Daniel Sturridge: I was devastated when injured, now determined to help Liverpool have success

on 24.02.2016

Speaking ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League clash with Augsburg, Daniel Sturridge dismissed speculation that he was looking to leave the club in the future.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, February 24, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge during a press conference ahead of the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 1st Leg match against FC Augsburg. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Sturridge will be looking to make another start against Augsburg as he steps up his recovery from a number of troubling injuries, and work towards top form in the Liverpool attack.

During his time on the sidelines, however, the 26-year-old was rumoured to be dissatisfied to the club’s approach to his layoffs.

But speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, Sturridge quashed speculation, saying he is “looking forward to the future” at Liverpool.

“It’s important to worry about the present,” he said.

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“It’s been a difficult time, being injured, but it’s part of football.

“Now I’m looking forward to the future, of course with Liverpool.

“I’m relaxed, I’ve been relaxed the whole time, and I’m happy here.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - Tuesday, February 9, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge in action against West Ham United during the FA Cup 4th Round Replay match at Upton Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

More spurious claims suggested that Sturridge’s Christian faith was keeping him from performing for Liverpool, with the striker taken aback by questioning along that line, stressing his commitment to the club.

“I don’t listen to social media,” he explained.

“It’s surprising to be honest, I didn’t know religion had anything to do with football. As a child you don’t think about those things.

“To say a player doesn’t want to play, that’s the biggest disrespect you could say to any individual footballer.

“It’s astonishing, it’s disappointing, but it’s football and, of course, people are entitled to their opinions.

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“I don’t think anybody will understand how much it means to me to play football.

“I’ll continue to focus on doing my best, and playing for Liverpool.”

Sturridge also refuted claims that he was content to remain on the sidelines, saying he was “devastated” to suffer with continued injury problems.

“I’m not someone who’s at the house chilling, laughing and joking, living my life to the fullest when I’m not playing; I’m at home devastated, sitting in the stands devastated,” he continued.

“I think some of the things people say about me, a lot of them aren’t the truth.

“All I want to do is play football, and help this team have success, that’s the most important thing to me.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - Tuesday, February 9, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp and substitute Daniel Sturridge during the FA Cup 4th Round Replay match against West Ham United at Upton Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Joining Sturridge at Liverpool’s pre-Augsburg press conference at Melwood, Jurgen Klopp praised his player’s approach.

“It was interesting to hear what you asked,” he said.

“He was completely relaxed.

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“I think a few things are more clear now than before, and that’s what we need.

“I heard from him – not second- or third-hand – a lot of times, about his future at LFC.

“Everything is fine, and you can now stop thinking about this.

“He’s a really good football player, and now he’s able to play, and that’s what we want to see all the time.”

Klopp suggested that Sturridge could start against both Augsburg and in Sunday’s League Cup final against Manchester City, and the German will be hoping his star forward can find top form and a rhythm as a result.

A committed, fit and firing Sturridge is invaluable to Liverpool, and the ex-City man’s goals will be key if the Reds are to enjoy success in the Europa League and the League Cup.

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  1. good news indeed, although i had some doubts myself (i´m weak) i do believe him. for his biography will be a far better read this way than going after bigger money, never settling somewhere and not getting the honest support Jürgen offers him. best of luck with not getting injured too soon and too seriously and show the good stuff he´s definitely capable of.

    “Everything is fine, and you can now stop thinking about this.” :)

  2. Well this took a little time to come out after the recent speculation about Sturridge being unhappy at the club. Let’s hope all’s well that ends well.

  3. Sturridge as had weeks to speak about the speculation better late than never
    But come on he does have issues if it urt him that much would gerrard have had to beg him to play against the mancs
    Also i hope hes not using lfc to gain personal glory eg the cup final that a lot thought he would make a miraculous recovery for and also this summers international championships
    Personally as long as hes on the pitch he can do and believe in what he wants

    • Well done on providing a prime example of the type of fan Sturridge is disapointed and astonished by. Its a real shame Sturridge and Klopp cant come out and give their interviews without the likes of you spinning it into negative nonsense.

      • so gerrard and carragher where talking nonsense where they sturridge says it kills him to miss games they said he had to be begged to play even when he was passed fit

        • Playing through injury cost him in the long run and Liverpool so begging him to play backfired really didnt it?. How and why you feel the need to spin it negatively given Klopps words is beyond me. His record for the club is better than Suarez yet he takes such abuse. A real shame

          • no what cost him was rodgers and hodgesons spat and thats the truth rodgers tried to think he was england manager and tried to tell them what to
            sturridge wanted to play for england so he did

            when he came back to lfc did rodgers rest him or push him to save his skin managers are judged on results

          • Oh
            There some very strong (very questionably informed) views you hold there.
            So you are now saying it was being played by the 2 managers was wrong?how does that work with your initial post? i find it contradictory i must say,
            Injuries happen, some players are more prone than others-to spin it so nastily on the player is a real shame.

          • take it how you like sturridge wants to be top man personally he will never be a third of the team player suarez was

          • Again i dont see how you could be in anyway informed as to what Daniel Sturridge wants. You clearly have a negative agenda on the player. Its a real shame-Sturridge has played exceptionally for liverpool and suffered from appalling luck.

          • I think that was a case of LFC finding a way to manage Sturridge that worked, ie, two days rest after a game, and Englaqnd staff didn’t think it was necessary to keep him to a working regime….

          • Err, no, it actually happened that we hammered Utd, in part thanks to his being involved….

          • Was playing him through injury worth it long term? The game in question was a one nil win.

          • He wasn’t playing through an injury, and thats the point.. He went on to p[lay games after that, it is only since Suarez left we have been having these issues on this scale with Sturridge.. That has to mean something… Maybe he prefers being No.2 and not the main man, who really knows, but that didn’t start his injury woes…

          • You realise thats completely speculation on your part?
            There are several different reports that completely refute your speculation. Such as the specific recovery programme liverpools medical team tailored to keep sturridge match fit (ignored by England in September 14).

          • No, It’s not speculation, just repeating what I read in Stevie G’s autobiography, and if it was a lie, I’m sure it would have been picked apart by now.

            But in reality, doesn’t really matter, he’s said what he’s said, and only the future will show if he’s all about words or actions.

          • You are talking what Gerrard said out of context to suit your speculation which is disingenuous on your part- a common approach on here it appears unfortunately.

          • I’m sorry, but what has context got to do with suiting my argument… There is no context to worry about here, you cant confuse this… Sturridge nbeeds to be encouraged to play when he has been cleared by the “medical staff”… There is not some kind of campaign here by me or anyone else to paint STurridge in a bad light, this is what we know to be true from statements made to that effect.. I am not distorting anything here… Sorry it doesn’t suit your biazzre stance on this… Sorry, that last bit was a bit disingenuous, I am not sorry.

          • your speculation was
            “He wasn’t playing through an injury, and thats the point.. He went on to p[lay games after that, it is only since Suarez left we have been having these issues on this scale with Sturridge.. That has to mean something… Maybe he prefers being No.2 and not the main man, who really knows, but that didn’t start his injury woes..”

            because he played afterwards does not mean he wasnt playing through injury, most players do it at different times. Most players dont require specific tailored training programmes to ensure fitness-Sturridge did due to the nature of his injuries. Subsequent injury problems and surgery more than confirms the injury issues.

            based on the piece from Gerrards book about the united game 2013 you formed this opinion on Sturridge and you cant see what context has got to do with it?

            Its a shame you feel the need to be disingenuous about the player who again showed tonight what an exceptional talent he was

          • You have either completely misunderstood everything, either through choice, or I didn’t specify clearly enough… Sturridge, could play, injury free, the medical team cleared him, and he still had tobe persuaded.. Take that however which way you want, I honestly don’t care.

            Is disingenuous a new word you have just learnt this week… Because I am not being disinfuckingenuous. you have just got a bee in you bonnet and want to kiss Strurridge’s ar se, and thats fine… crack on.

          • You clearly have anger issues and are projecting them. Preferable for everybody if you stopped behaving as such.
            If you care to re read what you have written you may (or may not) understand how your criticism is irrational and lacking context or do you need every last detail spelled out for you?

          • *clap clap calp* I have anger issues, maybe, probably, but you don’t push my buttons, your just an idiot. But clearly, you lack an understanding of what constitutes a fact, and what is nothing more than made up garbage….I don’t need to re read what I said, like i have already stated, I am not the disingenuous one here.

          • You joined the conversation and pushed your own buttons when meet with civilized mannerly debate. Its a shame you cant post with some class but resorting to insulting a person is a sure sign you cant back your argument. Lets leave it there-rationality is clearly not for you.

          • You started with insults and calling my character into question, so there….Now I’m going to get my daddy.

          • I started nothing of the sort- I explained to you clearly why were your speculation was unfair, when you refused to acknowledge your reply was ungenuine( quite ironic you feel your character was questioned given what you speculated about Sturridge).

          • It’s not speculation. it’s written. If it was speculation and complete rubbish, why has nobody come out and corrected it.. Aside form you that is… No one, and I’m sure there are many who are in the know, have said anything to dispute what Gerrard has said about Sturridge, and his mental strength…

          • Jurgen Klopp agreed completely with Sturridge who corrected it in the above article or did you miss that part?

          • Oh well, a man who has just arrived surely knows nmore than a man who played with him for years at club and country…. I better stop now, you have me beat.

          • As for the Argument, It wasn’t a case of winning or losing, you just can’t bare the facts… Not my facts I’ll add, Facts of those closest to the situation….What more is there to say.

          • The initial comment you replied to was about Sturridge LONG TERM issues. You sight a once off game talked about by Gerrard as evidence(facts even) yet subsequent injuries and SURGERY have shown this to be completely wrong. There are several reliable reports on Sturriges recurring injuries being linked resulting in the need for surgery and just recently a mid season conditioning period (mini pre season) to keep the player fit. This is not done with a player who doesnt have fitness issues.

          • Its called an example. the facts as they are written, By his close team mate and friend may not be to your liking, but it makes it no less significant when we are talking about a players mental ability to play games when he is told he is fit and able to do so, versus his fear of not being ready and maybe suseptible to further injury… I have quoted Gerrard, and for some reason you deem his word on the subject, worthless, but “there are several reliable reports” that seemingly over ride anything the club captain and Sturridges teammate has to say… Either it’s all hear say and non is worth commenting on, or it all is.. You cant pick your source as being better than another, especially when that source is the closet man to him, his team mate…. You may have a fetish for Sturridge, but that doesn’t alter the “evidence”.

          • your final line is unfortunate for you
            I never disputed the “example”, the example as you put it was clearly proven to be misinformed as time played out and the full extent of Sturridges injury issues were disclosed. Players play on injuries every week, doesnt effect most long term others it does. Tell michael owen or Toress it was a good idea to play on injuries-see what they have to say and how it effected their careers. You clearly dont want to see the link between sturridge playing through injury in 13/14 and his subsequent injury problems-thats on you. Perhaps you could post with a little more consideration in future.

          • Blah blah blah, that is all I can hear… I’m wrong, Gerrard is full of it, and you are the only man in the know.

          • Well thats not surprising, its quite clear you struggle to see the bigger picture. Im sure you will be cheering when Sturridge gets the winner tomorrow or not

          • Im not sure Sturridge or Klopp agree having read the above article. Time to show him more respect

    • Why should he speak about the speculation? I for one think there’s been too much talk and most of it absolute nonsense, designed to sell newspapers and autobiographies! Using LFC to gain personal glory? A lot thought he would make a miraculous recovery? A lot of idiots perhaps… sometimes your posts are informative and knowledgeable… this is not one of those times. If he was fit and ready and capable of playing more than a couple of games before getting injured Klopp would have played him. Welcome back Danny Boy… YNWA

        • Come on then CARR71why don’t you tell me what Klopp actually meant? I don’t have a direct line to Jurgen and personally I choose not to assume. I do know what he said could be interpreted in a number of ways… yet again you’ve chosen the most negative option!

          • ok what do you think klopp meant?
            he also said he had hendo banging on his door wanting to play despite not being fit

          • I suspect he meant that Sturridge had to learn when to play through the pain and when not to risk it ie. some of the injuries were down to playing when not properly conditioned and 100% fit. My humble opinion fits in with Sturridge declaring himself fit and Klopp overruling him… hence the mini preseason etc.

        • he’s been pretty tough with Danny from the start which is raised eye brow stuff. At new year he shut him down when Danny claimed he was fit.
          Klopp pushed him back and said it was his decision not Danny’s.

          If this approach has now worked then well done the manager.

          • so he maybe had a problem like ex players have said and klopp as put him in his place
            but are we allowed to assume or mention that

          • I just think the way the ex players were literally having a go at him in public was unhelpful and quite destructive. Like what the hell? They’re supposed to have the club’s interest at heart.

            Especially during his “mini pre-season”, what’s the point in coming out with all that nonsense questioning what was going on when he’s in the middle of his training regime that Klopp had publicly set him?

            I don’t know what was going on but stories about him wanting to leave as well, just all seemed like people being annoyed more because they didn’t have an inside channel to him.

          • Not really, It just highlights what Gerrard said about having to cajole Sturridge to get him to play, even if all he has is a slight twinge…If Danny wants to act like a wimp, there are other clubs less in need of men he could go and draw a pension from. Time to man up.

  4. A few comments here suggesting Sturridge should have come out sooner to respond to media speculation about his future. Honestly? Liverpool were and are preparing for major Europa, League Cup fixtures and Prem fixtures, and Sturridge more than anyone needs to keep his head in his training. I’d much rather our players spend the minimum effort worrying about reacting to media contrived ‘news’ and just focus on their football. The football world would probably be a better place if we all did the same…

    • yes, the only thing that really raises or lowers a club is its football.

      If a club is not careful it falls behind others in playing standard and that hurts it badly. The reverse is also true. So we need to be wary about that, but that’s it. Everything else – including ticket prices – is a side show but that does get forgotten.

      I have no interest in an injured player in that it isn’t about the footy. It’s non news to me although Sturridge’s next contract will be an interesting discussion I have no doubt.

      It’s far more fascinating to me that there are parallels in what Klopp does with players / teams and what BR did yet Klopp’s changes seem to make sense where BRs didn’t. As one example both moved midfielders into defence (Can and Lucas) but only Klopp’s move made sense, and that kind of outcome seems to repeat a few times.

      Here’s to more about the football, though I hope Sturridge manages 2 games in a week! Yikes!

      • That’s interesting. Do you mean that you think BR’s parallel decisions didn’t pay off in the same was as Klopp’s, or that people seem to accept the same decisions more from Klopp? (both are true in my opinion, but curious what you meant)

        Fingers crossed Studge can stay fit for the next two City encounters. I’d say he’ll revel in a chance to score against the old crew again.

        • Mostly BRs decisions didn’t work especially the more fundamental ones like the make up of the defence, chasing a target man for 2 summers when DS has fitness issues.

          Klopp is very pragmatic, keeps things quite simple so I think that’s why his decisions work more often. Can could play CB but is a terrible FB/wide CB. Klopp just doesn’t even try to play him there.
          He’s told Lovren to simplify his game – when he came back into the side (think it was a europa game) everytime he got the ball he just passed it 5 yards to Sakho who played it forwards! Every time! BR had clearly been telling Lovren to be front footed and aggressive and “commanding” and he was just a total liability doing that. Klopp had a Sakho/Lovren partnership looking just fine and dandy! Who would have thought that would happen?

          Now, it’s not working with Migs so far who i think is getting worse. But right now we have to get Bobby linking well while playing AM which he’s not doing aswell as when he plays the #9. Also, our CMs need to be more influential, we do get pressed out of our game somewhat.

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    • So what is your point ??
      hes had all season to quash what gerrard and other players that know him have said about him
      Hes had nearly a month to have his say about the transfer rumour
      i agree your right he should not be spouting of now about it he should be concentraiting on doing his best on the pitch
      He had plenty of time to talk when he was injured

      • My point is I don’t think it’s Sturridge’s job to play with the media, or react to every bit of non-news about his future that gets spouted whenever there’s a slow news day on the back page. All I expect from him is to try his best to recover and play consistent footy again, and that’s what he’s doing.

        It’s the higher-ups job to deal with the press. The club and Klopp should (and have) come out and said that they’re happy to keep him at Anfield, and that ought to be the end of it. But fans and the media expect constant scrutiny on players while they suffer through injury and recovery, and then wonder why their head isn’t in the game when they touch grass again. Bit of a double-standard.

        Let the boy play footy.

      • if he said this while injured people would just hate him more. Only way to shut people up is to perform. IF sturriddge doesnt score these 2 games people are gonna start talking their crap again

  5. The best thing that happens for us is studrige become rock solid. You can only wonder what level we can reach with him being fit whole season.

  6. He wants to stay and is happy. When he is fully fit and firing we will also be happy. Lets all be happy together! Starting tomorrow and Sunday I fancy DS15 so show what he is all about!

  7. past is gone now….
    lets focus on present ….and future will follow….
    lets stop all the negativity around him and back him up…..

  8. I don’t think anybody questioned he wanted to play.

    What Rodgers, Klopp, Gerrard and Hamann all questioned is his desire to play when he has a weeny little bit of pain.

    Or when it’s a weeny bit frosty out.

    Keeping him fit until May then getting £20m for him to part finance another Suarez type would be great business by Klopp.

    • I would suggest he answered that charge pretty firmly. He’s the only top class player at the club now. Losing him would be madness, we need another 3 or 4 of those calibre players.

        • of course that would be frustrating but right now I’d take another 3 exactly like him!! You need real winners, real talent as Barca showed again last night.

      • We’ve got Coutinho and Firmino who are top class.
        Defo need 3 or 4 more yes, but durability and bottle is just as important, give me 1 Suarez, Torres or Drogba over 10 Sturridge’s any day.

  9. Glad to see that Sturridge and Klopp agree with me. I’ve said numerous times that Sturridge is the best striker we have and that it would be a disaster to sell him. Here is to hoping that he can score a few against Augsburg and help us win our first title under Klopp against Man City.

    Sturridge, we believe in you, man! Now just focus on scoring them goals! YNWA!

    • he is the best we have ,well thats not to hard to be is it really ,is he the best thing for liverpool ?? not in my opinion
      Studge would be great if we had loads of money and could afford to just pay top wages facts are we have not every penny counts under fsg
      Sturridge will never be on the pitch long enough to justify his wages and lfc need a top striker thats going to be on the pitch

      • So far he’s played 3 matches, if I’m not wrong, since returning from injury and has done well. Klopp seems to think Sturridge is ready for more games, thus an indicator that he has probably overcome his injuries. That suffices for me

        • yes he may be over this injury how long to the next
          we cannot afford to have our top earner hardly ever playing
          fine if we were city or chavski but we are not we are being run on a very tight budget and every penny is going to count if klopp is going to get us back competing at the top

    • shame he missed that chance against Augsburg last week. But perhaps it will focus him to doing better.

      Playing smaller teams always reduces the motivation just a little unconsciously and chances like that can go begging.

  10. Perhaps doing the mini-preseason (along with its niggles) plus plenty of training time with the team has allowed DS to convince himself that his body is in shape and capable of doing what’s needed.

    His re-introduction has been rightly measured to allow him to build up his match time without re-injuring and that needs to continue for pretty much the rest of the season.

    Klopp has been very pragmatic and so far it looks like it’s working where he has struggled for several seasons now. Well done Klopp.

    Too many top players have had their careers shortened at Liverpool playing on injury and not getting properly healed. Aguero has come out and said the slightest feeling and he stops playing now. Wilshere, the less said the better.

    Liverpool fans choose players to have a go at and they have never taken Danny to heart. Honestly, they will drive players out of the club and then wonder why it’s a failing footballing entity. Add in the spreadsheet mafia not buying class players and you have a recipe that’s guaranteed to send the club downards.

  11. Just like night always follows day, that post wasn’t surprising at all…..

    Welcome back Danny, you’re fit now just go out and play some ball.

  12. Concentrate on football… Let talkers talk… Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. Nice one studge… Bang em goals in

  13. Fans say certain things in frustration sometimes, it’s unfortunate that Studge had to hear that side of it…I never personally could see the sense in a player not wanting to play. As far as staying at a big club just to collect the wages is concerned, that’s a different matter altogether.

  14. dont hear anyone, just bang the goals. what a goalscoring record you have. if only you could play without injuries,what that record might have been. dan the man.

  15. A lot of people took what Gerrard said in his book and ran with it, every professional footballer wants to play football when fit, and if you are a injury prone player, and you felt something of course you are not going to want to play, fairing it might just get worst.

  16. Glad he let fly and got it off his chest. Honestly think the boss showed guts as well, must have been tempting to try and speed up his return. Fingers and toes crossed

  17. Interesting that Klopp should decide to include Danny in the presser, I’m assuming it was Klopps decision, I suspect Klopps had enough of the repetitive ‘Sturridge questions’ and the adverse media spin on anything surrounding the lad, as Klopp put it ‘You’ve heard it first hand now, not second or third hand, you don’t need to ask again’, It’s maybe time to draw a line under the last 18 months and judge the lad on what happens between now and the end of the season, two big games coming up and DS will have a big part to play in both, I wish him well and don’t care who it upsets..

    • Bravo.

      Yep, would certainly seem like Klopp decided it was time to deal with it head on and hopefully move on so DS can concentrate on the games ahead.

  18. I think we all know what a talent there is in Sturridge – remember SAS? I believe Klopp knows that and will find a way to showcase his gifts.

  19. Surely there’s been enough talking now. He’s back, he’s fit and he’s playing. We’re a better team with him so, let’s see how it goes forward from here.

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