“Destroyed” “Deeply Upset” “Victimised” – Back pages report on Suarez


Thursday’s backpages all report that Liverpool forward Luis Suarez is devastated by the hefty suspension handed to him by the Football Association.


Leading football correspondents in The Telegraph (Chris Bascombe), The Times (Tony Barrett), The Mirror (David Maddock), Daily Mail (Dominic King) and The Guardian (Andy Hunter) all run similar stories that Suarez is considering his future after The FA handed an extremely harsh 10-match ban to him for the bite on Branislav Ivanovic.

The Guardian write that “Suárez feels victimised by English football authorities”.

The Mirror cite reports in Uruguay that claim Suarez’s agent will meet with Liverpool to discuss his future.

The Telegraph write that Suarez is “known to feel strongly that he has been too harshly ­penalised for his offence, particularly as he swiftly admitted his guilt.”

Several media outlets in the wake of the incident have reported how Liverpool intend to use sports psychologist Dr Steve Peters to aid Suarez. The question is though, why has Peters not been used already to help Suarez, a player clearly who needs help, in the months since he has been at the club already?

Meanwhile, former FA compliance officer Graham Bean, speaking on TalkSport Radio on Wednesday afternoon, advised Liverpool against appealing the ban:

“The problem they have is the only basis they can appeal on is if it’s an excessive penalty. That is chaired by an independent chairman and the reality of the situation is that they are walking a tightrope because an appeal panel can actually increase the penalty.

“If I was advising them, I would say to them, ‘take it on the chin, put it behind you and move on’. I think it would be a very risky strategy to appeal against it.”

Bean also explained that Suarez and Liverpool had claimed a 3 match ban would have been sufficient had likely worked against them:

“I think that was probably the wrong attitude to take. He may well have saved himself a couple of games had he just accepted what he was going to be given and moved on.

“The fact he challenged the FA in saying it wasn’t worth more than three games, when it clearly was, was a mistake. There was no realistic prospect that he was ever going to be successful in that argument.”

Liverpool will receive the “written reasons” for Suarez’s ban on Thursday when they will decide whether to appeal against the ban.

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  • http://twitter.com/pgraha3003 Monty

    This is second time FA have victimised Suarez. We need to do something, not just “take it on the chin”. Get every LFC fan to cancel their SKY contract citing FA’s decision. See how long it take Murdoch to reign them in. Money talks. We need to show the FA that we will not be victimised. The Terry decision was bad enough but this, given Defoe’s previous, or Rooney’s drop kicks is a step too far. Total Boycott of all FA, Premiership and associated merchandise.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Ward/1467560966 Bill Ward

      What about Huths trampoline act on Suarez’s back, he could have smashed his spine, The FA response, the ref saw it and couldn’t give 2 fucks.

  • dermot doherty

    steven gerrard should tell them where to stick their armband

    • hakeel

      yeah man, was thinking about all the england players in our camp should boycott the national call up..

  • dermot doherty

    allan shearer(deliberate head kick neil lennon)defoe(bite on mascherano)rooney(elbow mccarthy)all nothing,suarez 10 games.the english f.a must be the most corrupt football organisition in world football?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Ward/1467560966 Bill Ward


    • Eggyfart

      F@*#ing disgusting decision . Need to come clean and just change their name to the M.U.F.A.

  • RedChica

    There is a sense of injustice and stupidity every time the FA makes a
    decision or lack thereof, whether it involves LFC or not. Fans suffer
    from the late kick off times, clubs suffer congested game schedules,
    etc, etc. Nobody can do anything against the FA.

    To me it is clear that they are trying to appease the people who are unhappy
    with their existence, by picking on the ‘most hated player in the
    league’, who to be fair, gave them a huge stick to beat him with. Well,
    this may backfire on those fans. Next time, having a precedent, it is
    going to be their player who will be banned for a quarter of a season.

    We are not going to get any positive decision from the FA. But it’s not
    only us. Nobody would. But they appear specifically targeting Suarez,
    and it will happen again, just give them a slight reason. They are effectively forcing us to get rid of the most excited player in the league.

    Should we accept a defeat in this ongoing battle against the faceless, corrupt, run by
    Fergie’s pals organisation? Or should we keep fighting, having our name
    drugged through mud in the press? But where is a guarantee that if we
    sell Luis, the player who replaces him is not going to have the same
    treatment? There are too many questions to answer, and that’s what the
    club should be doing these days. We need to think a big picture, not
    just the immediate gain or loss. I for one, don’t know what the best solution would be. I am totally lost and torn. And I can only imagine Rodgers, Suarez and the team, how they are feeling.

  • the dude abides

    the London scum media have been targetting Suarez for ages. They did the same with Benitez. I’d ban them from Anfield and Melwood. And fans should boycott these scum papers, like the Telegraph, as well as boycott any products or services linked to England sponsorship. Bully the bullies.

  • Erik

    This is way too harsh. Seem like they want him out of the country for good. Paradoxically, I believe LFC will grow stronger from all this. Next season we’ll kind of come from behind.

    • Daryl Cavanagh

      Agreed quite often a siege mentality works with people and makes people work even harder together. Remember Cantona when he returned from his lengthy ban he was like a beast unleashed. If Luis does stay(Big IF) He’ll come back even stronger and more determined. I think we may surprise a few people next season

  • Grizzly

    Shocking…. Why should the fans pay? The FA see a 10 match ban as Punishment for the Player but at the end of the day Liverpool will miss there top scorer for the First games of next season and when it all comes down to it Suarez will just get paid the same for being sat at Home watching it on the TV??? What good is that going to do anyone? Tbh if i was Suarez i’d seriously be thinking of Moving on because his ban’s seem to be much Harsher than the “In Favor” Players. Look at Terry, he was Caught on camera Screaming racial abuse but got 4 match ban, now Suarez was His word against Evra’s and there was a large grey area as it was a Accepted phrase in his language that could be miss read in Spanish (no Cam Evidence etc etc) but he got twice the Ban? and CPS didn’t think they had enough to take it to court unlike Terry. This is just One documented Example, as for The current predicament i know the FA say you don’t expect to be Bitten in the game but whats the Difference between a Player committing a malicious tackle breaking some ones leg (By definition of malicious it is don’t deliberately and the player is aware of what he’s doing) and Suarez’s Bite that no real Damage was done but was still malicious so would fall under the same rules?? and penalty?? .

    • Grizzly

      I know there was a case that the FA thinks because Suarez said he thought 3 match ban was enough they have the right to wack another 7 match ban on him just for voicing his opinion. But honestly i just think this is a Ploy to get Suarez out of the UK because the FA don’t like him and it seems to be working as i don’t see him staying after this. Cheers FA for being so Consistent and not Victimizing Club’s/Fans………:(

  • Eddie

    Wat Suarez did was daft but 10 matches is harsh the f.a must wait for an excuse to give Suarez a hard time the one thing that has really annoyed me is that John terry got a 4 match ban for racist abuse I mean you could see wat that guy was sayin to Ferdinand and they give him only 4 matches the fa really need to be consistent they can’t ban 1 player for 8 matches for racist abuse and another player 4 matches especially wen Terrys was a hell of a lot worse aswell

  • Grizzly

    This looks like Racism in the FA to me…… There should be an Investigation to why a British player gets half the Ban as opposed to a Foreigner.

  • DamDeviousDuck

    You have to have a bit of perspective here…. At the end of the day it is a punishment, yes?. Of course. He has done it before, yes?. He reveived a 7 match ban…. Did it stop him doing it again… NO!!!. So if you are a repeat offender do punishments get harsher or more lenient…. ALWAYS HARSHER… So he realistically left the FA no choice but to go higher than 7 game ban. I see no way that he’s being victimised. He should have learnt the first time round… YNWA!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001117951280 Mark Pryke

      different country, different governing body, the incident in Holland is unrelated to the current one.

      • DamDeviousDuck

        What the hell does it matter where the first incident happened. In my eyes a bite is a bite, that’s what relates the incidents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001117951280 Mark Pryke

    why couldn’t they give the written reason within an hour or so, they needed all night and most of Thursday to come up with a lame excuse as to why a ten game ban, six would clearly of been sufficient.

  • Tobias

    Why is it that noone has challenged the FA’s decissions to CAS? The international Court of Arbitration for Sport…

  • michael

    I follow Newcastle and yes I’m glad Suarez is not going to play against us. I’m really fed up of Liverpool fans trying to defend this guy. He has previous for biting and he hasn’t learned his lesson. How many chances do you have to give someone before they learn. This is not about comparing what he has done to what other players have or have not done, it’s about this guy thinking he is above the law on a football pitch.

    • tonythered

      Well if you stuck to your own clubs websites you wouldn’t have to see Liverpool supporters defending Suarez.


    i wonder if there was anybody on the F A commitee that is on the board of MUFC ..my guess is YES …. F@@KIN STINKS

  • Babeouf

    Suarez got a seven game ban for biting another player previously. Now he gets ten for doing it again in another football match. The question for LFC is can he stop himself doing it again? Liverpool’s top four challenge will go out the window if Suarez can’t stop munching on other footballers in public.

  • eskimo

    with the treatment he’s getting right now you would have to excuse suarez for leaving this country. all we can do is show him we’re right behind him no matter what from now on every game.

  • rodgers supporter

    is there possibility for LFC to go to court against FA?

  • rodgers supporter

    I need to say that only good thing is this biting incident is the fact that bane ivanovic is involved! he is cool guy and he behaved very normal about the matter. image if it was some guy as rio ferdinand or terry… man… it would be 20 matches ban probably…

  • Sparx

    I think I will go and bite Steven Gerrard. I wonder how many death threats I would receive? Worse still what would happen if Rooney bit Gerrard. there would be a mass pitch invasion and he would be hacked to death. Come on Liverpool . Take the blame for once