Torres in talks, Madrid prepare for exit

If you have somehow missed it today, reports claim Liverpool officials have been in talks with Athletico Madrid over the purchase of star striker Fernando Torres.

Talks are said to have been ongoing and are now at a crucial stage as the two clubs look to agree a price for the Spaniard. Different reports claim different numbers and stumbling blocks. Some say Athletico want £25m for their captain and Liverpool aren’t willing to pay that much, other reports suggest the problem is with Torres’ own payout clause of £2.5m.

The forward is currently on holiday and so it is now being widely reported any deal will not be concluded until he returns – on July 10th. Reds fans will be hoping that isn’t the case and he can return from holiday within the next two weeks to conclude the deal.

Athletico fans held a protest in a Madrid square over the imminent sale of their 23 year old captain, while an Athletico official told the media: “Nobody is essential. We are trying to build a team to compete and it is not about any one player and, good though he is, we want a squad that achieves its ambitions.

“Atletico is creating a side that is not all about Torres, but about the team itself. I would love Fernando to stay, but it is Fernando himself who will decide his future.

“We have talked to him and told him that he is in our plans. It is normal that he has doubts. It is also normal that there are offers that has caused him to stop and think.”

These reports come days after Athletico said they had received no bids for Torres – so often a huge sign there has in fact been a bid.

Whether Djibril Cisse and/or Luis Garcia will be part of any deal is also yet to be known, with Benitez said to be wanting to keep hold of Garcia.

Also in the news:

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  • Liverpool have extended their partnership with Carslberg as their main sponsor until 2010.
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