Kuwaiti consortium confirm takeover talks

The Kuwaiti investment consortium linked with a takeover at Liverpool FC have confirmed they are still interested in purchasing the club – despite the high asking price currently being demanded from American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

“We are serious and things can change. Hicks and his team are nice people and unbelievably humble,” spokesman Abdullah Al-Sager told Bloomberg.

He added “We are huge supporters and we definitely want something to happen. We want to build the new stadium at Stanley Park and make the team do really well.”

Members of the consortium were present at Anfield for the match with Chelsea in early February, with Al-Sager joined by Rafed Al-Kharafi, a member of Kuwait’s richest families.

Bloomberg report that they may not be looking to completely takeover the club though and report a delegation will travel to Texas to discuss the acquisition of ‘œa percentage’ in the club. The key issue there being the size of that percentage, not revealed by Al-Sager.

It is widely known that Tom Hicks is reluctant to completely sell his 50% stake in the club and instead wishes to bring in somebody to work alongside him and build the new stadium which will lead to vastly increased revenue for the club.

Something must finally give this summer when the American’s loan expires, until then the speculation surrouding the long term future of the club, and the manager, is likely to increase.