More photos of Liverpool’s garish new away and third kits emerge

on 04.06.2013

More photos of Liverpool’s new away and third kits have emerged online.

As previously reported, the kits are certainly different.

The designs have been shared on various social media platforms over the past few months and have been met with much derision from supporters. These images are now the best to have been revealed.


The new away kit is officially revealed on June 6th, this Thursday.


New kit manufacturers Warrior have followed a similar trend to their first designs, whereby they have kept the home kit traditional but created somewhat garish.


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  1. Awful job by warrior – would be interesting to see how the sales compare to the away shirts of the 6 teams that finished above us last season – don’t warrior want to make money?? No way I’ll be spending £40 on this s**t.

  2. Sheesh! My first kit was the 1979 v-neck all red shirt with simple badge and umbro logo. Simple. This is a mess and it’s giving me a headache!

  3. Its too garish!! I would prefer my good old Adidas jerseys!! Why not Adidas again if kit sales will be definitely be much higher than Warrior kits!!!

  4. The away kit has the potential to be a classy kit and then you see the bottom half of front of the top which is just woeful and completely ruins the it

  5. what a useless kit there’s no way im spending money on this rubbish. oh my God what were you thinking worrior sport. thats the worst jersey iv ever seen from the time i started supporting liverpool

  6. The third kit why would the put toffee blue on it ?
    Why not just leave it black n white
    And the away kit would have been better without all the wierd stuff at the bottom

  7. I will buy one because i am a red and dont give a Sh*t what the shirts look like… its not a fashion show… back your team!

    • I totally agree Sebastian – however I think the white shirt is great.!!! not so keen on the black and purple though.

    • I agree to a point, but it isn’t that hard to use some imagination and create a decent looking kit. I will get the home kit but, fashion show aside, there is no way in he// I am going to wear one of the away kits.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. That mentality makes shirts almost seem like an invisible tax on supporters, and an expensive one at between £40 to £50, it’s not like we’re not squeezed for every penny as it is. A football shirt should serve three functions – be a functional piece of kit for the players, a wearable item of clothing for the supporters and a source of income for the club. If it fails in any of these criteria then somewhere along the line someone has made a mistake. Are we really expected to buy hideous shirts we’d never wear just to support the club when some people in this country are having to rely on food banks to feed their families? Live in the real world, if these shirts are not attractive to supporters they simply won’t buy them in the current economic climate and Liverpool’s coffers will suffer.

      • Yes, we buying these shirts will only result in more pathetic designs in the future (And the stupid designer gets paid a sh*tload). How did anyone approve this for manufacturing? Were they blind?

      • TopHat. Your comment makes no sense?? Are you saying that if the kits were nice then people would stop feeding their family to buy one?? “Proper” Liverpool fans will buy a shirt anyway to support the team. It’s not an invisible tax, it’s a fans way of giving and showing his love and support for Liverpool Football Club. If you don’t like the away shirt then don’t buy it, wear the red one instead??

        • So, if we don’t buy a shirt we’re not ‘proper’ Liverpool fans? It’s that kind of emotional blackmail that makes items like this almost like an invisible tax. My point was that at a time like this not everyone has money to throw around so whereas people in the past might have stretched to a home and away shirt they may not buy the latter now if all it would do is stay hung in the wardrobe because it’s so ugly.

  8. The only reason this designs have been passed is to sell more of the home shirts, more recognisable and will create a sea of red a matches, whether your a fan or not, people would be foolish to buy them

  9. In all honesty you can never really tell what theyre going to be like till we see them on, fitting properly and being played in. We could be pleasantly surprised, as I was after seeing the home kit on release. And I think the idea that more people will be buying red shirts instead of other colours is better. I’m looking forward to them both because I’ve never not loved a kit we’ve had and I’ve been supporting/buying shirts since I was a tiny lad, at the age of 4 in 1997

  10. Yank Xmas and summer motorcross jersey’s. Terribly disrespectful to the LFC brand. I loved last season’s home kit, because it was simple & minimalistic. That’s ALL a football jersey needs to be. LFC has been enough of a sideshow recently.

  11. Absolutely diabolical! The away kit would be somewhat decent if they’d left the purple off. What were they thinking? I think the new home kit, at least, looks better than last seasons. That’s something I suppose.

  12. why do they find it so hard to design a simple kit? they do it well for the home kits but ruin the away and third kits… they should of learnt from the third kit from 2012/13 season… ah well its how we perform in it that matters! if we play well in them then i’ll love warrior forever ;)

  13. Hmmm looks like the kits we see in some of the other European leagues with multi colour tones. Not LFC in the least. Oh well, We have no say the owners do as they hold the power at LFC. Next Anfeild will be renamed, who else knows what else is on the horizon?

    Seriously, What’s with the red,black and pool cue handle like colours on the white kit? And the purple on the black base? Why not go with the White and Red lining. And Black, White and Red lining for the third kit.

  14. Terrible shirts, you dont need to wear the kit to support your team, unless your 10 years old. Home shirt is good though. That away shirt is gonna clash with Home teams, theres every colour possible in it.

  15. Absolutely terrible – we are a traditional club and we should wear traditional colours – not look like something from an Art and Dedign yuppy type studio – LFC get a grip on this and go back to basics – tradition , tradition, tradition! We play in all red at home and white shirts and black shorts away – nothing more nothing less!

  16. its this stupid barcelona trend of having the away kits as awful as they can be, personally that kind of marketing does not work well with a club so bonded by its traditions ..

  17. Aaaabsolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats the deal with that purple colour for the second season in a row??…Is that turning on american designers these days??? And how ’bout that pattern on second kit (*^)&(*^)&(*^…Kit could be considered as decent, or even nice without it, but in this case its just a hopeless peace of crap!!!!! If i want a f*** sweater ill just ask my granny to make me one. Somehow I feel sorry for the players…These kits will make them look too stupid.

  18. This looks like a jumper that my aunt would buy as a present for someone for Christmas WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE DESIGN DEPARTMENT

  19. I’d love to see us have an away kit that was all black with gold sponsor, badge & manufacturer, simple but sleek. This is the worst shirt I’ve seen since the early 90’s shirts from all round the football leagues. Home shirt again as usual for me!

  20. The second one is acceptable not good but acceptable .. but the third is horrible Anyways i Hope these Kits will bring us luck !! YNWA :D Cheers.

  21. shirts are aimed at the Asian market. jerseys like this are commonplace in chinese, japanese, malaysian and indeonesian leagues- red shirt for supporters in UK and Ireland, crazy ass away kits for far eastern market with the bigger fan base

    • I am indonesian, and definitely not liked the designs on these kits.
      best away kits for me is adidas phantom.
      Although adidas designs looks good, but it feels like templates.

    • yup, agree with munyuktae. i’m from Indonesia as well, and pretty sure that this away kit type of jersey is not common here.

    • Err heck No.. the away shirt is something for u guys who love the damn xmas feel i bet it willl be a hit during christmas. we dont celebrate christmas here in south East asia with jumper sweaters Sheesh

  22. the white one aims to win all away matches by throwing the opposition into an uncontrollable seizure

  23. This just proves that Warrior no nothing about Liverpool FC, and have not thought about if we’d actually go out and buy the new kit. Worse kit I’ve ever seen

  24. quite possibly the worst away kit ever – that pixelated design at the bottom makes me feel sick if i stare at it – truly a disgraceful kit – lets not even talk about the third kit!

  25. Like them both, so pleased to see something new instead of revamping old designs. Well done Warrior.
    Too many fans live off past glories and keeping old kits encourages that, lets move on shall we.

  26. the real reason why suarez wants to leave for real madrid. wasn’t the money nor the family image, it was this kit!

  27. I’m guessing these new kits are designed to give us some kind of advantage away from home. Can you imagine playing against a team wearing either of these kits? Very off-putting for the opposition.

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