CONFIRMED: Jon Flanagan signs new 3-year Liverpool contract

on 18.03.2016

Jon Flanagan‘s contract saga has come to an end, with the 23-year-old academy product signing a new long-term contract at Liverpool.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, March 2, 2016: Liverpool's Jon Flanagan celebrates after the 3-0 victory over Manchester City during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The versatile defender was in the final months of his deal on Merseyside, having endured a nightmare spell on the sidelines with a knee injury.

But having impressed Jurgen Klopp on his return, Flanagan has extended his terms, believed to keep him at the club until the end of the 2018/19 campaign.

This marks another step in the progress made by Flanagan since his initial layoff in March 2014.

The Liverpool-born defender, at his best on the right defensive flank, played a key role in the Reds’ unexpected title challenge in 2013/14, fielded regularly at left-back by Brendan Rodgers.

Handed a one-year deal last summer, Flanagan was allowed to continue his recovery at the club’s Melwood training facility.

But having returned to make five first-team appearances so far this season, including wins over Manchester City and Crystal Palace in the Premier League, Flanagan has proved his quality to Klopp.

Klopp can now look to utilise Flanagan as competition for Alberto Moreno and Nathaniel Clyne at left- and right-back respectively, with question marks over Moreno’s form in recent weeks.

Flanagan was omitted from Klopp’s 25-man Europa League squad for the initial knockout stages—a decision the German later admitted was a mistake.

This move gives Flanagan a further opportunity to establish himself as a “one-club man,” as he outlined at the beginning of March.

However, supporters should not expect fireworks from the young defender as 2015/16 reaches its conclusion, as Klopp has been keen to stress the importance of continuing to manage his fitness.


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  1. Im really, really happy to hear this – great news.

    LFC need scousers in the 1st team picture and Klopp knows that – stepping in and making sure it happed. Class.

  2. Happy with this. Not the most talented full back around but where Liverpool are concerned he’s certainly amongst the most committed. Every top club needs local talent in the side that set the bar in terms of ‘bleeding’ for the club.

    • Not the most talented? Granted, he’s not the most attack minded around, but does his bit quite fine. Let him reach the required fitness level and am sure he will hit the heights of the season which cannot be mentioned!

      • I’d stand by what I said. He’s solid defensively but the modern day full back has to contribute both in an attacking and defensive sense. Even in the 2013/14 season he was effective rather than spectacular. By the way, in calling him ‘not the most talented’, my comparison was to the likes of Alves, Alaba etc. i.e. the sort of full back we’d have in our team in an ideal world. He’s more than capable of putting in good performances in the Premier League at it’s current standard though so was a no-brainer extending his terms.

        • After last night heroics can we bid for Colman and De Gea which would nail down our defense and make us invincible? Right folks, you get two picks, who would they be? (No El classico players need apply)

          • Difference between Coleman and Clyne is negligible in my opinion and if I’m honest I think I prefer Clyne as he looks a bit more defensively solid out of the pair. Coleman doesn’t look the attacking threat he did two seasons ago either.
            Two signings to improve the back 5 would be a GK and LB. In an ideal world I’d probably take De Gea and Alaba – I’ll stop dreaming now. But there are plenty out there that could improve us in those two positions. It’s whether we’re willing to go and spend the money to bring them in.

          • Clyne has been the best RB in the league this season so we’re fine there. GK is obv the priority. Personally I rate Leno more than Ter Stegan. For LB i think we can wait. Moreno/Flano/Gomez is good enough for now and i’d prefer to upgrade GK, CM, and RW which are the priorities.

          • So you know better than Klopp who has extended Mignolet’s contract by FIVE years? Scoreboard pressure, better defence of long balls and better distribution from the midfield is what was lacking. This put the keeper under undue pressure.

          • Mignolet is as as good as gone bud. Only reason we signed him to an extension was to get £10mm for him this summer. Everton would prob pay that.

        • As long as he defends his area of the pitch, and makes those runs which earned him the nickname, ‘Scouse Cafú’, I will be delighted for us and him.

        • Comparing any player to Alaba is harsh. He is the best all round footballer I’ve seen play for sometime.

          • That may be so, but that’s exactly the sort of player that we should ultimately want in our team.
            The team is some way off the absolute elite of Europe yet (as is all of the Premier League at the moment) but if we want to be kings of Europe again, we need players of the quality of Alaba in our starting line-up.
            I was at no point criticising Flanno and for where the team is at present I think he’s a great member of the squad.

          • We should be looking for that caliber of player. I don’t doubt Flanno ability either, if he he can be injury free. He can hopefully have the career, we and him hope for.

        • We have Clyne and Moreno who are both more than capable of attacking.
          They are the first choice players.

          Flanagan is a brilliant squad player to have as he is a quality defensive full back.

          Who cares what a “modern full back” is. Ivanovic is hardly a world class attacking full back is he.

          • Let’s say Klopp stays with us for 7 years like he did at his other clubs. If Moreno and Clyne remain first choice during that period I be very surprised. Moreno in particular would have to have exhibited a huge improvement during that time to stay in the team long term. If we’re measuring Flanno against our current options and saying that he’s inferior then that kind of supports my view. He’s good enough talent-wise to be a regular full back option at the moment but in a few seasons I’d like to think we’d have more ‘complete’ options

      • I want my defenders to defend, not try to be an overweight, taller version of Maradona. Not even the actual attacking players can play like that!

  3. Great news. Glad we got this sorted out.

    Now to find another quality full back for the summer…can’t believe we’ve basically run on only 2 FBs for most of this season.

    • its actually pretty much amazing that our 2 full backs have gone this many games sure there was a little rotation in the europa and league cup. how many games has Clyne played? Mr reliable but a dip yesterday but for his first season he has been immense

      • I agree, I think Clyne has been LFC’s best player this season by quite a long way. He’s been great for us.

  4. Delighted for him. I hate to nitpick, but if we can give mignolet a five year contract, why can’t we do the same for a local lad who actually has a future at Anfield?

  5. There’s a lesson to be learnt here, the club took a lot of flak for not sorting this out earlier. I’m a massive fan of Flanno but he’s been out for 18 months with what could have been a career threatening injury, the club (and Klopp) knew they had time to assess his return to fitness and give Klopp and the coaching staff the chance to work with him before coming up with a deal that was good for everyone including the player. Flanno’s come back well and obviously impressed Klopp which will be reflected in the new contract. Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture and have a little more faith in the management and the people running the club. I’m chuffed for the lad
    and never doubted this would be resolved…

      • Quite obvious. He doesn’t think flanno should have gotten a new contract. Quite a lot of people feel that nationality or heritage should not be factors in deciding who to keep and to let go. I can see where the argument comes from. Personally I don’t agree with. I find it to be a very simplistic argument that does a disservice to the complexity of sport and the very many intangibles that run it.

  6. Where have all the good men gone
    And where are all the gods?
    Where’s the street-wise Hercules
    To fight the rising odds?
    Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
    Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need
    I need a hero
    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
    He’s gotta be strong
    And he’s gotta be fast
    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
    I need a hero
    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light
    He’s gotta be sure
    And it’s gotta be soon
    And he’s gotta be larger than life

    Just my heart singing Bonnie Tyler upon hearing this news. Excellent!

  7. Not much talk about the loss of Flanagan in 14/15, but it was massive. He would have given us so much more stability in the back. Considering he was out the entire season, and Sakho was out for 2/3 of that time, the only thing surprising is that run of defensive solidity in the middle of the season (not much surprise that it was the 1/3 that Sakho was available).

    I hope that people around here don’t get too impatient if Flanno takes a bit to get to his full powers. But I expect next season we will get the full Scouse Cafu!

  8. Considering all that he’s been through with injuries and how loved he is by the supporters, it really is bizarre that he’s still only 23.

  9. Excellent! With the talent base he has to build on and his dedication to his craft, Klopp’s touch will elevate this lad to heights not even he could anticipate.

  10. Great news. Really pleased to see Flanno get his new contract. Well deserved! He’s scouse, the supporters love him, and he’s a very good player, well done Flanno lad!!!

  11. We need a top right and left back in the summer, no doubt about that, so Clyne and Moreno can fight for their places.

    • Clyne’s will have enough pressure for the RB slot with Flano giving his all for the cause and trying to recapture that form that saw him selected for Eng. Gomez should increase this pressure further if he recovers. No need for a new first team RB in the summer.

      • There is a need for upgrades on both full backs, if we need to get where we want to be in winning trophies, looking at the squad through your eyes, there is no need for Matip, because we have more coverage at Center back than it is at full backs.

        • I was just commenting about our RB position, there are other positions which need more attention than RB. Not sure why you are bringing in CBs as my comment is based on quality not quantity, don’t makes assumptions bud.

          • You said Flanno is coverage at right back, I said we need a better right back than Clyne, you disagree by saying we don’t need a right back, and I counter by saying we don’t need Matip then, because we already have enough coverage at CBs.

          • Flanagan and Gomez are good enough to step in when needed (although not convinced if Flano would be 1st choice). We needed to address LB and CB (and strengthen other positions) before RB. We need to see Matip for half a season in our colours before we can start judging his worth.

    • I disagree here with you. We have to good Fb. Moreno is class player, but inconsistent to this point. Clyne is all about consistency, and lately he showed some class at home vs manu. I can’t blame him really for the last game, since LVG teams love to exploit the wings and he had no coverage from our beloved captain. Fullbacks are our last concern imho.

  12. The nickname is largely due to his position and the fact he’s a really likeable character. Even the most ardent Flanno fan couldn’t compare him with Cafu in terms of talent. Cafu is a legend of the game. Probably the games greatest ever right back. Comparing Flanno to him is very tongue in cheek… As much as I like the lad

  13. might sound a bit crazy but me personally i would play flanno as lb and alberto as left wing i know they can both fly up the left wing and both can put in great crosses so when 1 goes forward the other drops back brilliant partner ship on lw and lb

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