Rodgers: Pepe knows my plans, Mignolet is competition


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says Pepe Reina is fully aware of his plans and that Simon Mignolet is arriving as competition for the Spanish goalkeeper.


Rodgers was speaking to radio station TalkSport on Saturday afternoon when he explained that Reina is “fully aware” of his plans and that the two went for a meal a few months ago when the manager explained that he would targeting a goalkeeper this summer to give him competition.

“Pepe Reina and I went out for a meal a couple of months before the end of the season and I told him exactly what we were going to do, which was to provide real competition in that area.

“He was fully aware of my intention of the course of the last few months. It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to Pepe.

“Pepe is a fantastic goalkeeper but Simon Mignolet is a player that has done really well.

“He’s also part of an emerging Belgium squad that has come into a golden era. He’s very much a part of that.

“When you work with Pepe he’s a great man. A very committed man to the club and he’s an outstanding goalkeeper.”

Rodgers has previously explained his desire for three goalkeepers in his squad.

Of course, Rodgers confirming the Mignolet deal and claiming that he wants to bring in the Belgian as competition for Reina does not necessarily mean that will happen. No manager is going to admit that Reina is being allowed to leave and thus put the bidding club in a stronger bargaining position. Rodgers denied that Andy Carroll would be leaving last summer.

Likewise, the likelihood of Mignolet joining Liverpool to be reserve keeper a year before the World Cup seems remote. His agent Nico Vaesen was recently quoted explaining “He [Mignolet] is very ambitious and wants to play in the World Cup, in Brazil, next year.”

Add in that Brad Jones signed a new “long-term” contract in December and that Liverpool aren’t in Europe next season either and again the likelihood of keeping Reina and signing Mignolet seems slim. Can you name any club with a £10m reserve keeper, who aren’t in Europe?! Rodgers’ words should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Rodgers was also quizzed on the Luis Suarez situation, to which he said he was “relaxed” about it.

Rodgers also praised fellow new signings Kolo Toure and Iago Aspas.

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  • CARR71

    could i ask why my comment did not go live

    • This Is Anfield

      because it contained “lol”.

  • liverpool4life565

    Good to know pepe is going to stay :-) always good to have competition for a place. And looks like Suarez will stay. Good.

    • Joseph Collins

      Don’t be so sure about that, bud. No way we have Pepe and Mignolet dividing time with no Euro comps upcoming. This is a squad based on payroll right now. One will go, and I have a feeling it won’t be the guy we just signed.

      • liverpool4life565

        One will be PL GK one for cups. But it’s good to have competition. But we will see what happens…

  • Joseph Collins

    I wish I could sleep til august. The off season is too much…this ones going, this ones staying…last years Agger rumors had me chewing to the nail bed. This year it seems no one is safe. Oh well, the name on the front of the jersey is permanent, the ones on the back; temporary.

  • samnexus

    Why are we not getting an experienced defensive midfielder taking into consideration Gerrard’s age and Lucas injuries, rather spend 10M on a goalkeeper when Reina has no intention of leaving his 100K plus weekly salary. Seems like BR and FSG are trying to push him out to reduce the wage bill. Rather , they are inflating the wage bill by buying and then hoping they can put Reina in the shopping window.

    • This Is Anfield

      You do realise the transfer window hasn’t opened, yet alone closed.

  • This Is Anfield


  • Prince

    I dont know what to think or make of this but i guess its good now lets sign Mkhitaryan + a CB and show luis we mean business.

  • Alex Barton

    I predict pepe to leave in January window that way we get half a season to bed in our new keeper and valdes leaving in the summer, barca will get half a season to bed in pepe……simples!!!….it makes sense to me anyway

  • disgustedred

    To read some of the crap that comes from the writers here you wouldn’t believe this is a Liverpool blog. Lets face it Jones is crap so he aint ever going to be number 2. We lost Doni and also now lost Galatsci. Are we going to be a one good goalie team or have 2 good keepers as it was prior to Doni’s departure with Jones as a keeper of last resort?

    • RoughHandful

      It’s laughable. No wonder this site was on the brink of closing down. They’re some of the worst and most disingenuous writers on the club. They’ve now plastered the place with tacky, imposing ads and started creating sensationalist linkbait for aggregation sites like News Now. Believe it or not, they have a forum filled with mostly asian fans and have the nerve to ask them to pay a subscription!

  • This Is Anfield
    • Thasneem Singh-leejonchong Udd

      thank you

  • This Is Anfield

    Mentioning praise for new signings is pessimistic?!

  • This Is Anfield