West Ham confirm Benteke interest, as striker says he doesn’t understand lack of playing time

on 23.03.2016

Christian Benteke looks increasingly likely to leave Liverpool this summer, with West Ham United confirming their interest in the striker.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, January 30, 2016: Liverpool's Christian Benteke looks dejected after missing a chance against West Ham United during the FA Cup 4th Round match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Benteke has struggled to make his mark at Liverpool after a £32.5 million move from Aston Villa last summer and this has been magnified following the arrival of Jurgen Klopp as manager.

The Belgian has scored six goals and registered five assists in 29 games under Klopp, largely limited to substitutes’ appearances.

His latest outing came as a second-half substitute in the Reds’ 3-2 loss away to Southampton, missing a golden opportunity to put Liverpool 3-1 up.

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This saw Klopp engage in an on-field exchange with Benteke after the game, fuelling speculation of a move away from Merseyside at the end of the season, with West Ham a likely destination.

Speaking on Tuesday, Hammers co-chairman David Sullivan confirmed his interest in Benteke, but expressed fears that a deal would prove too expensive.

“He’s a player we admire but the problem is that he is on huge wages that no club can afford,” he explained, before continuing to outline West Ham’s need for a “top, top consistent goalscorer.”

“What we don’t have is 20-25 goal a season striker. If we did we’d be even higher up the table.

“Andy [Carroll] has scored some big goals this season.

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“Four doesn’t sound much but they have been huge goals and he has made a huge impact coming off the bench. He is a ‘chaos’ player.

“Our team doesn’t need major surgery but maybe a real top, top consistent goalscorer.”

With West Ham playing out a public bargaining for the 25-year-old, who would likely leave at a loss if Liverpool do decide to sell this summer, Benteke has bemoaned his lack of game time under Klopp.

Speaking to Belgian publication Sport/Voetbalmagazine while away on international duty, Benteke reportedly says it is “hard to understand” why he is out of favour at Anfield.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Saturday, January 2, 2016: Liverpool's Christian Benteke looks dejected as his side lose 2-0 to West Ham United after the Premier League match at Upton Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“Some team-mates have said that I was lucky with the arrival of Klopp, because I certainly would play,” he is quoted as saying.

“When your coach says he wanted to take you to Dortmund and a little later you sit at the same club and he ignores you, it is hard to understand.”

Initial hopes and subsequent disappointment largely stem from a early, perceived notion that Benteke could replicate the target-man play of Robert Lewandowski under Klopp at Borussia Dortmund.

But Benteke has so far failed to adapt to Klopp’s high-intensity attacking system—though the striker insists this is not the case.

“I do not understand why people say that,” he continued.

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“I can play pressing and moving a lot. It is not that we play in the Barcelona style.”

Frustratingly, whenever Benteke is called upon by Klopp it becomes abundantly clear that the striker is unable to operate in his forward line.

A move to West Ham, and a return to a more fundamental style of football, would suit Benteke; though a deal seems far from sealed.


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  1. hmm… I always wanted Benteke to succeed at Liverpool, but the more time goes on, the less likely it seems that it’ll turn around for him

  2. He just can’t finish, especially 1 on 1’s, he bottles it every time..
    If we want to achieve anything we have to set the bar higher than Benteke,
    I would take 20million in the summer and be done with, nothing against him I actually feel a bit sorry for him because he does give everything, just hasn’t worked out.

    • I don’t think he does give everything, that’s the problem. When he’s in the box with a defender holding him, instead of going for a ball and getting pulled back and possibly earning a penalty, he just sticks his hand up in the air demanding a pen. He’s not prepared to fight, for a big guy he comes across as meek and out of his depth.

      • On the flip side, Benteke was still pushing hard for the win 5 minutes into penalty time against Palace.

        I’d say the bigger problem is that he continues a struggle to find the wavelength of the rest of the team.

        • we’re starting to see some movement from him which was completely absent before. He wasn’t terrible in the WHU cup replay (except missed a hatful of chances), and he made that run at Palace which again he wasn’t doing that type of movement before.

          It’s been a long time coming and he needs more pitch time to progress. The trouble is we’ve been at the business end of the season for a few weeks now and with Sturridge finding fitness and Origi showing big improvements from the start of the season the pecking order has really established itself. Benteke has to show he should be on instead of Origi but he has been missing sitters since at least December if we’re honest and that’s if we ignore the Newcastle and Arsenal games earlier in the season where he had clear chances too. At least if he was converting some of those chances he’d earn himself more game time.

          Infact you could go further and say that he’s only started producing some signs of progress – in terms of some CF type movement – now that there is competition, which is a bit damning too and rhymes with the “not being played/given a chance” sentiment (which he believed he would have got under Rodgers).

          And despite those improvements he’s still missing good & very good chances which is killing his game time right now.

          I don’t yet see Sturridge fitting in with the style of play yet which is a worry (especially when Firmino is on the pitch) but he still gets goals. Ironically, Origi is the natural fit but doesn’t score (yet)!!

          We’ve seen the Tekkers thing before with Carroll when he was trying to adjust to the much higher work rate and expectation compared to his old club – his numbers showed that his runs/sprints at Newcastle were half the level expected at LFC.

          Carroll spent a season standing around much like Benteke was doing to the point that Shelvey audibly screamed at him in one game to “get in the effin box”. Carroll hadn’t been used to the constant work rate and runs and mentally didn’t/couldn’t apply himself. It was an adjustment that never came (as he got shipped out after that season).

          Benteke’s doing a bit more so he’s adjusting quicker than Carroll, but he’s not finishing – that’s not a wavelength thing, that’s his game right now, he gets chances each time he comes on the

          pitch. He doesn’t need to talk to other belgian players, he just needs to finish some of his chances!! That would get him regular game time. Instead he’s taking a “the coach isn’t counting on me” line which is playing the victim but is perhaps sending a message to his next employers.

          And now he’s got the prospect of Ings being a better fit next season too hence the talk of him moving I feel – the agent has clearly been hard at work and WHU are now pleading poverty (ha ha!). It’s a script being played out in public and he’s just speaking his lines. The only question is how easily Ayre will capitulate on the money side.

          It’s a shame because he’ll be an absolute nightmare to play against in a smaller side that plays a more basic and chaotic English style game. But the question is how long do you wait for that adjustment? Even now the attacks seem to lose their focus as soon as he comes onto the pitch.

      • Well, not EVERYTHING you’re right, he’s also a confidence player and it seems he doesn’t have the grit and intelligence to overcome it in a way, its almost like his body and brain are fighting eachother!
        Top 4 is 80% gone so I would give him some decent game time and see if he can step it up when it counts.. but this is just being sympathetic to him. I’m honesty past bothered..

        • it’s a huge failing on everyone really.
          For Klopp there’s no doubt he’s tried to develop his game which involves a higher work rate at lfc than it did at Villa, and there are signs of improvement in his movement though the finishing has gone down the toilet.

          But after a season, Klopp is entitled to say it hasn’t happened quickly enough I feel. There’s no right time length and perhaps another season would make a big difference.

          But not if he’s playing the helpless victim card, as you say, once that one comes out and says if the coach won’t count on you then there’s nothing you can do it’s game over really.

          He could have used words about fighting and proving he’s good enough but he would have to take some of those chances for it mean anything.

        • he will again in a smaller side with less expectations and where he doesn’t have to work as hard.

    • Lost in translation…. In Belgium, being a tiny country, he would probably be known as a nomad…. what with all that movement.

      • Maybe the reporter asked the question in French something about Liverpool putting pressure on him for him to move and he replied in Dutch that “I can play pressing and moving a lot”

        Very confusing I can tell you that :P

  3. It was evident after the Southampton game when Klopp was berating him that Benteke has checked out and had no time for him

    • Yeah, boy was jk pissed. Probably would rather not have done it there and then but he’s a pretty spontaneous guy.

      • Agreed. Benteke is a confidence player and the last thing he needs is for Klopp to throw red meat to the lions already predisposed to slate him. But it is hard to dislike Klopp for being what he is.

        • Thing is, I don’t believe it was the first ever bollocking Klopp has given him but all the others had been behind closed doors but were not sinking in. Benteke looks as if he has pretty much decided to leave with those comments

  4. Benteke has always been a confidence player who scores in streaks. He’s obviously bereft of confidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did well after a pre-season with Klopp, but equally I wouldn’t be surprised if we took a big loss on him – AND Balotelli – this summer.

    • We really can’t continue making financial errors like this. It’s not like we have endlessly deep pockets. Hope we start getting this right asap. And dramatically.

    • Damn….completly forgot about Flappotelli…same story…he can play good / excellent football but he just doesn’t

  5. Dear Benteke, if you don’t know why you do not have enough game time, it is because your colleagues are playing better than you. If you don’t understand, go watch the clips of you playing – your positioning is hopeless (when the ball goes in the box, you run out, and when the ball goes out, you run in), you cannot even score sitters on so many occassions I ran out of fingers and toes to count, you stroll around when your team mates need you to retain pressure up front as if you are taking a walk at a park.. need more? You should sacrifice your pay, and accept a move to anywhere else you like. Otherwise, zip your lips and start playing well. (oh, I’m sympathetic in that Bodgers loaned out wingers who can help you… but for now, plat the way the manager wants you to play, and stop itching for a move).

  6. West Ham United could pay a staggering £40million to seal the transfer of Liverpool striker Christian Benteke. – according to the Metro
    40 mil is a huge amount !! Although I doubt they will be willing to pay that much as currently they are crying over his wages.
    In anycase I think we should not settle for anything under 30mil. We can give him one more season, as I have said earlier he really changes the dynamics of the game and can hold the ball much better(Plan B)

    • If Klopp keeps him he must allow him to play….
      Players will lose quality and value w/o playing….
      And Klopp demoted Benteke shows he wants to sell.

      • Yeah it kind of does but if we are unable to sell him for the right amount we can always give him another go.
        Mind you he did score some very important goals and that to when he has a sh*t form

        • I think Klopp wants to be fair with all players, and he does not have many attacking postions left to fill…
          And I guess he wants to plan for next season much more than getting more money for Benteke.

    • Dude, it’s the Metro.


      No way any team will pay anywhere near 40 mill for him.

      Only one team and Bodgers were stupid enough to offer 32.5 mill for him when he was in the hottest streak of his career.

        • They’ll get him for 20 mill I reckon.

          Tbh this interview could well be hos agent encouraging him to make a rift with Klopp forcing his price down.

  7. I’m sure many told him why he did not play icl. Klopp…
    It’s not that Benteke doesnt understand, he understands perfectly….
    It’s that he doesnt accept the truth he cant fit into Klopp’s style…

    • We wont sell to PL teams when it’s top player we want to keep, just like Suarez….
      Benteke is not such a player and we should sell to highest bidder…
      and if he becomes a huge player after that the mistake is selling him in 1st place, not who we sell to..

        • I think next season will be very different when clubs find out how WH play…
          we will be much better too and WH will not be our competitor…

          • Yeah, more money for them and a great setup with pace and technique on the sides and Payet destroying opponent after opponent.

            Let’s give them Benteke and pay a bit of his wages too. Just for fun.

            Come on

          • WH is playing well against big teams but not so much against small teams it shows they do well in couter attack and big teams do not pay enough attention to their key players esp Payet…
            Next season that will change…
            And I dont think WH is the highest bidder when we have to pay part of Beteke’s wages.

          • With a player like Benteke they can do better against both.

            Top teams rarely set themselves up to defend the opponent. They go about their way to inflict damage on them.

          • The point is Benteke and Carrol are very similar, and Benteke is not much better (fitter maybe)
            This is difficult to say definitely but I think next season we will be much better at dealing with WH physical style…
            this season our reserves did very well against them in FA cup simply by being tough and working hard…

          • I don’t think anything can be taken for granted anymore. The PL is flush with cash and the “top” clubs are not the only ones with the ability to scout Europe anymore. PL managers are not all locked into a 4-4-2 either. We are seeing a lot more tactical variety and a team with strong chemistry like Leicester may find ways of breaking into the top tier over some well-moneyed clubs.

  8. I think it’s an attitude thing with Benteke, he certainly has all the physical attributes of a successful striker, he can play, is strong in the air, fast and has proven he can score consistently but it seems that if his nose is put out of joint then he only goes through the motions.
    The difference in attitude between him an Origi is massive and that is why Origi is Klopps choice ahead of Benteke. Benteke has unfortunately been a poor buy, time to take a loss and move on.

  9. West Ham can ƒûck right off if they think we’re going to strengthen them with a 20 goal a season striker (in the right system) for peanuts. They’re direct competition this year for 4th spot.

    If they want Tekkers they’ll pay through the nose. With TV money coming in they can’t play the disadvantaged pauper card anymore.

    Either that or sell him for less to a club that wouldn’t do us any damage. Like a Chinese one, or United.

      • Hiya Barney!

        Been crazy with work this last month or so but Paddys was a contributor also. How’s things up North?

        • Things are great! Just about to start the holiday in a few minutes. Sun is shining and me and a few mates are off to the mountain randonne skiing in some nice slushy snow and drink a few beers on the top.
          If you feel like it, have a little look at my super optimistic predictions for the rest of the season that I posted a couple of days ago.
          See you later.

    • They will pay..same scenario as carol waged only benteke is worth twice.. he can be a big player if used..aston villa r gettin relegated bcoz of him and I think there will be a bidding war for him! Hehe yes hes a proven PL goalscorer

    • Agree completely, was about to say the same thing. West Ham think they can come in with a “Caroll” deal…sell him overseas or keep him imo.

    • Get over it, Benteke has had his day and I for one don’t want him anywhere near the Hammers other than playing for the opposing team… That way we know we keep a clean sheet, we don’t need anymore cast off’s especially when they have illusions of grandeur and expect to be an automatic choice despite performing like a Millwall forward!!!

    • If Benteke really wants to play he can take a wage cut but like you said…West Ham have more than enough money to afford him

    • Couldn’t agree more! Klopp has a great records on buying cheap + right players. Hopefully he could hold his cards well on selling too. Not expecting something like what mourinho did on David Luiz, but at least a selling price which is closed to our overpaid price.

  10. That interview, if true, shows how deluded the guy is.

    If he doesn’t understand why he’s not playing then clearly he’s at the wrong club and he has the wrong mentality.

    That’s the risk you take when you buyers players from teams where they are the big fish in a small pond.

    One commonly held belief anout Liverpool is that we don’t cross, we do.

    21 crosses per game has us just 7th in the EPL this season.

    West Ham average just 1 more than us with 22, and their most successful header of the ball (most coverted chances) is Antonio, who is 5 ft 10.

    Benteke has one headed goal by comparison, with the rest coming from his right foot.

    As for West Ham wanting a 20-25 goal a season striker, Benteke has only done that once in his career, 23 in his first season at Villa (19 in the League).

    He hasn’t got anywhere near that since.

    Benteke of he does want to stay, and I actually still think he has a chance (not that I want him to – I was dead set against his signing in the first place) – he needs to stop crying in the foreign press or moaning about not being able to cope with the price tag he agreed tp have inserted in his contract.

    He needs to knuckle down and work.

    He needs to prove he can adapt, not claim he is / can.

    He needs to improve his first touch, his passing, his positioning, his work rate, his runs, even his physicality – and that’s before anyone gets on to his horrible one-on-ones.

    You’d have thought that striker with zero goals from open play in 12 and half hours of football might be a little more humble.

      • And their set pieces focus on getting the ball to Antonio, who is average height but has excellent movement.

        Benteke has the height, but his movement is terrible.

        Liverpool have 5 headed goals this season, West Ham have ten.

        That’s not a massive difference considering our poor set-pieces.

        I think West Ham’s interest in Benteke is only there if they can get him on the cheap.

    • You are in the wrong job! With your knowledge you should be involved in player management at the highest level! Would you want to stay at a club where you expected to shine and have hardly been given a chance! How many goal scorers get chances and bury them in the dying embers of a game? Keep going!

      • Wow, you realise sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, right?

        Still it’s telling that rather than produce a single point to counter my post you resort to a failed attempt to be humorous.

        The facts have clearly hurt you, and all you can respond with is a desperate attempt to be funny.

        You keep trying though, I’m sure with such a razor sharp wit, agents the world over will be hauling @ss to sign you up for stand-up comedy.

        • Who wants to counter your point/argument? You carry on being who you are saying what you want, calling people what you think and you will become a pillo*k of soceity!

          • Only because you your are not worth it! Like I said on the previous comment off is my final word! You do the maths!

  11. The thing with english league, you cannot play one dimensional football, and expect not to be found out by opponents, you of to mix it up, you need plan B and C as well, with big Ben you are looking at plan B, because he sure gives the team something different, and opponents something defferent to thing about, He can score goals when he is confident, and have a manager who trust in him, unfortunately Klopp has lost that trust in him, which is such a shame, because he is not a bad player as many making him out to be, he just lack that confidence, as Hendo was in his first season, Lovren, and Lallana as well, I am not into this notion that he doesn’t fit Klopp’s style of football, nonsense, a confident Benteke getting good service from wide or central midfield he will score, because he does have the abilities to score goals from both his head and feet, he has demonstrated that in this league, so will not jump on this ban wagon to sell him, he deserve another season to show is worth, it is the managers duty to get his confidence up, which he is not doing a good job at in this moment.

    • You are right about Plans B and C… Klopp did not have it at BVB and he had very difficult season there…
      I think he will not have same mistake here…
      But the point is Benteke will not accept to be plan B…
      And KIopp have better options than Beteke too.

      • I just checked a few websites and watched some highlights in the games they have him down for assists in.

        They gave him 2 in the Fa Cup both vs Exeter 1 in each game. 1 of them was a clear assist pass through to Teixeira, the other Benteke passes it and the defender kicks it against another defender and Sinclair scores very dubious.

        They also have him down for 1 assist in the Europa league vs Bordeaux, the assist is for being fouled in the box and winning a peno that Milner scores.

        The other 2 are in the league, 1 vs Chelsea where he knocks it down it bounces to Coutinho and he scores, the other he knocks it down vs Arsenal for Allen to score the late equalizer in the 3-3 at Anfield.

        I’d say he’s got 3 but could have 5 if those 2 dubious ones are given

  12. Not only benteke but even I wonder why klopp wanted him at dortmund…

    I have no doubt that he can be an 20+ plus goals a season striker. But can he be that at anfield?

    Where did it go wrong?

    I have no stats regarding the no. of corner and set pieces we are awarded till now, but I’m pretty confident that we get decent amount of it. Even we cross a quite more than we did last season. But those deliveries are awful. That have cost benteke and team a fortune.

    • Did he really want Benteke at Dortmund, really?

      Or did he just say they looked at him?

      Benteke, even in his best season scored 19 goals in the league, he hasn’t got close to 20 since then.

        • “It was after my first year at Aston Villa,’ Benteke explains. ‘My agent and the manager had a meeting about maybe doing a transfer but nothing happened.”

          That’s Benteke’s take, that talks happened but nothing was taken any further.

          Those kind of talks happen all the time if you have a trigger happy agent.

          Also important to note that that was after Benteke’s best ever season as a footballer.

          It was a completely different prospect signing a Benteke coming off a season in which he scored 23 goals, as opposed to 13.

          He was also much cheaper, people forget Tottenham had virtually signed him only to get cold feet and pull out of the deal at the last minute.

  13. After joining us, Lallana and Lovren took 18 full months before they started playing consistently, they are now at level where they are good enough to be role players, Ben on the other hand has been here 8 months, different club with two different managers that have different style of play, with a huge price tagg and expectations, it will take time give player some more time, everyone saying Klopp needs time to do what he wants, to implement his style, so why not big Ben?

    • The reason Lallana and Lovren are playing well is entirely down to Klopp. Had Rodgers still been around they’d still be playing poorly 24 months down the line. Big Ben should be playing better now that Klopp has been around long enough to give some input, instead he has regressed which would suggest he is rejecting Klopp’s methods.

      • Agreed, Benteke has honestly been worse under Klopp than he was under Bodgers. He played quite a bit more for the latter obviously and the team was made to play to him but he also certainly effected the match much much more when he got the ball.

        • Interestingly your comment corroborates my original comment. Benteke isn’t a team player, but needs to be the main man. Klopp doesn’t like that…..he’s all about the team. May be that’s where the frustration at the end of the match stemmed from.

          • For sure….you can youtube it. It’s only four seconds and it really wasn’t a telling off at all. The two clowns on BBC just trying to stir things up and make the headlines.

        • I though he was carrying an injury. Either way, he has regressed pretty dramatically….or is it that the rest of the mid have progressed that much and Henderson is being shown up. Even Allen is looking like a player now….so I think it’s the latter.

  14. With Ings to come and Origi showing signs , I’m not sure Benteke would get sufficient game time. Then again, we have Sturridge who is a sick note waiting to happen. And Origi is only showing signs and is far from the finished article. Who knows how Ings will react to the acl injury. Benteke’s spoiled chances this season really did him no favours but he’s more proven than Origi imo.

    If another club comes in with anything close to what we paid for Ben, we should only consider if we have a guaranteed replacement.

  15. His Manager Marc Wilmot complained about a year ago that Lukaku and Benteke’s movement was poor and remarked they both resembled lampposts.

    Since then Lukaku has taken heed and improved his game and Benteke gets replaced by Origi for club and country and has stagnated like his movement.

  16. As top 4 is gone, we might as well give him a run in the PL. see if he can adapt. Sometimes players just need a run of games

    • He got his run of games when we had no strikers left….he was junk so we ended up using firmino who has done rather well.

  17. Makes me feel for the guy. I must say he seems like a good man and teammate. This is his first time I can remember complaining about his severe lack of playing time.

    Unfortunately none of that matters in professional sport, Benteke has CLEARLY not scored enough since Klopp has arrived, and the team also just looks more dangerous with Studge or Irogi leading the line IMO.

    YNWA Benteke, put some in the net this year to get to euros and inflate your price tag!! :D ;)

  18. Herr Klopp really has failed here with Benteke? All very well saying Benteke has so far failed to adapt to Klopp’s high-intensity attacking system—though the striker insists this is not the case. It was seen against Southampton that a few others are incapable of maintaining the system for ninety minutes. Benteke should have been bought on earlier and the play adapted if required to suit Benteke. As for having a go at him for missing a golden opportunity in public is poor management skills. He was not the only one who failed. The main failure was Klopps own for putting Skirtel on and not effectively dealing with Southampton’s substitutions.

          • That doesn’t mean they think Benteke hasn’t failed Klopp though, it’s just they might be interested in signing him.

            If Benteke had done well for us they wouldn’t have a chance of signing of him.

          • I wrote according to the press they are interested in signing him! Benteke should have been utilised better!

          • “Benteke should have been utilised better!”

            Yep, because you clearly know better than one of the world’s best and most sought after managers.

            Oh! on this is Anfield or Jurgen Klopp, let me take a guess who knows more about football management (see those poor attempts at comedy work both ways).

          • Is Klopp one of the worlds best? Humm his decision to substitute Loveren was a bit amateurish to say the least! Are you suggesting you know the difference? Keep going!

          • “Humm his decision to substitute Loveren was a bit amateurish to say the least!”

            So you know better than Klopp, right?

            Because you can’t even spell Lovren, let alone substitute him.

            And arguing about a manager’s quality based on a single substitution while claiming a player doesn’t become bad overnight is just deluded hypocrisy.

            Klopp won 2 Bundesliga titles.

            You can’t even spell Lovren.

          • He’s either a bitter toffee or a manure fan, you’re wasting your breath with him buddy

          • Just wow! ;-)
            “Yep, because you clearly know better than one of the world’s best and most sought after managers.”

        • You’re contradicting yourself there.

          If you don’t become a failure over night, then you certainly don’t become a failure over 45 minutes.

          Klopp is one of the best managers in the world, struggling to get the best out of a mediocre squad he inherited from a manager who had lost the plot.

          Beneteke is a striker who has only ever had one great season, and has demonstrated his inability to perform at the highest level with us and Belgium.

          Benteke is good when he plays in a team that bases their tactics around him like when Tim Sherwood did it at Villa.

          But he’s lost when that it isn’t the case like with us and Belgium.

    • It’s frustration and anger that speaks out of you.
      Let’s sack Klopp, if you think the manager is the main problem.

      We were unbeaten for 9 games, but it just takes one loss for some people to question everything again and spread their negativity.

      Everybody says, “please don’t play Benteke, he is crap!”

      If we win, everybody is happy with that.

      But if we lose, suddenly some say “poor Benteke, he needs more confidence and to play all the time, poor management from Klopp!”


    • Benteke is incapable of making an angled run. Compare him to other strikers of his build and they all have better movement. Lukaku, Antonio, Crouch, Kane etc…All make intelligent runs. Benteke hasn’t got a clue. In this interview he mentions the need to drop to receive the ball? That’s his problem. We press as a unit when not in possession and he should be making runs behind into the channels, feeding off Coutinho, Firmino, Can and Lallana to name a few, as they need runners. We do cross the ball. However, has at the back post hanging about when he should be near and then at near post when the cross should beat the defence. Constantly offside. I’ve a mate who’s a Villa fan. He said he would be caught offside AT LEAST 10 TIMES each game. Nothing about him gets anyone wet. Most of his goals are spectacular efforts, which he has in his locker but he can’t finish a one on one coz he runs away from goal..Get rid. The minute Ings is back he’s finished anyway. Young Origi is far more intelligent for a 20 year old.

      • If Bentekes movement is as bad as you suggest how has he being in position to miss so many chances aswell as score the 8 goals he has this season? Young Origi is”far more intelligent”- when did he last make a chance?

          • Absolutely. How does he get so many chances if his movement is so bad? Origi is playing more than him the last month-has not got a sniff.

          • Origi has had a ‘sniff’. Players usually tire after 70 minutes when this joke comes on and he still can’t capitilze. Listen, we have Coutinho, Can, Firmino, Lallana in our team. Our strikers will always get chances. Most of his chances tend to be one on ones where he doesn’t need a great deal of movement to be my found. Still doesn’t score coz he’s not a natural finisher. As I said, perfectly capable of scoring the odd wonder goal but simple finishes and technique don’t come natural. Ask yourself this, when he starts do we ever score more than 2 goals ? Do we press as a unit ? Does the midfield come into play more, making runs in behind defences, which is what should happen when playing 433 ? The answer is no. It’s a redundant argument. You’re defending 32.5 player on 8 goals here mate. 2 were pens and one was blatantly offside. If he sticks around next season he won’t get anywhere near the first team. He doesn’t work hard enough and lacks intelligence.

          • Thats all very well and even agree with some of it but you are wrong about Origi,he has not come close to a goal scoring chance never mind a goal. As for 70th min,its not sunday league ridiculous argument. Im not defending Benteke- i made the point his movement is not as bad as you say because he gets a lot of scoring chances. He had 3 in 15 mins v palace, Origi had none for 78 mins!

    • That’s nonsense and irresponsible to put it on klopp, he had lewa a target man like benteke at BVB and turned him from average to world class.
      Your love for a lazy and uninterested player can’t allow you to be objective, only to slate klopp.
      Klopp have managed different type of striker s at bvb there’s enough proof that contradicts your claim.

  19. We will never get anywhere near £30m from a English or European club so if we want to sell any offer north of £20m we should accept. Personally I would give him a pre season and make a decision in Jan, a big money creative CM like Kroos would be money better spent. Also I read that Pep was not a fan of Hart, if true would be a great signing?

    • Could be realistic, all the other top clubs in England have very solid GKs and even if DDG gets sold to RM I doubt Hart will play for the SCUM.

      He’d be pricey though, north of 20 mil I’d say

  20. Maybe we should send Benteke to Dortmund then, and get Aubameyang. Klopp said he was interested to sign Benteke when he’s in Dortmund, maybe it’s still the case now.

  21. 15/16 – Benteke 35 games 8 goals 5 assists = 13
    14/15 – Benteke 34 games 15 goals 3 assists = 18
    13/14 – Benteke 28 games 11 goals 2 assists = 13

    To be honest he’s not that far off what he normally achieves if you compare this season with his previous 2. He hasn’t really been that prolific since

    12/13 – Benteke 47 games 27 goals 8 assists = 35

    I don’t think he suits our style but selling to a rival for a loss and the potential of him gaining them points on us isn’t smart business. I agree that i think he should be moved on but if we can’t get a deal abroad i reckon Klopp and Benteke should both work harder to get the best results.

  22. He’s been given chances, the 180 minutes against Exeter comes to mind. He just hasn’t taken those chances.
    It’s a shame as he should be doing a lot better

  23. They (West Ham) are just framing things for the summer right now. Clearly they want Benteke as their first choice no. 9, but they are saying things like this to frame him as a less attractive player. Poor season, high wages etc.

    West Ham may well finish above us this year, that along with the Olympic Stadium and new TV money means they will be paying a PREMIUM on any players coming from Anfield. Just like they and other clubs of their size have been doing to us for years.

    YNWA, drive a hard sale Ayre.

  24. Cant score cant pass cant hold up the ball anymore cant get into any position.

    Benteke does the same thig every game and thats wait for other players to play him in, he NEVER treks back and almost never gets stuck into the game he needs to chase the ball and muscle his way into the game then he will start to gain confidence, this waiting around for a pefect through ball with this team is not going to work for him, I see Sturridge and Origi track all the way back to get the ball from their own half at times.

  25. Heartbreaking to see this guy, he looks like a lost dog. When you get a high paying job in any trade though, you have to accept that there is more pressure to perform. Firmino has found a way.

    • You suggesting he is not in the right job? I find it hard to believe as he was doing fine at Villa and commanded a transfer fee of a few bob? You believe he has been given every opportunity by Klopp or is he just no good in your opinion or are you just following the majority?

      • Nah’ i have managed to make my own decisions in life, He has been told to get in the box and he goes in the opposite direction

  26. Player doesn’t understand lack of playing time…… Well there’s your issue right there. not enough self awareness… Probably why he ended up here when all with two brain cells could see it was wrong for him and the club….Nothing has changed…Good player, wrong club at the wrong time.

  27. I have no words for this kind of journalism. Dont U know that Benteke, Mignolet, Origi are staying with their Belgium national team in Brussel? They are in a hotel near the attacked airport, everything is cancelled cause of the terror attack und u serios believe that he has given meanwhile an interview about playing time ?

    • Are you suggesting they are reporting on stuff he never said?? If so, you’d have to slate every newspaper with any interest in this issue coz it’s all over, not just here buddy.

    • Go check the rest of the internet….transfer rumors are one thing, but they don’t get quotes wrong, or for that matter make them up in the air. And by that I mean most of these football news outlets.

  28. “I can play pressing and moving a lot”. I nearly fell off my chair there, I have not seen him once show the desire to prove he has a future here, it’s a toss up to see who looks least interested between him and Sturridge sometimes.

  29. “I do not understand why people say that, I can play pressing and moving a lot”
    Trust me benteke, its abundantly clear to every lfc supporter that you don’t understand.

  30. You have to earn the right to be selected,not just turn up and think thats all you have to do.
    I’d be the first to criticise klopp if he was leaving out somebody prolific,creative and hard working,but benteke gives me no grounds to think i or the manager is wrong in this instance.Shut up,knuckle up or ship out christian

  31. “I can play pressing and moving a lot. It is not that we play in the Barcelona style.”… what are u trying to say over here big B…???
    are u saying that we not barca and we dont have to pretend??? i really hope u didnt say that line….

  32. Why is it that we only end up hearing controversial interviews and players voicing their opinions with zero concern for consequences during the international break? Almost seems too strategic…like agents telling them to wait until this time.

  33. If it is truly hard for Benteke to understand why he’s not playing more, then yeah, that’s a real problem. Players who refuse to take an honest look at themselves have no chance of improving. You can’t coach the ability to live in the real world.

  34. Surely he must be texting Ballotelli as well…I can imagine him, Ballo , Fellaini and Hazard in a circle complaining bout $hit!

  35. Give him a preseason under Klopp. If it doesn’t work by January them unload him to a team outside of the PL. I still have faith that he could do great things. We’ve seen signs of what he’s capable of and despite the lack of playing time and form he was our highest score for half the season.

  36. He says klopp ignores him and he doesn’t know why…which is ironic really as Benteke keeps ignoring the back of the net and missing sitters

  37. C’mon West Ham. Either Benteke is worth his wages or he is not. Simple as.

    If you can’t afford him, then look elsewhere. Put up or shut up.

  38. When Villa beat LFC in the FA Cup last year and Benteke scored. He looked like a handful, a real Diego Costa type of player bullying and over whelming defenders with aggression and power. Benteke looked intimidating and a threat. Since he joined LFC the opposite is true, he falls over under light challenges or gets pushed around. He hides from the fight on the pitch rather than taking it to the opposition. Granted he has not played much and maybe that has affected his confidence. I think Klopp had made up his mind early on and Benteke is just now catching up with the script. He will be gone this summer probably for £20-£25 million.

  39. I’d take £25mil for him right now. No wage subsidizing though. If he wants to go, he can subsidize his own wages by agreeing to reduce them. Or West Ham can pay what he thinks he’s worth. Doesn’t matter to me either way.

  40. I would sell over to West Ham only if we don’t lose a single penny in the process…32.5mil and zero compensation in difference of wages.

    • We should make tidy profit or least get our money back, as there’s lack of striker around the world. Hence so many teams including West ham are a consistent goals scorer way from being a very good team.also payet on more money than benny.

      • Yeah and I really don’t care about Sullivan’s stance here…he’s clearly already trying to start negotiations. I think we ought to treat this situation like we did with Sterling. Do not go down from asking price under any circumstances. I’m actually still not half certain that selling him to WHU would be right under any circumstances, but at the very least, if we’re selling to a competitor after a year, then we should not be taking a loss on this player. Not in wages and not in value. If Tekkers really wants to move and play for WHU then he should agree to their wages and not expected to be paid for extra out here. Too many times I’ve seen in today’s day and age that players want to have their cake and eat it too.

  41. Nothing under 30m and no compensation in wages obviously.
    Still don’t know why the hell (the unnamed) was insistent on buying him and bolo!

  42. Benteke was never a consistent goal scorer at Villa .He scored his goals in batches he might go 8 without scoring then he’d score 9 in 12 then go off the boil again.

  43. He’s as good as gone now, if he’s going to criticise Klopp in the media that’s the end of him.

    He says he can play the high intensity game, So far in terms of tracking back he’s a step up from Balotelli, nowhere near what we need.

    Plus we’ve had times where he’s put through to kill games off and he’s missed. He’s not a striker that can be relied upon in the style that we play.
    A team that gets down the wings and jumps crosses the ball maybe he would suit but that’s not LFC.

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