Video: Jurgen Klopp bemoans Liverpool’s decision making vs. Leicester

on 02.02.2016

After defeat at Leicester City, Jurgen Klopp felt his players could have taken something from the game but ultimately their decision making cost them.

“We had opportunities in the box but we didn’t find the right decision often enough,” he said.

“The longer the game was we didn’t get cooler, the decisions didn’t get better. We had the ball in their box and didn’t shoot. One second later Vardy shoots from 35 yards and the ball was in. This says most about the game. I don’t feel too good.”

But Klopp took time to acknowledge Vardy’s brilliant opener, where he latched onto Mahrez’s long ball to fire over Mignolet.

He added: “It’s nice to be in a stadium when Jamie Vardy makes the goal of the month but, in an ideal world, not when you’re the manager of the other team. It made the difference.”

PLAYER RATINGS: Plenty underperform, Clyne the only positive

PRESS CONFERENCE: Watch Klopp’s post-match presser in full

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  1. I’ll support you in the tough times, gaffer. Hopefully there will be good times to celebrate in the near future.

  2. Absent in the current LFC team:

    Decision making
    Good touch
    Tactical awareness
    Passing ability
    Shooting ability

    Apart from those minor details, I think we have a good squad.

  3. Let’s just go all out in the cup final, FA cup & Europa league win or lose, then re-evaluate in the summer who needs to go.

  4. Think we are just gonna have to suck it up there will be more games like this between now and the summer think it’s just a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff then go all guns blazing in 2016/17 season

  5. Why keep playing Moreno when he’s absolutely useless going forward and defending?

    Why keep playing Milner Lallana & Henderson when it clearly does not work?

    Why did most of the Academy kids who played so well against W Ham not even make the bench?

    Why did Teixeira only get 4 minutes?

    Why did Vardy keep seeing Mignolet off his line yet nobody else did?

    Why play Benteke who doesn’t even look remotely interested?

    And finally……….

    Why was a desperately needed striker not bought in January?

  6. Playing 3 games in 10 days cannot be an excuse because most of the team that played tonight had more than enough time off to be sharp.
    First time this season I’ve been genuinely gutted to see the starting eleven knowing how well several of the starting 11 (refusing to say ‘the kids’) played against West Ham.
    Bad Klopp. Sorry.

  7. Just disappointed with the overall performance esp the final third area where passes were tentative or just too slow. Leicester deserves to win this match. Usually Liverpool will be the one to deliver the killer goal by its usually lethal striker but we no longer have a striker in the mold of rushie or suarez.

  8. Why moan? This is the price Liverpool have to pay when you do not improve on the current squad of overpaid but under par performance players.

    We only have ourselves to blame. Come this July, I hope to see a full squad cleared out demanded by Klopp to build his real own team.

  9. If the footballers are not capable of making the ‘right decisions’ they are not good enough….sooooooo…… why the hell wasn’t anybody bought in the January window? Caulker?? sorry no! This is a big sign of lack of ambition. Coupled with the ticket rises and low net spend since FSG took over….. i think we can see where this is going…..

  10. Now I feel sorry for Klopp, a good manager with a bunch of average players which are very frustrating, our season is over, let’s see what we can do next season after Klopp built his own squad,,

  11. What’s the difference between the young reds and this old cargos? You could say zeal, determination or whatever. I am tempted to say the young boys are more talented technically. For those of you that still believes in running without end product, I wish u luck through the pain. Buh I will tell you that if all you offer is running, you don’t deserve to be in the first division, I’m referring to Milner and Lallana.

    • I am hopeful we will as many teams are still not convincing. It would be painful to be passed by Chelsea. What’s for certain is that we don’t deserve to be any higher currently given our persistent inconsistency and propensity to unforced errors and self-inflicted wounds.

  12. In the summer most of these players will have to go. They just not good enough. Becoming a real mid table team now. Hope Klopp’s got a big budget to work with in the summer.

    • The challenge is how to manage such a mass exodus as there will not be many takers at the prices FSG will demand. Hopefully Klopp can bring in a clutch of trusted talent to provide the on-pitch leadership necessary to implement his tactical plans. Klopp’s player development credentials more than suggest that many of the players by whom we are most vexed now will come good. The only question is how much time it will take.

  13. Having thought about the performance the thing that stands out for me is the lack of pace throughout the team. We have so many similar players that they cancel out each other. Henderson is plainly not fit and that was probably the most inconspicuous game he has played, I cannot remember him doing anything, apart from giving the ball away. With a front line of Milner, Firmino and Lallana it is just to pedestrian against a fast side like Leicester. They created very little space or ran very little lines for a tired Can, Henderson and Lucas to thread the ball through. Lucas was far to slow to contain Leicester, especially trying to cover for a slow Lovren. Clyne for me was anonymous and was well shackled for the night. Moreno, yes a couple of moment of madness but at least he tried, got forward and created.

    Its a one dimensional squad once you take out Coutinhou, Sturridge (for the few times he actually gets on the pitch) and with Origi, Ings injured and the loaned Marcovic (a decision looking more moronic as each game passes) we lack any pace what so ever except for the inconsistent Ibe.

    I am sure these issue will be addressed in the summer and I can see at least 3 to 4 players leaving, but for know its really frustrating.

    • Their style means at least 7 players defending so there is so little space and they smother anyone with the ball. We actually still got into the box despite this. Of course we have no in the box quality which is what makes the difference and vardy can do no wrong right now.
      Incredibly effective style of play if you can pull it off. You need a vardy and mahrez to do it otherwise counter attacking won’t work. Ironically it would suit benteke! It’s how he played at villa!

      • Both Lallana and Firmino want to many touches, not sure Benteke would have made a difference. Coutinho and Sturridge could have done the trick. Quick thought’s and quick feet. We did miss a few opportunities, that with a quality striker we could have taken. We also need more speed in the DM role for these types of games Lucas unfortunately, despite his good reading of the game did not cope with their speed. We lack movement in the final third yet still created chances. With top 4 a very distant reality I would not mind seeing Stewart and Brannagan given more of a run out, along with Smith and Tex. Flano will obviously get more game time as well. Its not the train smash some fans would like to make out. If we get Markovic back, add the young Serb, Matip and Brazil Tex along with one or 2 others it starts to look like a better balanced side with depth. Sturridge has one last chance next year to get on the pitch or he needs to go and we replace him with quality. Personally Benteke is too expensive to be plan B, so if that’s Klopp’s thinking I would sell him as well. Balloteli is a cheaper plan B ( I will get screamed at for this) We need an upgrade on Allen, Milner , Lallana and a faster option than Lucas (he can still play a role) Toure will also go, I dont think Caulker is the solution well. Skertal , Matip, Lovren and Sahko should be OK. I dont want t see too many changes

        • well, Klopp has said he has a one year contract with players and then decisions are made. that would suggest a pretty big turnover!!

          Our downfall has been much more about the 1st team players we’ve bought rather than the youngsters. And that was very much driven by Rodgers so hopefully Klopp will do a better job at that.
          He wants fast players which is what Leicester have with Kante (quick but not lightning) and Mahrez (and Vardy of course). Suggestion was that Dortmund looked at Benteke a while back but wasn’t impressed with his mobility. They looked at Origi and wanted him but decided he was over priced at £10m for his age.
          That with his BVB players and the attempt to buy Teixeira all suggests he wants more pace and a finishing trait in his AMs given we have strikers to return from injury.

          I do wonder what he thinks of our fullbacks. Overall he’s ok with them but with no delivery from out wide and Moreno’s brain farts and a general lack of end product I wonder what his plans are there. I think it’s time we stuck Flanno in there and made Moreno a wide forward. See if his decision making would improve (doubt it!!!).
          I think that kind of thing is more valuable than playing youngsters too much who I’m not sure are quite ready – the cup games next year will be for that.

  14. It’s going to be hilarious if Leicester actually win the league.
    It would not surprise me if vardy can’t produce next season, but he certainly might.
    Their style is tough to play against but we did get in the box which I think says a lot. Of course no decision making from our lot but moreno and can are young and suffer for it, while hendo isn’t a finisher and lallana will only score against fodder teams.

    • I would quite like them to win, but a reality check is in order. The summit of the EPL is not quite on par with the summits of the continental top-flight divisions. Against quality opposition and tactically astute coaches on the continent, with the skilled operators they often have at their disposal in every position, Leicester’s lack of quality outside of attack will see them punished. Their counter-attack will still see them trouble most teams, but their lack of quality in depth will ultimately likely undo them. Of this season’s positive surprises, Spurs are the team who look like kicking on even on the European stage without resorting to any radical personnel changes.

      In truth, I expect Leicester to struggle to qualify for the group stages should they finish fourth as well as struggle to advance from the group however they qualify.

      • completely agree, spurs are the real deal under Poch. They do rely on a proper forward of course (Kane) but they have real balance and they can plug and play different players because of their system.
        Kane has all the movement that Benteke doesn’t!!

        They could readily attract quality players aswell being in London so they have a very good chance of staying up there.

        If we can create chances against Leicester, any decent team will do also and they will likely better finishers than us.

  15. Klopp appreciating Vardy goal, humble guy. If it was Mourinho. He would have criticised Vardy, the ref, the playing surface, hell!…. even the tea lady wouldn’t escape.

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