Hicks interview: What the fans are saying

Here’s what the fans in our forums are saying in reaction to Tom Hicks’ interview with Sky Sports News today – the large majority refuse to be taken in by the cleverly spun PR spin while many also recognise that Hicks does have valid points about, in particular, Rick Parry and the club’s poor marketing.

One fan highlights the fact Hicks was cleverly filmed wearing LFC merchandise throughout all the clips and his children too; “At least we know why the club shop is always out of stock of everything. Tom and his family bought the lot.”

That same fan, danpape, writes:

All I can say is anyone can point out problems, but where are his solutions? We all know Parry undoubtebly has his heart in the right place but ultimately comes up short.

We know the Carlsberg sponsorship deal isn`t great and that sponsorship in general of our club is poor. We know that the building of our new Stadium should at the very least be underway.

A poor interview… not one point did the interviewer ask “how are you going to do that?” or for any sort of explanation on “Now I`m going to fix that…” he says “RBS are involved, its complicated” ASK HOW!!!!

No Liverpool fan cares about the shirts on the wall, that you drink your coffee from a Liverpool mug, walk around your city centre in a Liverpool polo shirt. We want to know your plans how your going to fix all these things you claim you are going to. Give us credit, a little bit of your own spin and P.R in retaliation to the clandestine operation of D.I.C (sorry but I refuse to trust them either) isn`t going to make us think we are in the right hands all of a sudden. Answer the difficult questions.

One fan blasts: “A desperate last act from a desperate man, making promises he can’t keep. “

Happier Times!

One fan writes the case against George Gillett though, stating:

Gillett also wanted to buy another Premier League club when his first offers to Moores were denied years ago.

Gillett also wanted to groundshare with Everton.

Gillett set up the Klinsmann meeting after befriending him in Colorado.

Gillett was the one who wanted to sell up to DIC as soon as he caught a whiff of fans’ displeasure. He can’t take any criticism despite his supposed dedication to the club.

Gillett is married to Parry who has been dismal in club marketing, sponsorships and transfers.

While another laughs at the fact Hicks’ accuses DIC of British media spin – when he is sat there doing exactly that in this interview! And another compares Hicks to Bob the Builder with his ‘can he fix it’ catchphrase!

Maybe the final word should be left to the fan who writes:

Both of them are liars. Both of them don’t deserve to own Liverpool FC, both of them are ruining the club and both of them do not have that sort of cash required to make the club successfull.

Gillett lied about a lot of things, so did Hicks. And how easily most forget about the row between Rafa and the “owner”. It was Hicks that had a beef with him.

Now that Hicks is being cornered and he knows he is at the losing end, he tried to do what he does best. Manipulate the gullible fans with some PR shit.

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