Internationals: Rafa gets it right

We all know Rafa Benitez is a clever man, we all share the frustration of international breaks, and recently we’ve all felt mighty pissed off when players come back injured after internationals – Torres three times in a year now.

Here’s what Benitez said following the news Torres is likely to miss the Wigan home match, Atletico Madrid away and Chelsea away;

‘œThere are too many international games and the demands on the players are too much. Someone needs to analyse this situation because it is putting the players at risk of injury.

‘œMaybe the answer is for there to be a two tier qualifying system because there are too many games in the qualifiers for the World Cup and the European Championships which are not competitive but which still place great demands on the players.

‘œThese fixtures are unnecessary and maybe it would be better if the weaker countries played one another and the best of them went to play the stronger countries in the qualifiers.’

Not rocket science, just common sense. Try telling that to anyone at UEFA or FIFA, Rafa?