‘Desperate’ Hicks seeks financial help

The Daily Mail tonight reports a leaked email sent from Tom Hicks’ team seeking financial backing from potential investors in London, having failed to find any in the United States. The report brands Hicks as desperate as he seeks help to finance the club as he continues to stubbornly refuse to sell up to DIC.

The report reads:

The email from Hicks’s people to potential London investors, which has more than a hint of desperation about it, offers three ways to participate with the Hicks Sports Group in Liverpool and promotes Hicks as ‘the master of purchasing and growing professional sports teams’.

The options are buying a share of the Hicks Sports Group, whose half-share of Liverpool amounts to 75 per cent of the value of the group; purchasing warring co-owner George Gillett’s stake for £100million or joining a Hicks refinancing scheme that promises investors a 16 per cent profit over two years.

It also trumpets Hicks as a ‘master’ at selling luxury boxes and clubs seats, and his intention to concentrate on the Chinese market with its ‘hundreds of thousands of Liverpool football fanatics’.

But such is the Liverpool farce, Gillett is vowing never to sell to Hicks, who, in turn, will never accept Gillett’s potential deal with Dubai Investment Capital.

However, the Gillett camp, who have a far closer relationship with the Anfield staff than Hicks, are confident after taking legal advice that they can contest Hicks’s blocking rights.