Hicks contradicts himself – again

Poor old Tom Hicks just can’t stop the press statements which continue to contradict what is understood to be happening and what his actions are indeed proving to be false. Would it be fair to say that somebody who claims to be “personally, professionally and financially committed to the club and its supporters” would be therefore expected to be at that club’s most important match of the season?

Well, not Tom Hicks – his actions continue to contradict his words. Hicks has today denied reports this morning that he and partner George Gillett and ready to sell the club to DIC and instead claims the reports are “are absolutely and categorically false”.

This is despite respected sources from media outlets including the BBC, The Times and the Liverpool Echo claiming that Hicks has been in talks with DIC in both Dubai last week and London over the weekend.

While Tom Jr. was at the Middlesbrough match on Saturday, Hicks Snr. wasn’t present at the Inter Milan match and was instead – reportedly – in talks with DIC.

Committed? What is it Jim Royle would say?

  • Jim Boardman at Anfield Road writes a more detailed article on today’s events here