Liverpool ‘prepared to offer £12 million’ for Barcelona keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen

on 03.01.2016

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen continues to be linked with a move to Merseyside this month, with claims on Sunday that Liverpool are prepared to offer £12 million for the German.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Tuesday, February 24, 2015: FC Barcelona's players line up for a team group photograph before the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 1st Leg match against Manchester City at the City of Manchester Stadium. Back row L-R: goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Despite Jurgen Klopp‘s claims that he is “fine” with the goalkeepers he already has at the club, Ter Stegen and others have been linked in recent weeks.

The 23-year-old is Barcelona’s is apparently frustrated at his lack of playing time at the Spanish giants, with his role again continuing as the club’s cup competition goalkeeper with Claudio Bravo featuring in La Liga games.

The Sunday Mirror reports that Barca are ready for third-choice Jordi Masip to step up to be Bravo’s backup.

The problem though is reportedly that Barca want £20 million for Ter Stegen, who Klopp knows well from his time at Borussia Monchengladbach. Liverpool are prepared to offer £12 million, with claims that “The Reds hope Ter Stegen will force Barcelona’s hand by making it clear that he wants to leave.”

With problems elsewhere in the Liverpool squad, it would be interesting to see whether Klopp would want to spend a sizeable amount of money on a goalkeeper.

The Liverpool boss confirmed last week that talks were taking place between the club and current first-choice keeper Simon Mignolet over a new contract.

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Ter Stegen is still very young for a goalkeeper, but his ability with the ball at his feet would certainly be a welcome sight at Liverpool.


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  1. Well folks the start of another brand new squad time is upon us once again to buy, I doubt there is anymore deadwood left out there for us to buy .

  2. Despite some howlers, Mignolet is not as bad as the media sometimes make him out to be. Failing to position himself well for crosses and set pieces can be taught, and he can make himself better. His natural quick reflexes cannot be taught and is one of his big assets. All said, Ter Stegen would be a good addition to give Migs a fight for his place as our #1.

    • There’s a reason why the last 3 games Migs’ whoscored rating went up drastically. With Lovren and Sakho there’s a lot more organisation at the back.

  3. migonet is absolutely useless in every regard other than shot stopping.

    Get rid we will win nothing with a mediocre keeper.

  4. To be honest, after watching quite a number of Barca games, Ter Stegen is more or less like Mignolet in that he serves quite a bit of brain farts in the area. Think of this, Barca got Ter Stegen to be the next keeper for a decade to come with Bravo as an experienced backup, yet Ter Stegen has never been able to out perform Bravo.

  5. We need a new spine. Keeper, centre half,midfielder, striker, gonna cost at least 100 million. Don’t wanna keep harping on but what rodgers did with that 300 million is a scandal.

      • No one comes out of this mess with much credit Iver, I can feel depression setting in.
        Happy new year everyone.

        • its all rodgers fault even before he arrived it was his fault… Carry on blaming rodgers for everything if it makes you feel better

          • What are you going on about? Rodgers quote no player come to An field without my approval, Ayres said the same thing, so who should be blamed?

          • its quite funny really when player beit suarez , gerrard or who ever praised rodgers … posters would be shouting from the roof tops ..”oh yeah he has got to say that” bla de bla bla………. but when rodgers says somthing it absolutely must be true.

            He clearly did notw ant balotelli there were rumours about him coming, then br said he will absolutely not be coming to liverpool then suddenly 3 days later he waS here, he great fit for liverpools high tempo game wasn;t he ? then low and behold was hardly played……………..asi said you carry on blaming rodgers for everything if it makes you feel better.

          • Ok … i think i’l leave it there as i can see were going round in circles here…. my original post was this transfer commitee are not blameless.

          • its quite funny really when player’s beit suarez , gerrard or who ever praised rodgers … posters would be shouting from the roof tops its not true ..”oh yeah he has got to say that” bla de bla bla………. but when rodgers says somthing it absolutely must be true.

            Im not saying rodgers was blameless at all , what i don’t exept is every single thing that goes wrong its his fault but the 18 months of outstanding football we saw under his tenure it was because of someone else.

            He clearly did not want balotelli there were rumours about him coming, then br said he will absolutely not be coming to liverpool then suddenly 3 days later he waS here, he was a great fit for liverpools high tempo game wasn;t he ? then low and behold was hardly played……………..asi said you carry on blaming rodgers for everything if it makes you feel better.

          • BR had to buy Balotelli because he was the only striker he could afford after splurging 50mn on the soton boys…. so it’s all on him.

            He was a good coach, but so bad at transfers that it was never going to work.

          • As i said everything is br’s fault , oh and kenny before and hodgeson before him and 70 odd signings from rafa……….. weve been buying rubbish for years this isnt exclusive to br

    • Ter Stegen (GK), Matip (CB), Grujic (CM), + striker will cost considerably less than £100m. It’s obvious from his reported targets that he’s building a much needed new spine.

      • Grujic isn’t coming yet and I wouldn’t want to thrust him into the starting line up. Don’t want another promising but raw midfielder (ala Can)

    • 200m for 6 or 7 players, and we can shoot the title in 17/18 with some more adds in the summer 2017( 100 mil at least )..

  6. I said this in BR’s reign…Migs is not the best keeper we’ve ever had…! But he’s no way the worst…!
    Our pathetic goal difference is more down to the fact we are failing to score…!!!!
    Let’s concentrate and spend money on getting goals in the ‘goals for’ column first…!!!!
    It’s painful to watch…!!!!

          • No, we’re talking about the winning mentality of the player we’re appearently going to buy.

          • But we cannnot talk abot his mentality, can we? Maybe he’s just frustrated – Like we are…

          • Our winning mentality has to buckle up, so our new signings must be an upgrade to that. So in that sense, we kinda have to talk about it no?

          • Tells me he refuses to sit on the bench and watch… Tells me, even though he plays all their cup comps, CL included, he wants to be doing more… I want that kind of mentality.

          • He has a winning mentality because he thinks he can do better than a much older and experienced keeper. The sign of a confident person. A winner.

          • but de gea is too good for him to get ahead of to be 1st choice. That doesnt mean hes become a bad keeper. i rate him!

          • Nopes, he’s already fallen out with LVG and is behind Sergio Romero in the pecking order…no club even seems to want him any longer apparently(except Cruz Azul going by transfer rumors). Quite a fall from grace it has to be said.

      • What i mean by that is he won the treble last year and if he comes in will have a mentality of being a winner and wanting to win more trophies. As currently our players may want to win things too but haven’t as of yet so lack that mental edge he could bring.

          • It shows he has one. For now he has proven he has won stuff with Barca. You can make me part of that team, they’ll win stuff with me on the pitch even. Doesn’t make me a top player, or a proven winner.

          • I’m just saying he could bring a winning mentality with him m8 if you’ve got some sort of complex or issue with him or barca i don’t really care.
            He may bring nothing you never know but i’d think he’d offer us more upstairs than Mignolet.

          • As I allready said that I liked him, there’s no need to make it personal.

            I just don’t see a winning personality so I wondered how you thought he has one.

          • He came to Barca with a massive pedigree mate…from what I seem to remember, far better technique and distribution skills…you don’t get to be a sh**te GK and play for Barca.

            As for the winning mentality bit, that can be subjective I guess.

          • Jose Manuel Pinto! Had to look him up, but he was more famous for his rap anthics then his good goalkeeping.

          • Must have been, I think his name rings a bell, or it could just be that there is a Fiat Pinto parked down the road…

          • You mean Pinto hehe? I didn’t know he was a rapper…Valdes played almost all matches for Barca at the time..

          • Makes him a proven winner, he has won trophies…. Does it make him a top player, meh, maybe, but playing for the best team in football, world and domestic definitely puts him up there as a top player.

          • yeah, thing I’m worried about is the “He played for Barca so he’s great” hype. I’ve watched some absolute drab players who came from Barcelona.

            At Ajax they had Cuenca or something, Luis Alberto is a good player, but not a top player. Same as with Bojan for instance. Montoya can’t get game time at Inter, Affelay plays for Stoke and turns up once or twice. Even Pedro is a bit of a flop. So “he’s won stuff with Barca so he’s top” .. meh.

          • Thing with those others, they were content to sit on the bench or just left it way too late to move on.. Thing guy is a good GK, and he refuse to sit on his hands waiting for a day that may never appear… Every player is a risk, De Gea was a massive one, now he is the difference.

          • If that’s the argument, then neither does Ter Stergen, he only plays in their Champions league games on contractual terms. He is not Barcelona’s first choice keeper and cannot even get on the bench in some games. Gives away needless goals by trying to play upfield… I love versatility in a player but master your role first and that should be between the sticks

          • No that’s not true…I’m saying Luis Alberto never played a game for Barca first team (to the best of my recollection)..Stegen plays for all the cup competition games – Copa Del Rey and Champions League. He’s not Barca’s first choice keeper but he has played games for Barca. Btw, Ter Stegen was the most talked about GK before his move to Barca, had a massive reputation.

          • I thought he played that CL game were the entire youth team played. Bartra, Tello and Alberto too?

          • Allright.. Thought he played that game.

            I do like Alberto btw. Bit more then Tex actually.

          • He’s doing a decent job at Deportivo..if they finish top 8 come end of season I have a feeling he’d have played a massive role in it.

          • He made his contribution without choking, so yeah, he can claim a winning mentality.

  7. Klopp needs to write a new book with LFC.

    Ter Stegen? Why not!?
    We obiously need to build new team, new winning mentality, not a good character.

  8. Even though Klopp doesn’t like this window and thinks many of his readymade targets aren’t available, I tend to disgaree with the gaffer.

    We lack depth at fullback. Debuchy and Siquera are both available. Maybe not our first choices, but a 6-month loan deal could do wonders. Same as for Jonjo Shelvey with our current load of injured midfielders he could do the business.

    That gives us more, proven, body to utilize the squad. So no Jurgen, they’re available. You just have to be a bit creative at the moment.

    • Nkoulou and Feghouli are both available for a knock down price as their deals run out come the end of the season… Heck, even Ibrahimavic is out of contract come the summer, and even though he’s close to retiretment age, I’d still rather him over Benteke. And that is just 3 classy players off the top of my head… Nope, January seems fine to me.

      • Heck why not take advantage of clubs like Porto and Leverkusen being knocked out of the CL before they come back next season? We could use a Lars Bender or a Brahimi

  9. Start at mig And quickly work yourself through the rest ,,sell the lot ” well apart from the odd few,, carra Gerrard mascho Alonso Reina agger Torres kuyt risse hypia albeloa that should be the blue print FSG should look at .

  10. “Marko Grujic has confirmed he’ll officially become a Liverpool player tomorrow with a post on his official Facebook page.” ‘On 4th January I will become a Liverpool player,’ he wrote.

  11. Guys where is the problem? we should just buy jerome boateng, manuel neuer and lewandowski from bayern munich :D lewandowski & ings could be a nice attacking team ^^

      • Unreal if you look what bayern got for it’s money and what lfc got…
        douglas costa – 35 m €
        coman – 25 m €
        lewandowski – 0 m €
        götze – 37 m €
        thiago – 18 m €
        alaba – 150.000 €
        kroos – 2.3 m €

        • German/League monopoly effect…when you’re the undisputed biggest team in a league that can massively work in your favor…same case with Juventus.

          Still…Thiago, Douglas Costa, Alonso has been some fantastic business for them over the years.

  12. I dont know why everyone is after mignolet.I agree he can goof up at times but his shot stopping ability is world class and we have much bifger problems to address
    How about a winger with some speed(lucas moura)
    Or a quality midfielder(pjanic)
    A coach who can teach mignolet how to handle corners

    • “we have much bigger problems to address” so you admit it is a problem? :)

      One step at a time..every position could potentially do with cover/upgrade. GK is certainly one of them.

    • imo… mig is not our biggest problem. Our problem is that the players didn’t keep moving towards the goal. Even in the “counterattacks”… this is NOT the “Umschaltspiel”… They just play, but forget to switch in an straight and fast attacking mode :D

  13. We also seem to be linked with a Emil Forsberg (winger by trade) according to German Daily Bild…supposedly Swedish MF of the year in 2014 for what it’s worth.

    Anyone know more about him? Or how strong this rumor might be even?

  14. To be honest a heavy dose of reality is the first priority for this transfer window. It’s pretty much accepted that the present squad lacks the quality and the mentality to mount a serious challenge for top four let alone the title, that’s not even debatable anymore, a new spine is the main requirement being touted and it would certainly be a good start. The reality however is that nothing is that simple at any time let alone in the January transfer window. We can all put forward names and most of them all have one common denominator, they’re all ‘world class’ and in just about every case are playing for top clubs most of which are in either the CL or at clubs challenging for their own league title. In most cases there is no logical reason why their clubs would want to sell them or why those players would want to join us mid season. That situation might change in the summer and there might even be some exceptions in January,Ter Stegen is a good example but the reality of that is that if he leaves Barca he won’t be short of options and there’s no guarantee he would want to join us. Klopp and the club face something of a dilemma in this window and some difficult decisions. I’m sure JK and the people he trusts will already know where we need to strengthen and might even have identified the players they’d like to bring to the club but it might be a case of those players simply not being available until the summer. Do you wait until the summer and make a move for a player who you really want or do you bring in somebody now who might improve you in the short term but won’t be the long term solution you’re looking for. My personal belief is that we shouldn’t expect too much from this window and that it’s important not to interpret that as a lack of ambition or to put too negative spin on it. The big window without question will be the summer window and whether we like it or not we might we might have to dig even deeper into our ‘patience bank’ for another six months or so. That’s not being negative, I’m hoping that summer will prove to be well worth the wait and who knows, Klopp might just pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat this month but I’m not banking on it..

    • It’s an interesting question… Settle for less now, or wait? I think the reality is, we would be distraught if he doesn’t bring anyone in now, but in reality, we wouldn’t hold him totally responsible for the failings of this squad right now.. It’ll hurt and we’ll no doubt moan about it until the final whistle blows on the season, but If we were guaranteed to get our No.1 targets in the summer, I would be tempted to wait…. Thing is right now, we have the added bonus of certain players fighting to make their respective national team squads for the up coming Euro’s, this could offer us a great opportunity….

      Fingers crossed opportunity comes knocking

      • Signing Ter Stegen would not be settling for less, looking at Cech and that one from Scumsters United they gain there team points on a regular basis, and we all know points means prizes. More on the general question though, even in waiting till the summer if our second half of the season is terrible those targets might not want to join us, so i say bring in a few now including the keeper in the aim of a healthy league finish and to make more competition for places.

  15. Mignulet could have come for the cross for the first goal. He should have anticipated before it was crossed, but he’s to scared to come off of his line. For the second goal he had no chance to even react because he was off of both feet when Carroll made contact. Keepers need to want to come and command their area to give confidence to their defenders. Don’t get me started on his ability to kick a ball. He has to be the worst first choice keeper I can remember, and I can go back a long way. Even Westerweld and James were better than him. He has to be back up or do one.

  16. I guess it all depends on whether money is available for a keeper and other players also, if that is the case a new keeper would be great as imo Mignolet

    is only ever one game away from a clanger. His distribution from the back is terrible also.

      • how do you know you been into fsgs inner sanctum they have never spent massive (net transfers ) so how do you know there is money now

        • I know what we have been told by Klopp…. Kinda also know that being one of the worlds richest clubs, with a TV deal 71% larger than the last, there is money, dull questions make no difference to that.

          • Facts, spun to paint a deliberately mischievous picture, Yeah we got the best part of 50 mill for Sterling, but that was just good business, are we to ignore the 32 spent on Benteke, the best part of 30 on Firmino as if it’s not actual money spent… The club is a business, money comes in, money goes out, if we can take more than we spend, then thats good business, not a reason to throw your dummy out the pram.

          • Spin doctor…. for the conservatives and reporter for the sun…. Actually, I was formerly known as Digger, to my friends… Graves don’t appear out of thin air you know…. Seriously though, I’m a tax collector.. what’s your address…?

  17. £20m for a backup keeper? Mignolet is made out to be a scrub but he is still a decent keeper that seems to be held under far greater scrutiny than anybody else.

    Liverpool continually overpay for players. Hopefully this will not remain the case moving forwards.

    • Well, first off, if Ter Stegen comes in then Migs will likely drop to the position of being backup. Secondly, if we’re to believe the reports, LFC are willing to go as high as 12mil.

      • Ter Stegen has been backup since he went to Barcelona for just £10m a couple of years ago and has done nothing to justify his price doubling, to make him one of the most expensive keepers in Europe

          • And you didn’t read mine.

            I didn’t say anything about whether Ter Stegen better than Mignolet, or not. I said he is currently a backup keeper and therefore should not command a fee that would make him the 2nd most expensive goalkeeper ever.

        • hes not a backup..he rotates with claudia bravo..bravo starts in the league games and ter stegen starts the Cup and Champions League games

          • Ter Stegen has started less than 25 games for Barcelona in the last two years while Bravo has started over 50.

            Whatever you want to call him, he’s not their first choice.

          • yes because he plays cup games and CL games only…a backup keeper dont start in the CL semi final vs bayern and CL Final against juventus…ter stegen and bravo are both capable no1s

          • Both may well be capable of being No. 1 but all evidence points to Bravo being No. 1 at Barcelona atm. I’m not going to continue going around in circles though anyways – if you want to argue that the player sitting on the bench more often than not is No. 1, then so be it.

            My point remains that a player in such a position, whatever that may be, should not command the 2nd highest transfer fee in history for a goalkeeper.

    • The old saying “you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper” comes to mind, Mignolet is anything but, I’ve never seen a bigger coward between the sticks, the man is a bag of nerves and he clearly unsettles our defence.

    • Migs cant play out from the back very well, Shot stopper yes but with the ball at his feet he has been terrible. Klopp wants to play out from the back and it all starts with the keeper.

      • yes, but he is a backup keeper now. And only one keeper has ever cost more than £20m in history. A player that cost £10m before spending 2 years as a backup keeper should not then be one of the costliest keepers ever.

        It would be a very LFC type of purchase though.

  18. The problem though is reportedly that Barca want £20 million for Ter Stegen, who Klopp knows well from his time at Borussia Monchengladbach. Liverpool are prepared to offer £12 million, with claims that “The Reds hope Ter Stegen will force Barcelona’s hand by making it clear that he wants to leave.”

    if we are offering 12 million hoping that barca the selling club are going to crumble and give into us and take 8 million less it would suggest FSG have not learned one thing when it comes to transfers pay the price or someone else does offering just over half just ferks the selling club off

  19. It’s easy to single inderviduals out after every defeat but let’s be honest this squad is weak small and the majority are championship players at best.

  20. Liverpool’s transfer committee aren’t willing to pay for 20million the f***? They are holding back Liverpool as a club progressing in a right direction on and off the pitch. for f sake man the committee can buy lallana, markovic, allen and benteke with all the inflated price. But when it matters they can’t afford to pay a right price for a decent player like ter stegen. my gosh our club is becoming a joke. We can pay the asking price with all those mediocre players that doesn’t help the club at all but not the right players that’s going to help us to improve. what is going on? can we get rid of the transfer committee. Please acknowledge the fans and spread the words this is very IMPORTANT they deserved to know why we can’t buy the right players but can pay more for the mediocre..

    • Relax dude…even if you believe this rumors to be true word for word, it seems transfer negotiations have only just begun…if LFC find out Barca aren’t budging and they really want the GK then they might even pull the trigger at 20mil…although that’s a lot of money for a GK it has to be said..and there are plenty of other talented options.

    • Are you still confused after all of these years? Why do you not yet understand that the committee is just a group of scouts with a different name? The MANAGER HAS THE FINAL SAY ON ALL TRANSFERS so the person agreeing to sign the player is the MANAGER.

      Good grief.

      • I’m sure as hell they are at least responsible to most signings… we heard that from Brendan Rodgers when he’s nearing the sack he said something about ‘right tools’ which are not there for him to work with(the players). p.s im not saying he’s a good manager by any mean

        • Rodgers and Ayre have already stated Rodgers had final say on all transfers, of course he did. That’t the end of it.

      • Well for starters, we don’t have a DMF. Apart from Lucas who is too slow, and not good enough. So, yeah, I’d rather get a proper DMF than a new GK. Migs have to work on some stuff, but overall he’s not a bad GK at all.

  21. Wasn’t there a “rumour” a while ago about Barca being interested in Couts? What would happen if that was part of the negotiations?
    Just throwing it out there.

  22. I love it how Klopp on countless ocassions has said he is happy with his goalkeeping situation and isn’t changing this yet says it won’t stop the reporters writing this drivel. And guess what TIA have gone and done….

  23. Totally agree that we need a keeper of great quality to challenge or replace Mignolet, but please not Ter Stergen. He is a walking calamity. A goal keeper who thinks he is a midfield maestro who has been lobbed more times than any keeper in Barcelona colours be sure he likes coming out to play and pass like an outfield player. Totally not what we need with our shaky defence

  24. 12m max. He’s an upgrade on Migs but if they won’t budge look elsewhere for a replacement. More importantly is getting a quality winger with pace a classy forward so I don’t have to look at Benteke fall short constantly and another CM who can pass over the top.

    We need Pjanic, Aubameyang, Lavezzi, Ter Stergen, Matip. A spine that would take us to the next level with a proven winger. Also bring back Marko.

    Doubtful that any of those would join especially in Jan but that’s the quality we need.

  25. definitely need a more commanding keeper than migs. he is one of the reasons we keep conceding goals from set pieces. It will probably cost us 100m more to add some steel in each department

  26. I simply do not understand how LFC gave a new contract to Mignolet. Ter Stegen and back-up Bogdan would have been not bad at all in my vision. Why not? Bogdan made 2-3 excellent games, one bad. But Mignolet how many bad games, i can’t count. 100? Maybe LFC is doing this willingly to create Adrenaline, a good, safe goalkeeper would be boring? No idea, but this is just not normal, in my vision. And just to know how i see, if ter Stegen is 9, than Mignolet is 4, Bogdan is 5.

  27. Good keeper. And after yesterday it’s obvious we need to balance our squad. BR only signed number 10’s. We need a striker desperately! A combative midfielder who won’t get intimidated and to offload a few.

  28. Addressing the least area of weakness will be the most hilarious start, Jurgen. We can’t score goals, the midfield is weak without Hendo, you wanna start by replacing the goal keeper, absolute nonsense!

      • I’m sorry I’m not one of the fans that pick fights. Go look for it somewhere else. Sorry about that. Age doesn’t always mean maturity of course it’s evident

        • haha im just pointing out that Jurgen didnt say he was looking for a keeper. your initial post clearly believes he did.

          there was no fight picking,just pointing out the fact.

          • my whole previous comments were sensible,to the point.if you cant see that then im sorry. The first thing I said was theres no quote from him. How is that not sensible?

  29. Add a wide attacker to that list. Preferably with pace, a goal threat and assists. We haven’t replaced Sterling. Instead we have 3 No.10’s…great planning.

      • Judging by the teams Klopp has put out so far and his preferred formation, a left footed right sided attacker may make more sense. Would love Mahrez but probably wouldn’t be possible. Yarmolenko perhaps, or Sane

        • We have Ibe on the right thats why I think we need a left. Judging by what he did at BVB he likes an right footed inside forward on the left like reus and an out an out winger on the right.

          Ibe can take care of the right, which will aid his development, but couts cannot play like reus on the left.


          • True, but I think he likes Firmino and trusts him to come good, so he may look to play a more narrow 3 with Firmino in the 10, Coutinho coming in from left and someone else doing the same on the right. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  30. I am willing to stick with Mignolet till end of season if that means Klopp can target other important areas of the field.
    Striker, Fullbacks, DM, Winger… In that order. I would rather prefer Klopp focussing here rather thn GK. We obviously need an upgrade in goal too but that can wait till summer.

  31. Dear FSG,

    I’ve read that there’s someone on the payroll that follows social media/online boards to follow what the fans are saying. Hope this is one. Pay attention here.. The squad is weak. There’s no winners. There’s no leadership. There’s no set piece taker. I’m tired of seeing a Liverpool corner/free kick and knowing a goal isn’t coming because not one mutherf@!*#^ can deliver a cross. I don’t care if it cost £40m, Pjanic purchase is a must. Desperately need a CM with some creativity.
    While you’re at it Mr. Henry do you realize what sh!& GK you left us by trying to reduce wage bill and flogging Reina and buying Migs to save some money?
    I’m sure you’re not too concerned about winning trophies with Liverpool since you continually buy mediocre pitchers and utility players with $100m+ contracts for your precious Red Sox(And I’m American) but this pi$$3s me off.
    You bought a Football Club like no other and if you can’t release more than the standard £30m + sales the go ahead and do us all a favor and sell up. We have a unique opportunity this season as there’s no one that wants to take it by the reins. A couple of shrewd purchases this month for our world class manager will go a long way.
    This summer heavy investment is needed. Bare minimum we need a first XI GK, CB, CDM, creative midfielder and winger. Not a scout but Pjanic, Yarmolenko(or Sane), Carvalho(or Neves), Howedes and a GK would set us up. Please invest or f&#% off and sell to someone who will help this great club compete and not stuck in mediocrity.

  32. New window, same old rumours. I don’t see this happening. Liverpool just don’t need a keeper that desperately. Of course an upgrade over Mignolet would be nice but the timing is all wrong. Ter Stegen would only come if he was going to be assured of getting some game time.

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