Watford will test Liverpool with bids for Joe Allen and Jordon Ibe this summer

on 29.03.2016

Joe Allen and Jordon Ibe both face uncertain futures at Liverpool, and Watford could look to capitalise with a double bid ahead of 2016/17.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, October 28, 2015: Liverpool's Joe Allen in action against AFC Bournemouth during the Football League Cup 4th Round match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Allen reaches the final 12 months of his contract this summer, with no extension forthcoming at this stage, while Ibe has endured a tough start to 2016, dropping out of Jurgen Klopp‘s first-team thinking.

The former is likely to leave Liverpool this summer as, at 26, Allen should be playing regular top-flight football, while Liverpool’s move for Mario Gotze this summer could see Ibe look for an exit.

According to Andy Hunter of the Guardian, Watford will look to take advantage of this situation, as they explore the possibility of a double bid.

At this stage, Hunter merely states that Watford “want to test both Ibe’s and Allen’s resolve to remain at Anfield,” with no indication that a move is remotely close.

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But it could well be that the upwardly mobile Hertfordshire outfit could reach a positive conclusion with Allen – at the very least.

Allen was linked with a return to former club Swansea City in January, with Liverpool blocking the Welsh side’s enquiry, as Klopp wished to keep his players on Merseyside for the campaign.

But having made just three league starts under Klopp, it is likely he will leave at the end of the season.

STOKE-ON-TRENT, ENGLAND - Tuesday, January 5, 2016: Liverpool's Jordon Ibe celebrates scoring the first goal against Stoke City during the Football League Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg match at the Britannia Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Ibe, meanwhile, is unlikely to be so easy to coax away from Anfield, having signed a new long-term contract with the club in May, keeping him at Liverpool until at least 2020.

But having seen his first-team spot taken by 18-year-old academy talent Sheyi Ojo in recent weeks, his position is not guaranteed.

Ibe was sent off in the England U21s’ clash with Switzerland on Saturday night, leading manager Gareth Southgate to discuss what he believes to be a lack of confidence in the winger.

“I think players, especially at Jordon’s age, go through peaks and troughs,” he said.

“He doesn’t look full of confidence at the minute.

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“We have got to try and help him get to the level that we think we can achieve. He doesn’t look like he is in a rhythm.”

At the age of 20, Ibe has a long career ahead of him, and plenty of time to prove himself to Klopp – and with Adam Lallana in top form for the first team, his lack of game time is understandable.

A loan move to Vicarage Road could be a more beneficial route for both Ibe and Liverpool – though whether Hornets manager Quique Flores would appreciate this remains to be seen.


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  1. A loan move for Ibe would be perfect. He has all the physical attributes to succeed in top flight Europe but needs to work on the more intellectual and emotional sides of his game. Regular game time in a team where expectations aren’t as high and competition as fierce would be great. Hopefully he doesn’t go the way of Andre wisdom, looking great at Liverpool but then not cutting it at a team like Norwich.

    I’d be very sad to see Allen go but the bloke deserves to play and he’d be a fantastic addition to a Watford side that is getting better and better.

    • Allen will definitely go. He won’t sit on bench and wait for his chances. He will go to a midtable club and be a sure shot starter.

      Ibe on other hand is too young to be discarded. He surely is low on confidence. I trust Klopp on this one. He knows how to handle such a young lad.

    • Thank you, Good to see not everyone let themselves go for a few good games by Allen saying he deserves a new contract

      • Lallana deserves to be here, maybe not starting every game but he’s a quality player as shown this season and in the national team. He runs his guts out, he’s tricky and now that he’s releasing the ball quicker he’s a huge asset

      • I’m more neutral on Lallana…

        We have already taken the 25mn hit, so the decision on whether to keep him or move him on will depend on how much we can get for him.

        He can be quite useful as a squad option at least, and seems to have taken Klopp’s vision on board.

        • …and Kloppo likes him it seems. He’s given Lallana confidence and that matters a lot to the player.

          He still needs to become a more effective player though.

          • Agree… happy to move him on for 20mn or thereabouts.. but not really seeing a lot of clubs queue up…

            In any case, the summer might again see a lot of upheaval. sometimes, the importance of stability is a bit understated. just look at spurs this season.

            so maybe we should just limit it to 3-4 changes and not sure lallana figures in that now.

    • If Allen was happy with his current role of starting 5 league games a season I reckon he’s worth keeping around. He isn’t on huge wages and as people are saying we won’t get a huge transfer fee. Every game he’s played in this season he’s contributed a different element to the team.

      • I reckon we can get ~6-10mn for Allen from a mid-lower table side… They get an international midfielder with PL experience at his prime…

        Wages – for similar or lower wages, we’ll have guys like Grujic/Stewart who can hopefully perform a similar role like Allen whilst offering a much higher upside as they mature in 2-3 seasons.

          • For 10mn, I wouldn’t mind him joining spurs.

            Personally i don’t think he will dislodge dier, alli or dembele from their starting spots.

          • He is an up grade on Dembelle for me but more importantly its us strengthening their squad on the cheap if we let it happen.

          • Dembele is playing at a whole different level this year. I know stats aren’t everything, but look them up.. He is Spurs’ highest rated player this season as per whoscored.

            That logic applies only to absolute top players or prospects… We are not talking about selling Suarez or Coutinho to them.

            If not allen, they can easily find another squad midfielder from somewhere else for 10mn. If you don’t believe me, what did they spend on dier and alli?

          • Dier took time and in Allis case was an unexpected instant star.
            In Allens case Pochetino knows he would get a player that fits their style and settle within a few weeks rather than 6 months to a year. He would strengthen one of our main rivals undoubtedly

          • Most certainly not for spurs pressing game and fast transition Allen is a better player than Dembelle.

    • -no-look assist to Ibe
      -curler behind the defense to Sturridge
      -perfect composure for last minute goal against Arsenal
      -gorgeous pen taken against Stoke
      -leading the kids against Exeter
      -killing off Man United in the first leg

      -intelligent, tenacious pressing in packs
      -closes down passing lanes, breaking down counterattacks
      -constant outlet for pressured teammates
      -shifts passing lanes in fast transitions before opponents settle
      -comfortable in possession in crowded areas

      If we played a 4-3-3, he’d be the perfect compliment to Can and Henderson. We don’t, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made a big contribution in whatever role he’s asked to perform.

      • He’s done very well under the limited time that Klopp has given him this season but not good enough under Rodgers overall. I really like the guy too now like most, but given the way things are going that exit may be inevitable so talking about it might be a moot point.

      • Mate if gotze comes in,where do you think allen will play? Grujic and zielinski is also being brought in,since klopp wants to develop youth. He’s got no chance of staying imo

        • don’t you think allen is better than zielinski…….
          and who said zielinski is coming at liverpool….
          those are just rumours
          we have enough potential in our team, I don’t want anymore signings having potential..

      • in 4 years so what
        and you even have to slip a pen in
        a game against exeter and at least 2 sub appearances
        Does that really justify 4 years a £15 million transfer price and 45,000 a week that works out at 9.3 million since hes been here
        if hes worth a red shird we may as well have kept many over bang average players we have had we have sold a lot better

      • agreed, nobody is saying he is Alonso or anything he is clearly not first choice under Klopp but every time he pulls the shirt on he gives 100%, never sulking to the press or silly things like that. very good point with the 433. yes we will have more players coming in the summer i am sure klopp will sit him down and have a chat if he goes good luck to him, if he stays its a good versatile squad player

    • Allen started 3/4 games in the famous 13/14, nobody complained then. And, he will be first to request a transfer rather than stay benchwarmer…

    • allen was on form, play for first team then get injured…his injury is the one that worry me the most instead of his form or play

  2. I saw on the recent 80mil valuation of exits article that some people were suggesting that Allen will go for more than 10mil…highly doubt this is going to happen and they’re way off base with that.

    Think he’s definitely good enough to play in the Premier League..but with just one year left on his contract, I don’t see us getting more than 8mil. Definitely not more than 10mil.

    As for Ibe, he stays but can go on loan.

    • You never know… We paid 12mn for Clyne even though he just had a year left on his contract… There is more and more money coming into the PL with the new deals.

      Allen may not be good enough for us, but he is still an international midfielder with plenty of PL experience at his prime..

      Depending on how well we can negotiate, i think we can get ~10mn or thereabouts…

      • I didn’t mean to suggest he’s not good enough for us…just that based on the fact that he’s going to be sold a mid-table team with just one year left on his contract, it might be a little tough to get 10mil for him. Clyne is an excellent FB after all…pretty sure S’ton would be asking for about 25mil if he had 2 years left on his contract.

        In any case though, our valuations are not that far apart. 7-9mil for me. Expecting anything above 10mil might not happen though.

          • Who will buy him for 15 with a year to go mate? Clyne went for 12.5mil and I rate him higher as far as overall talent is concerned. He’d have cost us around 25mil otherwise, if S’ton would even be willing to sell him off in the first place.

          • The magic of the Euro’s. Remember James Rodriguez hitting one goal and suddenly he was the next big thing and needed to go to Real for crazy cash?

            A good run from Wales and all their players will be worth a lot more.

          • That was Real Madrid trying to get their ‘marquee signing’ though mate…competition with Barca and all that. Mid-table EPL clubs getting a very decent player => closer to 10mil.

          • Who’se to say that after a good Euro’s no bigger European club will want Allen and only midtable sides want him?

            If properly scouted Allen should be relatively high on the lists of Schalke, Wolfsburg, Valencia, Sevilla, Leverkusen, Inter, Lazio, Roma. Usually one of our better players in the EL and well schooled in the arts of tactical football. He’d be a beast for a side like PSV.

          • All those sides you mentioned don’t pay a lot of money for their players – seriously. Except Wolfsburg who have only paid that for top attacking talents like Gotze and Schurrle. So the clubs you mentioned have an even greater chance of hoodwinking us into letting go of Allen for a lesser price compared to the EPL ones.

          • Last year of his contract mostly. I wouldn’t mind keeping him on as the AM that comes on to see out a game or controls it.

          • he can play box to box mid…
            like he has been playing in the past few matches replacing henderson….
            he has been playing there since klopp arrived..

          • He’s been playing in an AM role mostly. It’s not a surprise we lost the midfield battle against Southampton with Can/Allen. We can only play the 2-man midfield with Hendo and Can. Allen can fit in if we play with a DM behind them.

          • we lost the midfield battle in the 2nd half, and unfortunately also the match….
            otherwise in the first half, i think we were dominating them..

          • We didnt lose the midfield battle at Southampton. We totally obliterated them first half with our midfield setting up several goalscoring chances. 2nd half wanyama came on and stopped the obliteration but their midfield created nothing. Martin Skrtel created 3 goals for southampton and a missed penalty. Midfield had nothing to do with it, We were playing a counter attacking game.

          • As much as I wanna blame Skrtel for it and I think it was about 75% his fault, they clearly outran Allen in MF in the second half. This is not a knock on him as he needed more help and support in defense when there was none but they exploited his weakness to a certain extent IMO.

          • They didnt out run anything in midfield i watched the game back. Wanyama won a couple of significant challenges alright but nothing came from them, Southampton didnt create anything from the midfield unlike our midfield which cut Southampton to shreds in the first half.

            Skrtel was a yard out of line playing pelle on before the penalty. When Flanno was dispossesed Skrtel was caught way out of position on the right channel of our defence(not the worst mistake) for Pelles goal he contested the long ball then fell back 5 yards behind the defensive line instead of holding the line which would have had him in Pelles face. The 3rd goal hardly needs explaining.

            Point being Southampton midfield created nothing. Klopp set us up to play counter attack all game. The chaos caused by Skrtel gave Southampton the foothold in the game not midfield.

          • It’s not that we want to…we’re just being realistic about it. All the signs seem to point towards his exit.

          • what if grujic is not that good or needs time in the physical premier league….
            then we would need allen even more..
            don’t you think so??

    • Watford is an EPL club, so they can cough up the cash. It’s not just us paying more money, every EPL team can get into the action of overpaying for players.

      • 10mil is about the going rate for a player in demand for a mid-table club these days. Some in the region of 5-7mil, others 10-12mil. Allen has only a year left on his contract, so I don’t see clubs paying over 10m. Best case scenario for me.

        • Shaqiri was 12, Clasie came from Feyenoord for 9M, Bertrand came for 10M, Tadic from Twente for 10M, Wanyama for 10M.

          Allen can go for 12-15M.

          • One year on contract makes a difference mate. Southampton spent a good amount of money on the players as they always have when losing their players for 20-30mil. They do it because they have the money. For most clubs, they’ll be thinking getting Allen a year in advance is not worth paying that much money and look elsewhere.

  3. Annoyed to no end that Milner gets a regular start over Allen. How many games this season can we say he justified his place? Henderson has been a shadow of himself since the injury, too. If Allen goes, it should be with someone better than a teenager from the Serbian league.

    Personally, I’d rather he stayed. When he does play, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who better exemplifies the mentality that Klopp is looking for. But the manager likes to have height and there’s not much Allen can do about that.

    Besides the excellent showings he’s had for LFC in recent months, he was also the best Wales player against Holland in November and more recently against Northern Ireland. In the latter match, as we’ve seen here, his entrance into the game completely changed the dynamic, and the side looked much more composed and fluid.

    For those that can’t see his obvious talent, I’d say that says quite a bit about the limits of their analysis. You can say he’s too small, but he’s inarguably a valuable player.

    • Uhm, for all of Milner’s relative mediocrity and corner taking expertise, he’s had 7 goals and 7 assists in all comps.

      In comparison, our other midfielders…
      Coutinho has 9 goals and 5 assists
      Lallana has 5 goals and 8 assists
      Emre Can has 2 goals and 2 assists
      Henderson has 2 goals and 3 assists
      Allen has 2 goals and 2 assists

      I agree that Allen needs to start more games, but not in lieu of Milner who is playing much better shifted to the wing and putting in more consistent performances.

      He should take Hendo’s place in midfield.

      • Square pegs and round holes. Allen has been showcasing his talent as an AM under Klopp, which is what he is. He’s the playmaker for Wales and was that for Swansea. Then we drop him into a 2 man midfield role and complain he doesn’t do well.

        Let’s see how Coutinho handles left back.

    • Moving Milner and Allen on may not be inter linked…

      You also need to find takers for a 30-year old Milner for an acceptable fee and who is prepared to take his wages.

      Height – the manager wants it because it is important in PL. Like it or not, we play in a physical league.

    • “For those that can’t see his obvious talent, I’d say that says quite a bit about the limits of their analysis.”

      Hmm don’t know if you realized you’re talking about Klopp here. Because he’s the one who constantly choose Milner over Allen and has given him limited game time ever since he came on here.

      And for all that he’s done over the last few months with Klopp, he’s been pretty underwhelming under Rodgers for most of his time.

    • Allen yes, because while he’s been playing out of his skin, it’s too little too late. The max he can be is as a squad player…and even in that department we can do better. I would like to see him go out in a blaze of glory.

      Jordan Ibe is only 20yo and has the potential to come good with a firm mentoring hand. Don’t give up on him yet. He was thrust too early into the spotlight by Brendan after Sterling left. Now Kloppo is addressing that issue.

      • I don’t believe in too early Joe Rooney was thrown in the mix at 17 and grew with each game ( not saying he didn’t have his ups and downs but at 20 he was a savage already) Dele alli 19 is another Kane is only 22 .

        Ibe reminds me of lennon and walcott players who never improve and are just solid throughout their career. I hope I’m wrong but i think Ibe has peaked too early

        • What’s the harm in persisting with Ibe as a squad option?

          He is not big on wages and we are not really well stocked with wingers.

        • Kane came into contention via a lot of goals in the Europa League and Spurs not having decent strikers so he made the next step.

      • I have seen allen winning headers against fellaini…..
        and he can hold and protect the ball long enough
        I don’t think its about physicality, its more about hunger..

      • simple facts joe do we pay him 2.3 million in wages to warm the bench personally i would think we have not moved forward if hes still on the bench next season

        Or do we sell even if we got 8 million plus takes his wages off thats 10 million better of than we would be

        • Why not? Someone who does the job consistently and not just because his Liverpool career is now under threat.

          • When has Allen not being consistent? He has had a frustrating amount of injuries for sure but when he has played he always does a job and in our best runs of form since he came to the club he has being a key player, The current form or this time last year when we dragged ourselves up the table or the season before when we went for the title or his first season when we finished the season in Cl form, Allen has played well and always worked hard through out his time at Liverpool. Disrespectful to say he is playing well because his contract is running down. Spurs will be in for him in the summer, possibly Arsenal too

          • Rafa’s fact speech:

            1. As long as I’ve been observing Allen, he has never been consistent. I know this beyond any shadow of doubt because I wasn’t always an Allen critic. On this point also I’ve swung to opposite ends, which only means one thing – he’s not consistent.

            2. His contract is expiring right? He’s playing consistently well now right?

            I rest my case.

          • ;-)
            I would luv it, luv it if he signs a new contract. You can tell joe bloggs he is still fighting for that liverpool career and he gets to go to go to the euros and prove himself a top player.

            kevin Keegan emotions……….

          • He is fighting yes that’s for sure…and he should be starting more, no doubt about it.

  4. Fans still amaze me. Allen is non existent for 3 years then shows up for 3 months when he’s playing for a contract and you want him to stay for cameo roles?? Is that all it takes to be a LFC player?

    • “Fans still amaze me” You’re not wrong! The fact that you don’t even see that the upturn in performances came when his role in the team was changed, is astonishing…have you ever considered watching a game?
      Allen under Rodgers was a DM, whose job was to largely stay in his own half, break up play and to make the short sideways pass under Rodgers possession game. Under Klopp he has been used as a box to box midfielder which is a role much better suited to his skill set….”only shows up when playing for a new contract”…yep, fans do amaze!

      • Congratulations on being exhibit A. Under Rodgers for 3 seasons Allen played DM in a 3 man midfield. Rodgers himself said, Allen is “more dynamic, best used as a Box to box in a 1-2 midfield with DM behind him – he never showed anything. Also used as a 1 of the two controlling midfielders in a 4-2-3-1 formation and he never excelled for any period. He never expressed himself for any period. A few more forward passes and your delighted. Your an amazing fan.

        • Joe should probably be sold on simply because we have too many other lightweight players in the same positions. This does not however suggest that he is anything other than a very good player who will be a terrific signing for someone else. Let’s not forget that when selling players & look to maximize what we can get for him.

        • 3 years under Rodgers as a DM = useless. 3 months under Klopp playing in a different position = not too bad….it ain’t rocket science!!!
          But hey it’s all coincidence right!?

          • He wasn’t only a DM under Rodgers. He played at DM, box to box, right side mid, left side mid and played in a pair. All without distinction.

          • Yes “under Rodgers”. His improvement has come under Klopp, in a more dynamic role and with the team set up in a more counter pressing game…to completely ignore that is ridiculous.
            IF he was playing under the same manager, the same tactics and then suddenly improved Adebayor style then your comment would hold water. But to completely ignore the fact that his improvement came immediately under a new manager, with different tactics and game instructions in a different role to he largely played under Rodgers, and to then cite…he’s only playing better as contract runs out in 2018…is nonsense and ignorant!
            By all means cite he aint good enough, hasn’t done enough over his time here, too little too late, can replace with better, etc, etc,….but don’t post nonsense and put yourself on a pedestal implying (exhibit A) any fan who doesn’t share your ridiculous view that it all about money, must be ignorant.

          • Where have I ignored that he has had an upturn in form? I acknowledged he has, hence the love-in from the likes of you. For me that upturn isn’t enough to warrant a new contract which was my original point. Aside from those in front of him, there are those to come in plus, Branagan, stewart & chiverella

          • “Fans still amaze me. Allen is non existent for 3 years then shows up for 3 months when he’s playing for a contract and you want him to stay for cameo roles?? Is that all it takes to be a LFC player?”…a post that clearly stated his upturn in form was ALL about money and contracts!! A post that completely ignored the real reasons for his recent improvement!
            I have no issue with anyone wanting him sold. Saying he hasn’t done enough, we could buy better, too little too late, etc, as that’s is you opinion and the opinion many share. I took exception at the way you were ridiculing any LFC fans who felt he should stay as a squad player, or who believed his upturn in form was due to anything but money and contracts.

      • Allen played several roles under Rodgers, The best football he played for Liverpool was the left hand side of the diamond. He was selfless for the team and often did a job deeper building the play allowing Coutinho and the others penetrate infront of him. We didnt always play possesion under Rodgers we turned counter attack into an art form in 13/14. Arsenal and the derby 2 prime examples of that, we played possesion at Old Trafford though. Owned them and the ball. Very good player hopefully he stays or has an excellent Euros and is in demand in Europe.

  5. GET.RID.OF.ALLEN. He’s not ANYwhere close to what we need. 3 goals in 4 years of league games tells you enough. Rodgers and Swansea should buy him back just on warranty alone… The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the cheap price is forgotten…

  6. Allen is a great ballplaying AM who has been used in an DCM role for way too long. Did extremely well in the 4-4-2 diamond when playing a bit higher up and has been extremely good in the AM role of the 4-2-3-1. Lad certainly has the quality, but if we bring in the likes of Gotze he’ll have a hard time getting game time. Too bad.

    A starting AM for Wales, going to the euro’s, Watford a pretty wealthy club can cough up a decent 15M for him.

    They can loan Ibe for a season, 5M will do.

    • I hope Allen stays although I fear we will cash in. All this nonsense people are spouting on here about the fact that he has only started playing well to get a new contract…utter and complete nonsense spouted by ignorant f00ls. As you cited the upturn in form is down to his role being changed from a defensive midfielder to a box to box role.
      I expect Ibe to go out on loan, but I really can’t see him returning, so I would rather we just sold him now.

        • Nonsense.
          If someone wants Allen to move on as they don’t think he is good enough…their opinion.
          But to blindly ignore the fact that his change in performance level, came under Klopp and playing a different role is pure ignorance of the highest level…and to then cite the reason for improved performances is simply contract related, is absurd.
          3 years under Rodgers as a DM = useless. 3 months under Klopp playing in a different position = not too bad….it ain’t rocket science!!!

          • 4 years at anfield simpley not good enough and a few decent sub appearances and a decent game against exeter is not going to change that

          • That’s fine then cite that as a reason why he should leave, as it is your opinion and also a valid one. I disagree and would like to see him kept as a squad option for another year, but don’t claim that anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. People who cite BS are wrong! Yes I’m sure an extra incentive of his contract coming to an end in the summer of 2018, but it it is complete ignorance to ignore the fact that he was terrible for 3 years under Rodgers, and has vastly improved under Klopp in a different position…and then to claim as if it was a fact, that he has only improved because he wants a new deal.

          • simple facts 2.3 million in wages for next season plus say even 8 million lost in a transfer fee adds up to over ten million ,for one season off the welsh wonder
            i would be peeved paying a million for his imput

          • I would only keep him if he signed a new contract, so if anything should we then sell him the following summer we will actually make money and pay for his wages.

          • We would make money by doing so. If say worth £6 million now, if signed then we could get £15 next summer. So £2.3 wage bill covered + £6.7 million + cover

        • This is the post I was referring to…Fans still amaze me. Allen is non existent for 3 years then shows up for 3 months when he’s playing for a contract and you want him to stay for cameo roles?? Is that all it takes to be a LFC player?

          and not this one…GET.RID.OF.ALLEN. He’s not ANYwhere close to what we need. 3 goals in 4 years of league games tells you enough. Rodgers and Swansea should buy him back just on warranty alone… The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the cheap price is forgotten…

          • the cheap price really he was 3 times dearer than shelvey who we sold them no bargain no nothing

          • It wasn’t me who mentioned the cheap price..and don’t get me started on Shelvey, the most overrated player by LFC fans of all time.

          • no i think you will find that honour goes to numerous members of the squad assembled by rodgers ,i doubt a club as big as newcastle would come in for allen
            lets see whos interested his old club swansea and watford

          • Allen is a far better player than Shelvey though, so why not?
            No LFC fan is going to be too upset if Allen leaves. I would say half the fans reckon he should go the other half think he would make a good squad player.
            Shelvey are Allen are both decent players and EPL standard, just not good enough for the big clubs (Utd, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs) Newcastle maybe a big club. but they are way behind the likes of Swansea in recent times.

          • Sorry but this season you can say Allen is showing more class and impact on the field than Shelvey. What about the last 2 years though? I get it Shelvey can be a rash player, but there were plenty of instances he was making the difference for Swansea on the field and I get that Allen is supposed to be more tidy in possession and all of that. I just don’t think it’s that cut and dry personally…Allen hasn’t shown enough in his first 3 years at Anfield. Atleast Shelvey’s always looking for the pass leading to goal-scoring chances.

          • In the last 2 years Allen was playing under Rodgers, largely in a DM role where he was instructed to make the short sideways pass under Rodgers possession game. This season we have seen what the real Allen can do…and that Allen is clearly a superior player than Shelvey.
            Don’t get me wrong I liked Shelvey’s spirit…especially ripping into Fergie :) But all the nonsense and hype about being the next Gerrard was way off the mark. He’s a good player, but Newcastle is his level.

          • You have to excuse our fans sometimes…that “next Gerrard” phrase never gets too old with them..even if there isn’t a player out there, they’ll long for a “next Gerrard”.

            I loved watching him in his last season here despite being aware of his rashness and some of his limitations. I feel like maybe there could have been a chance he could have continued as a squad player in some capacity under LFC..doubt he’d ever get past the bad passes and all of that to be a first team player. A very good highlights players though..almost every match you see him make atleast a couple really good defense splitting passes. That’s the reason he went for 12mil to Newcastle.

            Damned where was this Allen before!?

          • On another note…City close to signing Marc-André ter Stegen and Arsenal close to signing Granit Xhaka

          • I was personally never convinced on us getting Xhaka, they looked like weak links to me. Perhaps Stegen links were a touch too far from reality as well sadly. Let’s see what happens…how reliable are these links and who’s reported them?

          • Both City and Liverpool are understood to have made bids for Ter Stegen, but he favours teaming up with Pep Guardiola at City. [Telegraph]

          • Nope…the Timo Horn rumours died down.
            The Xhaka links were always very weak, and a real lob shot.

          • Arsenal have been to see transfer target Granit Xhaka of Borussia Monchengladbach play 30 times this season and are also interested in Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos and Southampton’s Victor Wanyama (red tops and over excited gooners on twitter)

          • I don’t blame him for the Gerrard comparisons, just as not Allen’s fault Rodger’s said something very silly that will haunt Joe for the rest of his career.
            I think a lot of LFC fans are sold on passion and commitment, even at the cost of any real quality. Yes we all love a Kuyt and a Suarez. But until recently the love in for Sktrel and the past love in for Shelvey just baffled me. The same was true with Spearing…If LFC fans want to win the EPL and be a big team in CL, then we need a manager who isn’t just sold on work load and passion.

          • We all love passion and commitment as fans man..sometimes we do need to temper it though since it does get the better of us. I didn’t like watching Shelvey be sold for 5mil, I think the lad showed enough quality at the time to be sold for a higher amount at the very least. If a player like Borini was commanding 14mil from Sunderland, then surely a player like Shelvey, with all his limitations ought to be sold for an amount closer to 10mil. And surely enough, Swansea selling him for 12mil proves that. I’d be a lot happier if that were the case, but I have to admit I did bring Allen vs Shelvey comparisons quite often in the past when we were suffering and Shelvey was registering assists and making great passes for Swansea on a regular basis.

            Spearing was never going to cut it but a good lad. Skrtel I feel is one that wasn’t always ill suited to Liverpool, but I think the game has outgrown him now and he just looks outdated in modern football. Liverpool and many other teams weren’t always about keeping a high line and pressing and front foot defending. I was never a huge fan of his and always saw Agger as the star in that defensive combo but I was really impressed with his commitment to fight for his place in the team and his fitness last 2 seasons under Rodgers. I was expecting him to leave the summer Sakho came in because Rodgers stopped playing him but that continued.

    • Also, during our title run couple of seasons back he was playing well whenever he got a chance to play. So I want him to stay and whenever he comes on he is useful since he can change the dynamics and formation of the squad like the Utd match

      • Allright, 4,5 ;)

        They can pay 2M at least though. It’s the EPL we’re talking about and he can be a starter for them.

        • Dude you’re far too optimistic on stuff like this. We paid 1mil for Victor Moses loan and West Ham paid 1mil for Andy Carroll loan. Ibe is still just a youngster. I see no loan fees, or a negligible one rather.

          • You’re way to pessimistic about stuff like this. Wisdom cost Norwich 1.25M and we paid 1.5M for Manquillo, Borini was 1.35M two years ago.

            EPL teams aren’t strapped for cash. Paying 2M loan fee for a starter isn’t a far stretch.

          • Learn something new everyday I guess. I just find it odd how Moses and Carroll went for like 1mil each yet Norwich decided to pay 1.25mil for Wisdom. Some odd stuff there. Maybe Manquillo’s amount 2mil euros was for 2 years and we just decided to opt out the second year itself?

          • I think the wages play a factor… Carroll & Moses were on higher wages vs. Wisdom/Manquillo….

            Having said that, i think 2mn loan fee is steep for Ibe.. I’d put it at 1-1.5mn…

        • I’m trying to be realistic here ffs. How many players have you seen go for 5mil+ on one season loans? Much less youngsters with not stellar profiles like Ibe?

          • I don’t believe that that’s how it works. If say Watford bid 12 million for him and no one else matches it then he might just decide to go there for first team football, and they have got a very good player. If Allen decided to sit out his final year and go on a Bosnan the I’m pretty sure he would have a plenty of takers at a higher level than Watford or he might even decide to sign a new deal at Liverpool. Inability to maximize value from selling players has been one of the major failing of this club for many years now.

          • That’s alright…I was talking about Ibe being loaned for one season here though. 5mil for one season loan for Ibe is a bit unrealistic was the point I was trying to make here.

            If you’re talking about my post below, I was just saying that a mid-table club will probably go about as high as 10mil for a player who has a year left on his contract – the lad is absolutely flying at the moment, so maybe I’m wrong about that? Hope so because he deserves the best. A big part of me doesn’t want him to leave now.

    • Allen has one season left on his contract, there’s no chance in hell we’ll be seeing bids of £15 million.

      A £5 million loan for an unproven youngster? Baffled.

  7. Allen is a decent player but just not top 4 quality if we want to make the next step up. As an attacking mid he is not ahead of Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana and as a DM he is not physical enough. Swansea is the right level for him to be a key player. Ibe I would keep and develop in the minor competitions, along with Ojo and see who is going to make the bigger impact before letting one of them go, that goes for Kent as well.

  8. The problem if we sell Allen is that he is reaching top form and consistency just now he has adapt now so we gonna sell him when he is more usefull to us? Now who can guarantee that the new signings will hit top gear from the beginning?? It is a big risk to sell him.

  9. Ibe just isn’t good enough for LFC right now, selling with a buyback clause would be best for both parties. He’s not going to develop here as a bit part player and selling with a buyback clause gives him the incentive and one last chance to develop into a top player.

    I’ve said it before on Allen and I’ll say it again, he’s having his best season for us, he has one year left on his contract, he would be worth more to us next season in squad depth than the paltry £6 million we would receive for him.

  10. Keep them both. Is a good squad player to have. And Ibe is just going through an expected rough patch. The only issue is is keeping these two hampering the progression of players like Brannagan and chiverella and Kent and Ojo

  11. ibe can go (he wont improve much, its in his head the way he plays, tete dure), but allen can hv another season if continues to be brave n a bit selfish.

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