“Childish” or “Nanny State Nonsense”? Fans react to ‘dangers of pyro’ in stadiums


Liverpool and football fans have taken to Twitter to respond to a new government-backed campaign to prevent flares and pyrotechnics in British football stadiums.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, May 12, 2013: No Pyro No Party. Liverpool supporters set off red smoke bombs during the Premiership match against Fulham at Craven Cottage. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

A report by David Ornstein for the BBC today suggests the rise in pyro returning to British football grounds his causing growing concern:

Children as young as eight are being used as “mules” to smuggle flares and smoke bombs into Premier League matches, according to new research.

A survey found a third of supporters have been directly affected by pyrotechnics at a stadium and that 86% are concerned for their safety.

Liverpool are among nine Football League clubs who’s fans have been involved in four or more incidents with flares this season, according to the UK Policing Unit.

Ornstein continues in his article:

The Premier League-commissioned survey of 1,635 supporters found more than half of fans had witnessed pyrotechnics at a match, 24% had had their view obscured, 10% had suffered from smoke inhalation and 2% had been affected by heat from a flare.

The argument for the use of pyro at football matches is increased atmosphere – a ‘football is meant to be fun’ attitude.

So where do you stand on it? Here are a selection of Liverpool and football fans’ views on the subject. We’d love to hear yours too, in the comments below, or on Twitter @thisisanfield.

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And these from non-Liverpool football fans:

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  • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

    I agree that it does add an atmosphere for the game, but on the other hand it can be dangerous especially with kids around; maybe there could be a middle ground at half-time music and the club let off fireworks around the ground?

    • CARR71

      maybe we could go the whole hog ,and have cheerleaders and four quarters instead of two halves,we have music with the clubs announcer

      • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

        Nah lad we ain’t fooking American lol…and I know they have music being from old swan I get to the games regularly, but I have a young nephew and I wouldn’t want anything happening to him; we live in a nanny state no getting away from it laa but my comment was meant as a mature observation and also an idea of compromise :)

        • CARR71

          iam all for them on european nights i think they are great but i can understand how you feel about your nephew ,they will be trying to ban scarves next in case we hang ourselves ,i felt a bit suicidel after the hull match;)

          • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

            I felt a bit like that after the Hull game we just didn’t turn up but Hull played a good pressing game, and yea I worry about my nephew at the moment cause he’s young when he gets into double digits he’ll be ok like; and getting marked down dont worry me lad to old to feel bullied or owt now lol

          • CARR71

            i know mate been there it gets easier as they get older goodluck ,and enjoy the games with him

          • CARR71

            are you taking your nephew to either the man city or newcastle games ,i have post match meals in the boot room and i will not use them if your interested let me know on a newer thread ,good food rather someone use them all paid for just your drinks to get ,starter and main coure

  • CARR71

    86% are concerned for there safety ,was that from a poll of 100 of the prawn sandwich brigade ,

  • RaveDave001

    Having been in crowds were pyro has been used, i personally hate it, the smell is stinking and it obstructs your view of the game.

  • Matt

    Maybe I’m just impossible to please but coloured smoke doesn’t really do much for me.

    I’ve never actually been at a point where I’ve thought, “what I could really do with now is some coloured smoke, it would really add to the occasion.”

    Unless you’re a solider under fire and you need to mark your location, I am deeply worried for you if you feel any sort of buzz from seeing coloured smoke. Worried and envious, I can’t really see why these people go to all the expense of buying tickets when they can get off on something so simple.

    Just let it off in your living room, it wont drift off so quickly then and you’ll get to enjoy it for longer, whilst everyone else gets to watch the football with someone who goes to the game to actually watch the football.

  • CARR71

    half the team is mate