SOS ‘start new stadium work’

A Spade in the Ground in 60 days? 440 days later’¦..

After last week’s interview, after the roaring fire and the lovely mug, after the sweet words and all those promises that Uncle Tom would never make in bad faith, well, Spirit Of Shankly are convinced. Convinced enough by Tom Hicks to do him and his estranged partner a favour.

When they got to Liverpool they told us they’d have a spade in the ground within sixty days. There must be some perfectly reasonable explanation as to why they haven’t.

Just as there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation why Hicks told us he wasn’t negotiating with DIC when he was, a splendid explanation for the football club servicing hundreds of millions of debt when Gillett said they wouldn’t do a Glazer, a magnificent explanation for when Hicks said he hadn’t spoken to any other managers when he had spoken to Klinsmann, a stupefying explanation for them consistently insisting they hadn’t fallen out when they had and an explanation way beyond human comprehension of them consistently insisting they’d spent millions and millions last summer when it turns out Torres and Babel were bought on credit notes.

There must now be some terrific explanation for a man who said: ‘œYou don’t even have to win a championship every year to draw the fans. You just have to show you’re really trying. This business has to do with fan affinity and brand devotion. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with winning.’ To now say he wants this club top of the pile. Or for a man who said: ‘œWhen I was in the leverage buy-out business we bought Weetabix and we leveraged it up to make our return. You could say that anyone who was eating Weetabix was paying for our purchase of Weetabix. It was just business. It is the same for Liverpool.’ To now say if he takes 100% of the club he’ll do so without debt being on the club.

It’s time for the benefit of the doubt to be given.

Yep, they’ve tried their best to do what’s right for Liverpool Football Club and if we could only get behind them then we’d soon find ourselves back top of the pile. Well we can do more than just silently support them. We’ll put the spade in the ground for them, tonight, in Stanley Park. 6pm, Spirit Of Shankly will be there, doing their bit to help the Hicks effort, digging for victory.

Hicks and Gillett told us it’ll be 60 days.
We’re telling you it’ll be at 6 o’clock.
Who do you believe?

Stanley Park. Tonight. 6pm. We’ll be the ones with the spades.

Sarcasm Of (Sorry’¦)

Update: ITV, BBC and Sky Sports, along with local press where in attendance at Stanley Park for this on Monday night, photos and coverage will appear on Tuesday when the message should be loud and clear to Messrs. Hicks and Gillett, both of whom will be on Merseyside for the match against Chelsea – along with representatives of DIC, reportedly as Gillett’s guests.