Stat: 2015/16 is Liverpool’s worst goalscoring record in club’s history

on 03.01.2016

Goalscoring has been an issue for Liverpool ever since Luis Suarez left for Barcelona and Daniel Sturridge left for the treatment table.

Having spent over £60 million and completely overhauling the club’s attacking options in the summer – signing Christian Benteke, Roberto Firmino and Danny Ings, plus Divock Origi from loan – things haven’t improved this season.

In fact, the record of 22 league goals after 20 games is the worst in Liverpool’s entire history, as shown in this image from LFCHistory:

Incredibly, last season, 2014/15, was the joint best goalscoring record after 20 games.

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Here’s some other incredibly telling stats on our goalscoring malaise from this season, as outlined by Alex Malone in his excellent mid-season article here.

  • Only five teams in the league have scored fewer goals than Liverpool
  • We have scored the same as Sunderland and the second lowest of any team in the top 10
  • Sturridge and Ings, with two goals each, are our joint third highest scorers for the season
  • In 20 league games, our third leading goal scorer has a dismal two goals
  • Only five players in the entire squad have scored more than one league goal
  • Only two players have scored more than two league goals
  • We have scored one goal or less in 15 of the 20 league games to date

Mid-Season, Mid-Table: Liverpool FC and why we are where we are


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  1. Thanks a lot FSG and Brendan Rodgers.

    Liverpool were in a relegation scrap in 2011 when the idiots in charge of the club decided Hodgson was better than Benitez. After 6 months and realising they made a catastrophic error, Dalglish (multiple trophy winner) came in and sorted out the mess and elevated the club in fantastic fashion by winning a trophy, beating Utd and co and making Liverpool a force again. He was stupidly sacked, an absolutely disgraceful decision by FSG who show themselves as football incompetent. They have paid the price for their incompetence but it is the fans that suffer.

    Dalglish left a lovely team for Rodgers, the worlds BEST striker, a top striker in Carroll and a supply line of Gerrard and Downing. In 3 years and £300 million, Rodgers offloaded our best players and thought that Aspas, Borini, Ballotelli, Lambert and glass made Sturridge would elevate Liverpool to big trophy winners.

    Shame on you Rodgers and FSG for destroying Liverpool football club.

    • FSG didn’t hire Hodgson.
      I do agree with the sacking Dalglish decision though. We would have been playing in the CL right now had he stayed and maybe won more silverware. The Yanks just couldn’t stand someone bigger than them in charge of the club.

      • I know FSG didn’t hire Hodgson but I’m sarcastically thanking them for their diabolical sacking of Dalglish and appointment of trophyless Rodgers.

        The Yanks are football incompetent, they have no interest or understanding of the game. Look at WDF (Brooklynred) as a perfect example of that.

    • We finished 8th and team only scored 47 goals in 11/12 season under Kenny! That was with Suarez! This article is about us not scoring enough!!!!

    • KK won 6 of the last 22 league games. Was beaten by more bottom 10 teams than were beaten by us.

      Meanwhile, we had more league wins under Rodgers than any of our managers in the PL era. More goals. Better goal difference. Best home record.

      You’d better go back to the library, mate. And look up Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, Joe Cole. Alberto Aquilani, and Jay Spearing while you’re there.

      • Yeah but rodgers also cost us title,suarez put it on a plate for us,and ofcourse rodgers had to go and f##k it all up!!

      • Oh God not you again. I thought you had disappeared! Along with Derek Smith you are the thickest person on this forum WDF. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned 26-6-6 somewhere in your drivel. KK’s last 22 league games were just PART of his season. A season is judged from August to May but fools like you try and find fault by hand picking certain aspects of a season i.e. one competition (the league) or a specific period from January – March for example, its pathetic.

        You have limited ambition, this is why you are a failure. A season is judged from August to May across EVERY competition. What your braindead analysis also fails to consider is that Dalglish inherited a relegation team and had to rebuild. Rodgers inherited a trophy winning team beating the best in the country and should have been winning trophies. KK over acieved by winning a trophy with a relegation team. I don’t need to look up Charlie Adam (scorer of world class goals and many points for Liverpool) as he is a far better player at £9 million than your man Allen or Lallan are at a combined £40 million!

  2. Sums up the attacking capabilities of the current squad really, come summer expect a major clear out, I think Klopp is well aware that the club is in dire need of one.

  3. Cheers brendon gone but not forgotten
    europe tried to bring us to our knees the goverment and english media tried to force us down onto our kness as well
    rodgers did it all by himself charlatan

  4. Sorry, but 3 of those points are the same.
    If the 3rd joint-highest scorers have 2, then only 2 players will have scored more than 2. Duh.

  5. Yup..not the least bit surprised…was a massive problem last season, only seems to have exacerbated this season….our defensive record has been quite good in most matches (bar the losses like Watford West Ham ofcourse).

    This is the reason why we haven’t grabbed the 3 points on so many occasions.

    • Incredibly, last season, 2014/15, was the joint best goalscoring record after 20 games. So it wasn’t a problem all season.

        • That quote is in the article! It can’t be right!
          14/15 28 goals
          08/09 35 goals
          09/10 37 goals
          13/14 46 goals
          PL site you can search the PL tables to the game.

          • they are the 24 worst scoring seasons 2014/15 being one of the
            worst…. i dont understand the confussion…. last year was rubbish
            this year its even worse..

          • The confusion is in the error that the TIA writer made saying “Incredibly, last season, 2014/15, was the joint best goalscoring record after 20 games.” Clearly not true.

          • Got ya didnt read that bit … i knew that was rubbish as 28 goals from 20 games is useless for a top club

          • Incredibly, last season, 2014/15, was the joint best goalscoring record after 20 games.

            This line in the article causing the confusion!

          • they are the 24 worst scoring seasons 2014/15 being one of the worst…. i dont understand the confussion…. last year was rubbish this year its even worse

  6. Well if we stopped playing 1 up front and 3 number 10s and played 2 forwards it could improve! Also buy a goal scoring winger!

        • Brad Smith for me! After watching his second cameo I’m a fan…he’s a no nonsense direct put your accurate cross in footballer..very nice. I’d say play both him and Moreno, let them have a partnership on the left…they could get something special going and Benteke would likely get better service.

          • Never know Klopp might push him further forward but the other 3 all have an eye for goal as well and will hopefully get into the box to support Benteke instead of standing off like Firmino, Lallana and even Coutinho.

          • But they’re academy lads mate…atleast Smith has managed to get some games under LFC and proved himself. Think Kent would get some game time to prove himself I feel. Wilson not so sure.

          • So is Smith! Ojo and Kent have seen more first team action on loan than what Smith had managed before his debut at 19.

  7. “Incredibly, last season, 2014/15, was the joint best goalscoring record after 20 games.”

    Does anyone else realize that this is completely untrue? That picture is saying that 2014/2015 is our joint 23rd WORST scoring season after 20 games….

    What worries me is how many seasons of these are recent. We have struggled for goals the last 5 years bar one. Clearly an issue there.

  8. And to think some morons still praise rodgers, the rookie has completely fukced up our team in every way possible, it makes me weep to think that only for Ayres and co unwilling to face up to the fact that they had made a monumental mistake employing him as manager he could have been gone at least a year earlier before he wasted more mega bucks on less than average players, thanks ayres and rodgers for fukc all.

    • They were waiting for Klopp.
      In hindsight though, it probably would’ve been better to just keep Kenny till the moment Klopp was available.

  9. The team lacks the leaders we used to have. There was a time we many players who could have easily been captain right now. Had Carra, Hyppia, Agger, Reina, Xabi, Mascherano and Gerrard in the same team!

  10. If we were to somehow get ourselves in the CL come end of the season,Id be advising the club to really go big for a world class striker!! Yes we need a centre half,and a midfielder,and a fullback,and a keeper,and a winger!!(thank you brendan!!) but a top class striker can turn this team into title contenders!the appointment of klopp certainly points towards Fsg’s willingness to get trophies,otherwise they would have probably appointed monk or howe!! Spend 40 million,50 million,break the English transfer record if you have to,but for the love of Liverpool(see what I did there?)sign a top class striker,whether it is lewandowski,Aubumeyang,muller,griezemann….however,obviously there is one player that I think will almost garentee us the title,it’s resigning suarez!so save the blushes,don’t spend 200 mil on mediocrity,spend 100 mil and win the title??

    • Even the great Lewendowski would suffer the same problems as Balotelli and Benteke. What this season has in common with last is the lack of wide play, too much emphasis on possession etc. Coutinho’s shooting helps nobody either, he must be on about 250 shots now and 5 goals scored, the guy is not a team player and is becoming a joke.
      More than anything else what we desperately need is quality on the wings.

      • Lewandowski atleast runs in behind the defence,but yeah I agree we need wingers,I do believe klopp will give marcovic and Wilson a chance

        • markovic is not the answer hes a squad player at best we cannot pin our hopes for next season on more potential

          • The problem is Carr.we have so much open spaces in our squad,a proven winger will set us back 20 mil plus!!of we can do very good business,and use toure’s wages and sign matip or howedes on the free in the summer,spend less then 10 mil on a fullback,we can go out and spend big on a striker,winger and midfielder!!if it was to be your dream summer window,what 3 players will you bring in realisticly in those 3 positions,taking in mind if we get CL!

          • realistically we are not getting CL and we do not need 3 players suarez would get this lot back challenging
            but thats not going to happen so we are going to have to relay on 3 tings
            1 fsg get there money out
            2 liverpool still holds some mystery for the big players
            3 klopp as the pulling power with the german players

          • I think we should ignore the league and go all guns for Europa league,klopp atleast gets these spr ineless goats firing in big Epl and cup games,considering half the EPL doesn’t interest our players,we should go for the European title,we stand a chance,IMO
            As for suarez,let’s hope he gets bored at barca, and wato return?

      • I agree with you on Couts. Bit of a one trick pony of late. I know what he is going to do almost every time!

  11. Im off to have a good cry… Why didnt we sign Delle Ali ;(? Spending 30mil on Lallana and not spending 10 on an amazing youngster…

    • It was meant as a”master stroke” ….ripping The Saints apart for all their “best bits”. God help us we at least got Clyne. The rest of the buys have helped Southampton much much more than us.
      Particularly disappointed in Lallana. Millions for a sprinkle of what?….6/7 goals in 2 seasons! Not good enough

      • I wouldn’t give up on Lovren just yet, he seems to be getting better with each game, long way to go but he definitely is improving.

        • Actually, I agree with you ?
          Let’s hope Lovren continues to grow in that direction.
          The only little point I have noticed was that Southampton’s play did not nose dive after selling to us. Sadly nor did we become a stronger ?
          In fact play from all those bought “regressed” (?) when they came to us.

          • Sadly true, a lot of money spent for little if any overall improvement in the team.

    • This is typical LFC overpaying for homegrown mediocrity much like forking out 35M for unproven Carroll.

  12. No Surprise. Lukaku looks so mobile, energetic and full of hunger and desire for bluenoses today. Massive contrast to the donkey we have upfront. The blurts we have behind him can’t take a corner, never mind shoot and score.

    • Barkley and Deulofeu are a cut above anything we have at Liverpool, Lukaku also has Koné helping him out. Truth is in our squad Lukaku would be just as misfitting as Benteke.

      Martinez built a squad around Lukaku, Rodgers seemingly built a squad around a philosophy he came up with from reading a few books.

        • To be fair to Benteke – not easy to shoulder all responsibility atm with the team not really working around him. If he had just 4 more goals I think most would think that pretty good.

          I think he is decent, not top class maybe, but could do a job if we played a bit more basic …

          And he better start hitting those sitters, but we’ve seen plenty strikers missing them this season.

  13. Almost 100 mil spent on attacking players to score goals, and this is what we end up with, then some people say Brendan as achieved something.

    • Innit!! What an indictment! £100m on Carroll, Sturridge, Balotelli , Benteke and Origi ( who I have hope for) the 5 of them together couldn’t lace Louis’ boots…!

  14. The assist part is a red herring. We produce plenty opportunities / chances. Our problem is not taking them, even sitters. Hard to get an assist if no one actually scores …

  15. “Incredibly, last season, 2014/15, was the joint best goalscoring record after 20 games.”

    So according to this article, Liverpool have existed for 24 football seasons, dissolving and reforming dozens of times across the past 120 years.

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