Rick Parry’s silence is deafeaning

The silence from Liverpool Chief Executive Rick Parry during the latest spat between Liverpool FC’s new owner Tom Hicks and manager Rafael Benitez is absolutely deafening.

Instead of sitting quietly in the corner allowing this massive bust-up to escalate, he should have immediately backed manager Benitez, alas, there lies the problem, he is more interested in saving his own skin than backing the greatest manager this club has had since Bob Paisley in 1983, and that ain’t no sleight against outstanding Liverpool manager King Kenny Dalglish.

The difference between Dalglish and Benitez is the fact that Kenny inherited a very good Liverpool FC team, Benitez did not.

Yet in his first season with the likes of Igor Biscan and Djimi Traore, Benitez through his tactical astuteness, won the holy grail of the Champions League, a truly astounding achievement.

What would I give now to have a Chief Executive in the mould of former Liverpool Chief executive Mr Peter Robinson, if Peter had still been around at Anfield now, this bust up would never have been allowed to happen and to escalate – especially so publicly.

Rick Parry needs to get off his backside and explain to Liverpool’s new owners the absolute folly and dangerous consequences of removing manager Rafael Benitez from his managerial position, dangerous, because I do not believe they realise the depth of feeling towards them at the moment on the possible decision to dismiss Benitez.

If this is carried out, I fail to see, how they can ever step inside the Anfield stadium again, so bad will be the protests against them. They have only been owners of OUR club for 6 months and it is incredible the level of anger they have generated against them.

Hicks and Gillett do not, understandably, understand English and European football and how difficult it is to win trophies, Parry has no such excuses and should be explaining to them that Benitez has perfirmed miracles at Anfield. It was Rick Parry who had the foresight to bring Rafa to the club, therefore I fail to understand now, why he is failing to back him. If he has had a fall-out with Benitez, is it not time to shake hands and move on for the benefit of Liverpool Football Club?

They, Hicks and Gillett, stated in the press conference on taking over, they would adhere to the values, tradition and heritage of Liverpool Football Club, their actions so far, if it is true that they wish to remove probably the most astute tactical manager in Europe prove their words and promises were nothing but shallow lies, and the fact that Mr Rick Parry, chief executive of LFC, sits there and refuses to back the manager simply to save his own job is an absolute disgrace.

I can assure Rick Parry that if the decision to replace Rafael Benitez is carried out, all LFC supporters worldwide will never forgive him for his steadfast refusal to support Rafa in his hour of need, means his position will be untenable.

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