Lallana & Firmino lead the way – Supporters’ Man of the Match vs. Man United

on 11.03.2016

Adam Lallana and Roberto Firmino were central to an overwhelming attacking display in Liverpool’s Europa League last-16 first-leg win over Man United.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool's Roberto Firmino scores the second goal against Manchester United during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Goals from Firmino and Daniel Sturridge sealed a comfortable lead for the Reds heading into next week’s second leg, with United struggling to gain momentum in an emphatic Anfield atmosphere.

Lallana laid on Firmino’s goal, Liverpool’s second of the night, in an impressive display dovetailing with the Brazilian in Jurgen Klopp‘s 4-2-3-1.

With supporters rating Klopp’s Reds after the game, Firmino and Lallana stood out as joint Man of the Match candidates.

Both currently hold a rating of 8.5, underlining their importance to Liverpool’s victory.

Just behind the duo is This is Anfield’s own choice for Man of the Match, Nathaniel Clyne, with the right-back rated at 8.4, following a powerful, all-round performance, shining both in defence and attack.

It was Clyne’s bursting run that saw Liverpool awarded a penalty in the first half at Anfield, with the 24-year-old dragged back by Memphis Depay.

Sturridge was on hand to convert the spot-kick and put the Reds 1-0 up, but offering little else compared to his team-mates, the No. 15 is rated the lowest from Klopp’s side, at 6.5.

In fact, only two other players to start on Thursday night hold a rating of lower than 7.0, in Simon Mignolet (6.7) and Jordan Henderson (6.8).

Beyond Firmino, Lallana and Clyne, Emre Can is rated the highest, with 7.7, while defenders Alberto Moreno (7.2), Mamadou Sakho (7.2) and Dejan Lovren (7.4) also impressed.

Sunday’s 2-1 comeback win away to Crystal Palace saw Liverpool’s starting lineup average a rating of 6.4, but in this latest victory, this rises to 7.5.


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    • I posted on this before the game. I think there is a lack of understanding between Firms and Studge in terms of positional play and runs. I think Firms is unsure of Sturridge’s runs and vice versa. Also, studge relies on speed of attack and creative shotmaking whereas Firmino relies on cleverness and tenacity.

      Therefore, if Studge plays, he should be partnered with Origi.

      If Firmino plays, he plays up top and alone or with Origi.

      Origi for me, is the ace in the pack. His flexibility is critical for this team. And that’s why I like him a lot. Of course his speed is extremely dangerous.

      Of course there’s always the potential of a vibrant partnership between the two with more games together. Not ruling that out.

  1. Who thinks Firmino should practice shooting??? He occupied some good positions yesterday where i am sure Coutinho would have gone for it

    • Yep, same for me. Exact three in that order.
      With a special mention to Joe Allen who did exactly what he was told to do… And did it well.

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    • I have to admit a few month ago I would be well up for Lallana going in a summer clearout but now not so much

  2. Firminiho his movement is a bit to sharp at the moment for those around him, the understanding is getting there.

      • Newcastle is a great club with great fans /tradition they deserve better that McClaren, and def not a low club just in a rough spell, they have a strong team just not managed very well.

        • I’m not sure about having a strong team. Certainly not a great club in terms of stature that befits Rafa. He went from Liverpool, to Inter, to Chelsea and to Madrid and now Newcastle?

          • Perez Mitrovish Wjinaldum, Shelvey Janmaat, Cisse Sissoko Colback ? these guys are all well above average players that could be even better if managed properly, listen to Shearer their organization is just horrible, these are top players, ie strong team.

          • I disagree but well you’re entitled to your opinion. None of these will be in Liverpool bench.

          • Yet the same team beat Liverpool and with Sturridge in the side, yes you are entitled as much as I am but saying Magpies are a Low team you dont know much about British football.

          • That depends what LOW means. If you look at the clubs Rafa managed before Newcastle, can you tell me if Newcastle can be held in the same echelons as the rest?

            In terms of history, prestige and global reach, Newcastle are far behind those. And next year, they are very likely going to play in the Championship – not that they have not been there a couple of seasons ago.

            I would be very interested to know what you meant when you say Newcastle is a “big” club. Your higher knowledge of British football is much appreciated if you can enlighten me.

          • Big Clubs in my opinion are by how many fans show up to support them time in time out, they are a huge club with an attendance of 50 thousand (more than Anfield) you calling them a Low club because you think they dont match up to Rafa’s past clubs doesnt change from their size and following that they have, not to mention the money they have to spend, and Rafa couldnt cut it at his last club perhaps it was too HIGH of a club, and need to step down to something more attainable.

            Newcastle may get relegated, and so what? Liesceter look to win the league and with a 400 thousand pound many doing it all for them it seems.

            Rafa should be proud to be asked to come to Newcastle they should be in a top 6 teams and I think they will be.

            I guess when Liverpool fc werent doing so good this year and there was talk of us going down to the Championship at the beginning would you have seen us as a LOW club also or just in a rough spot?….If Rafa went to West Brom then you may have an argument.

          • That’s where out opinions differ. By virtue of home attendence, then I’ll agree that the club is considered “big”. But I think that’s where the comparison stops.

            Anfield isn’t as big now, but I’m sure the potential to fill it up beyond Newcastle is vast. In this age, we need to look at global reach. If you were to use global fan base as a measurement of bigness, you will see my point.

            If Liverpool got relegated, it’s a rough spot. Same argument with Leicester. Winning the league for 1 season doesn’t make them a big club. They have to consistently doing so for 10-20 years. Likewise, consistently fighting in relegation season after season, you will lose your fan base. No one outside the city will want to support a losing club. Fortunately, our years of success ensures that we have to go through multiple seasons of mediocrity to reach that level. Newcastle don’t have such history to back them. Hence, LOW club.

            In the past 5 teams that Rafa manages, they are consistently fighting for cups and leagues. I disagree that these clubs are too high for him. His resume says La Liga, UCL and Europa championship. He deserves a club that’s fighting in those every season.

      • Good luck to Rafa, the Geordies are great people, and a special welcome will await Benitez at Anfield in a few weeks time.

      • Newcastle are a good club but yesh I understand where you are coming from, this is going to be a tasty league next season
        These rivalries might define football for the next decade.

    • Its looking good for the toon army.
      By the way can Rafa quit if Newcastle get relegated? Or he has to complete his 3 years contract

    • Honestly, I really don’t know what to feel about that.

      Ex Liverpool managers have a great track record of being appointed Newcastle manager.

      Newcastle could have saved their season here. But just barely. It boggles the mind on how Rafa will actually work in that environment with Ashley. That said they have a strong supporter base.

      • I wonder if Rafa was a little desperate. I know his track record is far from perfect but I thought his name commanded a better job than the current shambles at Newcastle. I can see them going down regardless of the manager. Risky Rafa

        • Potentially big club, big Premier League budget, not expected to win the league. Rafa actually has a better platform with which to build something than he did at Napoli.
          He’ll get the best out of Shelvey too who I rate very highly, he just hasn’t been managed well.

        • I think he doesn’t want to be out of work. Not so much for the money, but for the sense of employ and engagement it gives him. He also wanted to manage in England again.

          What other more appealing club would have a job available?

      • I feel like Rafas days are gone. He left Napoli, they started playing better. He left Real Madrid and well they are playing slightly better. Hopefully it will work out for him as he is one of the managers I respect the most.
        I remember when he almost cried at Anfield as a Chelsea manager listening to YNWA.
        I don’t wish any bad things upon Newcastle so I hope he can turn this bunch of disgraceful “footballers” and finishing the season strong.

      • I think he asked for full control before he signed. If they give him time and the money they usually spend he will turn them into something special and they will become a force again as they were under KK. The Prem is going to be ultra competitive next year gone are the days one team will dominate. Interesting times ahead and good fro the Prem it will definitely be the league to be in.

  3. Not forgetting that it was Firmino that send in a through ball to Clyne before be was brought down.

    In my books, Firmino scores 1, create 1.

  4. Didn’t think i would ever write this but i felt huge relief when Alan was brought on, perfect sub for the situation and well worth keeping

  5. I’d like to mention Moreno, who i thought had just as good a game as Clyne. He was so bullish and won the ball back for us countless times on the left. At the start of the season, the squad had clearly lost faith in BR (along with everyone else), perhaps now we are starting to see the true form of players who “were square pegs being put in round holes” as stated by numerous pundits during BR’s time.

  6. I personally think lallana was motm, in the mirror they give lallana a 7 and Mats a 7, and Sakho and Lovren got a 7 but so did Mike Smalling they watched a different game from me.

  7. Firmino is MOTM for me he is just too skillful in that game and blistering pass manure players at his own will. If he continue playing like that he will be unstoppable in other games.

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