10 Reds rested for Anzhi trip


Liverpool will leave behind at least nine first team players when they travel to face Anzhi Makhachkala in the Europa League on Thursday evening.

Brendan Rodgers

With a crucial Premier League clash away to Chelsea on Sunday and fortunes in the Europa League looking good, Brendan Rodgers is opting to rest some of his big stars.

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez don’t make the trip, whilst Glen Johnson and Pepe Reina continue their rehabilitation from recent injuries.

Joe Allen, Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel, Jose Enrique, Nuri Sahin and Raheem Sterling also look set to sit this one out, with the squad being filled by youngsters.

Provisional Liverpool squad: Jones, Wisdom, Carragher, Coates, Robinson, Shelvey, Henderson, Cole, Downing, Yesil, Assaidi, Gulacsi, Ward, Flanagan, Sama, Wilson, Coady, Suso, Morgan.

The game is likely to be a cold and lonely affair for the Reds with restrictions in place against Anzhi playing their home games at their home ground.

Only around 1,000 fans may be in attendance at the game, whilst traveling Liverpool fans have reported problems obtaining visas and flights to Moscow.

Anzhi vs Liverpool gets underway at 5pm on Thursday, 8th November 2012.

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  • http://twitter.com/eeko87 Eeko Eight-Seven

    What does Pacheco have to do to get into the squad? Score ten goals in the 1st half, spend the next half playing as goalie and make 20 saves? Just don’t get it. Bemusing how Joe Cole get’s the nod ahead of him. I mean really…it couldn’t have hurt having him on the bench as cover for Assaidi. Oh well.

    • John

      I think you may just find that Dani will be in first team squad this weekend, hence he’s not travelled to Russia!

      • http://twitter.com/eeko87 Eeko Eight-Seven

        Hope so mate. Hope so. I’d be over the moon for the boy.

  • Redkev

    Agree about Pacheco 100 per cent!

    • http://twitter.com/eeko87 Eeko Eight-Seven

      Yeah, it’s really starting to irk me. He performs whenever called upon for the U21s and does his best. Never looks at it as a step down. Just puts his head down and grafts real hard. That to me shows immense maturity and a brilliant attitude toward the game. I know the U21 league isn’t really a high level, but he is clearly performing above that level. So why not Brendan, as a manager (who keeps talking about educating the players and helping them improve), help take him up a level??

      • mitch

        yeeeeez, rodgers already took a few players from U-21. you did not notice, did you? never mind…

        • http://twitter.com/eeko87 Eeko Eight-Seven

          I noticed. But Pacheco performs better than they do, and he is not in. I support BR, and love what he is busy implementing at the club. Defo headed in the right direction. But this insistence to not use Dani just boggles the mind…that’s all. I don’t hate Rodgers. He is doing a good job. Just believe Pacheco should be a bit higher up the pecking order in terms of youngsters and fringe players.

          • mitch

            i am wondering why there are so many professional coaches and managers all around discussion forums all over the world and why are they all unemployed. all of them know about coaching and football and all players in the squads much more than those coaches and managers who are in their seats now… :-)))

  • mitch

    you forgot to mention skrtel? shame on you ;-)

  • stey

    If Carragher and Henderson play in this match then Liverpool will lose, and lose big.

    • mitch

      wanna bet?

  • akira

    Its 10.. You missed out skrtel..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Akira92 Yu Siang

    Meh no mention of Skrtel.. So its 10Reds rested or what?

  • slick

    Pepe Reina

    Glen Johson Skrtle Agger Enrique


    Allen Suso


    least till we get a new striker at chrimbo and lucasis fit! aint to bad

    • Gerard

      Anzhi 4
      Liverpool 1
      Ha ! Ha !
      The Russian Fix!

  • badger

    Liverpool should tak half the under 21/18s. Them to teams r bril at min not like r 1st team.

  • Stijn

    Here we go again, when are we going to learn to support the manager? This is a very wise decision, if you ask me! What if, for example, Luis Suarez picks up an injury and is out for a month or longer??? In would not take the risk, to be honest! And Steven Gerrard simply can’t play every game anymore, we have to learn to deal with it. In my opinion, the league has priority anytime! And this is a game where the likes of Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, Joe Cole and others simply have to prove that they are still good enough to call themselves Liverpool players. The Europa Leugue is also an ideal competition for the young, talented lads. If they survive a cold, dull November night in Moscow, they will survive cold, windy and rainy English afternoons as well in the future, believe me! In Brendan Rodgers I trust!

  • Stijn

    And about Daniel Pacheco: well, we don’t spend all our time on the training ground, so do we know why? There must be a reason why he is not travelling to Russia. Only Brendan knows, but Brendan is the right man for this club right now, without a doubt!

  • gg

    If he plan to have Suso in the CHelsea line-up, while pull him along all the way to Russia? It’s clear as day what is his 1st XI now.

    Why no Pacheco through? Was it because his attitude off-pitch after BR failed to sell/send him on loan back in the summer? Because surely his on-pitch performances are closer to our 1st team than many others (Cole, Yesil, Morgan for e.g.)

  • Justin_92

    the awkward moment when pacheco is named in the squad…. good to see this website actually looks at the official team

  • GYX

    maybe Pacheco is up against Chelsea? Who knows?

  • H Shaw

    BR has no other choice facing CFC Wigan Swansea Tottenham Southampton and West ham in the League. The next 6 matches will make or break the season. We need a better points haul than what was achieved in the first 11 matches. Hopefully this strategy works.