How a redeveloped Anfield could look


How Anfield redevelopment plans could look for Liverpool FC.

Reports this weekend suggest that Monday will see an announcement from the City Council regarding Anfield regeneration and possibly Liverpool show their intentions to redevelop Anfield rather than move to a new stadium in Stanley Park.

This has led to much discussion on how a redeveloped Anfield could look.

When FSG purchased Liverpool FC, two years ago on Monday, they did so with a ‘guarantee’ to provide a 60,000 seater stadium – either by means of redevelopment, or a new stadium in Stanley Park. This was detailed by temporary chairman Martin Broughton at the time of the high-profile sale.

Over the past two years FSG have been exploring both options extensively. They have expressed their belief that there is a ‘myth’ surrounding a newly built stadium, and have admitted that a new stadium in Stanley Park would only be possible if a naming rights deal could be found.

Meanwhile, they have had detailed plans for a redeveloped Anfield – where the costs would be less than half those of a new build, but bring the capacity to around the same figure.

Plans will involve rebuilding the Main Stand and a redesigned Anfield Road End, doing so in phases in order to avoid disruption to the overall capacity of Anfield. FSG’s redevelopment of Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park was done over a ten year period.

Monday’s news is expected to detail the housing regeneration area behind the Main Stand. This will crucially include the demolition of properties directly behind the Main Stand – thus allowing for a new stand to be built deeper and higher, a key stumbling block in plans for Anfield redevelopment over the last 20 years.

Those houses on the other side of Lothair Road, and parallel on Allroy Road, also play a key role as they will change their purpose from residential properties to commercial use. This area will be developed into a hotel, removing the ‘right to light’ that residential properties require and thus another key stumbling block finally removed.

Liverpool can then begin building the new Main Stand behind the current one, a common practice in stadium redevelopment and as they did with the Centenary Stand in the early nineties. This will allow for minimal disruption to capacity while building works take place. Effectively scheduling the work can mean that the capacity would not see any reduction in capacity, with the final stage being completed during the close season.

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The Main Stand, and Paddock Enclosure, currently holds just over 12,000 seats. A redeveloped Main Stand could take that capacity to nearer 20,000 and Anfield’s above 50,000.

The Anfield Road End’s current capacity is just over 9,000. Even if this were to be completely demolished, with the increased Main Stand capacity, it would bring the total capacity to a similar figure to the current Anfield during this second phase and construction of a new Anfield Road End.

The Anfield Road Stand could either be built over Anfield Road itself, or the road itself could be diverted around the new, deeper stand.

A new Anfield Road Stand could have a 15,000 capacity. Combined with the new Main Stand, that would bring a new Anfield total capacity of around 60,000.

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  • Elli

    I’m glad we are staying at Anfield …. Nowhere else would feel the same or hold any memories

  • RobLfc

    There is no place like home , great news

  • Gano1

    Makes total sense and FSG have done what they said they would, contemplate before deciding. How anyone can whinge is beynd me, It seems we have sensible owners longterm. This project in conjunction with the council is perfect, as the area and residents get a better life too.

  • AndWithSuchSimplicity

    When I saw the H&G design I was seduced for a while. Face it, those plans would have given LFC a unique new home. When it became apparent that if we were to move, then FSG would opt for a cheaper ‘bowl’ design, like so many other teams have, then the only sensible option was to stay at our spiritual home.
    Good news, if it happens……

  • Poof

    I feel we should take a short at a 70,000-75,000 capacity stadium & not have to think about expanding for another Century. Whatever works as long as we remain at ANFIELD

    • Jack

      That’s really counting the chickens before they are hatched, Poof. For all intents and purposes, Liverpool could be relegated soon if they continue to consistently produce woeful performances.

    • James

      if they extend the main stand and anfield road to £60,000. who is to say if there is a demand for it they wont extend the centenary and the kop

  • nik

    I’ve always said that there is no need to move if their is room and negoisation to increase the capaticy at anifeld….With key ends needing improving..60,000 sounds about right..Building a hotel near the stadium would deafinitley help the fans..Would be good business…And in the current economic climate..I think it would be too expensive to build a new stadium..

    • Gano1

      The hotel will be created from the houses on the left side of Lothair Road (see picture), they will be revamped into a catering hotel (training establishment). The houses on the right are to be demolished allowing a bigger foot-print for the mainstand to push out, thus a commercial entity doesn’t need right to light consideration. The council have their own agenda with revamping the surrounding area but are happy to work in conjunction with FSG, as it makes sense to work together for the benefit of everyone!!!

  • Dbol

    They must sort out the surrounding area aswel. We are one of the biggest names in world football yet we still have no stadium car park. And They could always knock down Goodison and build a KFC

    • Stevo

      Eh? It’s Stanley Park Car Park 100m away.

      • Max

        I think he means for the general public, maybe it would be a good idea to have a big car park in Stanley Park for the general public, charge a fiver or so, times that by around 55,000 and you’ve already got £275,000 and the game hasn’t even kicked off yet !

        • MH

          55k people arent going to bring their cars are they? But your sentiment is correct – even an underground carpark under stanley park servicing both football clubs would be superb

  • henryezra

    It’s a great news, now could we now concentrated on the future games, how Anfield become the the unbeatable fortress once again!

  • Fraser Munro

    Please try to share a new 80000 seat stadium with everton . Liverpool the city deserves it .

  • Kopshirts

    Great article! Looking forward to the actual designs for the redeveloped stadium. Be rocking on European nights! Nice one JH!!

  • Monu

    Don’t mind if we go to Stanley Park or redevelop Anfield. All I want is a bigger pitch.

    • garyw

      bigger pitch ? the pitch will never get bigger

    • barraob1

      A bigger pitch? Would it suit your playing style or with your pace are you looking for more space to exploit? Better give J W Henry a call and tell him your pitch specs. Me I prefer more seats so we can generate more money to buy proper players, no offense.

  • Andy

    i think we should stay at Anfield after all we did take anfield from Everton years ago so it would be fitting to stay rather then leave. Or We could sell Anfield back to everton and we build a bigger stadium

  • Juno B

    Hope it doesn’t look like anything in the picture above, otherwise the stadium will just be 4 very different stands that will seem randomly slapped together that look very awkward and unaesthetic and for an outlay of 150m that would prove to be very poor planning indeed.

  • The_Beatles

    why not spend that 250 million on new players???? Chelsea were one of the best clubs in europe at one stage. merely because they had the best talent. not because they had a huge stadium. FSG clearly have money but they just want to invest it to make more money in the long term. this clearly states that the owners prefer to make money than to showcase silverware. VERY dissapointed.
    watch. i guarantee you liverpools value will skyrocket in the years following the new stadium and the owners will just sell the club and make a killing profit. its all part of the PLAN!!!! GAHHH!

    • Guest

      250 million? – where did that figure come from. Also to pour cold water on your concerns, you clearly are not aware of the Financial Fair Play ruling that is coming into force. Clubs cant just go around spending £150 million on players and not be able to balance the books come the end of the year. The costs of stadium improvements is exempt from this ruling so it makes sense to invest in that area so that there is sufficient income in the future to invest in the squad. Its a slow process but one that the club needs to go through if they want to complete for the long term.

  • DustovGenius

    Looks a bit bland. Cant we redesign the ground so that it stands out from others and strikes a dread of fear into opponents?

  • dk

    fantastic news that a decision has been made and i think, gathering from a number of responses, that it’s one that fans all around will be pleased about. it would have been extremely strange to build a new stadium, given the significance and memories of anfield. a lot of overdue credit must go to fsg for making this happen. easy to say what they should have done in hindsight as fans and casual observers without realising the enormous work that goes into such a decision and researching the practicalities of that decision. despite varying opinions, i still believe they are taking us in the right direction, their intentions for this club cannot be doubted and i have a lot of respect for their achievements which demonstrate their acumen and intelligence

  • james

    happy staying at anfield if it does change to that it would be better than old trafford and goodison park

  • qwerty

    75000+ capacity is needed as manchester united have it. but the question is how much expansion can be done at anfield. In my opinion they should increase the height more than area if possible more 2 or 3 tier stadium. The capacity should be 80000 or near to it.

    • Don Clark

      To add that height they need to go back too. No one wants stands eating up half of the pitch. I prefer an organization that builds to a capacity which can be sold and filled with fans, unlike Manchester United with 15k empty seats.

  • pool of life

    Is it too simple to re-creat the lines of the centinary ?