Liverpool fans divided on prospect of Sturridge signing

on 20.11.2012

Liverpool have revived their interest in Chelsea attacker Daniel Strurridge, according to numerous reports this week.

Daniel Sturridge

Liverpool had wanted to sign the former Man City player on loan at the end of the summer transfer window but the player was only interested in a permanent deal.

Reports now suggest Brendan Rodgers is back in for the 23 year old. There is some confusion over how long exactly Strurridge has remaining on his Chelsea contract but he signed a four year deal in 2009, meaning he would only have 18 months remaining in January.

Most media reports suggest the fee would be around £15m.

The news of Liverpool’s interest in the player has sparked some divided opinion among Liverpool supporters. Here’s a selection from twitter and our forums.

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I’d rather saw off my own head with a rusty hacksaw to the Z cars theme tune than see us pay £15m for Sturridge. Never has ego and talent and teamwork failed to overlap spectacularly in a player’s footballing venn diagram.

£15m for Sturridge sounds very Comolli-like to me. Loan with a view to permanent deal. Learn from mistakes. Please.

If you can’t get better than Daniel Sturridge for £15m you have to question why you pay scouts a wage. What are they actually doing?

I wouldn’t mind sturridge. Think he could excel as part of a team. Plays with individuals now. He has the lot, he just needs it harnessed. Genuinely believe Rodgers could get that out of him.

He’s just an infuriating footballer to watch. no matter LFC issues in attack, I really dislike this rumor.

At 15 mil, they must be having a laugh.Sturridge is a decent player with pace, but 15 no way.
I personally would prefer Walcott over him., as he will come cheap, is a better player and more importantly has a smaller head.

At £15m I’d be underwhelmed with Sturridge but if we were to pick him up for around £5-8m then I’d take him all day long.

I think that there is no way that Liverpool will pay 15 million pounds for him. Chelsea asked for that amount in the summer, he will have less time left on his contract in January and will have barely played until then. I think that we have learned our lesson with overpaying on English players.

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  1. At £8m-£10m it is a goer but not £15m, that won’t happen. Also please do not believe what muppets in the press write, It is very regularly drivel. Suarez was leaving last week and Sterling this week………blah blah blah, trolls the lot of them!!!!

  2. He’s surely a gifted player and He could be a good acquisition for our striking department, but only for the right price. He needs time and some first team football with no pressure, but if Chelsea managed to put a £15ml price tag on him, it wouldn’t be the the best thing for the interests of both the lad and our Club. Liverpool can definitely consider to swoop for Sturridge, but he move cannot be dictated by Chelsea. Learn from the past mistakes, please.

  3. Im inclined to agree with the twitter comments. £15 million for Sturridge is way too much, why is it that English players have such high valuations is beyond me?! There are much better options abroad that dont have an extra £10 million slapped on them because they are english. The owners should have taken note of the mistakes in buying british, as we all know how thats turned out, Downing, Henderson, Adam, Carroll. If we had signed. Tell them scouts to pull their fingers out and idnetify real talent!

  4. Please no! Let’s not give them back any of the Torres money. I can’t idolise this guy, I’d much rather we got Bony, Hemed, Heung-Min Son etc. BR never listened to us with Borini, nuff said.

  5. As it stands, its feasible to argue that currently Luis Suarez is currently the hottest centre forward in the country, perhaps looking at quick, skillful and younger players like Sturridge and Walcott, to get up in support of Luis, is a much better option than looking to sign an out and out goalscorer in the upcoming Jan transfer window, where the possibility of procuring such a player mid season, is very much more hit and miss…

  6. Its another Downing about to deflate Anfield.

    Every LFC scout should be fired!!!

    They are useless; no other way to describe it, just utterly USELESS!

    Theres no hope of progression with lame English players at astronomical prices!

  7. Liverpool has a history of paying too much… 20 mil for downing and 35 mil for Carroll was insane enough. 15 mil for Sturridge seems along those lines.

  8. I’d rather prefer that we spend 15m to get Torres back, he might not be the same player that he used to be but he would still improve us and his work rate is much better now and we have Suarez and Gerrard to get best out of him. I think we could still get 15 goals a season out of Torres and lot of assists too.
    As far as Sturridge is concerned i don’t think he is worth 5m let alone 15m. Walcott would be my first choice and if we can’t get him then i would like to see us sign Mertens.

  9. i guess by now , we should learn from what we got from Downing and co when we bought them in summer , i dont see Sturridge better in red shirt , 15m for Torres is prefer to him , one footed striker with no good control is not needed now in red shirt , i tip torres or walcott for that price

  10. 15m is way too much, I really hope we have learn our lessons from past mistakes, I would say around 10m would be a fairer deal and even then I’m still quite skeptical how he would exactly fit into BRs system.

  11. At 23 he’s young… more importantly he’s quick and knows where the goal is and he fits in with our new style of play. Not sure about the price but he will be a welcome addition to the squad. Dunno about that price though but better we get someone rather than no one when the transfer ends

  12. It is interesting to see that comments below are not “get him’to solve our problems up front but get him at a ” reasonable price”if at all.LFC fans are actually buying the FSG plan which had to happen after the Camolli disaster,the premier league may be bought for one season but never consistently….a mentally, physically strong side has to be built over time with constant competition for places.This season does totally reflect where we are as a unit….time and patience is needed now”we should be here,there,winning those type of games”attitude is rubbish.

  13. ‘Liverpool fans divided on prospect of Sturridge signing’

    There is one bloody person throughout the article, Twitter feeds and the comments that thinks it is worth it. Sturridge is a good player, but I hope this is just another rumour. Liverpool cannot waste their money anymore.

  14. Ahh come on please buy a decent striker, Strurridge is a Squad player not a first team Star player. We need a Kuyt type player (Poacher/born Finisher) Keep the 15m add some too it and buy a proper world class striker who knocks in 30 a season year in year out.

  15. Not sturridge plz…..this guy is one selfish player…if chelsea do not want this guy then why should we take him…..its like u guys screwed us with giving torres and now we will screw u people back with sturridge….

  16. Well the below comments appear to show there’s not much of a divide at all. Most fans believe he’s not our answer, and rightly so, another unproven expensive english player, we’ve seen this go bad one too many times recently. The fans also believe that maybe for somewhere around 5 – 8 million he’s maybe a good squad player. As much as people criticize the signings of Benitez, it’s time for purchasing players of the stature of Alonso, Mascherano, Garcia, Agger, Skrtel, Riena, Torres, Benayoun, Bellamy, Kuyt…….. Any english players there?!

  17. I’d rather pay 15m to have Torres back than pay 15m for this overated selfish little tw*t. If this is real we have learned absolutely nothing from our transfer mistakes in recent times.

  18. Nikola13, please be right, BR already has a little bit of previous here with Fab, although with bit of confidence he may well turn out to be ok and I can just about live with 10m, but 15m is way over the top. Nah, more deals like Assaidi please. There are plenty of bargains to be picked up across Europe, after Downing, Henderson, Adam & Co even another Bruno “he came in van” Cheyrou would be breath of fresh air!!!!

  19. We are liverpool fc, the most successful english club, we can’t conform whit players like sturridge who not play in their teams, we need a class world players like suarez and gerrard…. this rumor is incredible

  20. Instead of wasting 15 million on another inflated English player we should maybe add another 5/10 mill to it and get a proven goal scorer. I’m all for buying players young and letting them develope or do the”arsenal system” but lets face it how much have they won in the recent years?

  21. i really hope we have had nothing to do with this guy, and i agree with posts that are critical of our scouts if this is true. To take one example of our lack of thorough scouting, Swansea found Michu for the money they did and we paid more for Borini in the same transfer window. Not that Michu would answer all our issues but imagine him with Suarez. There are many examples of talented foreign players moving to the premier league for less than we’ve paid for failed english players.

  22. A dreadful player. Selfish. Tries to be flash. Not a team player nor a hard worker. Rodgers won’t want him, so we won’t buy him. . . . . I hope.

  23. get back andy carroll !! sterling will provide him the goals.. look how many assist has sterling made since he played… come on BR…we trust u and we have faith in you like as how we have faith with andy carroll….get torres for 15 million i will agree..but not sturidge…..sturidge on loan than all liverpool fans be fine….

  24. There are some players better with that price. The scouts should work harder to find talented player out there or just take Carrol back. I thought Rodger could have various game plans with his returned.

  25. What is wrong with the brass at lfc. as a supporter of 30 years im horrified by the mediocrity being allowed to flourish. should have sold to some middle eastern millionaire i hate to say it because LFC is not the club for cheapskate americans to amke money out of (im american also). I mean why cant they see sturridge would be the same flop as carroll, downing, adam etc etc….so would huntelaar. A much younger , fitter huntelaar failed the grade at both milan and madrid so why would he be good for liverpool or are we now on shalkes level. Oh wait shalke are better than lfc right now. sigh. If this is what werner meant by we hope lfc fans will be happy come january, either the man is deluded or he thinks the fans are….sad days for the mighty reds.

  26. Special team of scouts and strategists and this is all they can come up with? Seriously? Lucas leiva is the best scout they have and they are not listening to him. He said recently get damiao. The guy is a stone cold finisher and can lead the line same as luis. He costs a lot though but lucas knows its going to take money to , big money to get lfc to a fighting unit SOON. Mediocre signings will leave us in mid table mediocrity or if things get reall bad, RELEGATION. How long before FSG/brendon wake up and see the writing on the wall? If FSG cant hadnle it they should sell up and EXIT.

  27. I’m not thrilled about this but the bright side is at lease we’ll get a little support up front for Suarez and Sterling so they don’t have to carry the entire load. I think Shelvy should get more time up front but if they’re resgined to signing Sturridge than so be it. His price is high but not out of this world like some other past signings. And it does seem like he actually wants to come to Liverpool. Not many players seem to these days. I think we could do better but we could also do a lot worse.

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