vidic would see red & that happened,the reason i wanted a draw is i dont want chelski back in the title race, i dont want el cunto to pick up a medal, as for the gunners i cant see them pushing the scum all the way, i think van persie is out for a few games & the defeat at wembley will have its after shock, ive gave in to the scum winning 19, as for sunday with ferdinand, vidic & evans all out im starting to believe we can get a result, i was concerned about sundays game because of the way we have played in our last four games, we need the team as a whole to play with the commitment, desire & heart that they had when we beat the chavs, & in all honesty thats the last time we played well, if theres any game to get us going again it’s this one & on the other hand if we loose we could fall back into a real rutt, rafa i know your hope’n for a top four finish mate but it aint gonna happen, the draw with wigan & the lose against the hammers sealed that fate i think, but what the players have to realise is we have 10 games for them to prove their worth & earn the right to wear our badge, the summer is approaching rapidly & i believe there’s gonna be serious change’s with in our squad & those that are safe are in the minority. any idea’s on who will stay & who will go?

  246. Happy to see Mancs lose and hoping for a similar result on Sunday.
    At this moment in my view its extremely optimistic to hope for fourth. If results go our way will take it.

    However Mancs have a much higher chance of not winning their 19th and will be happy to see them lose no matter the opposition till the time we have a real chance of finishing fourth.

  247. Yep, gotta agree – 4th is very, very optimistic. So let’s do one over the scum & help them not to achieve that 19th title. The thought of that foul-mouther drunkard winning another one gives me the shivers. The way that prick moaned about the decisions against them last night, the way he defended Shrek after that elbow. The only person to stand up to that fucker was Rafa – God bless him!
    With the scum missing most of their 1st choice defenders, we could do one over them at a pumping Anfield. Stevie needs to step up to the plate – he loves these big occassions – and Lucas (with Raul) needs to boss that midfield, as he has done in the past against them.
    Any news on injuries, and wether our new no.9 will feature?
    Fowler, I hope so!

  248. Lads,fourth place is out of our reach.Stop killing yourselves hoping for it.We are chasing two teams who are 8 points or more ahead of us with ten games to go.To have an iota of a chance we`d have to win the lot.Thats not happening lads,sdo lets concentrate on fucking up the mancs title hopes on sunday.

    I believe we can.Our recent from hasn`t been the best to say the least but we always raise our game against this lot.With Vidic out,its an extreme blow for them.We have our injurys too for sure but i`m confident we can get somethng out of the game.

    It would be nice to get another little run together and a shot at the europa.6th place and a european victory would be a fantastic season imo.Then we can begin the rebuilding in the summer.

  249. seen some amazing things in football. i’d say if it’s possible to win 4th spot then never give up. just got to win all our remaining games and see how the other teams do.

    come on. could anyone really see birmingham beating arse in the final?

    frankly speaking, if we’re gonna be the best next season, good enough to win the league, we got to start looking the business right now and that means punching holes in all teams, big fucking holes.

    that has to happen in every level of our club, management included. tea ladies, fans, apprentices, everybody.

    can we beat the mancs? yeah of course we can beat the scum, we all know that, but now i want to beat the likes of wolves and wigan and west brom just as much. that takes a different attitude to the one we’ve had all season. if we want to be the best next season, if we want to be champions in fourteen months time, we’ve got to start acting like champions now.

    we didn’t want to play against spam? why was that, too afraid to send the plucky little cockneys to the championship? felt a little sorry for them? lulled into false sense of security by baron greenback? expected them to more or less capitulate and carlton cole to get a nosebleed in front of the sticks?

    well they came out and played us off the pitch, and while we were moping around figuring they’d give us the win on a plate, they stuck three goals passed and proved that come the next season they will be playing us and not Doncaster.

    cockney scum. brummie scum. geaordie scum. manc scum.

    they are all scum to me now because i want liverpool to annihilate them all and tar them with the same brush. if you want to be the champions you have to beat them all, home and away, week in, week out. relentless, relentless, relentless. scare the bastards when they come to anfield, scare them shitless when you play away. that’s why we wear red isn’t? to put the fear of shankly into the bastards.

    shit on the mancs on sunday from a great fucking height. lets start with those cunts and then finish the job till the last game of the season.

  250. Whats with all the “scum” remarks this is a football club who has Cockney, Geordie and probably had the odd brummie over the years in the team and fans from all over the country.

  251. its like i said, roma seventy seven, over the years we’ve been able to beat the mancs, thats never been in question, and yet they are the scum? we get beaten by lesser teams at anfield because we don’t accord them the same respect as we do the mancs.

    if all you want to really beat are red teams from manchester, you will only beat them and lose against the rest. better you regard the entire league the same way, and then and only then might you see results.

    as for the players who come from all over the country, well, it doesn’t matter whether your from ipswich or the ivory coast in my books, but when you pull on the red shirt, you play for scousers, simple as. the team belongs to the city first and foremost and your allegiance is to them, nowhere else. you might have die-hard irish supporters, or fellas in thailand, but first and foremost the team belongs in the city that spawned it, or have i been missing something all these years?

    in my book its great to beat the mancs, but i get just as depressed when we lose to bloody west ham, because every loss prevents us winning the league, every single one.

    in fact, if we beat every team in the league and lost to the mancs i’d be as happy as a hippy at a dope convention. wise up roma, you accord all teams in the league the same respect, the same fate. as the man says you give them nothing and take from them everything. thats what makes you a champion. there are no other choices in sport. do you believe its the taking part that counts or the winning? for me, every single time its winning that counts. simple.

  252. I see exactly what you mean Blud. We need to show more fighting spirit against every team just the same. But we have to acknowledge that our plight isnt down to just ‘not showing enough ruthlessness to all other teams’.

    Its more down to the fact that in every position on the pitch we have at least one player who isnt up to wearing the liverpool shirt…..in fact, they are just plain shite.

  253. Gerry has either been kidnapped by aliens or he is on a Paddy’s day bender, 2- 3 weeks early ! If Aqui is as good as some people claim, Inter or AC will pay the Reds £15 mill in the summer .If Skrtel goes that could be another £9 mill, wide midfielders and versatile defenders are a priority.Should of got Sturridge and Kenny Miller in Jan.

  254. Bub Red
    So why do you call everyone scum? you’ve explained your “winning mentality “but whats that got to do with it.
    Would you call Andy Caroll “Geordie scum” because i reckon “he’d shoot he’d score, he’d break your fucking jaw”
    I was going to mention Brummie Stan the man Collie’more but it kind of proved your point.
    Besides i always thought LFC was formed to give the Scots somewhere to play in Ingurland ¦)

    BM I reckon if Aquilanni was has good as some people claim Liverpool would of paid 17 mill for him.

  255. Eh…..dident we buy 2 strikers in January?? 2 strikers infinitely superior to Daniel Sturridge and Kenny fucken miller might I add!! And if you know somebody willing to part with 9mil for Skertl then get that guys phone number to Kenny AfuckenSAP! Lol! Aaahhhh Burgerman, cheers for that mate, needed a wee pick me up this morning!

  256. Fuck me manburger, I think that your world is upside down.

    Other than all things burger-related, I am starting to come around to the idea that the squad needs an overhaul – 3 managers (last year with Rafa) with similar underwhelming displays. Getting the humble pie ready for eating – but will leave a bit for the some unnamed players who deserve it to be thrown at them.

    On the bright side I am in Barcelona this weekend and have just got tickets to watch Barca. Not Liverpool, but not a bad runners-up spot me thinks!

  257. What does history show whenever Slur Alex is charged?

    Does his team wither away or they thrive under such situations? I guess the later.

    Any thoughts?

  258. Rafalution, Agree that Proteas are looking good.

    However I pick Australia since Proteas are known to throw it away at the crunch.

  259. roma 77

    sorry mate.

    i have nothing against any player from any part of the world playing for liverpool. i guess i wasn’t making myself clear.

    stan the man was one of the greatest strikers never to achieve his full potential for liverpool (thats a compliment btw) i am also full of admiration for andy carroll. and any other player from parts of the country.
    its how we play against all the sides in the league that needs sorting. not just the mancs. thats all i was saying. i don’t believe anyone is scum really, just venting my demons here in this blog.

    i notice rangers and celtic had a bust up this week, like a return to the bigotry of the old days. football can do without that shit. please don’t take my remarks as inflammatory. i’m just psyched up, thats all. i’ll get back in my box now.

    happy birthday kenny. thanks for putting the smile back on my face. whatever happens between now and the end of the season, you have my total and utter respect. ynwa.

  260. Fact is as was said many times before in a 38 game season you finish where you deserve to finish our squad was only good enough to finish 7th last year and we might just do one better this year. We can paint it any way we want but it is what it is, there are far too many players in the squad who are not great players and we need a lot of great new players again before we will challenge for anything. FSG have spent 1 million net when pushed into a corner lets see if they give Kenny the upwards of 50 more thats really needed.

  261. Guinness, I’m sure FSG would have spent more, but this window is not condusive to bargains, or even realistic prices for players. They are (hopefully) keeping their eggs in one basket & I’m sure we’ll see a significant – if not craxy, Citeh-esque – spending at the end of this season.
    And we know why our squad was only good enough to finish 7th last season…but we know it wasn’t Rafa’s fault either.
    Interesting titbit. Lee Dixon was on BBC with Rafa last week, for one of the games. Dixon tweeted afterwards “Rafa, what a nice guy. Top bloke”. Wish all the pricks in the Ingurlish press took note.
    Ps. Just though I would add that, as we haven’t mentioned Rafa for ages ;-)

  262. I didn’t check the tweet Rafalution but if that is true then I am happy for Rafa.

    I didn’t think up until very recently (till he met Dan Walker) he believed that working with folks in media was important, of course, he wasn’t helped by the situation of the club during his time with so much of back stabbing and media having a field day.

    This is good for him and hopefully build his reputation in this country.

  263. i’m not sure you can buy a league title. i’m not sure whether FSG have to spend big in the summer.
    you can’t just clear out all the players either, i don’t think that would be financially viable. a change of guard happens over two or three seasons.

    contrary to most i believe liverpool are good enough to win the league if coached properly. and they need to be coached properly.

    yes gerra and carra are getting on A Bit!! but that doesn’t mean you discard them. they become even more valuable to the players coming in.

    yes kuyts touch is as heavy as paedophile in a school yard this season, but i would not swap him for all the tea in er…yorkshire. i know thats not a popular view, but the lads a pro, keeps his mouth shut, runs till he drops, respect for that.

    others can drift on, eggnog, nice lad, really sorry to see him go but he gets a bloody nose bleed in front of the sticks, joan the witch doesn’t look like a liverpool player does he, cole hmmm….lots of promise no end result, like a macdonalds hamburger.

    i remember back in 1977 a lacklustre manc side stopped us from winning the treble that year by beating us 2-1 in the f.a.cup, as if you need reminding. i’d like to pay them back in kind by beating them this sunday and leaving the door open for whoever wants to step through it. i’ll be gutted if we lose, but then i’m gutted whenever we lose. i ‘m gutted when we draw too.

  264. Blud bud, it’s no wonder you have that username, being so gutted constantly of late, messy business being gutted !

    I was not very hopeful at the start of the week about the Utd game. On a positive note Vidic, who has been immense for Utd, is gone. On a negative they don’t tend to lose 2 on the bounce and that’s just extra motivation on top of all the mutual motivation going on.
    Mind you if we do turn em over then that’ll rightly get them knotted and rack up the pressure which has been non-existent all season on them. I have no doubt Arsenal are well capable of beating them in a couple of weeks time as well.
    All to gain for us.
    Still don’t know who will be playing. I stand by Agger being fundamental. Either 3-3-3-1 / 4-4-2 he is necessary to give us options at the back coming forward.
    I think Utd have much more pace and more threat going forward but Kenny and Stevie C have already shown they know how to close out a team.
    I’m hopeful and I can see us winning but we’re gonna have to be focused, clever, organised and take our chances. No stupidity and use the crowd.

    Let’s go get ’em.

  265. Can I ask what the hell is happening with our team ? Now Reina wants to leave too , and that was like totally unrealistic a couple of mounts ago !! The hell is wrong with all this Spaniards all them came and say pretty cool words about us , LFC turned them into great players and this is how we get repaid ? I guess all of them are the same . The only one I can excuse is Alonso because he was drove out of the team by Rafa . We obviously aren’t a big club anymore in their thoughts as Reina added that he wanted to believe in LFC and that’s why he didn’t leave last summer :X:X

    It will really be sad all summer and the next years to come if it will be like this always selling out “most committed” players and going for other , although we definitely need new players changing our whole team is something sad =/ .

  266. A month old article dragged out by the manc loving press on the eve of a crunch title run in clash for them against their most despised rivals strange eh.. next thing you know someone will be saying how we need a strong ref ect. just so all the 50/50 go a certain way. Forget about pepe til the summer. COME ON THE REDMEN.

  267. Liver pheonix
    Maybe all those Spanish players dont like the way a certain Spaniard was treated by the backstabbing xenophobic section of our “supporters” who probably think all Spaniards are the same.
    But its nice you dont blame Alonso for leaving us to go to one of the biggest clubs in his own country (with a massive pay rise and a tax cut), because Rafa “drove him out of the team”

    Did Liverpool make the Spanish better players?
    Or did the Spanish make Liverpool better ?
    Well Spain won the Euro and World Cup during this time of eLFC so im leaning towards the case of the latter,so maybe it could be asked how did we repay them?
    Either way if you didnt see the possibility of all the Spanish players leaving after Rafa left then i think you was blinded by something, usually love or hate but sometimes its both and football is a conduit for both.

  268. LiverPhoenix,

    Can you give me a quote where Pepe says he “wants to leave”?

    I have read both interviews he`s did.One with the Mail and one with .tv and i don`t remember him saying he wanted to leave.

    Ok Pepe didn`t rule out a move either,but if he does want to leave i the summer then we`ll sell him and move on.
    He refused to profess his undying love for LFC like Torres did.He dosen`t want to say one thing and end up doing another so he`s keeping his options open so to speak.
    I`ve no doubt Pepe wants to challenge for honours.I think if we move quick in the summer and show ambition that we can be ready for a challenge next season then i think he`ll stay.If he chooses to move,then fair enough,we`ll command a fee for him and move on.

    Rome77 is right,the spanish contingent came to the club because of Rafa.They seen first hand what he was capable of in spain and wanted to work with him.Our club is huge in the world of football but i`ve no doubt in my mind,if Rafa had never taken the job here,then we`d have never required the services of Alonso,Torres,Reina et al.

    Maybe the treatment of Rafa was the straw that broke the camels back.So its inevitable the spanish contingent would leave sooner rather than later.Although they may have massive respect for Kenny,they feel we have too much work to do to get back up challenging again and they want a fresh challenge.I think Torres thought this way also,its just the way he went about things,the timing and all that is what got up my nose with him.

  269. Hello boy’s,
    pretty glad to be back reading your comments, Theredman has been pretty ill, took bad on Sunday 20th Feb, anyway was rushed into hospital around midnight of that day and they did an emergency op the next day, i had an abscess on my bowel and the surgeon had to remove it before it burst.
    Fuck lad’s i’ve never gone through pain like that in my life, i was dosed up on morphine for the first 4 day’s then along came our good old friend paracetemol (here you are cryin arse get them down you)did’nt seem to do much good and although i’m still sore as fuck round the old navel i hope to make a full recovery (have to go back in 2 week’s for results as to why the abscess was there in the first place).
    Anyway enough of my whinging 2-0 tomorrow, Carroll to come on and score the second.

  270. sorry to hear you were ill redman, glad to hear your back on your feet , mend well my friend, a victory tomorrow will make you feel as good as the morphine felt, i’ll take a 1 nil tomorrow, anything after that will be a bonus, YNWA!

  271. Christ Red i wouldn`t even wish that on a manc :)

    Good to here your over the worst and here`s to a good performance and result tomorrow.

    “Get them down yere crying arse” made me chuckle that.

    Sympathy form a scouse wife eh,somewhere in a dictionary between you know what!

  272. lads has anyone been in touch with fat scoucer?
    hope he got things sorted,
    no fatty, no aitch of lately & a MIA in gerry,three essential ingredients of kopblog that the blog has been deprived of, come on gerry we are on the eve of a massive game, & what better way of a pre match build up than a new blog

  273. Redman
    Hope you get better soon,but remember… just say NO
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKfwwIM_sz0 ;)
    But seriously i think a high fibre diet is what you need.

    As for the Mancs despite the mandatory Penalty or Red card decision going against us,
    i still think it’s another 3 pts for us with Carroll coming off the bench for his debut winner in front of the Kop ¦)


  274. according to reports in a few of sundays papers gerrard isnt available because his groin problem has flared up again , FUCKIN HELL!

  275. 2-0
    extremely lucky for Carra to be still on the field.
    An Oscar for Nani… and a gift from Nani to Kuyt
    A wonder assist yet again from Suarez

  276. yes skeat carra was lucky. but the same goes to rafael. he’s lucky too to stay on the field after that two footed lunge on lucas. contact or no contact, two footed like that should have been red!

  277. Spinkage..

    But If Carra got a red first, everything would be a bit different. Rafael won’t lunge in if he knew that CArra got a red before that..

  278. Well it had to be Deadly didn’t it
    The man cant be taken off either can he?
    so much running and harassing a true class act
    Ill take his heavy touch for his work ethic anyday

    It has to be said not fince he who we dont speak of there hasn’t been as infuencial a signing as Suarez
    he is truly a monster with 2 great feet and although I dont want to take it away from Deadly; Suarez was my mom, absolutely lethal

    anyway good to be back in Kblog central, sorry to hear about your ailments Theredman

    Over and out

  279. a few words from our hattrick hero
    “To make a hat-trick against United is the best feeling ever. I have to thank Luis Suarez because he played great today and created two of the three goals. They were quite easy goals, I used to score these types of goals when I used to play more like this as a striker in Holland, but I will take them. We showed that we can compete against the best but we need to compete against the other sides. Last week against West Ham was disappointing but hopefully we can go on a run after today.”


  280. What a feeling! 3-1 against the scum/Mancs. It could have been more…our best performance this season possible?
    Once again, Lucas was immense – but so were most of the boys. Stevie was definetly up for it & could have had a couple himself. The guys just seemd up for it & enjoyed themselves…Soto couldn’t wait to get on the park. The way we knocked the ball around, Lucas almost beating 2 defenders & getting himself 1 on 1 with vdSaar but fluffing it, Suarez causing consternation amonst the Manc defense with his movement – orgasmic!
    Luis Suarez, take a bow!
    We can be a brilliant side, but we need some depth. I was gonna say that Maxi was missed against Wet Spam, someone with a good 1st touch, close control, calm, knock the ball around. Well he did the job today – he shouldn’t be part of the ‘deadwood’ we get rid of at the end of the season.
    And lastly – Deadly Dirk. You gave one right up Burgeman’s ass! Great hatrick my boy ;-

  281. Oh what a tonic,
    my grandaughter’s first birthday party went with a bang, sick cos i couldn’t go on the bouncy castle, then we smack the manc’s arses good style i laughed so much i nearly opened my scar up.
    Did the tramp get interviewed after the game as i missed the end, if so was he as alway’s full of praise for LFC.
    Kopcolly your right, that was better than any morphine high.

  282. Fabulous performance and result!!!
    I read Slur Alex didn’t give an interview and neither did any of his team.
    Great point Rafalution on deadwood. Just to take it a little further since Kenny arrived most of the first 11 have played really well. I don’t see how anyone can be called deadwood and a week back the knives were out on some of them.
    Funny isn’t it.

  283. Good to hear you came through that spectacularly awful illness ok redman. What a tonic for you today eh !

    Looked to me that Carra went in to “do” Nani good and properly. He wasn’t having any nippy winger making a monkey out of him. I did not like that challenge one bit. He should have gone no doubt. Could have cost us 3 points and handed the league to the Mancs to boot.

    On the other hand we deserved the win. We took our chances they didn’t, they made mistakes we didn’t. We kept our focus and they didn’t.

    Such a pity we are not really in the hunt for anything league-wise.

    Felt sorry for Fabio yet again. Classy player but I’d say he’s done at the end of the season.

    Great feeling tho’. We may well have blown a big hole in the Mancs this season. Love it !!

  284. What’s this on BBC website? Is this true?
    I was unlucky as Liverpool manager, says Roy Hodgson

    “I had no problem with the players, they did a decent job but we weren’t particularly lucky,” he said

    “I enjoyed my time working with them and I’m pleased to see the misfortune I suffered from has been turned around and they’re getting the results.”

    “Even in our misfortune I still had no doubts that they’d finish at worst seventh or eighth or even higher – that prediction I made for myself is coming true.”

    Veteran Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher agreed that Hodgson had been unfortunate in his time at the club, and that the players had to take their share of the blame for his things had worked out for the former Inter Milan coach.

    “When he came in there was the ownership change which was about to happen and we had lots of Spanish players and staff who were there under the last manager,” he said.

    “It was not an easy job for anyone. Unfortunately, with what happened the players have to take their share of the blame for results not being good enough. But it’s changed now, we’ve moved on.”

    Bull shit and who is being fooled here. How many Spanish players may I ask you Mr. Carragher, you said lot of players and staff? Who do you blame for those awful tactics (playing your best buy in a wrong position, isolating your striker, putting your foot in the month and thank you for making us believe that we are a club outside the top 10 or for that matter relegation material etc). Yes players should take the blame as long as the manager is doing his job.

    We admire you Carragher but only if you could keep your mouth shut and not play this game. We also know with whose support Rafa was sacked.

  285. Yeah. Kuyt’s first touch is way too heavy. We should definitely get rid in the summer. I mean he first touched two fo those balls in to Van der Sar’s net when he should have controlled the ball and passed to a player FIT-TO-WEAR-THE-LIVERPOOL-SHIRT (TM).

    Fookin disgrace…get rid!!!

    Or should the eejits who come out with the crap we’ve seen earlier in this blog get rid of those stupid ideas and start supporting ALL our players?

  286. Agree Rafa. Great performances all over the park. Happy birthday to you Kenny!!!

    (and Redman, hope whatever’s been causing you shit turns out to be benign…Get Well Soon, fella)

  287. Nani are you ok? …are you ok? Are you ok Nani?
    Nani are you ok? …are you ok? Are you ok Nani?
    Nani are you ok? …are you ok? Are you ok Nani?

    You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, one James Carragher!

  288. I am happy for Dirk and ecstatic at the result,I have to admit I was worried about this game after the way the west ham game went.

    As I have said before I have no problem with Kuyt as a backup striker,I just don’t rate him as a winger or wide midfielder,we need someone who can beat defenders with pace and skill and provide crosses and chances for our strikers,and I believe there are players out there who can do this job better than Dirk.

    Its not about not supporting our players I always will,I am just recognizing a weakness in the team that needs addressing,we lack pace in attack down the flanks and that is still the case.

    Although one off results are great and it doesn’t get any better than beating United but we need to be realistic we need a more potent goal threat for us to get back into the top four.

    Great result but we still need to spend big in the summer or we will fall even further behind.

  289. Thank’s for the kind word’s guy’s, and pity (you know us scouser’s wallow in it according to southerner’s),
    anyway thank’s all the same.

  290. Yes Redman. Are these clever tactics or cracking up :)

    Top of the league and making a “silly” mistake of ranting at a referee.

    He would have goten away in most cases but he said a little too much.

    I’m sure he feels that way and secondly he and his team wants to defend and they don’t want to be dragged to any question since he is contesting the charge.

    I’m loving it. Lets hog all scum forums and suggest Slur Alex is losing it.

    Perhaps we can influence some new supporters. But no we are not that ilk :)

  291. Missed one point: He would definitely be asked about Carragher’s challenge and he would have been unable to resist the dig on the referre.. Ha Ha

    Love this. It must be hurting him inside not being able to speak.

  292. well lads

    how do you like them apples???????????

    still drunk as i write this but here goes



    King Kenny Happy Birthday to you!!!!! True class. sign the contract mate. its there for you. i don’t want another manager.

  293. to be honest though, is it just me or did the players make that look like a stroll in the park?

    i think we’ve found a new hero in suarez, the standing ovation he received when he was subbed was well deserved too.

    3-1 against the mancs.

    you know what, time was when they didn’t fear us at all. now they are bloody sick of scousers again and fergie is thinking of jacking it all in.

    i bet they bloody hate us.

    that is a cold and lonely journey back to manc land. everyone quiet on the bus listening to their fucking ipods, shrek playing his nintendo, reflecting on the fact he didn’t get a touch all game, berbatov, staring out the window thinking if only…fergie on his 54th packet of wrigleys

    and i sit here in my flat and listen to the sound of silence, no manc mates texting me, gloating, airwaves quiet.

    we are a thorn in their side now lads. they fucking hate scousers again. they hate going to anfield, but strangely we don’t mind going to old toilet

    the big AC plays ten minutes, has a nice knock around, sign of very big things to come. kenny on the touch line.

    so kuyt is finished is he?

    so gerrard can’t play centre mid???

    jamie carra is past it is he?????

    read it and weep.

    see you next season

    kenny goes home tonight, settles down in front the fire. wife gives him a kiss and says happy birthday big man.

    cheers love x goodnight

  294. fantastic result today lads & fantastic team performance from the whole team, everyone chipped in & done there bit,from the kick off we played like a team that were not gonna settle for anything less than 3 points, there was a hunger to win the ball , win the second ball,win every tackle , some exellent pass & move, there was always someone available for the ball, & if we lost the ball we put the foot in & won it back, superb stuff from everyone on the pitch, i felt sorry for aurelio whose was having a very good game before he pulled up with his hammy,deadly dirk was simply deadly with his goal poaching, suarez was immense,& finally we have someone who deserves to wear that famous number 7 shirt, i credit to raul who had a good game & for clearing the ball off the line twice, lucas coming off a few dodgy games( thanks to satr :-)stood up & ran the midfield, stevie was a little quiet in the first half i thought but was his old self in the second & could have scored 2,what also impressed me was when things got heated everyone was there if needed, bluered i think your spot on mate about the scum are now afraid of us & maybe fergiescum will jack if they get 19 this year because next yr we will be a force to be rekoned with & that cunt will want to go on a high, maureen has his number for a few yrs but the king is a whole different kettle of fish, one in which the old cunt cannot handle, heads up lads we deserve to soak this one up, oh & anfield rocked 2day credit to the 12th man, happy birthday was a sweet touch, does anyone know if mr henry & werner were ther today to witness anfield at its best? im as happy as a dog with 5 cocks!

  295. Have been thinking about this game the whole day and can’t get the smile of my face. Watched the highlights again.

    Liked Gerrard shoving Evra away from the referee for Carra’s tackle.

    What is our best 11 now? Interesting isn’t it!!!

  296. Yeah, loved the way we sttod together, Scary running in & having a go at that Manc with the curly hair after he fouled Lucas, Stevie & Kuyt telling Nani to get the fuck up…mind you, Carra should have been sent for that but it’s a nice change having decisions go your way for once.
    Talking about Carra, he should shut the fuck up & not have a pop at ‘the Spanish players & previous manager’. If it wasn’t for ‘the previous managaer’ believing in him at centre back, he might just be wallowing in the reserves?
    yeah Redman, the tRamp refused to speak to the media afer the game. The guys are laughing about Grumpasaurusrex over here on the radio etc. Asshole!

  297. Wow well the Kuyt basher get another week off, he scores some very important goals for this club, the guy loves LFC. Nothing better than watching the passion of a Man U LFC game, none better in the footballing world. Well done, only down side is the tragedy of losing to West Ham then turn up like that.
    Could also be a milestone game, no send offs.

  298. Suarez is the new Barnes/Messi !Meireles was superb, 2 last ditch clearances.Fifth is still doable.Aurelio ?

  299. Morning lads, watched the game again lastnite, carra did nani alrite but fuck it , so fuckin what,, the press are all about that tackle bit they are sayin fuck all about the rafael tackle on Lucas .(surprise surprise) after that tackle when all the handbag stuff went off did any of you’s see suarez run up to Rafael & wig the head off him, laughed my balls off when I seen it

  300. carra is one of the most adept at mullering players and getting away with it. i think it has something to do with his attitude. that should be a lesson to young kids playing the game. quite frankly, its a north-west derby, what do you expect? the game has been tamed far too much in my opinion.

    lucas did rafael a favour by getting straight up after that tackle. had lucas stayed down, writhing on the floor like he’d got bubonic plague, the lad would have walked.

    far as i’m concerned, rafael’s was a straight red by todays rules. feet off the floor challenge? we’ve all seen players sent off for much less.

    thankfully the ref was having none of either and had a decent game and didn’t spoil things.

    meanwhile carra showed why you need a carra in the team. no nonsense defending can reap rewards as much as daggers silky skills (having said that dagger did elbow strike him that can’t be named)

    the thing i find funny is when the mancs refuse to talk to the press, as if thats going to do them any good. the vacumn left by spokesmen refusing to speak will just be filled up with rumours and conjecture and speculation, which is worse in my opinion. i think fans of any football team deserve an explanation, no matter what.

    its quite funny really. fergie doesn’t like talking to the beeb, then it was sly sports, now its even his own tv station, mutv. maybe they should get in al jezeera.
    or ceebeebies, sluralex, would you talk to them??

  301. Yeah Kopcolly I also noticed Suarez tug on Rafael’s moptop I couldn’t believe he would have done that but I watched it again in slow motion and he definitely did.

    Hilarious something tells me Suarez is going to be a interesting guy to have around and not just for his silky skills.

  302. I must be the only one who thinks the Carra challenge on Nani was fucking moronic. He should have got a red card and if he had we’d have been screwed. 10 men in the entire 2nd half against the Mancs. Who thinks we’d have still got the 3 points. 2-0 up and playing well. Just why the hell a senior player does that is beyond me.

    I thought Suarez was excellent. He looked to be 2 steps ahead of everyone else on the field. Raul 1st half was fantastic. Seemed to be knackered by the 50th minute and his passing was poor from then on. Maxi and Lucas were very good. Some parts of Kuyt’s game continue to frustrate me, other parts of his game I admire. His movement to get himself into those goal scoring positions is excellent. Work rate and desire is fantastic. Gerrard was ordinary once again I’m afraid. All the defenders played well. The passing and movement from everyone was very good.

    I would like to know what happened at West Ham. How can we be so shit one week and so good the next? The next 2 league games are Sunderland and West Brom away. I am very interested to see how we go.

  303. Suarez hairpull ¦) http://soccertvlive.blogspot.com/2011/03/video-luis-suarez-grabbed-rafael-da.html

    LB Carra may of been a bit reckless but,the boy who cries wolf deserves to end up crying… Literally in this case ¦)
    Nani walked straight into the main role of “cheating diving cunt” vacated by his fellow countryman Ladyboy so its nice to see a bit of karma in action.

    On another note Carra’s recent excuses for Roy tenure had a little bit of that
    anti-Spanish feeling about it.
    At least we still have Pepe for now but watching the 2 of them at W.Ham i dont think him and Carra are getting on which may explain the result.
    Anyway i though of a couple of recent quotes by Kenny on Carra…
    “Its better to have him on your side, than against you”
    “He’s lucky to play for Liverpool”
    Can you imagine how those words would of been disected and argued about if Rafa had of said it ¦)

  304. london barnes

    during our most successful campaigns in the seventies and eighties we used to have two players i would not like to meet on a dark night playing for us. one was tommy smith the other was graeme souness. their tough tackling won us trophies.

    roy keane, the same, eric cantona, ditto.

    football is a dirty game sometimes. its just the way it is.

    playing sunday league football for twenty years on pitches up and down the country players would regularly walk off the pitch with scratches like the one nani got, go in the showers and clean up, limp through work the next week and play football the following sunday, without a whimper.

    if a player fell over ad cried like nani did, which in my experience was never, it was because his leg was broken in six places.

    if you don’t want liverpool players to be committed in the tackle, then what are you advocating?

    alex fergusson was a defender for rangers. do you think he never booted a few players in his time?

    why are we so fond of criticising our greatest assets, carra, kuyt, gerrard? ok they don’t always play to levels of perfection, but they deserve better respect than that.

    i’m not advocating dirty tactics, but i do like my football to be a physical challenge. or would you rather see your players wearing snoods?

    raul meiereles continues to impress as an attacking midfielder, but he is cheap in the tackle, well, thankfully for him, he has players like jamie carragher standing behind him, players that put their bodies on the line for their club, week in, week out. i can respect that as much as i can respect the skill of suarez and the hard work of dirk kuyt. the supporters don’t sing we all dream of a team of carraghers for nothing. or am i mistaken?

  305. something happened at anfield last sunday. the stadium got its respect back. i remember a few years back man shite would come to liverpool expecting a win. not anymore. not only that we are starting to believe we can get a win at the old toilet too. that is a different culture, perhaps the beginning of a new fortress anfield. it will be built on the backs of people like gerra, carra and kuyt and of course kenny dalglish. listening to some criticisms of certain players would make you think we just lost 3-1. jeez!!

    yeah, we might drop points at west ham, that’s the way it is, but yesterday the world watched as we played manchester off the park. these are the good days. enjoy it and get behind your team.

    football is played on several levels, its skilful, it’s dirty, its physical, its mental and its fun to watch and play because it’s all these things. you need a range of talents in your team, not just one. if you have ball players and no tough tacklers, teams like stoke will push you over. if you have tough tacklers and no ball players teams like arsenal will skewer you.
    the beautiful game is interspersed with hard men. carlos puyol is the captain of barca, and he’s a lovely fella isn’t he? ying and the yang, there’s a fine line between beauty and ugliness, for every action there is a reaction, creation and destruction, two sides of the same coin. without both these attributes i don’t believe you will win a damn thing.

  306. LB#408… We looked knackered and lethargic against West Ham but I think its down to the international games from the week before.

    Lucas came back from his Brazil game seemingly unable to run faster than I could walk, as did Kuyt and a few others and Gerrard came back injured (AGAIN!). On top of that we had the Europa league game on the Thursday night before the game (if memory serves me well).

    I think it highlights our lack of quality in depth at the moment in that we have a good 1st team (by and large) but there’s a noticeable gap in quality between them and our reserves.

    So if the 1st teamers are knackered we struggle.

    But yeah on the other hand it does my head in too as I would have thought that at least they would have won the odd 50/50 tackle during the West Ham game, even if they were knackered.

    Still, I’m starting to get that Istanbul feeling again but for this season in that we were down and out half way through the season and now we have aspirations for 4th place. Especially the way the teams above us are all having difficulties.

    On an aside, has anyone else picked up on the fact that KK always turns to Steve Clarke when discussing options/changes during games and not his assistant, Sammy Lee?

  307. Look, the Carra tackle was a disgrace no matter how much you slice and dice it. Tommy Smith and Souness was before my time. I am pretty sure players got away with more things than players do these days though.

    It’s all hypothetical but a Carra red card at that point has us down to 10 men and gets him a 3 match ban. Hardly clever. Luckily we got away with it.

    I like Liverpool players being committed in the tackle but I don’t like wreckless play such as knee high lunges that make it easy for the ref to get the red card out. It’s the same principle as a clumsy/wreckless tackle in your own penalty area. Do you give credit for the player being committed or do you criticise the stupidity?

    I don’t care if our players wear snoods, gloves or tights. That doesn’t bother me. My favourite ever player wore tights and gloves a few times….

  308. I’d say Steve Clarke is the proper number 2. Sammy Lee is probably putting out the cones. I think he’ll move on in the summer with a nice pay off. Then again Kenny is quite loyal so might find a permanent role for him.

  309. Not so sure about that LB. Sammy still does a fair bit of instructing and even shouting from the touchline.

    As for the tackle, it was daft. Had he got red-carded, we;d all have a different opinion o it.
    But he got away with it, so on nani, that makes it a thing of beauty! :)

    Sg has gotten way with a fuckin rogue’s gallery of those tackles in his time with us. Masch did too.

    LFC’s archives are full of them, from Smith, Hughes, Souey, Jimmy Case, Steve McMahon, Ince to today.
    Even Keegan and Phil Thompson put in an odd few of them.

    They’re never pretty, but sometimes, you have to try to take a bit of the man as you get the ball.

    I think that’s what JC was trying to do… Nani was too quick for him with the ball… but fortunately from where the Ref was standing, it looked like JC got the ball as he got Nani… as JC got up the ball squirmed out from under him.
    That and the fact that Nani got up and he had time to think about it coz of the fracas meant he stayed on.

    If Nani had stayed down, I think JC would have walked for sure.

    Would it have made a difference?
    Who can tell.
    Would Rafael still have tried to skewer Lucas moments later?
    Coz if he had and the Ref had just walked JC, then he would have felt compelled and rightly so, to have sent Rafael off as well.

    For sure, its not the sort of tackel you want to see us become known for.
    But since it was a Scum player, and Nani specifically… then fuck it…
    …coz we’ve had more than a few players on the receiving end of a similarly styled Bruce, Keane, Evra, Fletcher tackle.

    So yes, it was oh so wrong…yet such fair game… :)

  310. blud red, just want your comments on Carra slating ‘the previous manager’ and the Spanish players – yet backing Hodge ‘the English Gentleman’ Podge?

  311. I dont think Carra for 1 minute meant to cause Nani the injury he did, but that fucker has been throwing himself around the pitches of most premier ground’s trying to get player’s booked or sent off, so really what goes round comes round, ask the Wigan player after the assault by Monkey-boy, if you or i did that in the street we would be liable for prosecution end of.
    The Telegraph report’s that Carra was denied access to the manc dressing room to apologise to Nani, it just show’s how fuckin childish that shower of shit is when thing’s dont go their way, myself personally i wasn’t bothered about it, shit happens in a contact sport (ask Jim Beglin)but because it was an LFC player on a manc all hell break’s loose.
    I wonder if Cantona tried to find the Crystal palace fan who he jumped all over and told him he was sorry, dont think so do you guy’s.

  312. Carra did not like Rafa. That much is clear. He didn’t even say his name when talking about him. His blaming the spanish players is just bloody ignorant and his supporting Hodge just shows how much he prefers the english influence and since Hodge was playing his style of football why would he complain? Who else had Carra doing what he loves to do, which is hoof the ball up constantly and hope for the best? That’s why he also loved Houllier so much. They both supported Carra’s ugly ass hoof style of football. We have an idea what kind of manager Carra is going to become. Not going to be pretty for sure.

  313. Carra has wanted the managers job for a while but i dont think his man-management skills are up to it. Unless screaming, shouting, blaming, pushing and shoving people are part of skills required (then again it works for Slur Alex) .
    I think Sammy Lee’s role could be the job for Carra in the future.

  314. i played a game down in cardiff once. i was a winger, quick but no aeron lennon. their centre back decided to make an example of me and booted me into touch. no harm done really, except i didn’t really want to touch the ball after that. i’d lost me bottle. football is more than physical, it’s also psychological. needless to say my threat down the wing was nullified and we lost the game too.

    like redman says, its a contact sport, shit happens. it’s part and parcel of the game.

    none of my man u fans are complaining much about that tackle either. they’re just pissed off they lost.

    i tell you the real reason nani was crying…because he played that brilliant headed pass to kuyt for the second goal, thats why. the look he got off his own players was humiliating.

    this brings me onto carra versus the spanish contingent

    this says all that needs to be said:

    Liverpool career:
    599 games (578 starts), 52,094 minutes on pitch, 7 goals, 4 own goals, 73 yellow cards, 3 red cards.
    FA Cup 2001, 2006; League Cup 2001, 2003; Community Shield 2001, 2006; UEFA Cup 2001; Champions League 2005; Super Cup 2001, 2005; FA Youth Cup 1996.

    everything else is immaterial

  315. carra is fckin living legend for this club. stop runnin away with bullshit theories about how he hated rafa, loves hoof ball, loves roy etc. its a load of specualtive shit and i dont think the guy deserves to get shot to bits with in here after the services hes gave us. as blud red said, all else is immaterial.

    i dont remember carra coming out in the press and saying ‘fuck i hated rafa. what a clueless bastard’. but at the same time, do we really expect him to come out and say the same about Woy?

    ive never seen or heard any proof to support this notion that carra and stevie got rafa sacked, and got Woy the job. The guys are legends full stop.As is Rafa.

  316. What bullshit theories Arsefluff? Carra got a hefty contract renewal the day before FSG took over, from the snake, who is no longer with us, thank fuck.

    Why did this happen? We can’t say for sure but if you read between the lines…

  317. Welcome back Redman – sorry to hear that you had some health issues. On the bright side could you imagine what it would have been like if Uncle Roy would have still been in charge ;-)

    That thought sends shivers down my spine everytime!!!

  318. Good to see Rafa on the box tonight giving his expert opinion on the Barca v arse game.

    At last… a pundit with more than 2 brain cells and a pair to go with it. His first comment immediately after the game… “I think that the best team won”. His analysis of the game was engaging and insightful as always.

    Anyway well done Barca. Very impressive. And Winger can winge all he wants about van percil but in all honesty they were outclassed and out thought and plainly outplayed all night.

    On matters LFC, we’ve got a europa game on thursday night and then fergies’ arse licker-in-chiefs side just 3 days later. I think we’ll be OK for Thursday but we may be too tired on Sunday as we’ve never been great playing games in quick succession, especially as we have a few injuries.

  319. Carra been shot to bits ???

    I think its more about what he didn’t say about Rafa, what he did say about Roy and the way he put the Spanish players in the same category as G&H ( ie problem ) when delivering his excuse for the worst manager for 50 years, one which he himself helped install.
    His “alleged” text to “his boss” made it seem he was happy that Rafa/LFC didnt win more trophy’s,that in my book is worst than “allegedly” refusing to play RB when asked to do so against Boro.
    That was the day he “allegedly” didnt play for the shirt or fans or manager and we lost 3-0 against a team that was relegated, in a season with only 2 losses.
    As a player your right he’s been a great servant for the club and i still think he’s got a role to play at the club, but i think he “allegedly”got his fingers dirty in his dealings with Purslow and as a result it cost us.
    Now all these accusation could be hypothetical bull-shit but my gut instinct tells me something else.
    Will he one day manage LFC ? who knows, after all Souness got the job after Kenny last time around. I dIdnt like Souness as a person or a manager but as a player he was outstanding and as good if not better than than Carra, but the trouble is i liken the 2 and like i said i didnt like Souness so maybe it clouds my judgement in regards to Carra’s possible future as Manager.
    Oh and signing up for Talksh*te Radio doesnt help his cause either.

    Besides once a Bluenose always a Bluenose ¦)

    Is that what you meant arsefluff ?

  320. rome i was gonna get into the carra thing but you saved me the bother, you hit the nail on the head mate, all the dirt will come out oneday & i believe when it does carra will have sleepless nights & rightly so, i’ll go as far to say that if the rumours are true he can say goodbye to whatever chance he had of managing our club, but for now he’s still a liverpool player so im gonna bite my tongue until such a time,
    on his tackle on nani the fani again im gona say so fucking what, he took him out & got away with it , happy fucking days in my book, weve all played the game & we are all guilty of such tackles,& in my opinion if the little E.T looking cunt hadnt of headed the ball back to kuyt when we scored our second goal i dont think he would have made such a big deal about it, because in my eyes he wanted off after his major fuck up,
    to me again rome you talk about souey & i agree ,loved him as a player but hate him as a person but it dosent stop there for me, theres also houghton, lawro,molby & whelan , the latter of which i watched on lfc tv phone in the other day , these fuckers shouldnt even be allowed in the stadium nevermind been broadcast on our club tv channel, we all want the liverpool way back & i think it is slowly coming back thanks to kenny, the guys i mentioned played when the liverpool way was at its best but since there playing days came to an end so did there liverpool way!
    my bloods boiling thinking about this so im gonna stop & go smoke a big boozuka:-)

  321. How was that bazooka Kopcolly?
    That’s Lurgan & Rome putting my thoughts in print. Rafa gave Carra (probably) his greatest ever night in Istanbul, so he should show a bit of respect to our ‘previous manager’.
    Don’t know how true this is, but I read on twitter (some LFC fan who writes articles on a few sites) that Rooney was having a few bevvies with the Liverpool players after the game, and they were having a right old laugh at Nani & his crying antics.

  322. rafalution:

    here’s a question for you.

    how do you stop a team like barca?

    they were awesome last night, sort of untouchable. if the present LFC team played them, full strength, tomorrow, how could we defeat a team of such class?

    they look like they have discovered a method of playing football that will see them good for at least a couple more years. in which case LFC will meet them in the champs league. any suggestions lads?

  323. Barca were unstoppable because they had clearly bought the ref. Worst ref ever. Barca should have been down to 10. Van Persie should never have got one yellow let alone two. Typical UEFA – they are constantly trying to screw English teams…if its not some nobody communications officer calling Liverpool fans the worst in Europe, its some official ensuring English teams only get about 3 tickets for any Euro final, or some Ref so clearly crooked he makes the Italians look straight up. That prick should never ref again.

    And if your wondering why I care so much – just think if that had happened to us!

  324. Also – I think you’ll find – we have already stopped a team like Barca…they were called Barca…and we won at the Nou Camp…we also stopped another team…from the same Country…they were supposed to be unbeatable as well…

    Barcelona may be a great side – but they are only 11 men on a pitch – no wonder you Poms always lose…youre shitting your pants before you have even talking the field…

  325. Kiwi mate, you’ve got to relax. Worried about your blood pressure & all!
    Blud Red: As Kiwi says, we beat them at Nou Camp when they (apparently) unbeatable. Mind you, I think the present side are better than when we played them.
    For starters, you need a master tactician – like Rafa.
    Then you need them to have an off day.
    IF we still had Masch, who could slot in alongside Lucas, we would be in with a chance. We are a small side (height-wise), but Barca are even smaller. Their Archilles, perhaps? No surprise that the Arse scored from a corner.
    So we would have to soak up the pressure – with 2 holding midfielders – and hit them on the break. Maybe win a few corners, couple of set pieces just outside their box, and use the airial powers of Andy Carroll & the speed of…er, um.
    Well, you know what I mean.

  326. …and the reason they are so good? Simple football, together with composure on the ball, great movement, technical ability, and…Messi.
    Now we don’t have Messi, but we used to play like that, when a certain Kenny Dalglish was in charge. Liverpool have always played a lot of 5-a-sides at their training sessions – 1 or 2 touch games. It’s a no-brainer that this would improve (a) your first touch, (b) control, (c) composure on the ball and (c) movemnet into space, once you have laid the ball off.
    Guess what? Barca also play a lot of 1 and 2 touch footy at their training sessions. And I believe Kenny is doing the same again.
    Dare I say it, the general skill levels of English players is far lower than the Spanish & Dutch – but Carra wants more Englishmen in the side. Maybe it would suit his game better? Sorry, not having a personal dig at Carra, but really…is this the time to have a go at our Spanish contingent, when we would dealty love Pepe to stay at the club? And what would Suso & Pacheco make of his comments? We don’t need Carra turning into another Jamie Redcrap.

  327. Morning lads, rafa it hit the spot nicely, spent the rest of the eve doing my best cheeks & chong impression , Lads did I miss some article in the last few days from carra that has brought all this much to the table when we should still be basking in our victory with the scum? If so would one of you lads please stick it up here so I can have a glance , cheers

  328. Inter had no problem stopping Barca last season ! Aurelio, out for another month! How can a player be so injury prone ?

  329. Blud, the 1st 45 mins of that game last night had Arse sitting back with 10 men behind the ball. And it was working…right up until Fabregas played the idiotic back-heel right to Iniesta and Messi did what he does. So I’d have to agree with Rafalution. We’d have to stick not one but 2 holding mid’s (lucas/meireles) and hit them on the break. It can be done. But you would also have to neutralize the individual threat of Messi. Enough of that though.
    We have Braga tomorrow. Aurelio, Agger, Jonjo are out. Luis is cup tied. Anyone else out? Carroll to start? It sounds like we have enough healthy personnel to handle them. Nick a goal or two and keep a clean sheet at Anfield.

  330. thanks lads, just wondered. i think we played a lesser side when we beat them, they certainly weren’t famed for playing stellar football, but that was an emphatic victory none the less. real madrid were just shit when we played them, but it was an excellent performance nonetheless.

    here’s another question for general consumption.

    why are their no girls on this site?

    is it because the testosterone scares them off?

    is it because girls only use the web for celebrity gossip?

    or is it like the sketch in life of brian and some of you are women masquerading as blokes?

  331. Blud Red,
    if the surgeon had gone down any further with his scalpel you would now be reading comment’s from Theredmiss.

  332. I listened to that interview with Carra on 5 live on Sunday. Incidentally that program is generally awful and the presenter makes Margaret Thatcher look like Mahatma Ghandi. He is just an annoying, cliche-ridden, right wing hack with his nose firmly up the arse-crack of the english sporting establishment. (This is probably why there are no females here by the way).

    Anyway … Eventho’ I am no defender of Carra’s recent (apparent) politics I think he did not mean it in a mealy mouthed way when talking about the difficulties Roy faced. It was just that Roy is “pure brit” – 70’s vintage – and he inherited a system with personnel he could not work with. I don’t think he mean’t everything Spanish was necessarily crap. He just mean’t the two didn’t mix.
    That’s not to say he didn’t want shut of Rafa and everything to do with him by the way.
    Splitting hairs I know but …

    As for everyone exonerating Carra’s lunge last weekend I am with LB on this. It’s simply that he should have been sent off and we could have lost the game and handed the mancs the title. What’s so hard to understand about that? For sure Carra had “to mark his territory with Nani”, but he could have done this in a less stupid way. he was lucky he didn’t fuck the game for us as too many senior players have done in that fixture over the years. We got lucky. As someone mentioned if that had been Webb as ref then Carra would still be walking now.

    Anyway we got away with it. thanks be.

  333. No girls on this site?

    Andy Gray scared them away!

    Nah, that would probably be because we swear a lot and vent our anger and frustration in a way thats not palatable to the female gender.

    Also , if memory serves, I remember one or two American girls came on here at about the time the G&H bandwagon begun to decimate our club and a couple of the lads scared them away with their anti-american sentiments and monikers (Yanksarewanks?LOL!) as well as the fact world war 3 had just broken out in kopblog. That was a couple of years ago and I haven’t seen any other female bloggers since!

  334. RedMan, you crack me up :-)
    RoryBreaker: Stevie G didn’t fly with the team to Portugal. I don’t think hos groin is 100%, so he will have another 10 days to get it right. I Hope Big Andy gets 30 mins or so & bangs one or two in.

  335. The current Barca team is not perfect and as they are human beings they can be beaten… but they are the best side I have ever seen.

    Not surprised Gerrard has not travelled but I hope we field a strong side. Afterall the Europa League is our only chance of winning a trophy. Also 6th place in the league might not get a Europa League place. Birmingham won the Carling Cup so they are in. One of the top four will have to win the FA Cup for 6th place to get the last Europa spot. I can’t see us finishing in the top 5. Fuck ups against Wigan and West Ham saw to that in my opinion. So we should be taking the Europa seriously now. I’d go as far to say it should now be our priority.

  336. Rome #445,Quality :)

    LB i agree this should be our priority since its the only cup we can win.It would be great for Kenny and a brilliant lift for the supporters after all the H&G crap.

    Especially now we have no league game at the weekend,i`ve no doubt Kenny will field his strongest eleven tonight.

    I`d chance this XI but what do i know …



  337. rome…i respect your opinion of Carra. We all have our own opinions.
    I have nothing but respect for the guy and I dont deal in allegedly this and allegedly that. As Rafa said ‘I want to talk facts’. Innocent til proven guilty and all that. I just dont buy that Carra and Stevie alligned against Rafa. And like I said, Carras not gonna come out and say, yeah we all tried our hardest but unfortunately Woy is just fuckin clueless as a manager.

    We all know he was useless…thats beyond debate, but Carras only doin what any of the team would have done when quizzed on the subject. Hes sayin that the team did not tow the line. Ok, we al know thats just tellin the media what they want to hear, but this and the other crap people are trying to slaughter Carra with is just wrong. Its plain Wrong.

    If you dont like the guy, say it. But the one and only thing I look at, since I dont know him personally, is his on pitch record and contribution to this club. Same for Stevie.

    I dont give a shit about ”alledged”rumours and press simply because they are usually bullshit.

  338. #449

    We`ve been through this a few times now but i`ll try sum it up for you.

    Carra`s relationship “allegedly” broke down with Rafa.Since Rafa left has Carra come out and thanked him for what he did for him?

    Carra`s buddy in the media chris bascombe of the NOTW lea the “lost the dressing room” stories in hte media.

    Carra admitted he didn`t approve of “not being liked ny the media”..which incedently goes against what LFC always were.The “us against the world” mentality.Stick the mediua and the establishment.

    Carra suddenly became buddy buddy with Arian Durnam who lead the onslaught against Rafa on Talkshite.The same Adrain Durham who Carra called out for a scrap live on Talkshite when he accused Carra of being a “bottler” after ending his international career the first time.Suddenly they were scheduled to go to south africa togehter to work on the world cup,but carra got called up.

    Add to that he tied up a nice contract before FSG bought us,the same contract Rafa wasn`t going to give him,allegedly of course.

    It`s all alleged of course,but read between the lines Ar53fluff and you`ll come to a conclusion.Then you like others may have wanted Rafa out anyway so choose to ignore it.

    Carra will always be a legend of a player and his achievements shall never be forgotten,but this whole escapade has laft a sour taste in my mouth.I`ve lost some respect for him after that.

  339. TimmySuarez nee Torres sums it up.

    “Carra will always be a legend of a player and his achievements shall never be forgotten,but this whole escapade has left a sour taste in my mouth.I`ve lost some respect for him after that”


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