Willian questions Alex Teixeira’s China move, says Shakhtar “prefer to sell to small clubs”

on 11.02.2016

Chelsea winger Willian has questioned former Shakhtar Donetsk team-mate Alex Teixeira’s move to Jiangsu Suning, criticising the club for blocking his move to Liverpool.

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Liverpool made a £24 million bid for Teixeira in January, but with Shakhtar standing firm on their high valuation of the Brazilian, Jurgen Klopp called the move off.

Chinese Super League side Jiangsu Suning agreed to pay the full £38 million fee for the midfielder, who made the switch last Friday.

Teixeira had previously expressed a desire to join a “big club” to increase his chances of a call-up to the Brazil national team.

But having joined a number of high-profile talents moving to the Super League this winter, Teixeira has hindered his prospects, according to former Shakhtar midfielder Willian.

“I wish him all the best in China. I’m sure that the financial aspect was crucial for his decision,” the Chelsea No. 22 said this week.

“He’s a very good player and could easily adapt to English football.

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“I’d personally be happy if he’d come to the Premier League or even to another big European club as it would increases his chances to play for the Selecao.”

26.06.2011, Alois Latini Stadion, Zell am See, AUT, Salzburger Land Cup, FK Austria Wien vs Shaktar Donezk, im Bild Borgesl Willian, Shaktar Donezk, Peter Hlinka, FK Austria Wien, Santos Texeira, Shaktar Donezk, Tomas Bübchsman, Shaktar Donesk // during the Salzburger Land Cup 2011, FK Austria Wien vs Shaktar Donezk, at the Alois Latini Stadium, Austria on 26/06/2011, EXPA Pictures © 2011, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ J. Feichter

Joining Liverpool would certainly have improved Teixeira’s chances of being called up to Dunga’s Brazil squad, but Willian sympathised with his compatriot, having endured a similarly drawn-out departure from Shakhtar in 2013.

Willian moved to Russian Premier League side Anzhi Makhachkala in January of that year, before joining Chelsea for £30 million seven months later.

“[Shakhtar] prefer to sell to small clubs that can afford a higher fee than selling them to traditional clubs that wouldn’t pay the same amount of money,” he continued.

“That’s the case for Teixeira, and it has also happened with me.

“I know myself how difficult it is to negotiate with Shakhtar Donetsk. I suffered for two years there willing to leave the club.”

This presents the possibility that Teixeira will not stay with Jiangsu Suning for a lengthy period, and if he follows in Willian’s footsteps, this could see him move to the Premier League as soon as this summer.

With the Ukraine under turmoil at present, it is clear to see why Teixeira would seek to leave Shakhtar at the closest opportunity.

But whether his spell in the Chinese Super League is a short-term measure, like with Willian in Russia, remains to be seen.

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  1. Good business by the club but a terrible move for him. He said he wanted to get into the Brazil squad for the next world cup, good luck with that!

  2. This is unbelievable. The player had a price and a club did pay it and a former team mate says this is not correct.

  3. First thing first.

    If anyone is planning to say ” go rot in china with loads of money” please hold back. He is 26 and have a family. No one likes especially a foreigner to stay in a war torn country. There are many players like him who would like to move out of Ukraine if an opportunity is presented. A move to china a nothing less than a dream come true for him given the financial prospect.
    If it would have been Sunderland trying to get him, he would be probably equally happy and exited as he was for a move to Anfield.

    Will he join us or move back where he belongs – Europe?

    If klopp is still interested in him and the his new club is willing to sell him for less than what they paid then there are really good chance of him flying back to Europe for a lots of clubs.

  4. If we end up getting him soon for close to our initial asking, that would be a welcome miracle indeed. As for his dreams of being picked for the Seleção, those effectively ended with his move to China.

  5. Leave him alone, is it money ?is to better yourself in Europe? A Brazil cap? We don’t want anyone who can’t make his mind up, as shankly said those who can’t make their mind up are a bloody nuisance.

  6. I was mad at him when I heard about the move to China.. but big picture it makes sense.. he wanted to get out of the country asap, nothing happened with Europe in winter and China is not a bad stop for 6 months (big money, peaceful and easier to get out).. More importantly, he doesn’t have a major international tournament till 2018.. Move to Europe in the summer of 2016 or 2017 and he can still make the WC squad.. This is probably why China did not see any European stars move (Euros)

      • True.. but between Ukraine, six months of European football in a COPA year, COPA tournament, Chinese money, WC 2018.. he had to make a choice and he made one..

  7. Was it Jan Molby and some others here trying to question his temperament and what not calling him a mercenary when they first heard the news? Easy to say all of that, ask yourselves how many wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to make more money or to just leave a club that makes it so difficult to leave in general.

    Good for Willian for moving to Anzhi and then being able to fulfill his aspirations of playing in the Premier League. But it’s up to Teixiera himself…we are no one to judge him as a mercenary. Liverpool simply didn’t pay up and the Chinese club did. Simple as. There was no choice to be made there.

      • And that factor too. My point was about all those fans who were only too quick to judge him as a mercenary and ‘good riddance’ just because he decided to go to China…as if doing something like that confirms that he wouldn’t have been a success at LFC.

  8. I’m sure Willian is referring to Chelsea as a small club. Even he can see how plastic they and their fans are. Nowhere near the mighty 5 times European champions.

    • Chelsea have real fans! They aren’t allowed to go to the games anymore on account of the violence and racism, but to say that they don’t have real fans is unfair.

  9. Shaktar need to be careful. Their business model is like the Portuguese clubs – buy talent, develop, get some moderate success then sell. If a potential player sees that they will not give you your big move when a fair bid comes in, then they won’t move to Shaktar in the first place. There are obviously success stories (Costa), but that is two Brazilians who have been burned by Shaktar now. The war has probably changed their perspective so they might be finding it really difficult to recruit – I guess that could be their reasoning for demanding top dollar for existing talent.

    As for Teixeira, we’ll see if Chinese businessmen are prepared to take a loss after 6 months. If not, he could be out there for a while.

    • Shakhtar is done. At least for the time being. Only signed one foreign player since 2013 I believe.
      They had many great players though, Adriano, Willian, Fernandinho, Mkhitaryan, Costa, Teixeira.

  10. To be honest , putting a neutral hat on here, Shakhtar have done nothing wrong and are just trying to get as much money as possible – who can blame them for that. Moaning about them “blocking” players chances to move to premier league or big euro clubs is pointless – the players sign a contract for a set amount of years with Shakhtar and are paid an agreed amount to play for them – if they happen to grow into better players or come onto the international radar during that time then its good for Shakhtar but that doesnt mean they should be accused of blocking players careers if they hold out for as much money as possible – its simple, you dont want that to happen dont sign a contract with them and not be prepared to ride it out to the end. It is possible it might start to back fire a bit for Shakhtar as players might start to avoid the club if they have longer term ambitions to go to Europe or the PL but I still cant blame them for looking after their own interests over the players

    • Excellent view Phil!
      But how is it they cornered a clutch of such amazing skill in the 1st place? Where was the competition for these players at source level ?
      Are premiership scouts only interested in dipping in the same nearby pond, whilst Ukranian scouts do not mind the 20 hour flights from Ukraine to another pond filled with such finds as these Willian, Texeira and co.
      So long that carries on – you are spot on to say Shakhtar deserve every penny – finders fee.

      • one issue i believe is it is difficult to get work permits for the south american players in the UK if they arent already at international level – it is crazy I know as even players in slightly lower leagues wont exactly be drawing social security and be a burden to the country but I suppose there is an argument that is will stifle home grown talent even more.

    • the only wrinkle that you don;t consider is that often the players rights are owned (at least in part) by third parties. These third parties are often shady folks who help poor kids space the poverty of places brazil. The players often become indebted to these people. These third parties are also involved in any negotiation over the price. I don;t know this to be the case specifically with Tex but it wouldn’t be uncommon. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was compelled to accept a move to China for the sake of a benefactor’s profit.

    • And some fans not only thought we should hold onto Suarez and Sterling at all cost. Even to the extent of having Sterling rot in the reserves for two years.

      For Shakhtar, they have far more problems with the unrest in Ukraine than contract issues. They still have a couple prospects, but I expect Teixiera to be their last big money move for a long time.

      • Red One: How much does he cost?
        Abyss: £38m
        Red One: Will you take £24m?
        Abyss: No
        Red One: Errr ok…will you take £30m, thats my final offer?
        Abyss: Hmmm… No
        Red One: So how much do you want for him?
        Abyss: £38m…

        Jiangsu Suning: How much does he cost?
        Abyss: £38m
        Jiangsu Suning: £38m, Done

        Would you take a small loss?

        • Guess not…though I don’t see how they’d be easier to negotiate a deal if they’re not willing to register a small loss in the process. If he continues to cost 38mil then I doubt LFC will change their stance either. :(

          • Chinese business. The economy is acting up a bit, and billionaires stash money in strange places.

          • Well, with football clubs, the money is easily traceable no? But I see the point you’re making now…I doubt they’d be making/saving money from football club in the first place though.

          • They just bought him for £38m I doubt they would be selling him for less anytime soon. Every club would want to make a profit when a player moves on. We wont see him on these shore.
            I just believe it might be easier to negotiate a deal due to the language barrier. The Anglo-Oriental connection…

          • Just that it’s very common in our part of the world to see a transaction for being a good one (profit) or bad (loss). That it’s always just the money. The world is more complex than that.

          • I understand the world is more complex, full of grey areas but to go into each and every fine details would take me forever hence the black and white comment. I surprised you needed this explaining.

          • Grey areas are part of the linear. There are completely different ways of thinking too.
            One simple exercise; whenever you intend to acquire or let go of something, try not to consider the financial implications whatsoever and act accordingly. Sounds easy, right?

  11. Slightly misleading. They don’t prefer to sell to smaller clubs. They prefer to sell to clubs that pay the asking price

  12. Why would Jiangsu sell him on so quickly, unless it’s for even more money? It was different for Willian, Anzhi suddenly decided to cut their expenses. I don’t see the Chinese doing that in the near future.

  13. I admire ther stance wish we had done it with Alonso mascharano Suarez and sterling all on contracts when we sold them

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