Shakhtar admit Mkhitaryan can go for €30m, but Liverpool aren’t close

Shakhtar Donetsk have once against denied reports that they have agreed to sell star midfielder Henrik Mkhitaryan, saying that currently there are no offers on the table.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Speculation linking Mkhitaryan with moves to Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund has continued this week, after Shakhtar had turned down a €23 million bid from the German Bundesliga club.

Shakhtar chief executive Sergei Palkin says that since that initial bid there has been no more offers from anyone, with Liverpool yet to even make a formal bid.

However, whilst he told press there is no buy-out clause in the 24-year-old Armenian international’s contract, the club are willing to let Mkhitaryan go for €30 million.

“There is nothing new about Mkhitaryan,” Palkin told “I already have said that Borussia Dortmund offered €23 million for him; this was the sole offer. [But] our position is €30 million.

“Mkhitaryan’s contract does not specify a compensation payment. Thirty million dollars need to be paid to sever the contract unilaterally.

“If we go with the civilized way and sell a player but he severs the contract, we specify a transfer value of €30 million.”

For those confused by the mention of dollars in the quotes, we suspect he means Euros. The currency in Ukraine is the hryvnia. €30 million is about £25 million.

Mkhitaryan seems to be trying to force his way out of the Ukranian champions, not showing up for pre-season training last week. The Mirror claim Mkhitaryan is “ready to break his contract to force a cut-price £20 million move to Liverpool”.

However, the transfer saga is still wide open with nothing from Mkhitaryan or his representatives, Liverpool, or Dortmund.

Thursday’s Times report that Liverpool are continuing their attempts to sign the 24 year old.

Earlier on Wednesday it was reported that Liverpool are still some way from a deal for Mkhitaryan, and the BBC’s Phil McNulty denied Liverpool have to sell Luis Suarez to be able to afford the Armenian.

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  • Gano1

    Anyone bored of this now????………………..whatever!!!

    • Jack


      • Luis

        I said on this site a week ago this signing doesn’t look Like its going to happen. Just hope we’ve got a plan b

  • Redblooded Male

    I thought we weren’t gonna be held to ransom or overcharged anymore? £25m is too much. For that we could get 2 of the following: Eriksen, Wanyama, Aubameyang, Alderweireld, Rakitic, Sakho, Muriel, Callejòn.

  • Carl

    Either we can afford him or not. Do the maths Liverpool. Go for it or move on.

  • Jack

    Hey I have a question… What is stopping him from buying out his own contract… and then L’pool paying him what was initially paid out… I know it’s probably illegal but can or does this happen?

    • RedChica

      you just answered your own question there. But this is what eventually will happen, with the help of the 3rd party owners who LFC been in talks with all the time. Unless Shakhtar gets sense that they don’t need such PR complications and just sell him for the same amount.

  • RedChica

    A bit off the mark. Artur is a Russia-born journalist, in his mid-20s. The footballer you are talking about is over 40.

    Which in no way makes Artur’s info less credible. People don’t understand that he doesn’t want to say certain things not to harm this deal. They take him for some sort of a “attention-seeking ITK”. Very wrongly. Ok, he got the timing wrong. but it’s not his fault it got a bit complicated, and maybe not even from the player’s side, or his 3rd party owner, but from LFC side…

  • Rak S

    Imo, he hasn’t made a mistake confusing Dollars with Euro, those are the actual currencies involved.

    MK’s termination clause was probably for $30m because a lot of former soviet countries have faith that the dollar is a more stable currency, and often refer to it in a business context.
    Incidentally, this is almost equivalent to the £20m pounds Liverpool are willing to pay and that Borussia Dortmund bid.
    Shaktar want €30m (£25m) as that’s the most common currency where potential buyers are likely to originate, and is better known/understood across Europe, including Ukraine itself.

    We only want to pay £20m, because that’s the cost for MK to terminate his contract himself, but it would be more above board and transparent for all parties if we could avoid this

    Simples :)

  • Prince

    Im sick of this already now. Your last article said he was set for medical now we haven’t even bid for the player?? credible journalism is very important Thisisanfield

  • Cross

    This guy seems way overpriced, we better go for eriksen or even better give coady and suso more first team appearances!
    Our priority should’ve been a strong defensive midfielder instead of buying tricky but fragile attackers.

  • Dillboy

    No you miss read , Dortmund made a previous offer and there are no CURRENT offers which means no offers at this exact time .i thought the same as you when I first read it