FC Augsburg vs. Liverpool – LIVE – Follow the Reds Europa League round-of-32 tie here

on 18.02.2016

Liverpool take on FC Augsburg at the WWK Arena in the first leg of their Europa League round-of-32 tie on Thursday night. We’re live to bring you the latest.

AUGSBURG, GERMANY - Thursday, February 18, 2016: Liverpool's players line up for a team group photograph before the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 1st Leg match against FC Augsburg at the Augsburg Arena. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Augsburg vs. Liverpool is live on BT Sport Europe for UK viewers, and kicks off at 8.05pm (GMT). Our live coverage updates automatically and is brought to you by Jack Lusby.

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Augsburg: Hitz; Verhaegh, Janker, Klavan, Stafylidis; Feulner, Altintop (Koo 87′), Kohr; Esswein, Werner (Ji 81′), Bobadilla (Caiuby 23′)

Substitutes: Gelios, Opare, Koo, Ji, Caiuby, Max, Thommy

Liverpool: Mignolet; Clyne, Toure, Sakho, Moreno; Henderson, Can; Milner (Ibe 81′), Coutinho, Firmino; Sturridge (Origi 68′)

Substitutes: Ward, Randall, Caulker, Lucas, Ibe, Origi, Benteke


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  1. I was almost asleep when my phone went berserk..now that utd have lost I’m thinking might as well watch this game. A win would be icing on the cake.

  2. Come on reds lets do this , who’s the 2% who voted for us to get beat traitors were going to batter these tonight

  3. Line-up is a statement of intent. Looking for Firmino to find a new gear from breathing the German air :-) Let’s make this safe, lads. 2+ goals please!

  4. They going to be up for it big time as it is the “biggest” game in their history. Itll get easier as the bight goes on hope fully

  5. This is probably Klopps first 11 give or take. I think players like Flanagan should be given a chance in this competition regardless of how serious we are taking it. I don’t think he is any worse than Moreno

  6. So we have three strikers(Benny, Origi and Caulker) and a winger on bench today. Hhhmmm…. Quite an attacking bench today.

  7. Oh I missed you Coutinho. The best part of having him and Studge back is the impact it has on Firmino. He looks far more calm and relaxed with them around him.

    • Dat Moreno-Sakho communication/decision making. Put Smith next to Mama and you’ll see a different backline and subsequently a different attack.

  8. Defenders are generally not lauded and recognised for their efforts but for me, Clyne is our player of the season.

  9. Mignolet is looking better at catching recently. Its a shame he cant just put all his improvement together at once. Always something has to be wrong.

  10. Hmm this hasn’t been as good as I’d hoped, shouldn’t be surprised though with us being the most incosistent team on the planet.

    • A Can game. Bobbles around the middle, a few slick passes. Take it on and run, lose it a lot, then bobble around again

  11. Wake up lads, this is way too lethargic. Can needs to chill. Would be foolish to cop a yellow for dissent. Slippery pitch or do studs need adjusting?

  12. Even after all the backslapping after Villa I was expecting this garbage.

    Give me the team that played at West Ham any day – minus Benteke of course

  13. Augsburg been the better team so far, a huge issue with this team is that we simply cannot control the midfield.

  14. Something else that also bugs me is Sturridge looks scared now, all these injuries have taken their toll on his mentality for the moment.

        • You’re just saying words. Milner has been worse, Toure can’t pass. One week people are saying her tries too much, the next they are saying he’s got no vision. I’m not saying he’s Pirlo but he’s better than Lucas.

  15. Been a fairly mediocre affair thus far…not a criticism towards Studge but thus far his effect has been close to nothing…

  16. Need to step it up big time for the second half because this has been very poor, no control, lack of urgency, need to wise up!

  17. The most boring game I’ve ever seen, not even joking. Nothing in the gam whatsoever. Zero risks taken, zero creativity, decent defending, terrible passing, zero shooting. I just hope I manage to stay awake in 2nd half.

  18. We will conceded if this is how we gonna play. . I would prefer if Can and milner sub by someone else…what a time for Stewart to get injured! !!!

  19. half time relief for us. could be a 0-0 the way this is going. hope for the away goal though because that’ll drain them I think

  20. cant watch the game, from what I am reading its ugly. We need a boot up the you know what? whats the problem?

  21. I see only coutinho trying to do something. All are all effing sleeping. They need to earn win here its not going to serve itself on platter like villa.

  22. If we could be ar*ed we’d probably be winning. Sturridge, can’t live without him can’t live with him sometimes. Looks like he’s pulling a big time charlie for not being up front.

  23. HT 0-0 Let hope that was Migs compulsory fumble, and he keeps another clean sheet,
    The interplay between the front 4 isn’t there, need to click in the 2nd half or Origo needs to come on…saying that some nice link up between Studge and Benteke in the Villa game!?

  24. Think back to the kids playing West Ham and how many chances they created with their teamwork and desire.

    And compare to the garbage the so called ‘seniors’ have just served up against lesser opposition.

  25. 1st half summed up:

    Toure to Can to sakho to can to toure to can to sakho (you can see where I’m going with this)…..finally get a ball up to studge, he tries to do it all himself and gives it away….can to toure to can to OTHER TEAM…….

  26. I think Klopp should play coutinho closer to FIRMINO and Sturridge cause rift now Sturridge and FIRMINO look very isolated.

  27. This is what I hate most… waking up at 4am… to watch crap!… Can…milner… they will never give us what we want.Can…he can be young… but crap most of the time…
    I wouldn’t mind if we sell him off… yeah… throw it at me. Just watch him… u will know

  28. One thing I’ve noticed…what happened to all those awesome passes from Sakho from the back? He doesn’t seem to be in a position to do those any longer…Toure and Sakho simply give the ball to Henderson thereby slowing the game down and reducing options….Sakho used to pull off some really risky but good passes from the back.

    I feel like this is a tactical thing btw.

      • I personally think it’s more a case of the play under Klopp. I remember him doing that last season to good effect in the 3-man defense.

        • Even in Klopp’s first few games, he did that. For some reason, all the confidence has gone out of his play starting from that Watford game, his first after injury.

    • No doubt I will get slated by the ignorant. But it’s games like this that we miss Lallanas running, energy and pressing

      • This isn’t a one-man problem though man….look at the overall lack of flow in our game…no partnerships whatsoever..it seems much deeper than a one-man fix.

        • No I appreciate that, but if Lallana was on the bench, his pressing could create a chance for one of the other attacking players to cease upon. Origi is an option for that.
          For me the issue is more Can and Hendo not linking up quickly enough with the forward 4. Benteke is an option, if they do up their games and can play a long ball.

      • Lallana played in the Watford and Newcastle games as well and the result was no different. It is a much deeper problem which I think stems from a lack of passion and desire.

        • I didn’t say he was the solution for ALL our problems, but we are lacking urgency and intensity so far in this game. Something Lallana gave us from the 1st minute v Arsenal and brought to the game v Norwich…and brings most games he plays.

    • Augsburg have overflown the midfield, not much space there for risky passes.. We are lacking a player in the center, we should switch to 4-2-3-1..

  29. No spark whatsoever from us and look like no goal in us. We should be doing better against team like this if at all we dream of getting close to quarter final

  30. I thought we’d cured the malaise of slow starts to games, but alas. A very poor first half against a poor side. Need to step up big time. Sakho seems in desperate need of some one-on-one instruction time: hold station and don’t loiter in the opposition half and expose the entire left channel when you know Moreno is overlapping! I’m so exasperated that I wouldn’t mind Caulker replacing him…

      • Yes u are right but he was left wondering in 3rd half of d pitch when he suppose to be at d back protecting his goalie. That almost leads to goal aside that he has been decent but one mistake could cost d team.

  31. Why didn’t Sturridge play the pass to Henderson? Probably because 9 times out of 10 Henderson wastes the shot. Either shooting off target or straight at the keeper.

  32. Augsburg plays a pretty high line at times with two compact fours. So easy to loft a pass into space to release Firm or Studge, but no attempts whatsoever.
    No energy, no pace, no precision.
    This Augsburg team is far worse than Villa. We should hammer them.

  33. Their chance at the end of the half…can and Sakho weren’t even sprinting to get back. I don’t care if you’re never gonna make it you have to put in the effort. Poor showing.

  34. So basically as per usual the players got ahead of themselves….. started believe the sh*t they were spouting after the villa game….. and surprise surprise were found wanting again in this match

  35. Let’s hope the lads step it up, gonna have to if we want to go through due to the final being a few days after the second leg.

  36. I’m calling it our worst first half under Klopp considering the attacking quality on offer. With midfielders tucked away in defensive positions that area was effectively inert. Second half must be better.

  37. I cn easily replace all three from midfield with any other three from bench with out any further drop in overall performance

  38. Augsburg will have a game on sunday and they are weakened by many injuries. We should just go FIGHTING now!!

  39. Seriously why was Moreno attacking the front right of the right goal post? He’s a truly awful left back. Does JK not see this?

  40. Tbh I’m not exactly sure what people expected tonight, it was Aston villa who we beat 6-0, by far and away the worst team in the prem, Augsburg may not be having a great season but they’re certainly much better than Villa, none the less it’s been a pretty poor performance so far.

  41. This is where smtimes I just dont understand Klopp. Why is he not altering the system and making some changes is beyond me.

  42. studge off that’s fair enough. we haven’t given him the service and he cant be risked with another leg and a final coming up. come on divock show what you got lad

  43. So Benteke is 4th choice striker (as Ings is injured)…who knew we spent £32,5 million to replace Aspas!?

      • It’s looking unlikely he will still be at LFC when Ings returns.
        I think the order is Studge, Firmino, Origi, Benteke,,,but predict it will be Studge, Ings, Firmino, Origi

        • Performances like tonight’s make it a toss-up between Firmino and Sturridge for first choice, but I would tend to agree with your prediction. I expect Ings’ work rate and seeming openness to learn see him reap huge dividends under Klopp.

          • Studge is clearly 1st choice over Firmino as he is a true striker. Firmino is only 2nd choice as Klopp doesn’t rate/trust Benteke (our only other TRUE fit striker). Origi for me isn’t a lone striker

        • Because Klopp is not happy with his form, and the others have done well. He is still our joint leading scorer in the league with 6 goals.

          • I think Klopp is more disappointed with his inability to make the right decisions, the right runs, find space, and basically adapt to the system. I’m sure Rodgers had confidence that he could adapt to the LFC style, and Klopp when he arrived, I would also assume was reasonably confident he could and would adapt…he hasn’t and I’m not confident things will change. I think less than 50/50 chance of him being a Liverpool player come the close of the summer transfer window.
            I was hoping he would have came on for Milner, as I was impressed with his work rate and linking up with Studge recently, but regardless of your or my opinions…I think the man that matters, simply doesn’t rate, trust or want him!

          • I am sure he is.

            Benteke was bought to give LFC more options with added strength, better heading, and a reliable goal scorer.

            Klopp is still struggling to manifest what he wants the team to do, and juggles with the players to be more consistent. When all pieces align, there might be room for Benteke.

            There was little need to bring on Benteke, by weakening the midfield. We were not forced to create a win, and Augsbergs best chances were in us overextending, and be taken on the counter.

          • I’m not convinced he was purchased to give LFC more options.For the fee paid I’m confident he was brought as a partner for Studge. Ings was the back up and option.
            If brought for his heading ability, then why send Markovic out on loan?
            IMO Benteke is running out of time, as the season ends in under 3 months.
            i don’t think it would have weakened the midfield as Firmino or Coutinho would have dropped back into the 3 attacking midfielder roles and Benteke would have been the target man.

          • If he is meant to partner Sturridge, it is because he adds things missing, and he is/was.

            Markovic didn’t integrate well in England, and didn’t get the games he needed to evolve, therefore the best solution was to loan him out. Being good at heading is more than just being a numpty on crosses from the wings.

            Not sure why he is running out of time. It is his first season, and he has not done as well as hoped, but he is still our leading goal scorer, despite having little continuity in games. If he gets offloaded, it is a stylistic problem for Klopp that he is not willing to fix.

            It will still be weakning midfield, because you are sacrificing a midfielder for a striker. There was little need to risk this.

          • No it is becuase Rodgers felt he could add things to the partnership…no evidence (to date) that he could.
            Markovic as good as demanded the loan move away and has nothing but slate Rodgers, since he left. My point was why buy a striker for his heading ability, if you have just sent away your only winger?
            And if you are going to say corners, then I would suggest we worry more about getting someone who can deliver a decent corner before worrying about getting someone to get on the end of them.
            I disagree, as Klopp was playing a 4-2-3-1 with Milner being one of the attacking 4. Bringing Benteke on and moving Firmino alongside Couts and Origi, would have still given a 4-2-3-1 formation. By bringing Ibe on and leaving Firmino up front is still a 4-2-3-1 formation.

          • Yes, add things…

            He didn’t slate Rodgers per say, he didn’t feel he got the games he deserved, but Rodgers couldn’t afford to give him integration time with the inherent instability of a youngster, when the team was still trying to find shape – just like Klopp is trying.

            Benteke is strong. The team of last season was bullied. Benteke bullied our team. And he scored 11 goals in 9 games at the end of the season. He is good at heading. Wins headers, and scores goals with both feet. Trying to suggest that Benteke was bought as a Winger to Striker option, is a limited view.

            I am not going to say corners per say. Target men are mostly used from high balls from deep, to gain ground quickly, not from wingers, not from corners.

          • I didn’t say neither need to imply that there was any credence to Markovic’s gripes, just cited that to show how it was Markovic who as good as demanded the move…and yes Markovic has slated Rodger’s…’I had no problem with Rodgers and we had a bond until, for some reason that remains a mystery to me, he changed.’ Markovic told Turkish website Fanatic.
            ‘He stopped playing me and then at the start of the season he didn’t even include me in the squad. And nobody explained to me what was going on or what his plans were, so I decided to leave.’
            Who said Benteke was brought as a winger!?!?!? Benteke was brought to both play alongside Studge (when fit) and instead of Studge when not fit.
            Yes but my point is we dont play long balls to the head. If we play long balls its usually into space for players to run onto. If we don’t play with wingers and don’t hoof it long up front, and are poor at delivering set pieces…why buy Benteke?

          • It seems as if you are confirming what I said, concerning Rodgers and Markovic.

            I didn’t say, you said Benteke was bought as a winger. However, you focused on the oddness in loaning out a winger, while buying a striker that is good on the head, and I responded to that, and pointed out the limited usage of winger-to-striker, when there are many more uses for a strong striker with good heading ability than crossing to him from the wing.

            Benteke was bought along side Origi coming in(that purchase was made 1 year prior) and with Ings. I am sure Benteke was meant as ahead of the two, and it seems like he was, when not injured. Klopp is in the process of trying to instill a tactical shape, that doesn’t include a Benteke without confidence. Benteke is still our league top scorer in the league alongside Firmino. Not Origi, not Ings. Not Sturridge.

            Again, Benteke was bought because he is strong, can shoot with both legs, and is a good target man, and most importantly, scores goals, which we lacked last season in Sturridges absence.

          • I don’t think so, as implying a terrible lack of communication from the manager to the player, is slating him! It’s not like he only said he was dropped and not getting game time so decided to go on loan for game time…he was in no uncertain terms blaming the manager!
            If I did then a mistake. Markovic was brought as a winger, Benteke a striker

          • He said that he had no word, and wasn’t included, which is odd, because he played games in pre-season. You confirm that he wasn’t given games, and I underlined why. Markovic wanted more regular games, and wanted away, and Rodgers agreed that was the best approach to evolve Markovic. I would have prefered it being at an English club, but apparently that wasn’t an option.

            Yes, Markovic was bought as a winger, and Benteke as a striker. One still struggled to integrate in England, the other not. Not sure what you are trying to say, rather than responding to what is being said on the topic brought by you. If you are, or have smoked a “J”, maybe wait until in the morning? No problem, mate.

          • Markovic clearly slated and blames Rodgers
            The Mail –
            Lazar Markovic blames Brendan Rodgers fallout for Liverpool exit: ‘He changed’
            ‘I had no problem with Rodgers and we had a bond until, for some reason that remains a mystery to me, he changed.’ Markovic told Turkish website Fanatic.
            Liverpool echo –
            Lazar Markovic hits out at Brendan Rodgers
            The Serbian winger blames Rodgers for his first difficult season at the club
            The Serbian, now on loan at Fenerbahce, admits to feeling frustrated in that role – and with Rodgers.
            “I didn’t have a good relationship with the coach,” Markovic told Portuguese newspaper A Bola. “That was a problem.
            “I played in many positions but didn’t play in mine.”

          • You need to understand it has been through the media machine, which is why the same statement comes in different forms, depending on the message the paper wants to relay to its readers, ie one claims the bond was there, another that he didn’t have a good relationship with Rodgers. The real message is; I was not played. I wanted more games to evolve. The manager agreed, and didn’t block me from getting loaned by another club.

            As said, it is not slating per say, but that he was stopped being used. That Markovic doesn’t understand why, is on him.

            I am sure it is over emphasized. Markovic did play a lot of different positions, because it was needed at the time, rather than not at all. Then not at all, because he dropped off in form, like most youngsters do. Then didn’t get chances, when he could have, but that was a luxury Rodgers couldn’t afford because like Klopp he was trying to find consistency.

            If Benteke gets forced out of the team, and Benteke says basically the same, as Markovic, it is not slating per say, but is a player being frustrated why he was filtered out, not getting the chances he wants/wanted. You understand?

          • No he has given different interviews to different media outlets. The one from the Mail was an interview he gave with Turkish media and the more damning one from the Echo was to a Portuguese media company. It is not the same interview re-interpreted. He has made a habit of blaming Rodgers

          • Given how long it has been since he last scored or played more than 20 minutes, the fact that that modest a return still leads the scoring is a damning indictment of our scoring record.

            It is clear Klopp is applyng a tweak to Benteke’s game, focusing on his complementary movement outside the box. The gaffer has intimated as much in interviews. The key inhibiting factor to what would otherwise be a smooth evolution appears to be the ill-timed dip in confidence in front of goal and attending goal drought. As he provides a unique tactical option as the only traditional centre-forward in the squad, I sincerely hope he finds his scoring touch before he begins to wonder whether his re-schooling is detracting from his finishing ability. My gut feeling is that the additional pressure of price tag and status as highest-paid player might prove too much and he might be for the chop as early as this summer…

          • Yes, confidence is key for goal scorers, and as such he has not adapted to Klopps style of play. Much of the team still hasn’t.

            It is unfortunate that Klopp can’t afford to instill confidence in Benteke, but I can understand that this is a luxury Klopp can’t afford, because he is still trying to make the team find its rhytm. In time the facets Benteke can bring could be good additions to the team, to mix it up, so we aren’t as predictable.

            Don’t think it is the price tag. Benteke has pretty much kept his scoring ratio at LFC. The team is just not well oiled, and neither is he. The competition at LFC is just greater, and the patience less, than at Villa.

      • Did Aspas score 7 goals?..what in his entire career? :)
        That’s not relevant and only shows we have upgraded our 4th choice.
        My point was where he currently sits in the pecking order, and how much we paid for him.
        Even Ibe is seen as a better option to breaking the deadlock, than Benteke!!

          • Yet that is exactly where he finds himself in the pecking order.
            Studge is clearly 1st choice, and with Klopp playing Firmino as a false 9 when Studge isn’t fit, is clearly 2nd choice, just as Origi is clearly 3rd choice as he is yet again pickled ahead of Benteke.
            Yes they can, but I suspect not in the way Benteke would want…I see Ings jumping ahead of everyone bar Studge next season.

          • Those choices can change. The pecking order is not stringent. Right now, he is not confident in Benteke, and the 3 others have done well instead.

          • Are you confident it will? I’m not.

            I got the feeling that Benteke just needs one to go in off his backside, and he will be away, so I was hoping he would get some game time tonight, but…the fact that Klopp firstly didn’t pick him and then chose Origi over him from the bench, and then to bring on Ibe….that was damning!!

          • I don’t really care if it does. If Klopp doesn’t feel Benteke is the right person, he will try to offload him, and it all means that Klopp wants more than “just” scoring goals, and therefore has found a better solution in Ings/Origi(Firmino).

            I don’t find it damning at all. Origi has done well, and the game needed people that can do the runs, in absense of Lallana(and later Milner). Augsburg didn’t want to do much, and as such I think Origis speed and his efforts against AV got him the spot. Ibe got on to preserve dominance in midfield, without risking anything, as we didn’t need to go all-in.

          • I don’t find it damning at all…I don’t think Benteke will share your view. Having his younger international team mate chosen over him!
            I think he will leave in the summer along with Mario. And I predict he will be replaced by Batshuayi and/or Gotze.
            I think it’s got to a stage now, where even if he does start hitting a goal run, it will just mean he will be easier to offload in the summer for a good price

          • I thought you mean you felt it was damning. I don’t. Benteke doesn’t play with confidence right now, and the team needs it. That can all change at a whim.

            I am sure Benteke will do his best to get back. If Klopp allows it.

          • Not only do I believe it was damning, I think it was damning. It clearly showed that at this moment in time, Benteke is 4th choice and not trusted…that is a damning indictment of a £32.5 million striker, purchased as a 1st team player, and cited as the answer to our goal scoring issues.

          • Benteke knows he is currently not first choice. It is up to him to do well in training, and once he gets chosen, to score again.

            Again, Benteke was not bought by Klopp. Benteke has kept his scoring ratio intact or close to. If Klopp sells him, it is because he doesn’t fit Klopps style, or Klopps inability to play on more strings. It seems as if you try to create your own premise, rather than what is going on. I wouldn’t fault neither Klopp nor Benteke.

          • …and as I said time and chances are running out for Benteke.
            I don’t think you can blame Klopp for Benteke failing to adapt, it is not the case that Liverpool should adapt to Bentekes strengths. Benteke has had chances (not enough IMO) and has failed to take them….if Benteke leaves then for me the blame lasy 100% at Bentekes door

          • Time is only running out, if Klopp has him on a timer.

            I wouldn’t blame Klopp either. He has tremendous pressure on him, and can’t afford to cater to a big purchase, if he doesn’t feel it will work. If Klopp feels he has the required resources not to cater to the prime material at the club, that is quite alright. Of course it would be easier if the manager can cater to the material of the club, giving more facets to the team. Maybe we should give Klopp the benefit of the doubt, and say he has more strings to play on – at least in the future, so he can change the shape of the game, with different players.

            You can’t blame Benteke either, just because the club changes manager. He was bought to be Benteke, not bought to change.

          • Klopp doesn’t need a timer. There is next to zero chance that LFC will keep Benteke for another season, if he can’t prove his worth before the season ends. Unless Klopp sees something from Benteke before the season ends, that makes Klopp believe he can adapt, then he won’t take the risk of going into next season with him. He will use the transfer window to ship him out and bring a replacement in.
            Benteke has until the end of the season to prove his worth,,,and time is running out for him.

          • Benteke knows he is currently not first choice…it wouldn’t be such an issue if that where true. But he isn’t even 3rd choice. That implies his chances to prove himself we be few are far between (assuming Studge stays fit til the end of the season).

          • Well, right now he is not more than 3rd choice. Ings is not even a choice, yet you place him ahead of Benteke. Both can change this. Who knows, maybe with Ings, Benteke becomes the pairing striker. Klopp might not even know yet. All we know now, is Benteke is not playing well, and lacks confidence, and Klopp is not willing to give him games to regain it – at least not yet, when there is more rest between games. That will change most likely. As it stands, Klopp likes Firmino as false 9, Sturridge, and prefers Origi as a replacement over Benteke currently.

            Sturridge staying fit is a big if, but it all comes down to Klopp, and of course whether Benteke does more than scoring goals(or even just that), and of course form of the other strikers. If Origi doesn’t show up, he gets benched, same with Sturridge.

          • No he isn’t!
            Studge – 1st choice
            Playing Firmino as false 9 when Studge isn’t available – 2nd choice
            Origi – 3rd choice
            Benteke – 4th choice
            Ings – N/A
            I don’t think Studge staying fit has anything to do with the manager.
            My point was and remains the same. Benteke is currently 4th choice and that is damning on him and his LFC career possibilities.

          • Not sure what you are arguing.

            I don’t think it has anything to do with Sturridge whether he gets injured or not – at least not if he intends to protect Sturridge more, which seems to be the case.

            It is not damning, if it changes, and it has changed, who gets played, since Klopp uses all of them. Benteke is still our leading goal scorer. Right now Benteke is not a prefered striker for Klopp. That could change.

          • I was arguing that Benteke is 4th choice. I was also arguing that it is damning (and as things stand, it is)
            Studge is an injury prone player, and also a player who refuses to play unless he feels 100%.
            If Studge is fit, then there is no reason why he can’t play in every game (depending upon medical advise in between games) until the end of the season. I don’t expect that to happen though and Klopp will manage his game time, but if Studge gets injured yet again, then thats down to him or the medical team, and not the manager.

          • Do you know how the away goal rule works in Europa? Is it after extra time it comes into play, or if the second leg ends 1-1 we are out and no extra time?

          • We are out if they score(in case of a draw), but they need to score, which means they need to do more than they did at home.

          • So it won’t go to extra time 1st like the league cup?
            My fear with Liverpool this season (bar a few games), is that we will dominate, create plenty of chances, take the lead and then fail to kill the game off with a 2nd goal, resulting in a very nervous 10 minutes when Augsburg have nothing to lose.
            I’m not saying that will happen, nor that I predict that it will…but I do see the very real possibility of us being 1-0 up late on and then conceding a killer late goal

          • No extra time if it is a draw that is not 0-0.

            That can be a real fear, but by default most big teams are content with a draw away from home, so they can settle it there. Klopp seemed content, and didn’t want to risk them getting a goal at Augsburg, because that would force us to score 2 at Anfield, and still fear 1 goal from them. Now they didn’t score, and need to open up more than at home, which Klopps playstyle prefers.

          • Yes but the fear remains. Even if they come out and that suits us, that still doesn’t change the fact that we so often fail to kill games off.
            I hope take advantage and kill the game off early, but if 1-0 entering the last 10 minutes, I for one will be slightly nervous…especially if Migs hasn’t yet made his compulsory fumble in the game yet.

    • come on red, Ibe’s had to carry the sterling can for this season and being our only natural winger hes had a lot dumped on him.

      • I don’t think he’s good enough technically nor does he have the speed of thought to be called a “natural winger”. That term is thrown around loosely these days.

        • he’s shown he can do it. we shouldn’t expect too much from him though. sterling developed much quicker than ibe is and he just needs time. he will get better

  44. Hopefully Ibe has learnt some lessons while he’s been away. Needs to improve his decision-making… He will also be a defensive liability compared to Milner. Now he should play a blinder and score to make me eat my words :-)

  45. This isn’t good enough for me. We haven’t been poor. But how can we even talk about winning the comp playing like this?

    • I don’t see why people are surprised at all to be honest, this team has been s*it all season, then one win agaisnt an awful villa team and people are now surprised about how awful we are again …

      • I don’t think anyones surprised its just we thought we could carry a bit of momentum going into this game. we are the most consistent at being inconsistent

        • Honesty, we should just hoping for anything, just have to be patient for next season and hope for the best this season.

      • Spot on. Even the kids showed how sh1te this lot is. But Klopp keeps picking them and I can’t understand why. It’s not just 3 months for Klopp most have been diabolical for 18 months which is why we are midtable.

    • A draw away from home is okay against a Bundesliga team. Your team lost 2-1 to a side that is still on winter break, and has been for months.

        • I more wonder why anyone votes your posts, until I see they are equally as stup1d as you.

          Why don’t you just goto Utd fora where you belong?

          • I can’t wait for Brendan to get another job, we can finally get rid of losers like you and start making Liverpool FC successful AGAIN!

  46. Come on people please don’t kid yourselves, this team has been doing this all season, no need to be surprised with the poor performance.

  47. I was really looking forward to this game!! But hey I’m so used to being let down by this team now I don’t even batter an eye lid. .

          • When the quality of opposition, and the away goal are considered, I’m not so sure. 99 percent of the time Id agree with you

          • Did you see the Mydjilland game? They were absolutely skinning United…so again, not sure what you’re talking about here.

          • They are plucky, but honestly the reason for that is because united were awful. I think united will comfortably at Old Trafford, provided they improve of course. Augsburg are a much stronger opposition IMO

          • How dude? You’re taking this as a on-paper bit. One is a small club in Germany, the other is Danish champions. They ousted Southampton earlier and absolutely skinned United today. The team that gets a home win only needs a draw to progress in the next leg. Not saying it’s a done deal but saying LFC have a lesser chance is just the pessimism speaking here.

  48. Sooo, its safe to say this team is definitely not our cup final team then. hendeerson, milner, very disappointing + studge

    • How many times did Studge see the ball? He only had a about a handful of touches while in the opposing box, never mind chances. Not his fault at all. I believe he was subbed because Klopp didn’t think the midfield(supply) was anywhere near good enough to bring DS15 into the game, hence the backtracking-young-and-hungry Origi sub, who’s been in clinical form I might add.

  49. With all the attacking talent we had it was a poor result. Fc Augsberg were always going to raise their game against us. They were unlucky bot to score

    Hendo was poor again….What’s happened to him

          • Enlighten me with your profound wisdom of the football. Did Firmino have a good game in your humble opinion? I thought he had a mare. Gave possession away like he was selling hot cakes.

          • Glad to see you insist on removing any doubt. Good for you.

            He had a mare only if you consider anything less than excellent in that category. No one was particularily good, but neither was anyone very bad. Firmino was slightly above average in a flat performance.

  50. 0-0. I’ll settle for that. Still reasonably confident we will go through.
    Klopp was right to play his best team, as not sure the kids would have got a result tonight.

      • For sure it would have, and I’m still scratching my head as to how Studge missed, and why Klopp chose Ibe over Benteke. But a draw away from home, on a day when things weren’t clicking…I’ll take that all day long.

      • Why should we have? They are a decent team, and they did the double over B Munich last season…just because you may never have heard of them before, doesn’t mean they are rubbish!

        • We had enough chances to win without any control of the midfield, so if we controlled the midfield we should have walked the game

          • Can 88.9% pass completion. 3 Ariel battles won. 1 Interception. 1 Shot blocked. 1 clearance and 1 key pass.
            Hendo 93.3% pass completion. 1 Interception and 4 key passes…now remind me, what game where you watching!?!?

          • I watched the game, didn’t search for stats. Easy to have 90% pass completion when it goes back or sideways. I suppose you could also say he had two shots on target too with his passes to the keeper. We had little or no quick forward movement from the two of them. Their ratings were poor and the general consensus is they were poor. So in my opinion they were poor. Your stats don’t make them have a good game all of a sudden

          • You clearly didn’t take in what was happening then did you! The vast majority of passes were forward passes, and the reason things were not working was largely down to the front 4’s movement. The fact that you would have dropped our captain and Can for 2 kids is simply breathtaking!!

          • Ok, so now you are blaming the forwards for the Captains lack of ability. He is not good enough to be our Captain and you obviously didn’t watch the same game as the majority of posters here

  51. Anticlimactic stuff against a poor opponent. Summary? 0 goals and, worse, no spark from our first-choice forward line compunded by an absent midfield and with a suspect defence+keeper to boot. Augsburg will be very much encouraged and relishing the trip to Anfield…

  52. Augsberg were quicker to the ball.. closed us down much quicker.. passed the ball really well.. used the ball really well ..and were only let down by there shooting!!

    I think we will go through at home but I’m not as confident as I was 2hrs ago!!?

    • both of these talk utter shi** and shouldn’t be commentating on games if they cant be constructive in their comments. we weren’t good enough and they should say it as it is. we may beat them and we may not. the way tonight went its a 50-50. I think some guys have an eye on Wembley after tonights performance

  53. Everytime I watch us in Europe I always be left feeling the exact same afterwards.. Unenthusiastic and uninspired. For me the only real positive was Sturridge playing 70 mins with no problems.

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