Daniel Sturridge: Jurgen Klopp’s Prolific Problem


Dan Holmes on Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool’s top paid player and the man who gives the side a completely different dynamic up front – when he’s fit.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, September 20, 2015: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge in action during the Premier League match against Norwich City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Never before has such a potent goal scorer had such uncertainty surrounding his future. In Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool undoubtedly possess one of the finest marksmen in the country. Here is a player who scored more Premier League goals in his first 50 games for the club than any other in Liverpool’s history. Think on that for a moment.

That’s more than Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez. Considered simply for what it is, that is truly remarkable.

Yet – and there really is a yet – he stands on the precipice of being Anfield’s forgotten man. His at times comedic injury record has disrupted his career to a degree almost unprecedented. The man just cannot put together a sustained period of fitness. His recurring injuries are now as predictable as his goals.

All manner of accusation has been levelled at the forward. Most notably, his manager Jurgen Klopp suggested that he needs to learn how to differentiate between different degrees of pain. This particular assertion holds merit and would probably be accepted by Sturridge himself. Klopp’s meaning being that players returning from long-term injuries will always pick-up minor knocks during their rehabilitation, and the forward need not consider such things recurrences of his previous complaints.

However, others have been less diplomatic. There is a groundswell of opinion that Sturridge just ‘doesn’t fancy it’, that he is a prima donna who only wants to play when it suits him. No tangible evidence exists to quantify such accusations, but they are made all the same.

When you consider them against another common criticism of Sturridge – that he is individualistic and concerned only with personal glory – they seem even more ludicrous. Why would a player who so clearly thrives on scoring goals (as though this is such a rarity) only choose to play so fleetingly?

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 26, 2015: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge scores the second goal against Aston Villa during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Sturridge lives for scoring goals. All the goals. Left-footers, right-footers, volleys, headers and back-heels. There is nothing else in his mind. To suggest that a player with this particular mind-set would ‘duck’ games just doesn’t hold any weight. Neither do claims that his injury problems are ‘psychological’, though it would be interesting to know how agonising a ‘psychologically’ torn muscle is.

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s revelation that he once had to convince Sturridge to play against Manchester United hardly softened anybody’s stance on the England frontman’s plight.

More reasoned voices quite correctly point to Sturridge’s lack of availability offsetting his value on the field. It’s hard to argue with this line of thinking. After all, nobody has ever arrowed one past a goalkeeper from a rehabilitation centre in Boston.

It is not outlandish to claim that a less gifted forward would have been cast aside far sooner, but can Liverpool – so outrageously profligate in front of goal– afford to offload such a guaranteed source of goals? Not until they find them from elsewhere they can’t, and they have not made even a semi-respectable job of that. Having said that, how many Premier League clubs could replace a striker with a record like Sturridge’s?

Sturridge’s ability to score goals immediately upon his return to the side – witness his gloriously clinical pair of braces against Aston Villa and Southampton – is another way in which he has kept himself relevant. He doesn’t need to play himself back into form, which is astounding when you consider the length of his lay-offs. It is a priceless asset to have for someone who has been playing so little.

After the aforementioned game against Southampton in the quarter-final of the League Cup, Klopp revealed that he now understood what everybody was talking about when they spoke of Sturridge’s ability. His two goals on the night not only turned the game in Liverpool’s favour, having been a goal down, they also served the footballing public with a timely reminder of how few chances he actually needs to find the net.

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - Wednesday, December 2, 2015: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge scores the first equalising goal against Southampton during the Football League Cup Quarter-Final match at St. Mary's Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The first was classic Sturridge, as he squared up Steven Caulker, shifted the ball onto his left foot and rifled it home with pinpoint accuracy beyond Maarten Stekelenburg. The second owed more to the ice running through his veins. Popping up behind the Southampton backline to sweep the ball beneath Stekelenburg on the half-volley. The sublimely weighted pass Emre Can was able to send his way would not have been on had Sturridge not been playing. His pace and anticipation give his team-mates that option.

Liverpool look a different proposition with him in the side. Phillippe Coutinho, he of the mercurial passing range, is the most obvious beneficiary of Sturridge’s expert runs across the front line and it would be fascinating to see Sturridge spearheading an attack just advanced of the interchangeable trio of Lallana, Firmino and Coutinho.

No more aimless pot-shots from Coutinho, standing still in possession from Firmino or pointless pirouetting from Lallana. These wasteful traits can surely be put down to the lack of movement the three have in front of them. Upon receiving possession, usually in a relatively deep position, any one of the three have too often been the most advanced attacker in the side, something ill-suited to any of their skill-sets.

A fully fit Sturridge is capable of breaking records, and, considering his side have been breaking all the wrong kinds recently, particularly in respect of goals scored, they just cannot afford to cast aside such an expert provider of football’s most valuable commodity.

Once he has negotiated his way through his mid-season pre-season, Sturridge will return and categorically will score goals. He always does. Could the same be said of any other player in the Liverpool squad? If it could, there might not be such a need for persisting with Sturridge, but it can’t. For that reason alone, Klopp must persist with this most prolific of problems.

Dan Holmes

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    • At this moment, I think it would be crazier to buy him for £25m.
      Of course, you should never underestimate the number of crazy
      people involved in professional football.

      • given the TV deal, there will be a lot more Premier League clubs who can afford to splash 25 mil on a oft injured world class striker w/ a hope and prayer of staying up

    • Personally I think he’s past the point of no return . Don’t think he will ever be fit for more than 5 games max at a time. It’s a waste of resources that could be used else where. Would rather sell and buy someone in summer and bring up one of the youth team boys till then.

      • I fear you’re right, but optimistically call last chance saloon. As scoring from the physio room or even bench is forbidden in association football, I would sell if he pulls up again less than 10 games into his return from injury. I’d make an exception for the consequences of a devastating tackle; preferably one I witnessed myself.

      • Like we have done the last 3 years and all of our strikers have been MISS?!


        • That’s the club’s fault. We have had ample money and time to get in a quality striker but have failed on all accounts

          • Yup which begs the question.. why is the transfer committee and structure still the same? Surely FSG wanted a DOF pre Bodgers and now hes gone, Klopp worked under one at BVB…

            I doubt Ian Ayre, Mike Gordan and Co actually can spot talent.. real talent.. Last high profile buy that worked out for us was 3 years ago in Suarez… and he was found under Rafa and scouted by Daglish…

            Personally would love to see Rafa as a DOF had a good eye for talent and getting deals done. Also would be great to see Carr involved in some capacity. I have doubts on Gerrard ability to spot talent given his comments in the past about overrated players – Joe Cole better than Messi was awful..

    • The only club crazy enough to pay £25m for Sturridge right now is us.

      If he was fit and firing all the time £25m would be a serious bargain for any club.

      I just wish we could get 30+ games a season out of him. Maybe if the good times come back so will his fitness. He didn’t seem to struggle in 13-14. Just sayin.

      • our only hope is that if somehow Klopp and his time manage to to find a way to manage DS better so that he plays alot more games. Only time will tell but history is not on our side in this respect but , as the article alludes, we dont have much choice currently other than try.

        • I think Brendan had a way of getting the best from him for periods… Whatever he did, we need to know and Klopp needs to implement it again.. Question being, are they doing anything different, and if they are, why has Sturridge not spoken up.

          • Playing alongside Suarez and being in with a chance of winning the league might have had a lot to do with it. (tongue firmly buried in cheek!)

      • At this point, I would just be happy if we could get him fit to atleast play the top half of the table.

      • “He didn’t seem to struggle in 13-14.”

        i heard a lot of that was down to his rivalry w/ Luis Suarez. I.e., he can push through the pain barrier when he wants to.

      • if he was a Rolls Royce in a constantly broke down state you could probably get good money for him for parts, unfortunately he’s not and therefore is more or less unsellable his contract should have been on games played given his record but we are Liverpool and we are now known as the suckers of world football, any team selling a player worth about 5 million well sell him to Liverpool F.C for 25 million, what a joke, and if we get 25 million for Sturridge then I will change my name to red manure

    • It would be better to sell Benteke and maybe Origi if we want some people off the wage bill. Origi’s potential is highly exaggerated and Benteke isn’t good enough for a 140k/week striker. A fit Ings and a new striker like Icardi is the way to go while hoping that Sturridge can play some sort of impact role at some point in the season. Add in a goalscoring winger like Yarmalenko and that solves our goal scoring problems.

      • I agree with most of it except for selling Origi. There’s something about that boy. He’s surprised me. Certainly a work in progress, but I’m keen to see the final product in a couple of seasons time.

        • Yes I thought he would be a dud to be honest but he looks better than I thought he’d be, maybe not a top poacher but certainly better all round game than i expected

        • Can’t say I disagree which is why I said maybe. If we get a good offer, it would be ridiculous not to at least think about it. But yes, I hope he comes good.

        • Benteke would make anybody look good, even Sturridge if he could drag himself out and suffer a little would be an improvement on Benteke, one thing is now crystal clear, bodgers has left us in the very unenviable position of carrying the most expensive bunch flops ever put together

      • I really don’t see selling Origi as a benefit, he certainly isn’t going to command o fee worthy of a sale…. But if we could free up Sturridge’s £150k a week wage, even without a transfer fee, I would be happy.

        • It does, doesn’t it. I’d rather have a striker who scores goals consistently than someone who goes on a drought and scores may be a hat trick or 2 each season.

      • 140k a week????? That’s how much he’s making atm?? Wat a fooking deal he’s got. I say sell him.. I’d rather see anyone else but him there.. good player, just doesn’t work for our style.

      • How old is Origi? If I could get £50 million for Sturridge and Benteke combined, they’d be gone tomorrow. I want players who can play, and play the way Klopp wants them to play. There has to be undiscovered gems out there somewhere.

    • As sad as it is to say, I think like most fans I give Daniel Sturridge till end of the season to prove he should be a Liverpool player going into next season. If an offer of 30 million or more comes in, consider it clearly. If its 40 million or more, then sell.

      That sounds incredibly short of faith I know, but given his ongoing injuries has been for several seasons now, he is no longer a player I believe Liverpool can build their entire team on this year and beyond. The player himself has admitted that because the former pros in his family have also suffered the same issues in the same parts of the their bodies, the problem could be hereditary – genetic muscular issues. Liverpool cannot expect to hedge their bets behind someone who can’t fire on all cylinders, or can only do it once or twice out of every 10 games the club plays. Especially not as one of the club’s top earners – that is fitting the very definition of “luxury player.” The money men on the business side of the club have to consider any Return on Investment into what they’ve already spent to have Sturridge at Liverpool, a windfall at this point.

      So please Daniel, stop rocketing those goals in soon – our collective hopes all depend on it, given our current malaise in front of goal.

          • Yep :) I don’t think WBA intend to let him go. So if we really want to get him, we’d probably have to go really high with the offer. Like we did with Lallana, Lovren, Benteke,…

          • I don’t think so – Pulis has barely played him and they bought Rondon in the summer window very late on.

            Pulis won’t stand for his attitude – to be fair he was promised if a top 6 club came in with a 20m bid they would let him go and TOT did and the chairman did go back on his word…

            Now would be the time to get him whilst his value is low – 15-18M would be a snip considering the modern day prices where we actually paid 16M for a lazy incompetent Balo…

          • The problem I fear is more complicated than that. It’s like when Van Gaal left De Gea out of the squad and eventually got him to sign the new contract. I think Pulis does have plans for him, but Berahino does not want to be in his plans, so Pulis is teaching him a lesson. Or at least trying to.

          • Maybe but how many times do the players change their mind and continue playing as opposed to leaving or forcing through moves?

            Unfortunately players have the power as we saw with sterling and suarez. De gea had packed up and was ready for Madrid until Perez decided fax machine would be the best technology.

            I don’t see Beharino changing his stance. He was lied to and given false hope.

          • I would honestly say to Pulis – here is Enrique as they wanted him and 16M please send us Beharino even if its loan with option to buy…

        • Overrated, though he has had the good sense to fire Aidy Ward as his agent, so that is one key difference of attitude.

          If there is one position right now which I want Liverpool to spend hard – possibly overspend, if they have to – is at forward: Get a world class striker. Someone with seasons of CL experience, of winning leagues and cups. My preference would be either Reus at Dortmund, Chicharito at Leverkusen or Jese at Madrid. All are still young, and far more seasoned than Berahino (and pretty much our entire squad). I don’t see any of them happening unfortunately, Chich because he just signed with Bayer, is scoring loads and being their top marketed player, and Jese because Zidane just became his new manager. Reus wants to stay in his hometown. So no way on all.

          If the Mario Gotze rumors have even an inkling of truth to them, then he would be my top choice. Worked successfully with Klopp before, knows how he wants to play, young but highly experienced – doesn’t get much better than having the guy who scored the game deciding goal to win the last World Cup as your new teammate. If converted to a full time striker, he could be even better than Aguero in my opinion.

          …Then again if we happened to get Robben, Ribery or Lahm instead [somehow], I would not complain one bit :D.

          • Mate we not even in the running for the B class strikers let alone the A ones….

            BVB won’t let Reus and Aub go – looks to be Aub in the summer for 60M to real.

            If Aub does end up at Real means we can realistically stand a chance with Jese. Also Hernandez isn’t a bad shout but hes thriving at Leverkuson so why would he come back?

    • Same here…except that there wasn’t much to report on a Sunday which is probably why this is the only article of the day and there’s 400+ comments already. :)

  1. It’s being reporrted that Liverpool have submitted a bid for Granit Xhaka.
    Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

  2. Nothing new, Dan Holmes. All said and heard before.

    An article about what he is doing outside Melwood, what songs he is listening to, what are his new cars in the garage, where does he go for a hair cut, what did he eat or drink last night — all these are worth filling the pages.

    As long as he is not playing, we dont want to read what he is not doing on the pitch.


  3. There is nothing else in his mind. To suggest that a player with this particular mind-set would ‘duck’ games just doesn’t hold any weight. Neither do claims that his injury problems are ‘psychological’, though it would be interesting to know how agonising a ‘psychologically’ torn muscle is.

    Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s revelation that he once had to convince Sturridge to play against Manchester United hardly softened anybody’s stance on the England frontman’s plight.

    You say there is nothing to suggest there is nothing to say sturridge would duck games then quote gerrard ,lets be right they had to nearly beg him despite him having nothing wrong with him

    • But Sturridge was complaining of a thigh/hip problem which in the end has kept him out for months and needed corrective surgery in Boston in the end! Gerrard in the end was wrong in questioning a player when there was a undiagnosed problem which our medical team wasn’t finding.

        • It was thigh niggle that Sturridge was complaining about to the physio’s but they told Gerrard they couldn’t find anything!

          • Hamstring Injury 2014 April 13th
            2013 November 29thHip/Thigh Injury
            2013 November 9thHip/Thigh Injury
            2013 September 1st Hip/thigh injuy
            (Physio room website)

            Missed 9 league games in total.

          • missed nine league games he does not play 9 league games anymore
            and i am glad you only put that seasons injuries on if you put them all on its like reading war and peace

          • You would see the recurring thigh/hip injuries which Man City, Chelsea and us failed to treat properly.

          • Could be! They just patched him up and sent him back out the opposite of what Klopp is now trying.

          • No the Liverpool staff had a plan for Sturridge not to over train him and give him rest after a game which England ignored!
            Could say the opposite of what Klopp is now trying but without the game time.

        • Actually he played through an injury for till about early December,then he got an injury that kept him out till Jan,and another injury that kept him out in March,an injury that kept him out in September,and basically from there on we know the story!!so by playing through an injuryfor that early parts of the 2013-2014 campaign,might have contributed to us nearly winning the title,it is also the cuase of the crippled sturridge we have today!!

        • are you saying Gerrard was lying or are you just unable to accept the fact that when it comes to lifting his wages Sturridge has a very strong brass neck.

          • Playing on such injuries has lead to what exactly? Gerrard offered an opinion on a situation! The subsequent injuries show Sturridge had every reason to doubt whether he was able to play. Hamstring injuries can’t be feigned- the damage show on scans, hip surgery can’t be feigned.

            Your ignorance of such matters is matched only by your brass neck to write such nonsense.

  4. I have another theory about Dan. It is that he actually enjoys reading articles like this , and there are many , that he is the savior of LFC and that when he is fit and plays the world is wonderful and nothing is beyond the club and what we can achieve. Maybe Dan gets more of a thrill from that than actually playing. Agree totally with the point about Coutinho resorting to numerous 30 yard shots as his personal protest at lack of intelligent movement in front of him.

  5. I was having this discussion with a mate yesterday, he says he’ll go in the summer I say Id like to keep him. It’s a well made point about his fitness, an equally well made point about his ability.

    My arguement is that he was relatively injury free with Suarez as a partner. Does anyone else agree? Almost like not having the pressure to perform everything on his own seemed to allow him a break in game and not heap strain on his obviously fragile legs. I sit here wondering if the answer is Firmino? Either as a partner in a more orthodox 4-4-2, maybe we could re-visit the diamond, or in a 4-3-3 have couthino left, sturridge though the middle and firmino right like Neymar, messi and Suarez? It might work well? Firmino and sturridge could swap in and out, he did used to be a winger, there’s scope for origi to play right, Ibe, kent, markovic, lallana, Ojo can all swap in any of the wider roles, Sinclair origi and ings can play though the middle. Has to be scope to at least try something with Danny instead of casting him aside. If we played with a front three who could play wide and narrow quite easily in game we could get another body in midfield to help protect the defence then let the wingbacks get forward?

  6. It’s all quite simple. The last preseason Daniel had was in 2013. He went on to play 33 games that season, scoring 24 goals and clocking 7 assists. Every single time we rushed him to be fit as we were in dire need of him.

    Klopp tried to do the same as he saw his instant quality. But got the same result: niggles and small injuries. So they decided to do the one smart thing: have him do a preseason. Make his body strong.

    He’ll be ready in a month and he should be ready to play a lot of games and that guarentees you goals.

    It’s not an enigma, it’s proper fitness management.

    • Spot on mate, you see mon you are improving big time, but i can’t say the same for the players, and some fans on here, who are reasoning with their emotions more than anything else.

        • My point was miracle do happened, so i am not going to right him off just yet, he has contributed to the club far more than, Ings, Flanno, and Gomez did, he has never missed on entire season with injury since he has join us.

          • No, but the longer these things go on, the more time the club suffers, and this is a club, not a one man team… Ings and Origi are our future… Sorry to say so, because I love Sturridge the actual footballer, but time is up..

          • What have those players demonstrated you, for you to make that claim? Stan you are getting way ahead of yourself, when those players come back from injury they might not be the same player, especially Ings, Klopp might end up selling them.

          • Of course, its a risk, but where as Sturridge has been injury riddle his entire career, youth aswell…. , this is Ings first serious injury, so I would rather bet on him, than a man with Sturridges shocking history.

          • Just a thought,w while you wait around for miracles, what should the club do about the football matches?

    • Are you really trying to suggest that we’ve been rushing him all this time for the last year and half and that’s the big reason behind his fitness issues? Not having any of that sorry.

      • You can choose to not have it. But the truth is that he only had a preseason in 2013. And his fitness was, Sturridge wise, very good that season.

        • If lack of preseason and recovery was the big reason behind him getting injured everytime then the club would have discovered that surely…what you’re implying here is that we rushed him back each and every time which led to his injuries. That’s simply not true, if that is what you’re implying.

          • The only thing what we know for sure that when he had one he was relatively okay, played 33 games. Then he went 2 seasons without one and he’s all banged up, time and again.

            Nothing is black and white, but the fact Klopp is granting him a preseason makes it a 1+1=2 for me.

          • No preseason in summer 2014? Hmm…there was the world cup and players did get rest and a minor pre-season did they not? Sturridge played Dortmund friendly without any problems…seemed alright playing S’ton and Tottenham as well at the start of the season. Issue first arose during international friendly and Hodgson ‘testing his resolve’.

            This stuff isn’t exactly new science is what I’m saying….some players get fatigued, others get minor injuries after summer competitions. If a player is injured over the summer due to a lengthy injury are they generally given their own pre-seasons? I think so…maybe not the 6-week one but definitely a mini pre-season to prove their fitness.

            That Klopp is deliberating now I fully understand and agree with. That injures over past 18 months could have been avoided if Sturridge was given pre-seasons/longer times to recover I highly doubt.

        • What about 2014? He went to the World Cup with England, played the first 2 games. He must have been ok because he started the season with us again playing the first 3 games in a week till that first injury with England. Things seem to go t!ts up after that. No doubt whatever Klopp is doing with him now will determine the rest of his season and then depending on that his Liverpool future.

  7. It’s even more incredible when you think that he reached that 50 goal mark without penos too.

    Dammit Danny.

    • He had suarez with him mate suarez gave him time that he will never have again look at coutinho he had acres of space and time when suarez was in our team now hes not
      defenders will give the odd yellow card away to try and stop your top player they used to kick lumps out of suarez now danny toffee legs is going to get kicked

        • yes of course he did suarez was and is in an entirely different league to sturridge and nobody can argue that point

          • How about the finishes against teams when Suarez hasn’t played? The goals against Southampton for starters?

          • come off it ones decent when hes fit which is getting about as often as santa comes down my chimney and the other is world class one of the best players ever to pull on the red shirt

          • You keep mentioning Sturridge had Suarez but dismiss the fact Sturridge still had to finish. Sturridge has shown in his time at Liverpool he’s an excellent finisher.

          • Nobody is disputing Dan’s ability as a finisher , however as a team player and impact on a football pitch he is a level below Luis Suarez. I also think LFC have deliberately “leaked” this story as the final chapter in the sorry saga.

          • Actually Carr does it was all down to Suarez! Even when Suarez was banned and left Sturridge carried on scoring! Only problem now is his injuries.
            Klopp has said patience with Sturridge.

          • With just Suarez under Kenny only 48 goals scored in the following season up until Sturridge joined only 31 goals in 20 games with Sturridge we scored another 40 goals in 18 games the following season with the SAS we scored 101 goals! The facts are with the SAS we scored more goals than with just Suarez by himself!
            In that time Suarez was scoring goals before Sturridge arrived but in a partnership Suarez’s goal tally and assist tally went through the roof!

          • yeah ok I get that but you are the manager and have enough cash to sign either Sturridge or Suarez who would you sign ? I’d plump for Suarez every time.

          • Yes we would take Suarez but in a partnership Suarez is more of a complete player.
            Personally I would want both!

  8. Rightly or wrongly I am hoping that Sturridge will be back at the latest for the match against the scum, and score the winner of course, not too much to ask for!

  9. As frustrating as it is, Sturridge is our best hope to return to CL…
    Sell him and what will we have left?
    I dont mind selling him if we get adequate replacement or all of a sudden Benteke lives up to his price tag.

  10. Look at Pato play, his style will fit in with Coutinho and Firmino much more than Benteke, he has much more ability and vision.

    • I know he isn’t he currently does not earn anything at all! What he gets paid or donated as the case may be is probably up there with those that are genuinely earning their daily bread!

    • I don’t think for one minute it is the end of the story! I think this story will run on a bit yet. How can you invest so much for so little then throw it away? As for selling him would you buy him with his track record of injuries…. The story continues!

      • Well we should sell him for any money we can get or let him go for free.. If he can’t play, he’s of no use for us, plus false hope.. Plus the wages..

        • Well yes when there is no possibility of salvaging something the clever people need to be looking at his contract and how to reduce costs and get him off the books. Someone somewhere in FSG will be calling the shots on this as it is hitting the bottom line…. They are not owners of Liverpool FC for losing dosh are they?

        • We can only let him go for free if he agrees terms with a club willing to take him, nobody will match what we’re paying him so why would he want to leave…

  11. A story for all LFC supporters. “Daniel Sturridge” as the princess, in Hans Christian Andersen’s, “The Princess and the pea.” A story of a girl which complains of bruises and says she was unable to play 90 min because of something hard pressing down on her tampon.

  12. The only way another club would ever give us £25mil for Danny is if he came back fully fit and went on a sustained run of games and scoring goals (between now and the end of the season as an example) but the catch twenty two is that if he did that why would we would we want to sell him. If we have another stop/start four months of fitness issues with the lad we only really have two options, sell him cheaply which is offset by the fact that we acquired him cheaply and it frees up his wages or simply persevere with the status quo and hope for the best. If nothing changes the first option will become increasingly likely in the summer, the second option just isn’t sustainable..

    • I think we used our ” once-in-a-lifetime lottery” ticket getting 50 mill for crocked Torres, that wont happen again. I think this story indicates a thumbs down from Klopp who has no personal investment , in that he didn’t bring him to the club, who I reckon has made a decision on Dan’s mindset.

      • It might not be that simple, he won’t go to another club unless they’re prepared to match what we’re paying him. I think everyone would be happy if he was available for most of the games and having an impact but at the moment he’s doing neither, the next four months will probably determine his future at the club..

    • Even if Sturridge is fully fit and went on a sustained run of games and scoring goals and we decided to sell him…. I doubt any top Club would sign him knowing his injury history. It has to be 1 or 2 full seasons without serious injury that any club would show signs of interest for him.

      Presently thats where we are- LFC cannot get decent monies (or any other monies) for him if they have to let go now.

      If its about freeing the wage bill, Again it is very unlikely that an angel club will be available to enherit our headache on a player that they cannot field when they need him. Infact that club would be worse off than us knowing insurance firms will be more stringent with terms because of the well known injury record than they were on us at the time we were signing him

      Meanwhile he is a Liverpool player until his contract runs out. We just have to accept and deal with it that way.

  13. Let’s be perfectly honest here! Yes, he’s a big girls blouse but, when his names on the sheet we’re a different team. Hopefully Klopp will get to the bottom of his issues and he’ll be back on the field again. A fit Studge is as good as anyone in the league.

    • think we’re a different team when we drop Benteke, think we’ll be good enough as long as we replace DS with a reliable mobile 20 plus goals a season striker.

      • Agree completely about Benteke. He’s just a hindrance to us. On Studge tho, I feel Klopp will sort his head out where I believe most of his issues are!

  14. We can’t afford to get rid of our only striker who reliably scores goals. It would be different if we had 2/3 10-15 goal strikers or maybe one 20+ goal striker.

    Do we have any of those? Eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrmm no.

      • My point is, he’s not taking anyone’s spot is he? If you had to get rid of a striker you’d probably get rid of the less senior/ability ones before sturridge

        • I know it’s not my money, but surely we should be able to get a player on 100k+ a week who might actually show up for work. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sturridge, but saying he is not taking anyone’s spot is wrong. He might be earning someone else’s wages.

          • That’s the crux of the whole debate. While Sturridge is there not playing on high wages we can’t bring in another top striker. So for the past 2 seasons we have had to “make do”. I rate him highly but cant honestly see him playing more than a handful of games now unfortunately

          • I wouldn’t trust us to sign a decent striker, benteke was meant to be our top top striker. We can afford it. We’re one of the richest clubs in the world and constantly getting richer.

            Dunkin donuts!

          • Rodgers got a hell of a lot of the platers he wanted allen benteke lovren lallana ect wher all rodgers signings for sure

          • But we missed a lot due to too much haggling. You might be right, but i wouldn’t put it passed them

          • yes we did but the ones we missed hardly set the world alight apart from maybe william but i think he was using us

          • since when have you ever been a supporter of “offloading” players due to high wages? ;) Remember how that went the last time around. Kuyt, Agger and Reina. 3 players who were supposedly high wage earners and offloaded for reasons cited as wage restrictions and injury record. All 3 in our current squad would have instantly made us a better squad today. I am dead against this line of thinking. Non performance or misconduct are the only 2 reasons I would accept for selling a player.

          • I said this before, if we go onto win the league cup, he’d have already made his contribution to us getting there by winning us the soton game. When he plays, he scores. When he plays, and doesn’t score and then gets injured, we can sell him.

          • Mathew Chapter 6 verse 4 until every player on the Liverpool wage bill which bodgers had anything to do with is gone only then will the jonah that bodgers became will be gone for ever, and those who truly love the club and don’t believe in mediocrity will give a sigh of relief, and joy and belief will once more grace Anfield, amen

          • I know the feeling but under the present owners and the austerity that goes with them we have to believe in miracles

          • I do believe in miracles..just not “divine” ones. I am more positive now under Klopp than I was before. I feel, Klopp can work better under the austerity and system the owners have in place. Better fit.

          • Would you not rather pay a to player top wages to play for us,£7 million a year wages goes a long way

          • You miss the point! I am not responsible for such issues and nor are you? You have no insight to the finances governing the position of players at the club so why should it be a concern of yours? You do what to support Liverpool FC? Scrawl with your wax crayon on here and make out you are a finance director? Run along!

          • This is a forum. People are here to voice their opinions and that includes whether or not they agree with the way the club is run- financially or otherwise. Fans of ALL clubs in ALL sports do that. He has made valid points yet you’re getting offended because he doesnt agree with you. If you don’t agree with what he’s saying, give your own argument but since you’re obviously not capable of doing that, simply ignore it. I’ll take Carr’s opinion over some fanboy who doesn’t know squat about the bigger picture, any day

          • Nice little butt in! I am hardly offended by CARR71. However, you can take his opinion any day, all day and every day and enjoy! You can’t read I gave my point and that is he or I can’t control the finances of the club… You incapable of reading and understanding basic English? You have read far too many posts of CARR71. Put that in your bigger picture!

      • At the risk of boring the younger members of this forum there was a time when this great club actually won Championships and a player with Dan’s dismal history would have been shown the door a long time previously.

  15. i think Benteke is a bigger concern. i can wait for an injured striker to score again but i´m quite fed up to wait on a fit striker to score again.

  16. I would give him one last chance and maybe this is what Klopp is thinking. If he has this mini pre season and the medical team say he is 100% fit he’s either going to come back and go on a sustained run or he’s going to break down again either because he’s extremely unlucky or too fragile for the premier league or as many suspect will use the slightest niggle as an excuse for a long rest and 150k while i watch tv thank you very much. If he doest doesn’t go on a long run in the team when he comes back that’d be it for me. Sell him and watch him score 40 a season for one of our rivals ( sob sob). Do i sound confused? Goodness knows how Klopp is thinking.

    • Klopp is always telling us what he is thinking (good squad, training before transfers, etc.). Too bad that so many fans don’t want to believe he means what he says ;)

  17. well the over-psychological explanation will say that he is scared not to stand for his goal scoring reputation and this is why he avoids playing…but this is psychological mambo jambo

  18. Its a simple equation, we need him on the filed more often than not, if Klopp feels that it’s not going to happen, either to fragile mentally or physically he need to be off loaded. Nobody has ever questioned his obvious talent, but its no use to us in the treatment room.

  19. You don’t sell your best forward unless you have bought a better one. He is our best player by a mile and unless we are in possession of a better forward, he isn’t going anywhere. It will be our biggest mistake after spending the suarez money on a 100 million squad enhancement program instead of getting 1-2 quality players in. Unless Origi, Ings or benteke have some hidden world class potential we shall see in due course, I find talk of selling studge a bit ludicrous.

      • Doubt he will sold before the summer. And even if we did, the reason will be unsuitability or non performance not wages or injury record. This way, first Studge, then Sakho, then who else do we sell?

        • I was hoping the rumours about Chelsea wanting him were true ~ give Klopp some funds to start on the rebuild ~ who do we sell ?? more like who do we keep, I was thinking not too many.

          • I’d keep- Hendo, Studge, Couts, Moreno, Clyne, Sakho, Lucas and Skrtel for sure. Lucas and Skrtel because they’re the only ones apart from Hendo who have experience of winning something at this club, not elsewhere or experience of winning period. And because they’d be good squad players for dressing room environment as well. Lovren and Lallana depending how this season goes for them (looking good for Lovren, not so good for Lallana), and I would keep all of this year’s signings because on principle I believe they all get one season to acclimatize. I’ll judge them next season. Just personal opinion, I know it might not pan out that way. Depending on availability of world class goalie, established unquestionable quality mind you and not another world class potential guy with a good season or two under his belt, I would either keep or sell Migs. I would also be okay with keeping Lallana if we are selling Allen because he then automatically becomes the squad player. This way we maintain some squad stability as well, and don’t have to go wasting precious funds on replacing a squad player.

            Order of business for me is- World class goalie if available otherwise rather spend funds elsewhere. Second priority is a fiesty, thug of a DM. That guy and lucas provide enough depth for the spot. For midfield, I won’t like to spend unless couts is sold, then obviously another quality buy is necessary but otherwise, outgoings are more important than incomings. Allen and tex being the main outgoings I guess. A Howedes in for the out going Toure, instantly settles our defence as skrtel filters down to the toure role, and Howedes becomes the first choice CB if all goes well. Lastly, one winger is important. Rest in strikers, depending on injuries, form and availability of quality strikers in the mkt, we could buy or sell.

          • Looking at it I’d keep Origi, Coutinho, Firmino, Can, Henderson, Lucas, Sakho and Lovren of the current starters, I’d hope Flanno could take over from Clyne and be prepared to look at Ward, McClaughlin, Ings, Gomez, Markovich, Ilori,Yesil, Ibe and the youngsters. Definitely need a proper goalkeeper, left back and a mobile reliable striker who fits Klopps style of play, hopefully Ings could do that job but he’d need 20 plus goals a season as well.

  20. “Once he has negotiated his way through his mid-season pre-season, Sturridge will return and categorically will score goals.”

    How do you know he will return?? There’s 5-10% chances he will return..

  21. What a load of rubbish.

    Only 2 stats matter –

    Since Suarez left this wimp Miss Sturridge has scored-

    2014/15 – 4 goals in 12 games
    2015/16 – 2 goals in 5 games

    For that disgrace he gets paid more than Alexis Sanchez.

    Wise up. Without Suarez taking all the nasty tackles, and making the space for Sturridge to ghost in, he’s floundered and thrown in the towel. Rodgers, Klopp and Gerrard have all questioned his cajones.

    Klopp’s supposed to be after £25m. Dream on. No club will pay that, or even match his wages, so Miss Sturridge will just sit out the next few years laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Suarez only scored 4 goals in 13 games when he first arrived!
      11 goals in 31 goals 11/12 season
      13 goals in 18 games 12/13 season
      with Sturridge at Anfield
      10 goals in 14 games rest of 12/13 season
      31 goals in 33 games 13/14 season
      24 goals in 49 games before Sturridge
      41 goals in 47 games with Sturridge
      You only like telling half of the Suarez/Sturridge story he was no where near as prolific a goal scorer at Anfield until Sturridge arrived!

      • I won’t talk about Suarez singlehandedly ripping Manu to shreds and Kuyt robbing 3 of his goals off the line in his 1st few weeks here.

        Ok, I give in, you’re right, Sturridge made Suarez look good! Ha ha ha ha :)

        • Talking goals aren’t you????
          Still only 4 goals in 13 games!
          Sturridge and Suarez was a partnership which fans like you can’t accept!

          • So how do you explain that since the SAS broke up –

            Sturridge has scored 9 goals in 23 games


            Suarez has turned a struggling Barcelona into Spanish and European Champions scoring 51 goals in 71 games.

            Do you not think your ideas are a bit deranged?

          • Suarez scored 11 goals in 31 games before Sturridge!!! Your ideas are deranged want to give Suarez all the credit!

          • Sturridge was fully fit in Brazil.

            Suarez was barely fit in Brazil.

            Who scored the most?

            What you’re saying just doesn’t stack up does it? :)

          • What???? Now your talking about England!!!!
            Talking Suarez’s stats before Sturridge arrived at LIVERPOOL!
            You seem to forget that Suarez made a fool of himself again at that World Cup!!!! Doesn’t really matter how many goals he scored he’s only remembered for how many teeth he sunk into Chellini!!!

          • What’s a little nip off Suarez got to do with his ability to play and score?

            Give me a rough tough fighter like Suarez over a fairy like Sturridge any day.

  22. Either the guy is fit enough for him to continue his career as a professional footballer or he is not. The medical experts should advise the club one way or the other and, if not, terms should be worked out to pay up his contract. This is what would happen in any other professional capacity?

  23. I think we are stuck with him who would pay 25 million plus his 150 thousand a week wages. I agree with klopp his injuries are not as bad as he makes out to be. If we could get rid of him we should 6 or 7 games a season on that sort of wages is not good enough

  24. Where do you get your stats from?

    Sturridge hasn’t even scored 50 goals in all competitions for LFC, let alone 50 league goals. And if you are talking about his first 50 league goals for all clubs, he is still well behind Suarez, Torres & co.

    Yes he has a great goal scoring record for LFC, but let’s actual wait for him to score his 50th goal before you start spruking about it!!!

  25. I’m as frustrated by the injuries as anyone. However, any talk of selling Sturridge at this point is pure stupidity.

  26. This man Dan Holmes article has made a lot of sense, as some on here and other quarters think otherwise, because their idiotic emotions have over come their analysis of the player, As the article rightly put it, none of the others with all that amount of transfered money spent, still not producing sh*****t on the field, just 1 correction to this article Holmes he is on equal salary with Benteke, which 120 pw , the other 30 that people claimed he is getting is appearance based, which he has not been doing lately, the owners are not idiots but smart business people.

    • so he just getting £6,2400000 a year of us for not playing then thats ok then feel a lot better
      that will be just £1.5 million a league goal last season and £3 million a goal this season so far fantastic value for money

      • While Danny Ings, is getting 3,380,000,00, Flanno,1,820,000,00, Gomez 520,000, all of whose contributions and talents for the club is very very minimal, compared to Sturridge, Firmino, 5,200,000,00, nothing, Benteke, 6,240,000, can’t even start to consecutive games, with 3 strikers out even though he is 100% fit .

        • benteken as out scored sturridge this season whats your point yes hes not great but at least we can put him on th pitch when we need to

          • And the others? Who are collecting a ton of money as well, are that isn’t considered a waste for you? How convenient.

  27. lfc have been incredibly lenient with studge.
    Any other injured players would have been shipped out the next window

  28. Whatever the reason wether it’s physical or physiological it still boils down to the same end result, and that is, he hardly ever plays This fella can’t even train without getting injured. I support Liverpool Footnball Club. Not an individual. It’s a team game. He is a burden to the team. Get shut!

    • Why sell him, no one will pay a good price. Just keep him around, having him is not stopping us buying more players.

  29. David Ngog scored 5 & 2 in his last 2 LFC seasons.

    Miss Daniel Sturridge scored 4 & 2 in his last 2 LFC seasons.


    • Phil Neal managed 650 appearances for The Reds. He was an ever present for nine consecutive seasons, racking up 417 games without interruption.

      His record was ended in 1983 when he was forced to miss three due to injury, but returned and played another 127 games on the run. He is the club’s most decorated player and competed in five European Cup finals and a UEFA Cup Final, only finishing one of them on the losing side.

      Neal played in arguably the most successful and dominant Liverpool side of all time. The team rarely changed and if you lost your place for any reason, you faced real battle to win it back. Phil was acutely aware of this and so desperate was he to play for The Reds, he actually played with a fractured cheek bone on one occasion and a broken toe on the other.

      In the case of the latter injury he played on for six weeks by wearing a bigger boot on the affected foot. Ronnie Moran fashioned a plaster cast for his toe and Neal never missed a days training. Daniel Sturridge take note this is the very definition of mental toughness.

      • Brilliant!

        I won’t even talk about seeing Suarez with blood oozing out of his thigh where he got studded, not only finishing the game but unbelievably back out playing 3 days later.

      • So he should play on through his injuries? great logic. The guy very obviously loves playing and if he could he would. People should get off his back.

        • Did not do Neal any harm did it
          Gerry bryne put the team first in the cup final its what legends do they go the extra mile when other will not go an inch

          • Thats sorted then means we have no one out for the next game, they will all play through there injuries, looking forward to seeing ings and gomez back.

  30. Rather than look for conspiracies or attitude problems – the medical team should look at Sturridge holistically to see what is causing his problems.

    Whatever the stats he has a pretty prolific record for us. We could buy a striker who gets us the same amount of goals in 3 times the number of games – i.e Benteke.

    The writer is correct in the assertion that Sturridge playing changes the dynamic of the team and actually gives an outlet for Coutinho. At the current moment we have ended up with 3 no.10’s which is ensuring congestion and confusion in the top of the field, it also slows down the time it takes to get the ball to Benteke. You have a big lump of a man waiting for a cross and by the time we get it to him he tries to join in the passing and the move break downs! Its comical how many times it happens but we carry on trying to do the same thing over and over again.

  31. Would it be impossible to bring Torres back from Atletico? I mean, he’s already 31, shouldn’t be that hard to get, plus I’m almost certain he would score more goals than any of our fit strikers. The only problem is that I don’t know if he wants to finish his career in Madrid of if we would be willing to come…

  32. The only reason you all are on and on about Sturridge, is the fact that the club has now found itself over reliant on him, which shouldn’t be, the owner, the committee and Brendan new of Sturridge problems before the start of the season, hence the reason why so much money was spent on strikers and forwards, and if these now millionaires are doing what they are paid for while being fit and playing, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now, you all need to get off the player back, support and pray for his recovery as a liverpool player, instead of trastizing the player, because he is not deliberately injuring himself, its no fault of his, blame Brendan for not solving this problem that the entire world new, before the start of the season, not Sturridge.

  33. I’d say give him next summer’s pre season to get to full fitness, see how it goes in 16/17 season. Otherwise sell in january, him not playing is not really a option given his wages. but nobody wants to see him leave either, so its probably time to start drawing some lines for him to prove himself usefull

  34. We wouldn’t get £25 quid for him at the present time, the only team who would spend big money on a crocked player on big wages is Liverpool.

      • With Ayre, Gordon and the transfer committee still there I don’t think much will change when it comes to transfers mate.

        • It will. Everyone talks about the restrictions Rodgers had but no one discusses the situation FSG had. Rodgers wasn’t a good enough name to attract top players, period. Klopp changes that

          • Such utter garbage!!! A name to attract players. Players transfer for money primarily. Liverpool don’t pay as much as the other big 4. That’s reality. City have Augeroo and co because of MONEY no other reason. Diego Costa turned us down in 2013 because liverpool didn’t offer enough wages- no other reason.

          • Benteke on 140k a week. Milner on 150k a week, we could easily have got better players for less than that. You just dont want to hear anything bad about your messiah, Bodgers who has singlehandedly landed us in this mess despite having the most resources in this club’s history.

          • It’s got nothing to do with Rodgers or any other manager. You are talking childish fantasy. Who are these better players we could get? James Milner was free! His wage is equivalent to a youth player because there is no fee- weak argument.

          • So just because someone’s free, we should sign them up? Grow up, you’re embarrassing yourself.
            We needed to sign players like Kondogbia and Bodgers was too busy signing someone in central midfield who has never been good in that role.

          • Where did I say that??? It’s like debating with a child.
            Kondogobia is completely unproven in the premier league. Milner is completely proven in the premier league. We have more than enough unproven players because of Fsg transfer strategy without adding another.

          • This Premier League proven argument is bull. We needed a DM, not a CM. Kondogbia would have been a huge success

          • Really that’s interesting considering both Rodgers and now Klopp (regularly) play with 2 men central midfield rather than use Dms but sure obviously you know more about what is needed rather than 2 profesional coaches!!!!!!!

          • And seriously, I’m done arguing with you. I thought Bodgers’ sycophants like you would go back crawling into your caves but you still have serious ba lls coming up with new Bull each time.

  35. I think a pool would be useful on this subject
    Would you sell sturridge if we could get £20 million for him would be interesting

      • Benteke IS a top striker. No striker in the world could thrive in this awful team, Milner has created more chances than Coutinho this season, 31 compared to “the little magician’s” 26, Benteke isn’t far behind with 19 chances created.

        Our problem isn’t Benteke, our problem is the lack of quality around him.

          • We should change our players because they are not good enough. Lallana is absolute trash, Coutinho only has his reputation because he’s Brazilian, James Milner has created more than him and nobody is swooning over him.
            Ibe is not ready or good enough to start for a club of our ambitions.

            We’re 8th because with players like this it’s exactly where we deserve to be.

          • We’ve scored a pathetic 22 goals so far this season, Benteke scored 6 of them. Yes he should have a few more but our problems are much deeper than who’s playing up front. The team is not good enough and it’s as simple as that.

          • Agreed. Its not good enough. Which is why a new spine is needed and that includes a new striker

      • Taking mkt inflation into account, 40 mil don’t get you a “top top top” striker. It’ll get you the next rung.

        • Top, top, top strikers wont be available anyway. Ibrahimovic might be, on a free though so he’ll be the cheapest “top, top” striker. Plenty of consistent and prolific strikers are available for less than 40m, though

          • Name them and I’ll tell you how they’ll fail gigantically at Liverpool or won’t come even with all the klopp magic.

          • Icardi- less than 30m. If we’re in the CL, he can come easily.
            Lacazette- recently quoted at 22m. Has lost his recent form but he still has talent and would fit in better than Benteke.
            Personally a big fan of Charlie Austin. Not sure if he’d work but I like him and he has great confidence. 15m tops
            Ibrahimovic on a free would be possible with CL.
            These names are just at the top of my head. Plenty of other talent to be found elsewhere as well. We need to learn from other clubs. Griezmann/Dybala cost 22m while we were busy buying Balotelli and Benteke. And these were players our scouts had been monitoring, mind you.

          • Icardi last I heard was quoted around 35 mil. But that was a while ago. Lacazette is second rung. Young exciting talent not proven quality. This is what I mean exactly. This will be a repeat of Suarez 2.0 I have no doubt. And if we are going to buy these young guys with burgeoning reputations, then by all means let’s buy them first, give them a season or two to see if they’re showing the form we paid for and THEN sell studge. What people are saying about selling studge is the equivalent of selling your house of 5 yrs for the promise of swanky Beverly hills mansion, which is 2 yrs away from completion (if it even is up for sale) and living on the streets with nowhere to go until then.

          • Thats why I said we shouldnt necessarily sell Sturridge and focus instead on selling Benteke to free up the wage bill. Not a bad striker, just average and will improve only under a different system so there’s no use keeping him. Best for both parties. I hope Sturridge can pull a Van Persie down the role.

    • Bite the fools hand off!

      Not going to happen. No club will match his wages. He’ll sit out his contract, probably make the usual miraculous recovery in the final season.

      • i would take the money straight away its beyond a joke now just interested to know how many others would
        What could klopp do with a extra £20 million and big wages for a player to pay

    • I say keep him. He is the one player in our squad I would say is or is on the verge of becoming world class.
      He hasn’t had a pre-season in nearly 3 years, and that I believe has been his biggest problem recently. Under Rodgers he was rushed back – understandably. Klopp has already dealt with a player who had/has similar circumstances. Reus is one of the best players in the world and has one of the worst injury records. I’m sure Klopp and his staff know how to handle Daniel better than the previous regime, mainly because they’ve experienced it before.

    • Keep. For next season especially, when he can go though a full pre-season.This season should be dedicated to sorting his problems with whatever apoearances he can safely manage. He’s a class above anyone else we could realistically get. The way he keeps prematurely announcing his return tells me that he too is desparate to return to action.

      • Say no more mate, Carry71 hasn’t realized what we have at our disposal, but he will come next season, we will be very lucky to get another Suarez in our squad again, and he is the closest to Suarez at the moment, so we persevere with him and see where that take us.

          • That’s up to the manager, who has asked us to “be patient with Daniel”. I figure this season will require a lot of patience as there are many problems to solve, hopefully the rewards will come next season.
            I have a lot of trust in Klopp especially after listening to a few extended interviews. What is especially striking is the respect that he has for the players. It’s a good antidote to some of the vitriol on these forums :)

    • I would rather sell Firmino, Lallana and Benteke, any day than Sturridge, i will keep Sturridge until he demonstrated that he cannot kick a ball anymore.

        • Well all they are doing is making up numbers on the field, i am absolutely sure we can find 3 players to replace them that would cost way less in transfer and salaries that would give us a better performance than what they are giving us right now.

          • Oh don’t you worry Stan we will soon enough, the wheels are in motion, you will see by the end of the next window, can’t say the same for Sturridge though, because they have tried and failed hence the reason why they are so many comments right now on this topic.

        • I think it is a valid opinion he made about selling those three. This message board is just opinions. And stating that no one takes you seriously is an arrogant bully comment …dude

    • Keep keep keep. Won’t sell even for a 100 mil. 2 reasons, when fit and in form( which is always when fit) he is among the most clinical strikers in the league (deny his world class ability or potential or mentality all you want. By you I mean people in general not you in particular) so there are only a handful of MORE clinical strikers than studge out there. And none of them are achievable for us even with 100 mil. I am absolutely sure of it. Maybe after 5 years of regular CL and a couple of PL trophies, we will have a shot at getting those strikers but Liverpool of today doesn’t. Keep your main asset until an absolutely better one is in your hand. That’s what Suarez sale taught me. Secondly, we don’t have a good track record of replacing players so I will take 2 games a season from sturridge rather than 10 from a striker who’ll just flounder around and become our next balo or aspas.

      All of that aside, yeah we won’t get 100 mil for him. It’s just an expression. All I’m saying is, bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Handicapped, blind in one eye bird even. It’s a bird. Alive. So a chance exists that it will get better. As opposed to two birds in the bush we have no guarantee of getting.

    • I reckon he will go for a lot less, after all there’s only one charity P L club and that is Liverpool F.C who would pay any where near £20 million for a crocked player like Sturridge.

  36. If he were fit he is the first name we would put on a team sheet.
    I think sturridge with firmino up front and coutinho behind would mean our goals scoring chances would sky rocket.
    When is sturridge back now. He announced 2 weeks ago on Twitter he was good to go.
    Any updates?

  37. It’s painful enough to hear about him picking up a new injury every week, but now we have to suffer through entire articles about him………………..I just pulled my hamstring reading that.

  38. get him fit for europa, may only need him for 5 games and he’s that good with a fit squad to win it……..

  39. Top rumours:

    Pato – probable
    Xhaka – possible
    Subotic – unlikely
    Denis Praet – possible

    EDIT: Sturridge fully fit for the rest of the season -laughable

  40. I recall a few comments in Gerrards’ autobiography about Sturridge, and it doesn’t fill me with anything other than a feeling of thanks, but see ya latter mate. All these injuries at this difficult time leads me to think of Sturridge more as a fair weather player, when the chips are down, he just doesn’t have that little bit of something that makes a player like Suarez fight through the pain..
    It was a period when Sturridge was injured (suprise) and was very veryu reluctant to put himself on the line, even when we really needed him.. It took alot of persuading and going to the medical staff on Gerrarrds part to finally get him to agree to have a go.. Low and behold, his inclusion was the big difference as they won that game comfortably..Sturridge scoring. I think now, with a new manager, and gerrard not playing anymore, there is no one left to help cajole him into playing, and certainly no player around with Gerrards aura…
    Hate to say it, but Sturridge is a luxury we don’t have time for…

    • Do you believe everything Gerrard said? Rafa came out and refute what Gerrard said about him, a lot more players in this squad, that are a luxury we can do without, or simple a waste of space when playing, might as well leave them at home, and use the some of the u21 players instead, whats the sense playing some of them when they are not contributing effectively on a consistent basis.

      • I would certainly put more stock in something said by someone who has been apart of the club since childhood over a man who left acrimoniously, like Rafa( whom, he called cold but a great tactician and not alot else)… Much like I put more stock in the words of Klopp or any person affiliated with the club than those that aren’t.

      • Tell me, heck, tell us, what exactly do you know of the situation, or any situation regarding the club and it’s players that isn’t second hand info… Do you have the managers ear? do you attend all the team meetings? what exactly do you know that Gerrard doesn’t, being a disciple an all….

  41. Wax poetic all you want about his abilities and what he has done in the past, if he can’t get fit enough or stay fit to play it doesn’t help the team one bit. In the mean time he gets paid in a week what it would take me three years to earn. Having a hard time feeling sympathetic toward him.

    • Needs patience not sympathy. Seems that Klopp wants him sorted and is giving him this season to do it with whatever support he needs. Sounds like the right approach to me.
      PS cracking game Spurs-Leicester. Hope Benteke was watching when Wasilewski the human bulldozer scored that header … it’s what I was hoping Benteke would be doing for us :p

  42. All this whinging about Sturridge is going to be interesting when he plays again and scores goals!! Will the whingers be happy liverpool are scoring goals or will they target a different player to whinge at???

    • We’d sell him Derek and than he’d come back and destroy us, keep him and manage game time when fit again

      • Exactly how much of a disaster would it be to sell him and have another club find away to keep him fit!!! Watching him score goals for another Pl team would be a disgust for me.

        • It wasn’t a disaster for City and Chelsea, why will it be a disaster for us? The guy simply can’t keep together. If you want us to progress, we must be ready to give up our present position..

          • You think City or Chelsea fans were happy watching Sturridge score 34 in his first 50 league games? Discarding the best striker in the league ( outside of Auguero) because of 15 months of injury is just plain shortsighted. The injuries are not the mans fault anybody suggesting otherwise knows nothing about injury.

          • To be honest derek kayoed is right. City and Chelsea haven’t given Sturridge a second thought.

          • That’s easy to say now- he has being out injured. When he was scoring for fun pre injury it wasn’t so straight forward. He is not broken- it’s up to the medical team to find out how to get him on the field. It will happen and when it does the morons abusing him on here will no doubt move on to abusing some other player.

          • Yeah that might be true BUT city and Chelsea fans on their forums and vlogs don’t seem to be concerned they gave up sturridge. City have had class strikers going in and out of their side, Tevez and Dzeko. They have Ageuro.
            I can’t see them thinking twice about Sturridge.
            Chelsea had Drogba and now have Costa. They certainly are smarting from letting go of Lukaka but not Sturridge. Sturridge doesn’t play to their system and when you think they let go of Lukaka, why would they even think about our Sturridge.

          • It’s time relative for fans!!
            What is the difference in Sturridge 13/14 and Lukaku now! Both were on fire in the given season!! You don’t think everytime Sturridge scored to keep us ahead of Chelsea in the title challenge they didn’t regret selling him??? The club itself did as they didn’t want to sell Bertrand to us the following summer. Rewind 15 months and judge Sturridge standing!!! Nobody knows if he will get that back but giving up after 15 months is premature.

          • No because they were in transition. they gave mourinho that season and City won. with or without sturridge Chelsea weren’t going to win.

          • :-) By that rational how would they worry about Lukaku then? Chelsea blocked liverpool from signing Bertrand after the Sturridge move for a reason.

          • Derek I’m telling you what know from their forums and Vlogs. The reason that Lukaka is a miss and not so much Sturridge is Chelsea play with a focal lone striker. A back to goal sort of striker who can run in behind. Sturridge doesn’t do that like Lukaka does AND lets face it Lukaka is pretty awesome and doing better then Costa. Sturridge ISN’T doing better then Costa, Costa is doing better then Sturridge. He has been since coming. So why would they miss Sturridge?

          • That’s a lot of monitoring of Chelsea’s blogs and forums there Nisreen to be able to know they miss Lukaku but have never missed Sturridge in the past 3 years!

            Your Sturridge / Costa comparison is interesting. How many goals Costa scored this season? Goals to games Sturridge is miles ahead- clearly Costa has not being better this season!!!

            It’s a ridiculous comparison in any case considering Sturridge has being injured for The majority of Costas time in England!!

          • Well you said it not me, he has been injured. why would Chelsea miss a player who is out injured all the time? why would they care about stats? stats don’t win you the PL and Costa helped Chelsea do that. Goals to games is something we Liverpool fans use to help us get to sleep at night knowing both Chelsea and City have won the PL. When Chelsea fans see Costa on their team sheet and the absence of Sturridge from our team sheet, don’t you think they are laughing inside about it?

          • You are suggesting you have monitored Chelsea forums and blogs on a consistent enough basis (once a week/ fortnight/ month) for the past 3 years to declare Chelsea fans never regretted Sturridge signing for liverpool??

            Not very credible

          • Yeah but perception is different from representing it as fans view. You think they would feel like that( for what ever reason) without constant monitoring of such opinion it’s not fact but your opinion. Representing it as fact is misleading

          • It is a fact that I perceive it so. if you accept it or not. If you want why don’t you go on one of their forums and ask.

          • Sure you respect my views as I do yours but do you accept my perceptions, my observations or are you claiming I am lying?

          • I doubt you monitored Chelsea forums enough in the past 3 years to say definitively a majority of Chelsea fans didn’t miss (regret Sturridge sale ) at any stage but did Lukaku. The amount of time needed to do that simply doesn’t make it credible.

            Your opinion of what they think is a different matter, I wouldn’t be of the same opinion but respect your right to your opinion.

          • who is talking about the majority of Chelsea fans? it was a perception of a representative selection of a fan-base who use the Chelsea forums and vlogs. you are welcome to do the same, go one a forum or two, or ask or look up a vlog covering the subject matter.

          • Yer maybe it’s down to interpretation and timing. I have no doubt you will find Chelsea fans “who wouldn’t give Sturridge a second thought right now, you just have to read some of the whingers on here who don’t give him a second thought currently. Rewind 15 months on here and there was no such dissent towards Sturridge, Chelsea forumns in April 14 on Sturridge is what’s relevant. Internet forumn posters are fickle and emotional at the best of times. I don’t find it in anyway credible to suggest Chelsea fans thought this way in April 14- particularly as they watched Torress struggle after paying 50 mill for him. Opinions change fast for fans. Sturridge will silence the moaners next season and forumn land will be playing a different tune.

          • Derek you aren’t wrong about Liverpool fans in regard to Sturridge. I just think you have miss the mark with Chelsea fans. Chelsea play with more of a focal point with their number 9 and that question still remains with Sturridge.
            You mentioned Torres, well 2009/10 Torres played a more focal number 9 and was very successful. He did state he wanted more support in that role but that season alone would have given Chelsea the feeling he could do that role for them. But for me Torres whining about wanting more support would have been a bad sign.
            Sturridge did for a short spell play a more focal point early in the 2013/14 season but it wasn’t very convincing enough, certainly not convincing enough for Chelsea to regret.
            Lukaka has done that from West Brom to Everton. Also Lukaka is a buffer being that he was there after Sturridge.
            Generally they might have regrets as a footballer but they have a lot of quality on their wings, Pedro, Willian, Hazard, Oscar. Even Remy is surplus to requirements.
            They tried him out on the wing. He didn’t do anything special, Willian and Hazard have proved themselves more IMO.
            Lastly and most important Sturridge has had an awful injury record and that IS important. He wouldn’t have helped Chelsea beat City to the title 2013/14 and he can’t help any team while injured.

          • You make a case and no doubt plenty of unbalanced Chelsea fans will concur with the benefit of hindsight. Suggesting he didn’t cost them a second thought in 2014 when scoring 21 goals is ridiculous. How those goals in 13/14 wouldn’t have won the title for Chelsea in your estimation is quite interesting- 20 goals from Costa the following season did exactly that.

            As for focal points and tactics!! Sturridge scored 5 goals in Suarezs suspension absence so how that is not early working is economical with the truth.

            You don’t rate him clearly- your right. I don’t agree let’s leave it there.

          • No! I do rate him and I do think Liverpool fans who want him transferred out are well off the mark.
            BUT! I don’t believe you can transfer Sturridge’s 21 goals into Chelsea’s 2013/14 season like you did. There is nothing to indicate he would have scored so many goals for Chelsea that season. Most of his form was due to the fear factor of Suarez, space he creates and the assists in the final third. Chelsea didn’t have Suarez, did they? Also there is nothing to indicate that his poor injury record wouldn’t have hit him at Chelsea. They have a different medical team and training methods.
            FINALLY! I didn’t say Sturridge didn’t do well with his early form in 2013/14. Actually I made a note and pointed it out in my previous post. But in my opinion it wasn’t nearly enough convincing as let say Costa and Lukaka NOW in that role or Torres in 2009/10 AND if you had watched Sturridge in those games you would admit the same. Suarez was clearly the better front man out of the two and both Lukaka, Costa and Kane are better front men and better when back to goal.

          • Opinion, fair play your entitled to it. I don’t share it.
            Impossible to say either is right or wrong as Sturridge is not a Chelsea player. What he would or wouldn’t have done is speculation based on to many variables to have any definitive credibility.

        • I agree, TBH I think it’s just a rumour and no truth in it, I know we get a bit frustrated and Sturridge himself is probably equally as p’d off , but I think it would be a sad day for everyone if he did go

          • Absolutely- the player always puts it in when on the field. The moronic childish abuse he gets on here is ridiculous – keyboard wRriors calling him soft- would wet themselves if face to face with him no doubt.

          • If he was available there would be a long que. Injuries such as his clear up. Steven Gerrard had plenty of injury problems, they cleared up! Fowler the same, Alan shearer the same.

            In 2 months time all this nonsense will long be forgotten (with Sturridge fit and scoring)and the same moaners will have moved on to some other target!

          • City would take him in a heart beat. Perfect for them. Perfect foil for Auguero and also play up on his own infont of Sterling silva and Kdb. English, no problem with wages, has the quality for CL. A no brainer signing for them at 25mil considering they just paid 50 for sterling!

          • Sorry you can’t be more wrong. Sturridge doesn’t have the best reputation down at City. They have a long history together and I doubt that will ever be forgotten.

          • The owners buy succes they don’t care about a youth player leaving. He joined them from west brom so not exactly city born and bread.
            A few fans moaning on a forum has zero influence on city owners.

            Most important for them is he is English and improves their squad if fit.

            He would also drastically improve Arsenals first 11 or uniteds. All those sides can easily afford Sturridge and at the prices can take a risk.

          • City tried to keep him. He certainly upset a few people behind close doors. Those types have a lot of pride. For it to happen a manager, Pep, will need to single him out and demand him and I doubt that will happen. But saying that there is a small possibility.
            Arsenal and United, I could see that happening, especially united. They can afford his wages. Arsenal might buckle at his age and mentality. United are more risk takers IMO.

          • Selling Sturridge was not the reason they won the league, trying to link the 2 is childish

    • Yes, soon as the weather warms up Miss Sturridge will miraculously be fit and start banging in the goals and dereksmith will say – ‘See I’m not always wrong am I? ‘

    • Target a different player….LFC fans always need one sactificial lamb to target in their crosshairs..but that’s another issue altogether.

      • Yeah I think a loud minority of moaners givin the rest a bad rap at the moment actually. Most can remember sturridges input since he came to the club and are not so fickle.

        • Like I said the scapegoatism is a different issue altogether….not here for slagging the player or pointless character assassinations of Sturridge…but people who’re going with the defensive rhetoric don’t really know what they’re talking about either. Personally wouldn’t be aggrieved at this point if he leaves to be honest.

          • I’m not sure how you can decide people who defend Sturridge from the nonsensical personal don’t know what they are talking about but that’s up to you I guess.

            In terms of his injuries, it’s quite clear he has had real problems and serious surgery!!! Top level surgeons don’t operate without reason, it can be quite easily argued Daniel Sturridge has being massively let down by the club and experts treating his injuries. His contract is “heavily incentivised”- what that exactly means I have not seen confirmation but it certainly means not playing costs him money.

          • I’m not deciding here, I’m saying there’s valid points to both sides of the story here. Some people that are trying to defend Sturridge seem to be ignoring the downside completely. Like I already said, not here to entertain the emotional aspects of these discussions.

            Thinking in purely objective terms, based on what has happened thus far, the good and the bad, I would not question the club if they try to sell him. His contract to the best of my knowledge is 150kpw with a base payment of 100kpw so it definitely costs the club money, not him.

            “…it can be quite easily argued Daniel Sturridge has being massively let down by the club and experts treating his injuries.”

            And how exactly did you come to this conclusion? Speculative defensive stance at best.

          • I said it can be argued. No more speculative than saying a player who has a list of confirmed injuries is suffering psychological issues.

            The main issue with Sturridge is finding a replacement to equal his quality. The cost, attracting such a player to the team, the wage etc. given the Fsg recruitment strategy finding a player to do what Sturridge can do is doubtful.

            15 months is a bad run but in a career it’s not significant when he gets fit- several top players have come back from similar runs and regained full form. Gerrard had a shocking run of injuries in his early years, Fowler missed a lot of time before leaving the club, john Barnes missed most of 91/92 and half of 92/93 yet came back to have a strong finish to his liverpool career.writing off a return to fitness is irrational.

          • To me, “it can be argued” suggests that you’re alluding to that theory. Like I said earlier, I don’t want to discuss psychological issues true or otherwise…to be objective about it.

            “The main issue with Sturridge is finding a replacement to equal his quality.” But it can be argued that we don’t have the current Sturridge either…he’s made about 20 odd appearances and about 12 starts over the last season and a half now.

            Comparisons to Gerrard, Fowler and Barnes are inaccurate and disingenuous…Sturridge is now 26 years old and he’s only made 212 appearances in football thus far.

          • There is nothing disingenuous or immaculate in any of the comparisons- they all suffered significant periods of injury and recurring injury in Gerrards case before recovering and playing well for the club. Barnes was older than Sturridge injury in 92/93 so where you get disingenuous from is beyond me!

            Its only 6 weeks since he got a brace at Southampton if you want to be short sighted you can argue we don’t have that Sturridge, an overall view of sturridges 3 year liverpool career paints a different picture.

          • It’s disingenuous because you’re trying to compare Gerrard and Barnes’ fitness to that of Sturridge which has always been suspect, even in his days with Chelsea. It was the outlier for them where with Sturridge it’s the norm now to remain injured. He said so himself casting doubt that maybe this problem is genetic.

            And I’m not being short-sighted. I’m not saying his quality is in doubt…I’m saying if we have a fit and firing Sturridge for only 10-15 games in a season then that’s not the Sturridge we’re talking about IMO. Just a different way of looking at it really.

            “an overall view of sturridges 3 year liverpool career paints a different picture.”

            Yeah, overall 3 years – checkered.
            First one and half years – fantastic.
            Last one and half years – terrible.

          • It’s in no way disingenuous- it clearly compares specific time periods in the careers of all the players. What is disingenuous is to cite Sturridges career appearance record as part of your argument as it’s not down to injury alone.Sturridge has spent his senior career at City and Chelsea- clubs who spent fortunes on strikers in his time spent at both clubs. Yet he still broke through and played at both sides. He is the only English striker to break through at a top 5 club since Michael Owen. Every other striker at liverpool Arsenal city and Chelsea were bought in the past 15 years.

            Liverpool will not get a player of equal quality if he is sold.

          • There you go trying to change the narrative as usual. I’m not talking about his quality, I’m talking about his fitness concerns, something he’s always had to deal with in his career…not just Anfield. To each his own I guess, but doubt anyone will agree with you on this.

            “He is the only English striker to break through at a top 5 club since Michael Owen.” Why’re you trying to change the subject?

          • Perhaps you are missing the point. You initially claimed you were indifferent as to whether liverpool kept Sturridge or not given the circumstances!!!! Talking about his quality and the difficulty faced in replacing such quality is clearly not changing the narrative and is completely relevant to the initial topic. You appear to have confused yourself.

          • Keep talking sh**te and using multiple exclamation marks and changing the narrative….this is what you do to win an argument. My point was not about his quality but his fitness. And yeah, keep misquoting me again and again in an attempt to frustrate me…I’m done with this personally.

          • Read the thread again- perhaps it might stop you from behaving as you have in future, childish

          • I don’t need to read it again…perhaps you do in order to be more self aware about your methods of argument. My stance hasn’t changed, I doubt yours has either..and that’s fine. What isn’t okay is how you steer the conversation in a dishonest manner.

          • Point out just one aspect of the debate that is dishonest just one! Infact you put forward the most disingenuous argument made citing Sturridge career appearances! He only became a first choice Pl player at liverpool. Your use of the stat was completely disingenuous. You wanted to steer the debate away from quality just because I didn’t does not make me dishonest, his quality is 100 relevant to a debate about whether liverpool sell the player or not

          • Comparing his fitness to Stevie G and Barnes, are you stark raving mad? Stop saying quality again and again, you f00l…quality without fitness is meaningless. Anyway, this conversation has long run it’s course. As usual I’m going around in circles with you, no surprises there though…

          • You have no memory ( or knowledge) of Gerrard or Barnes injury record at the club other wise you wouldn’t embarrass yourself with a childish statement. I already gave you specific seasons in which Barnes had similar layoffs to the one Sturridge has had! You have shown yourself up badly there, subsequent bad manners unsurprising. Don’t get your way so you throw the toys out of the pram! Not the first time either. Incapable of adult debate.

          • Your the one throwing your toys out of the pram because your nonsensical pointless argument is in tatters. So much so you resort to that well know mature debating technique of name calling and telling people what they are allowed to say!!! The irony

          • Jog on lad. You’re impossible to have an honest conversation with…everyone else is fine. Problem with you is you’ll try to change the narrative or repeat the same points over and over again when they’ve already been discussed to death. Waste of space, time and intellectual effort you are.

          • You can’t hack being wrong. You Uniates this pointless argument knit picking to the death 2 different topics. Youre clearly wrong and resorting to bad manners is Classic tell tale sign of this. ” jog on lad”- really?

          • Compare the overall stats my mor0nic friend…Sturridge is 26 years old with 212 appearances thus far…..Barnes and Gerrard both played over 700 games.

          • Gerrard and Barnes were first team regulars in their teens, Sturridge was not a first team regular till 23 at liverpool. If you want to suggest a comparative of career stats is relevant you are” stark raving mad”

          • There’s already rumors circulating about LFC listening to offers for Sturridge, and you’re arguing about with me about his fitness like a b3ll3nd…do you realize how our of favor Sturridge has gotten now with Anfield? Naa but you keep up with your delusions mate…sure, this was the only serious injury he’s ever had in his career. He’s never had injuries in his career otherwise, he was a super fit player before this.

          • Why wasn’t Sturridge a first team regular until he was 23????


            You’re such an idiot Delboy.

          • Some education for you

            “Gerrard began to regularly partner Redknapp in central midfield for the 1999–2000 season. After starting the derby against Everton on the bench, he replaced Robbie Fowler in the second half but received his first career red card for a foul on Everton’s Kevin Campbell shortly afterwards.[23] Later that season, Gerrard scored his first senior goal in a 4–1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday.[24] However, he began to suffer from nagging back problems, which sports consultant Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt later diagnosed as a result of accelerated growth, coupled with excessive playing, during his teenage years.[20] He was then beset by groin injuries that required four separate operations.[20]”

            Stark raving mad eh? No your topic before you embarrass yourself in future

          • L0L Wiki to the rescue! Compare the number of games and minutes both players had played at that age and then come back to me you f00l.

          • Wiki to the rescue! If you think it proving you wrong is the rescue the I guess so.

            Ha now who is disengenuous, to go with the bad manners? Try john Barnes playing 12 games in 91/92 in your stark raving made comment there- see how that sits for you.

          • “Ha now who is disengenuous” Still you :)

            And compare the career stats you w00l! Not individual seasons! 91/92 – add cherrypicking as well to your long list of annoying and dishonest tactics to having a conversation.

          • Comparing career stats is disengenuous as was clearly explained to you. Sure sign your argument is in taters when you resort to constant name calling. Playing the man because you can’t play the topic. Obvious and childish in equal measures.

          • Such a comparison is completely disengenuous given the strength of the clubs the players were at and the differing eras of Premier league football. The irony of you accusing me of dishonesty.

          • L0L yeah right! Liverpool were a top 4 club back then not now! You’re the mor0n comparing Gerrard’s fitness to Sturridge and I’m the disingenuous party here haha!

          • You think the make up of squads in the premier league in 1998 is comparable to 2008 when Sturridge was starting out do you? Again with the bad manners quite obvious a blatant attempt to deflect from your argument in tatters. Of course you don’t want to admit Gerrard had a pro longed run of back problem and four seperate groin operations in 1999 /2000, of course you don’t want to admit john Barnes had a similar bad run 91/92 playing just 12 games! Such context shows you up quite badly.

            The most comical aspect of all is accusing others of being disingenuous!!! No doubt further deflection awaits-fooling nobody!

          • Your inability to stay on thread is laughable at this stage- liverpool now is not in question. Liverpool when Gerrard broke through and city/ Chelsea when Sturridge broke through are.

            Do you need the whole thread explained to you??

          • “Do you need the whole thread explained to you??” Ever asked yourself that question? Ofcourse not, your delusion and lack of self-awareness would never make you….

            When Sturridge was in City they weren’t a huge club…they were on the verge of being one..you trying to ignore Sturridge’s injury problems, something he and the world of football has admitted has been a problem throughout his career is the pathetic bit here and is the reason I generally don’t like talking to you. Because you try to reject things that are really agreed upon by everyone….all just to win an argument.

          • Sheikh Mansour bough city in 08 from thaksin Sinawatra who had already spent significant money on the squad and Sturridge signed for Chelsea in 09.
            Yet again you are WRONG.

            No where did I reject Sturridge had ongoing injury problems. He missed 9 months at city when 17 with a thigh problem. You suggesting his career stats are down to injury alone is completely dishonest and typical of your argue no matter what approach. Petty and childish. Real popular at parties , eh?

          • Another pathetic attempt…have a look at the squad City had back then…I don’t understand why you keep doing this…they didn’t buy all of Kompany, Silva, Toure and Aguero in the first year…”Yet again you are WRONG.” Childish mor0nic remark sent back to you. :)

            “No where did I reject Sturridge had ongoing injury problems.” So why didn’t you start the argument with this? I know why, because you love to have online fights of this nature.

            “You suggesting his career stats are down to injury alone..” Didn’t say or suggest alone but it is a definite factor, something you finally seem to be acknowledging now. Fitness rate of well below 50% after 3 years at Anfield isn’t a joke. Not to mention your comparison with players like Gerrard and Barnes isn’t accurate because they suffered one major injury in their careers before and after which they continued playing regular football. With Sturridge, little injuries have always hampered his continuity in the game. Even this 15-16 month fiasco that has gone on isn’t simply the result of one injury…it’s little injuries and niggles that keep creeping up on him on a weekly/monthly basis. That’s what’s so bothering and why fans are so concerned about his long term future.

            “Petty and childish. Real popular at parties , eh?” Stay classy, loser boy.

          • They bought Robinho the day they bought the club. There you go again rattling off nonsense on a topic you know little about

          • Again with the childish bad manners! City were not a huge club in sturridge time at the club yet the year before he left they bought Robinho from Real Madrid for 33 million!!! Sure they were not a huge club. . At 18 Sturridge should have being playing regularly ahead of Robinho?

          • Behave like a spoiled child with someone else- I look forward to Sturridge scoring freely for liverpool in the years to come, every goal making you look as foolish as you have in this thread.

          • So does that mean you look foolish when Sturridge doesn’t score? So you’re admitting you’re a fool? Wonders never cease, maybe you aren’t so narcissistic after all………

          • There is no misquoting, the thread above is clear. If you had read what you had written you wouldn’t have confused yourself!

    • true Derek. Sturridge has no control over injuries. Klopp needs to be patient with him because his caliber of player doesn’t grow on trees.

  43. Keep him, but restructure his contract to be performance/incentive based. If he/his agent won’t do it, send him to Bundesliga so we never have to play him (except in Europe).

    A man can dream…?

  44. I have being saying that Sturridge is broken but people seem to have placed faith in him to make a return, I doubt this will happen.

    The problems that Sturridge has are a combination of physical and mental.

    We won’t find a buyer and he’ll play less than 10 games per season for us !

    What to do for the best, well don’t ask me…..

    • If the 100 plus worth of attacking players that Klopp have at his disposal were banging goals for fun, and the 100 plus at the back were keeping goals out, nobody would remember who Sturridge is, Mahrez , Vardy, Igahlo, and Stones, just to name a few put all these guys to shame.

  45. You watch, he’ll play a couple of games, score a hatful of goals and all this sell him nonsense will stop. Give Klopp a chance to sort him out.

  46. To me Sturridge’s second goal V Soton showed exactly why, when fit, he is one of the world’s best strikers. Many forwards would have simply ran onto that (sublime, but bouncing) pass, tried to take a controlling touch, or simply misjudged the bounce and blasted it anywhere. Sturridge’s did what, in Balet, is know as a Jete, a sideways splits jump that meant his supporting left foot landed at precisely the right time, in precisely the right place, for his right foot to slide the ball into the net. A thing of beauty! Watch again and pray we can get him fit.

    • Balet? Jete? what utter nonsense! he took the ball early to fool the goalie that is all. nothing too special about it. it was a good goal but nothing special. in fact the passes to his two opening goals were more special, especially joe allen’s pass.

  47. Suarez was rewarded handsomely, while dragging the club’s name and reputation through the mud, everyone turned a blind eye to, he still end up leaving, and we haven’t recover since, Sterling who the club spend a lot of money on his development end up leaving as well, Sturridge has done no wrong to the club and fans, but yet he is been thrown under the bus by fans, because he is unable to play, which is no fault of his, i bet if he was a scousser, like Flanno, fans on here and other quarters wouldn’t beating him down like this.

    • It’s got nothing to do with him not being a scouser? To be fair, he really needs to ‘Man up’. Yes the operation(s) he’s had is obviously out of his control but, he seems to be a bit of a blouse too. The main frustration is, He’s unplayable when he’s fit. A couple of games and a couple of goals and I’m sure he’ll be back. ( fingers crossed )

    • It’s good thing you pointed out the Suarez thing. Suarez is another after couts who is built up a tad bit too much in our heads. I was just going to comment this that Suarez misses games for us too. Not injuries but shenanigans. How many on here said we should get rid? And would it have been justified? I remember the arsenal bid. And I remember that there were some here who said we should accept the bid because he causes too much trouble. How did that look in hindsight? 70 mil looking a bargain now for barca isnt it?

      Studge is the closest thing we have currently to proven track record in a Liverpool shirt. In both goals, and sadly, injuries. You know what you get. I am ultra conservative and over cautious maybe, but why would I trade that in for an unknown? Devil I know and devil I don’t know? Why risk it?

      • Suarez built too much in our heads? Hell no…our rapid downfall after his absence and Barca winning the treble speaks for itself really.

        • Built too much in our heads not his talent…but just..because of his talent we all forgot the pain he caused sometimes. His tantrum when arsenal bid is forgotten. ‘Suarez always gave his all” i distinctly remember him sulking around and not playing “with his all” during a friendly in Australia when the arsenal thing was going on.

          He was exceptionally talented but he wasn’t perfect. He took us to top 4 but we still won nothing with him. Sometimes i feel that people paint him to be a messiah..like if we still had him, we’d have won the league or something. I don’t agree. Our defensive issues remain and until they go, we won’t have sustainable success.

  48. We knew the risks when we bought Dan. Chelsea got rid and we took a punt, which in the normal world is still how we would view him. I think therefore that the frustration rises due to his wage and the lack of quality to fill his void. Simple answer is to get him fully fit and if he breaks again offer pay per game and get someone we think can fill some of his void. P.s, exactly what our boss is doing the clever little shiiza

    • Spot on mate, i don’t know what the fuss is all about, who is going to buy him, no one not even for 5 mill, they would rather wait until his contract runs out and get him for free, and then give him a pay as you play contract, win win situation it would be for them.

      • I dont like getting desperate but i cant think of a better quick fix than Pato even though just 2 days ago i was unsure, what do you think?

  49. The answer is simple. You wait (in my opinion)
    If the other strikers were fit and banging plenty of goals in there wouldn’t be an issue. It’s our troubles in front of goal that exasperates the issue with Sturridge.

    The solution is to find another prolific striker (Suarez would be nice) that gives us goals a plenty. It puts the pressure back on Sturridge to get fit knowing that he might not even get a place in the side. At the moment it’s too easy for him.

    i live in perfect world!

      • I actually think that if we can find and get another prolific striker then things will improve a bit. It wont get others fit any quicker but it might give Sturridge the gentle push he needs. I reckon the fear of losing his place might do him some good.

  50. If we now bought a very good striker who was going to be able to net us a lot of goals would Sturridge still be injured?

    Is he covering himself in cotton wool because he has no competition in the team?

    Nobody can tell exactly what is going on in that head of his but if he doesn’t recover at some point soon, he may as well retire from football altogether…

    • Liverpool existed without Sturridge. What is this mad obsession with a problematic striker? Klopp should look to get a proper striker in January.

        • once competition come and Liverpool show low on no dependency on him, he will be fit every week. one more example of how to waste your millions on nothing.

          • Nothing wrong with a fit Sturridge in your squad. Gives the manager options etc etc. Truth is if the oter strikers were fit and scoring there would be less of a Sturridge issue. But as it stands we’re too dependant on him rather than the manager dictating when he plays etc.

          • He is fit he plays but why would Klopp keep a player who miss 80% of games in a season. Klopp needs proper player if he wants to play high tempo games. Sturridge is not long term under such conditions. The only reason we discuss his need is because we have very poor centre forwards. Klopp need to buy a proper CF.

          • That’s what I’m saying but you keep Sturridge as well. Another striker that gives you a better option than Benteke and is suited to what we’re trying to do. It’s a squad game now etc. Sturridge needs to be built up and then have his game time managed. He will then be available more often plus having another player in the squad that basically threatens his position will do him good. You may see him a little more determined to get on the pitch.

            Lastly, with a viable alternative in the squad it puts the club in a stronger position at contract time.

  51. Well Harry Kane hit 50 goals in 102 Spurs games.

    Only took him 4 years, and that’s with numerous loans out.

    So how come it took Sturridge 9 years to hit 50 goals?

    So much BS about Sturridge, he’s destroying yet another LFC season and Klopp should just get rid of the wuss.

  52. Klopp should try to buy a recognized striker… Sturridge will forget about his injury(he needs a competitor) … Mark my words…

  53. Just read on the BBC gossip page that JK is ready to listen to offers. Steve Stammers from the Mirror. Hmm.
    I don’t know if he has a speech impediment.

  54. Been discussed to death before hasn’t it? My only questions at this moment are is he fit for the next match? Any updates on injury recoveries from the players for the upcoming matches? And updates on transfers.

          • I heard Grujic had the option of joining in the winter himself but said no..probably because he want to see out the season with his parent club and win trophies with them.

            And that Subotic offer is being rebuffed from Dortmund at this moment. I think we should try and target a recall for Wisdom and Markovic as well and see if that’s possible. Heard Norwich already bought another full back this transfer window.

          • Hmm maybe for the summer…this current moment is my bigger concern. Actually, who’s Caceres and Praet? Don’t seem like reliable links these.

          • Praet is Andelecht wonderkid.. But they ask too much for him.. AM player.. Caceres is from Juve, could come on loan..

      • Pato? Well that’s going to end in tears, we sure do have a type don’t we? Small, gifted and injury prone.

        • I don’t think he’s injury prone any longer but I don’t think these rumors are true either…parent club trying to sell him.

          • He apparently turned down better offers from China, and was convince by the help from Firmi and Couti.. Could be true.. 11 mil

      • Yeah I saw the Sturridge rumors…doubt anything is going to happen for the short term..all build up to the summer hopefully…if we can get 25mil between the two of them then I’d personally call that great business.

        • anything would be called great business. Sturridge will fail medical in any club – so he is not marketable. Good thing is Klopp doesn’t need big money to succeed. So its just about cutting loses and create wage space for new players to come in. Grujic in place of Allen next season is already is a god-sent. Allen Enrique Balotelli going off next season. Initially I thought Klopp let go 9 players at BVB. Somewhere I read as many as 17 players were let go BVB.

          • Yeah the 17 players stat is shown quite often…however, I don’t quite know what the situation with Dortmund was at that time and if it can be compared with ours. When you’re talking 17 players surely a lot of them would have been fringe/youth players from the academy as well.

            But yeah, it looks like good things are about to happen! Grujic was actually given the chance to start here from winter itself but I think he wants to win the trophies for his club and have a proper send off instead..which is alright. The boy has quite a presence to him judging from the vids I saw of him. Can do pretty much everything…short range passing, long range passing, defend, attack, and some of his goals are fantastic! He’d be a hell of an upgrade over Allen for sure.

            “So its just about cutting loses and create wage space for new players to come in.”

            This I agree with fully and is a huge source of optimism for me personally!

    • Markovic maybe, we need to see what Klopp can do with him but not Wisdom. I don’t think he’s been that impressive with Norwich. I’d sell him.

      • We seem to be able to give players like Ojo and Kent a chance but should say no to our academy product who’s managed to play in 2 Premier League teams now? Think the lad atleast deserves some kind of a chance at the club before the final verdict.

  55. Great , great player. No one knows the truth regarding his injuries. Plenty of time for Daniel to shine. Unlucky with big injury to Ings. Let Klopp handle him.

  56. Well if thats the point you were making, a goal to game ratio, you should have written it, and not put something down that is simply not true. I for one is not doubting the lad can score goals but I bet fowler, owen, suarez and torres didn’t take3 years to rack up Sturridges appearances, 60 premier league, 72 total. Its all relative.

  57. please.. sell…




    smith and mcguire
    teixiera and ojo

  58. Don’t sell sturridge.. keep him until get a good time
    1. Danny Ward
    2. Clyne
    3. Subotic
    4. Toure
    5. Smith
    6. Lovren
    7. Pato
    8. Teixera
    9. Mauro Icardi
    13.Mc Guire
    23.Emre Can
    32. Brannagan
    33. Ibe
    37. Skertel
    38. Flanagan
    First Squad
    Clyne…………………………Emre Can…………………………..Moreno
    Sub :
    2nd Squad
    Mc Guire…………….Ilori………………………..Shako………..Smith
    Sub :

    • Exactly! I don’t understand people’s logic.
      Benteke is probably worth equal to, or even more than, Sturridge in purely monetary value atm.
      His value on the pitch is negative though (imo) making him worth even less than an injured Sturridge to me. And Balotelli was almost exactly the same last season as Benteke this season, with just less actual goals and more hit and hopeless long range shots

  59. Silly to sell him, I still think he will have a RVPesque season where he goes nuts. Danny Ings will be a big player for us next year.

  60. Spot on. There’s absolutely no point in giving up on Sturridge until a proper replacement is found, AND more is gotten out of the rest of the strikers.
    Origi seemed like he was on his way, it was a very untimely injury. Same goes for Ings. Benteke’s output is not too bad, not bad at all, but he still needs to increase the input, and more service. Injuries aside, we really need a proper winger, someone who can cross decently. I’d give an arm and a leg right now for someone like Willian. I wonder what it’d take for Chelsea to sell him.

  61. The next 6 months should be crucial. If Studge manages to at least play in 15-20 games without any break, I would love him to keep in the squad. Otherwise, thank you for the studge dance. Such a pity!

  62. Crazy to give up on him but not as crazy as passing on lacazette when he’s available now for £22m. if the story that Newcastle had a bid accepted and he turned it down is true, I cannot understand why we don’t go and get him. he was my preferred option last summer to Benteke but no “I said so”. I definitely wanted one; Lacazette first choice.
    While I wouldn’t give up on Benteke yet, I think Lacazette will fit into the Klopp ideal system. We are not going to get Lewandowski or Aubimyange and Pato is too big a gamble. Lacazette has to be worth it.

  63. “It is not outlandish to claim that a less gifted forward would have been cast aside far sooner, but can Liverpool – so outrageously profligate in front of goal– afford to offload such a guaranteed source of goals? Not until they find them from elsewhere they can’t, and they have not made even a semi-respectable job of that. ”

    Perfectly summed up.

  64. I bet that 26% fans wouldn’t advocate selling Aguero or Kompany due to the instability caused by their constant injuries.

    That despite the fact that players should be even more dispensible to the richest club in the world…

    There is no way that LFC should be looking at getting rid of Sturridge while he remains the best (and only proven!) forward at the club

  65. There is no point planning a team or lineup on the assumption that Sturridge will be available. He’s a (well paid) part time player. The amount of injuries he’s had must be some sort of record.

    He’s a good player but there is no chance of him playing a full season so we should be looking at other strikers.

  66. Ive thought about it, We can not afford to keep Studge. People want to be loyal but what about yourselves. You are always carrying a crock, if it isnt studge its Cole or Owen or Redknap or someone else.. Yes you carry these ritch overpayd lads when you buy the tickets. How about Looking at how many hours the good people of Liverpool need to work so Sturridge can stay home sick.

    Loyalty is earned, Sturridge has scored a few goals, are they really worth all that. There are so many people out there wiling to do the same. Liverpool need to start putting in a freeloader clause into every contract.

  67. Blah blah blah, automatic reversion to Rodgers bashing, get over it already and move on, or do we have to expect the same rubbish every time his name is mentioned… Only a complete fool would think what you have just said, Rodgers got the best out of Suarez,, or is that a typical dictators approach to the facts, deny they even exsist as facts and claim it was all the hero…

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