Liverpool “could endure points deduction” over Dempsey saga

on 07.11.2012

Fulham are proceeding with their complaint to the Premier League over the actions of Liverpool in their persuit for attacker Clint Dempsey this summer.

Although the Reds missed out on signing the American international, with Dempsey signing for Tottenham, Fulham are unhappy with the way the club approached the 29-year-old.

Fulham refer to comments made by Brendan Rodgers on the official Liverpool FC website in July relating to their interest in Dempsey.

In addition, a statement appeared on NESN, the club’s owners website, that a deal had been reached for Dempsey’s signature. An apology was later released.

The Telegraph report today of the possible consequences of Liverpool’s actions:

Evidence is still being assembled in the case, but Liverpool could be fined or hit with a suspended points deduction if they are unable to defend themselves against the charge.

Liverpool intend to fight the allegations.

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  1. So we’re getting a point deduction for a player we never signed thanks to FSG and David gill and his pals in the FA this is a joke

  2. This episode stinks of nasty plot by you-know-who, who never got his way when he demanded that Suarez (who apparently has scarred Evra for life with his dreadful heartbreaking comment -LOL-was not deported ( how he would love to have signed him With his crony,Gill, at the FA helm you can see the plot unfolding, he’s done the dirty on the referees, banning them from Premiership games and demoting their esteem due to non-conformation of Sir’s rules. That SAF in my book lies alongside Adolf, Uncle Joe, Fidel and Tojo for his sickminded ploys.

  3. Expect the worst every time the FA get involved with our club is what i say… they still have not forgiven us for winning all those trophies and they want the world to think the only things that come out of merseyside are Hooligans, Racists, Cheats and people who piss on police whilst their love ones are dying…

    The FA is the reason England will never win another major trophy. Diving is not killing the english game. Dodgy referees and dubious judgement panels are… time to investigate those referees in those all important manure games that they always seem to constantly win with the ref’s help…

    Frankly the Knighthood for SAF is a dead give away ain’t it.

    • i am from asia, here, most of non manure fans thinks the same, EPL is deteriorating and manure always cheats. Trust me, we are big in numbers.
      it will be better if the cup was straightly given to manure from the start of the season, and let the rest of the clubs play fair football.
      Used to support england, but since FA is a joke and a b u n c h o f a s s h o l e s, i enjoyed every pathetic game hodgson employs, they deserve each other.

  4. As FSG rule the roost here at LFC. And FSG are responsible for LFC’s policy and actions in the last transfer window. Theoretically FSG must deal with the matter. Left to its own devices (standard operating procedure) the FA and EPL f-ck us every time

  5. Liverpool get punished for posting something about a player on a website and not signing him anyway. United get what for bullying Arsenal into selling their best player at a knock down price when they had no intention or desire to sell?

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