Jurgen Klopp: “Tomorrow morning we can change everything”

on 28.02.2016

Speaking after Liverpool’s League Cup final defeat to Manchester City, Jurgen Klopp spoke of his disappointment, but pointed towards a positive future.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during the Football League Cup Final match against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Klopp presided over his first cup final since joining the Reds earlier this season, and while he saw Liverpool lose out at the last, he remained cautiously optimistic after the final whistle.

Yaya Toure’s penalty sealed a 3-1 shootout win for City at Wembley Stadium, deflating a positive atmosphere in the travelling Kop.

Addressing the media after the game, Klopp took a measured approach as he assessed the defeat, saying “tomorrow morning we can change everything, but now we can change nothing.”

“You have to feel a defeat,” he said. “You cannot say ‘I don’t care, it’s not important’.”

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In true Klopp style he said: “If I was allowed to say shit I would say shit but I’m not allowed!

“It was important and we lost, so that feels not too good.

“You always have to strike back. We can say all of these things, but you know you can fall down and then you have to stand up.

“That’s the truth, but it’s completely normal—only silly idiots stay on the floor and wait for the next defeat.

“Of course we will strike back—100 percent. We struck back today in the game.

“But for this and the next time we are in a final, you have to feel how it is when you lose.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp speaks with Divock Origi as his hide prepare for extra-time against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Despite a poor final season in charge of Borussia Dortmund, Klopp is not as familiar with failure as some of his players, but having dragged the Bundesliga side to the top of German football over the course of seven years, he has experienced struggle.

“Not everybody has to learn it like this—I won my first final,” he continued.

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“It’s really not the best moment, but that is all.

“Tomorrow morning we can change everything, but now we can change nothing. That’s the big difference.

“But don’t worry, we will go on, we will get better and that’s how it is. We have to go the hard way—that’s how it is.

“Nothing is easy in this moment, but we can see if we carry on working really hard then there is new light at the end of the tunnel.

Klopp’s final words in the press conference where: “Don’t worry, we will go on and we will get better – we have to go the hard way, that is how it is.

“If we carry on and work really hard, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is really important.

“Tonight we feel rubbish – shit.”

Falling at the last hurdle is a bitter blow as Liverpool look to build in their first season under Klopp, but the 48-year-old is right to take an optimistic stance in his evaluation.

Liverpool showed enough on Sunday evening to suggest they can achieve success under Klopp in the future.

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  1. Looking at the whole picture, we were extremly lucky to event get to the penalty shootout given the fact that our first and only shot on goal in the last 10 minutes of the game and considering what chances City wasted its probably fair.
    We need better players, as we wont get away with Lucas/Toure and Mignolet errors forever.

  2. He’s right, we will get better. Realistically Manchester City’s players are a class above us in a lot of areas. They actually have world class players. We have some players with class. The difference is consistency. Aguero is consistent. Silva is consistent. De Bruyne, who luckily didn’t play, consistent. Kompany, Fernando, Fernandinho, Hart may not be considered world class but compare them to those players we have in the same position and there is a glaring contrast for the most part. That being said our guys still ran with them and beat them earlier in the season. Think of what can be done with just a couple of World Class players in key positions. T

    he future is bright, and I have great confidence in what Klopp will be able to do. A cup final coming down to penalties in your first few months is nothing to balk at. I’m gutted as all hell but proud of how we played for the most part and optimistic for the future.

  3. In true Klopp style he said: “If I was allowed to say sh-t I would say sh-t but I’m not allowed!

    Bodgers would have called this an “outstanding” result, and go on and on and on about himself being a “genius”.

  4. we need to run at the other team, all we do is pass to each other. glory days [highway-keegan- fowler] all gone we need great wingers. As for today sometimes things dont go your way but there always tomorrow,YNWA

  5. Origi needs to replace Milner in the starting XI.
    Him & Henderson in the same team is criminal, & devoid of any creativity. Klopp needs to get rid of more than half the current squad, & mould his own team.

  6. Some of the blame lays at klopps feet . Ward should have been in goal Moreno should be playing Sunday league the front three of coutino Sturridge and firmino hasn’t worked last three games so why start with them today they wer crap today.

        • You really think Ward would have made some of those saves today? Would have thrown himself into the tackle with Yaya not caring if he got hurt without ANY hesitation? I don’t think Migs is the long term answer but saying Ward would have won us the game..rubbish.

          • Any championship keeper would have stopped that first goal it’s his job to make. Saves that’s why he’s wearing gloves or is ther some other reason are his hands cold . This lads cost us more points and games than I can remember any other keeper in forty yrs of watching

          • If we don’t concede that silly goal we don’t have to change our game plan which opened up space and led to the attacks. Then migs doesn’t have to make those saves. He cost us today.

          • Well, we didn’t create much before that change, so probably still lose on pens. Did pretty good on the Aguero shot when it was still 0-0 too.
            What cost us was a lethargic attack and bad penalties.

    • Yes…he should have started Danny Ward for the cup finals when he hasn’t played a single minute yet for us. Great judgement there.

        • What a st*p1d question.

          How would I know if Ward would have saved that? You realize the number of saves Migs made today over the course of 120 minutes? Would Ward have saved all of those?? How am I supposed to know the answer to that? And how are you? You part of LFC coaching staff or something?

      • I knew you couldn’t how many millions watched that game never mind every pundit has said that shot should have been saved . Get real any average keeper in the championship or lower would have stopped that shot . Yea lets all give him a pat on the back for making a few saves but forget the huge howler

        • I’m not saying we should be patting his back for that performance…and yes, that was a poor goal to concede, I’m not denying that. But to make the assumption that Ward would be better when Klopp has been watching him on a weekly basis is ludicrous. The coaching team clearly believes he’s not ready..if he was, he’d be given chances uptil now.

          Also, you seem to completely ignore some of the saves he made. I think people don’t want to admit/accept it at this point of time, but this lot might be the best we have at this moment.

        • Any average keeper? How can you make such a subjective statement and claim it to be some sort of factual response?

          If you are some master scout or football analyst, why haven’t you already alerted LFC of the next Peter Schmiechel?

    • Before you spout nonsense, just consider the fact Ward was not even on the bench, will you. Mignolet made one mistake, otherwise he was very good.

      Would be interesting to hear your alternatives up front too, Lallana who is just back from injury? Benteke? Teixeira? Who has performed better against top dog competition this year?

    • Cmon man…what else was he supposed to say? He’s expressed his disappointment in an understated manner. You have to go on though.

  7. I’m so gutted, mainly for Jurgen, it hurts me to see rival fans ridiculing him already when he’s working with one of the worst Liverpool squads ever assembled. It’s harsh criticism in my opinion because he’s walked into a mighty f up of a squad, with probably the worst captain in the history of the club trying to rally the players, and I don’t think I’m being harsh when I say that, the likes of Henderson, Mignolet, Lallana etc inspire me with no confidence whatsoever and I’m constantly expecting the worst when Liverpool play these days due to the amount of times we’ve bottled it in big games. Today was painful for me, I cannot wait for this season to end, it’s been one mighty f up, I can only hope for it to get better, however that would probably be false hope. YNWA.

    • I love Klopp and he is a man simply made for us and I’m willing to give him even 5 years of mediocrity before starting to form any negative thoughts.

    • Cheer up man, there was not much in terms of 120 mins separating, us with an expensively assembled city team. With luck we could have won this!! Penalties is lottery my friend. Perhaps we should query why all the “star” players did not participate in the shootout. We as supporters can all agree that Migo is sub par, but at the end of the day one can argue that he kept the team in game when City was leading one nil. Let’s feel bad, but lets chin up and stop scape-goating the likes of Lallana, Hendo Migo bla bla bla. With a bit of fortune they could have easily been heroes. We lost to a good team… but we should move on now!

      • But this type of thing has consistently happened with this squad, they don’t have the bottle to jump the final hurdle, and I for one am sick of it. Next season can’t come soon enough.

  8. Considering our form and that City were / are probably the most talented side in England. I don’t think there were any hanging heads out there and in fact I saw quite a bit of spirit and fight. Mignolet has to make that save, it’s really that simple, we’re not talking about a difficult save, a simple routine save.

  9. I trust you, Klopp, you don’t need to change everything tomorrow, just that poor excuse of goalkeeper would be enough.

  10. Just proud to be fighting for a trophy again. I know that under Klopp’s leadership, the players will develop, a true style will unfold, and team’s will fear the red shirt of Liverpool once again.

    It is sewn into the framework of this mighty club: we hunger for success. When we don’t get it, our body aches and gnaws for it. We become bitter, angry, and lose our cool. But that only spurs us on to work even harder to search for that glory. I believe that Jurgen is instilling this very desire into the team, and those who do not survive on success will not be welcome to stay. We WILL be back, and we WILL have success, or, alas, we die.

  11. See, I did say not to be too disappointed! :)

    Actually congratulations are in order:

    1. to the players who got to the final despite their lack of cohesive talent getting in the way…until of course, the final whistle of this last game.

    2. to Kloppo for being able to turn a minor miracle in getting such a mix of players into the final in the first place.

    You see. Everything is about perspective.

    The next perspective calibration exercise is due in the EL against United.
    Don’t miss it.

    • I have to say, it’s tough to really feel gutted or disappointed. Or rather, disappointment generally comes from a sense of regret, from not ceasing the moment. In our case yesterday, we got outclassed in the larger sense…had some nice chances but would still pale in comparison to the number of chances they had.

      Tough to exclusively blame Moreno or Migs for the loss either because Migs did make some very good saves later on. So yeah, in the larger sense, we got what was coming to us, and we just didn’t pose enough of an attacking threat in the 120 minutes.

      • whats a keeper get paid for to make saves ,if he drops a b0llock every game hes useless no more excuses hes just not good enogh

        • I’m not, that’s not my purpose here. I just feel like in the larger sense City would have gotten the lead in any case. Long term ofcourse Migs ought to be replaced. I feel like on the day Migs redeemed himself with all the saves he made (again not an excuse).

  12. i don’t know if it is possible to change europa league team for r16 if possible we must play flanno as lb there is no way winning against utd with moreno
    klopp has to do something about our set pieces, corners in particular

  13. Klopp is a Messiah for Liverpool. He is not all about jokey stuff and motivational but tactically this guy is 1 of the best in the world. If it was not the changes in the final we would have lost easily(yea credit to MIG as well). He is right about 1 thing,90% of our players have never won a cup before let alone to be playing in a final. This is huge for their growth and experience. The likes of cout,firm,origi,Hendo,lallana,clyne can Learn a lot from this. Good times ahead

  14. No sense in being disappointed after such cup final loss.
    We simply lack class quality players throughout the squad. Almost at every position City’s squad is by miles better than ours and the fact that we took them to the penalties is already a great achievment.
    Klopp made tactical changes that work (which his predecessor would’ve never even though of), he worked the maximum best out of this group of players, but the sad fact is that 80% of current crop must be sold immidiately. We have way to many average/not good enough players.

  15. If any fan does not think that this man can return us back into a trophy winning club , then they really need to look for another team or different sport to follow. Tell it how it is Jurgen ??

  16. Yesterday I felt gutted, heartbroken and all that. I came home and didn’t want to have anything to do with football. Some point in the night I watched the Eredivisie highlights and then I saw how beautifull the game can be.

    Get in lads! We march on!

    • I felt exactly the same way too. Just switched off and disappeared into the bedroom. About 2 hours later, my wifey called me from the living room to come watch The OSCARS. ‘Twas a welcome distraction. Nice performance by Chris Rock.

  17. This is how far we can go. With this set of limited players, Jurgen Klopp is the only reason why we go to Wembley. We need a big overhaul next season. GK, LB and CM/DM must be priorities.

  18. Cant understand the logic behind having your best penalty taker saved for last kick… Milner should have taken it the first… Even Ronaldo missed such an opportunity in WC. But who am I…

  19. “Don’t worry, we will go on and we will get better – we have to go the hard way, that is how it is”. May be in the Europa League final this year…… We believe in you Juergen Klopp. YNWA

  20. As usual, wise words from Klopp! Some of these players will be better for the experience of having lost – some will not and they won’t have much future at Anfield.

    To all the Lucas critics, eat your words!

  21. at least from this defeat, i can say that moreno, mignolet will not be too long before they are offloaded.kloop alteady knows who will be offloaded but cant say anything rigth now. thr ex players r beggining to voice out like carra, riise ect

  22. just as well sterling had a bad day…two attempts on goal could of gone wrong sooner….end of the day we lost….and have to live with the result.

  23. I love Jurgen Klopp and his attitude towards dealing with defeat… although we lost this match bear in mind that he is only in charge of the team for 4 months and it was not a team that he’d assembled.

    I’m pretty sure given time and patience, we will RISE back from this and achieve greater things under this man.

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