More photos of Liverpool’s garish new away and third kits emerge


More photos of Liverpool’s new away and third kits have emerged online.

As previously reported, the kits are certainly different.

The designs have been shared on various social media platforms over the past few months and have been met with much derision from supporters. These images are now the best to have been revealed.


The new away kit is officially revealed on June 6th, this Thursday.


New kit manufacturers Warrior have followed a similar trend to their first designs, whereby they have kept the home kit traditional but created somewhat garish.


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  • john knox

    its like something from the 80s

  • redhead

    shirts are aimed at the Asian market. jerseys like this are commonplace in chinese, japanese, malaysian and indeonesian leagues- red shirt for supporters in UK and Ireland, crazy ass away kits for far eastern market with the bigger fan base

    • munyuktae

      I am indonesian, and definitely not liked the designs on these kits.
      best away kits for me is adidas phantom.
      Although adidas designs looks good, but it feels like templates.

    • jsht

      yup, agree with munyuktae. i’m from Indonesia as well, and pretty sure that this away kit type of jersey is not common here.

    • asianhead

      Err heck No.. the away shirt is something for u guys who love the damn xmas feel i bet it willl be a hit during christmas. we dont celebrate christmas here in south East asia with jumper sweaters Sheesh

  • tig ol bitties

    the white one aims to win all away matches by throwing the opposition into an uncontrollable seizure

  • Johnnyred

    This just proves that Warrior no nothing about Liverpool FC, and have not thought about if we’d actually go out and buy the new kit. Worse kit I’ve ever seen

  • Mike Ledwith

    The purple matches nicely with the council bin you can put it in.

  • davidd82

    quite possibly the worst away kit ever – that pixelated design at the bottom makes me feel sick if i stare at it – truly a disgraceful kit – lets not even talk about the third kit!

  • matt b

    Like them both, so pleased to see something new instead of revamping old designs. Well done Warrior.
    Too many fans live off past glories and keeping old kits encourages that, lets move on shall we.

  • jwoods

    These kits are cool don’t know what all the fuss is about

  • Ian Mcrae

    not liking them away kits at all thought we were going retro not retard

  • asianhead

    the real reason why suarez wants to leave for real madrid. wasn’t the money nor the family image, it was this kit!

  • Gabe B

    The away kits are horrendous.

  • lfc fan

    at least other team would be distracted seeing our away kit and 3rd kit:p

  • MarkBishop01

    I’m guessing these new kits are designed to give us some kind of advantage away from home. Can you imagine playing against a team wearing either of these kits? Very off-putting for the opposition.