Liverpool on FIFA 13

As I am sure pretty much all of you are aware, FIFA 13 has just been released, prompting you to want to sell your computer games to get involved with the action. Here will be a slightly more detailed look into the Liverpool team on this year’s instalment of the much loved game, and a complete list of Liverpool’s FIFA 13 player ratings at the bottom.

To start, it is good to see Luis Suarez’s class awarded with a very high 86 overall, as I believe on his day he truly is one of the best strikers in the world, and at only 25 still has a lot to learn too, which is why he has a huge potential ability of 89 overall.

High ratings for Pepe Reina and Daniel Agger also bode well, as alongside Suarez and Gerrard, they form a quality spine for the Liverpool team to build around, with player ratings of 84 and 83 respectively, however can expect to grow much higher due to potential ability on Manager mode.

A few players however I feel have been rated a bit harshly. For example Steven Gerrard’s rating has dropped to 83, and for a player who was England’s top performer at Euro 2012 and took on his role as England captain incredibly well, should not have gone down in the ratings, especially as he has proved so far in the 2012/2013 season he is still one of the best midfielders in the world.

I also feel Lucas Leiva and Jose Enrique’s overall ratings should be a bit higher too. Despite Lucas being injured for a large portion of last season’s campaign, before that he was quickly becoming a laughing stock to one of Liverpool’s best and most consistent players, filling the void allowing Gerrard to go forward perfectly. As for Enrique, he has adapted to life at Liverpool very well since joining, and despite not playing as much so far in the 2012/2013 season, last season he was consistent and reliable for Liverpool.

It is good to see players such as Borini, Shelvey, Yesil, Pacheco, Allen, Coates, Sterling, Suso, Flanagan, Robinson and Wisdom in there too, as despite none of them except Allen, Borini, possibly Shelvey have very high rankings, they do have a lot of potential, when playing career mode. For example Shelvey – 82, Pacheco – 83, Yesil – 83, Allen – 83, Sterling – 84, Borini – 84 etc, so it is good to see that out younger player’s talents and abilities are being put through into the game too. It is great to see them grow in career mode, and gives you a sort of virtual insight to how good Liverpool’s team may be in a few years time!

So what are everyone else’s views on the ratings? Some players too high, or some too low? What about potential abilities of our up-and-coming stars? Comment below and let us know!

The official player ratings go as follows:

Pepe Reina 84
Brad Jones 64
Doni 74
Peter Gulacsi 65
Glen Johnson 79
Martin Skrtel 81
Daniel Agger 83
Jose Enrique 79
Martin Kelly 76
Sebastian Coates 72
Jamie Carragher 76
John Flanagan 69
Jack Robinson 63
Andre Wisdom 59
Danny Wilson 70
Nuri Sahin 82
Joe Allen 78
Steven Gerrard 84
Lucas Leiva 80
Jonjo Shelvey 71
Jordan Henderson 74
Joe Cole 78
Suso 62
Conor Coady 60
Stewart Downing 79
Luis Suarez 86
Fabio Borini 77
Raheem Sterling 69
Oussama Assaidi 78
Adam Morgan 61
Samed Yesil 64
Dani Pacheco 71
Michael Ngoo 62

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  • salinho92

    I don’t have Wisdom in my Fifa 13… ??????

    • Brandon

      You most probably updated your squads.

      I had him too at first, then i downloaded the latest squads, and now he’s gone :(

  • Matt

    Think Sterlings is a little high, no offence to the lad. Lucas too low, Johnson waayyyy too low.

    • Mitchell

      Sterlings is way too low

  • Scott McGill

    Assaidi is one of only about 5 prem stars with 5 star skills. qual-it-tay.

    Johno should be well higher. So should Jonjo, Cole should be lower.

  • Stefton

    Johnson’s rating is waaay too low! He should be near the mid 80s. Enrique was poor the second half of last season and is fast becoming a liability, so your ‘consistent’ comment is wrong.

  • Valefor1

    Johnson should be at least 80+ . 82ish if you ask me. Sterling, at least 75

  • Andrés González

    I think Johnson would have to be on 80, and I think they exagerated in the 74 of Jordan Henderson, that’s way too low

  • Calvin O’Connor

    fullback are just rated notoriously low in fifa, so 79 is close to right for johnsons, id say an 80 is still more appropriate though

  • Yasser Muhamad Fahmy

    gerrard must be 86 … johnson 81 ……… allen 80 …… alsaiidi 79 …. joe cole 75 ……. sterling 73 or 74 ……. henderson 77 or 78 .. and i think downing can be 80