Hicks asks Parry to resign

Liverpool Football Club co-owner Tom Hicks has asked chief executive Rick Parry to step down from his poistion at the club, blaming poor merchandise sales and bad transfer dealings as the cause.

It is thought that Parry recieved a letter this morning demanding his resignation.

Hicks is believed to have been enraged by Parry’s comments to BBC Radio 5 Live last week, asking for himself and co-owner George Gillett to sort out their differences.

Last week, Parry made his feelings clear on the power struggle at the club. He said, “If they’re not able to co-exist then there needs to be a solution where one buys and one sells, or both sell.

“There aren’t too many other possibilities but it’s pretty clear that to carry on with the status quo is going to be extremely difficult.”

For Parry’s dismissal to take place however, the whole board of the club must vote him out, including George Gillett who is yet to comment on the matter.

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