UEFA evaluate request to move Manchester United v Liverpool kick-off time

on 02.03.2016

UEFA is evaluating Trafford Council’s request to move the Europa League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool back from its scheduled 6pm kick-off time.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 12, 2015: Liverpool's captain James Milner leads his side out to face Manchester United during the Premier League match at Old Trafford. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Last week’s last-16 draw threw up a mouth-watering clash between the long-term north-west adversaries – the first time they will face one another in continental competition.

The first leg takes place at Anfield on March 10 at 8.05pm, but the return fixture on March 17 is slated for a 6pm start at Old Trafford.

It is understood the scheduled timing of the St Patrick’s Day fixture has led Trafford Council’s safety advisory board to contact European football’s governing body requesting it is put back.

UEFA confirmed to Press Association Sport that it has received the council’s letter on the matter and is currently evaluating its merits.

United are also reportedly in favour of moving the tie from the current 6pm start and Trafford Council is expected to make a statement on Wednesday afternoon.


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  1. Erm.. How about no! I have my Paddy’s day planned around this game. Pints, watch game and more pints. Not pints, more pints and miss game. 6 o clock will do thanks.

  2. So, will there be a TIA report on Ian Ayre joining several other top EPL club bigwigs to
    meet with US billionaire Stephen Ross in London to discuss forming a
    breakaway European super league so they can rake in even more billions
    from “soccer”?

    The Guardian and other media outlets have covered the story after it broke.

    billionaire finance oligarch owners such as the Glazers (and presumably
    FSG) are especialy in favour of US-style corporatised “no relegation”
    closed leagues with mega TV and sponsorship money billions.

    much for FSG et al being in favour of level financial playing fields
    such as FFP (let’s face it, in the MLB they are actually against wage
    caps etc).

    • Well when the discussions weren’t about that but pre-season tournaments what would be the point of having an article on this imaginary breakaway league? Especially when it’s teams from leagues besides ours that want it in order to compete with Premier League money.

    • You’re talking absolute rubbish (no surprise there I guess) All clubs involved in the meeting (LFC, CFC, MUFC, AFC and MCFC) rubbished those rumours and stated their opposition to any break away European Super League. The meeting was to schedule (if possible) another ICC preseason tournament similar to one we took part in two years ago in the USA, it’s a mini tournament that lasts a week before the season starts, there’s lots of similar tournaments involving lots of clubs preseason every year, you really do need to give your head a wobble…

      • I’m sure it was mainly about the ICC tourney but It’s not like the ESL idea is comp random. They’ve discussed it/continue to do so. Real and Barca get to negotiate their own TV contracts which means they make almost €100mm more than the top EPL sides domestic amounts. You think the owners do not have that in mind?

        • To be fair mate the question of clubs being able to own and sell their own TV rights is a separate debate all together, I’m sure all clubs would love that..
          A European Super League might happen one day but I’m not sure LFC would welcome it right now, assuming it was made up from the top four clubs in the five big European Leagues (20 teams) I’m not sure we’d get in it, it hurts to say that but we need to regain our Premier League status first…

          • Nothing to do with what you do on the pitch its all down to pulling power thats why we are there now ,not for much longer the way things are going
            you only have to look at last season pre season tour for that

          • Like I said it may well happen one day and it will be the most exclusive league ever. When it happens it will be the biggest story and the biggest debate since the formation of the Premier League. it will probably divide opinion like no other issue as well. It’s all theoretical and right now I’m more concerned with tonight’s game, the double header with the mancs, the rest of season and what we do (or don’t do) in the summer. As you put it, we need to maintain our ‘pulling power’, it’s the only way we’re guaranteed to be a major player in any future European league…

      • Its not rubbish is it though the echo have run a massive article on it
        Thing is with a european super league it will not be long before we are exempt and they do not want us in
        Spurs are not invited to the party at the moment

        • I actually made that point in a later reply in this thread, there is no guarantee we would get into a European Super League at this time..
          The only time I might advocate it is if we were a nailed on certainty to get an invite…

          • we are nailed on thats why we wer invited to the meeting and not spurs or everton or newcastle

          • we would but not because of our recent performance levels but because we are in the top financial league tables and afterall that is what all this is about – MONEY not football

          • Like I said in a later comment Phil, if (or when) this happens it will trigger the biggest ever debate in the whole history of biggest ever debates, right now it’s time for a beer and tonights game…

          • yep agreed – some will like the idea of palying europes elite others (myself in this group) prefer the tradition of english football and the fact that Leicester can do what they have done this season. Right now unfortunately its time to go to the dentist for me! (im recording the game for when I get back though)

        • Hi Carr,
          I think that you are right, sooner or later there will be a breakaway super league, but I for one won’t be too disappointed if we get left out of it.
          It could well be my age I like my football traditional, but that’s me!, I love the history of English football and it just would not be the same in a European league, but I probably won’t be around to see it anyway.

          • same for me i would rather watch us beat a club that we have real history with that psg
            the mersyside derby a thing of the past tell the yanks to shove it

        • Yup – I see the Echo are finally covering the New York supreme court case involving RBS and Mill Financial etc, with FSG also involved via document subpoenas and legal representatives being questioned.

          I was talking about this years ago and chumps were givin it verbals saying it was all conspiracy theory.

          Some people – know-it-all know-nothings even said there would not be a court case in the USA about an English club….I mentioned that this was a trans-national dodgy business deal and hey presto here is what the Echo say: “The court case has seen lawyers in London and New York argue over the finer points of international finance law.”

          I note that as far as I am aware th Echo have not repeated Judge Bransten’s comment that the NESV cut-price buyout of LFC was an “underhand” deal in collusion with a bankrupt taxpayer bailed out rogue bank (RBS).

          Never mind.

  3. This is a bigger fixture than any of the Champions League fixtures, they’re shooting themselves in the foot by having it kick off at a time where the majority will only be finishing work.

  4. Imagine all those man Utd fans stuck on the M25 at 4pm trying to get to Manchester if they change the kick off time I say leave kick off till 6pm we only have to travel down the east Lancs road

    • I’m hoping we can win the first leg so convincingly that none of them will want to leave home let alone drive north to Mancland…

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