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You could’ve guessed it couldn’t you, but predictably it happened with the so called ‘journalists’ of the national press once again reporting absolute bollocks after Alan Smith’s injury.

In every national newspaper this morning each ‘reporter’ failed to do their job of reporting what actually went on following Smith’s sickening injury.

Let me fill you in on the full events – for those who don’t know and for any lazy arse journo’s who sit on their fat arses in London and fail to actually attend the match and see/hear what really happened.

Now Smith isn’t exactly the most liked character on Merseyside, give a Liverpool fan a sheet of paper and ask him to write down his top ten most hated players and a bloody large majority would have Smith on that list, I would. No particular reason but he’s just a whinging, dirty Yorkie. That’s fair enough, im sure a lot of United fans would list Gerrard in theirs.

But anyway, Smith went down after blocking Riise’s shot and in the immediate aftermath when he was layed stricken on the pitch the Kop gave a rendition of the famous “JAR Song” but changed the ending to “how did you break his leg”. Now, first thing, nobody who sang that would have actually known his leg was broken, and secondly its general football banter – Im sure even Smith would admit that.

Once the severity of the injury was realised (by this I mean with the United doctor and physio, 4 ambulance men and the Liverpool doctor (yes, the Liverpool doctor) all around Smith it became clear it was a bad one) nobody was singing such chants.

So Smith was being stretchered off and what happens – a huge round of applause from the whole of Anfield. Yet this wasn’t reported in any part of the media today. Just typical of the English press to pick up on the negatives and not even report the positives.

At least even United fans recognised the ovation, in our ‘View From the Road End‘ interview our friendly Manc from the forums comments: “The reception he got when being stretchered off was not lost on us United fans, and goes to show that even in the most heated of battles, there still remains that amount of respect by supporters. We applaud them for that.’

Joe Lovejoy writes in The Times “the Kop lost its reputation for sporting behaviour yesterday, when Alan Smith was removed from this fifth round FA Cup tie on a stretcher to choruses of ‘œHey, Arne Riise, I wanna know how you broke his leg.’

What complete utter inane bollocks. As told above the chant was well before he was taken off and when he was on the stretcher he got a very generous and polite round of applause.

Mr Lovejoy continues with regards the chanting of Gary Neville “…but nobody should have to endure obscene abuse, in this case about his mother, that United players seem to attract…”

Now im definitely thinking this cock Lovejoy has never been to a football match in his life and witnessed ‘terrace humour’. Even Neville himself said after the match “Its part of football and you have to accept that kind of thing goes on, especially at Anfield when United go there.”

“Football’s important for a lot of people in Liverpool and Manchester and that’s how it should be.” Dare I say it but well said Mr Neville, its a shame the reporters can’t do their jobs and actually report the true feelings of players and fans.

It would be hypocritical of me to not point out the one report which did get it right, that being Steve Tongue in the Independent: “He had left the pitch on a stretcher with an inflatable splint round his leg, the initial abuse from Liverpool supporters having turned to generously sympathetic applause.” Maybe Steve actually went to the match unlike seemingly others.

Mr Lovejoy, if you’re reading this, please feel free to respond by email – and while your at it let me know how you got a job at a company like The Times. Surely it wasn’t by talking such bollocks?

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