Torres’ future tied to Liverpool

If you believe everything you read in the tabloids thesedays, you’d think a change of manager of Anfield would see a whole exodus of top stars follow Rafa Benitez out the door.

Fernando Torres though says that’s not true for him and he is committed to the club no matter where Rafa’s future lies.

Certain sections of the media would have you believe the Spanish contingent in particular would follow Benitez if he were to leave Anfield, but they said exactly the same when Jose Mourinho left Chelsea and look at who left there? Absolutely nobody! Lampard and Drogba were the ones widely speculated to leave the Bridge but they’re still there almost two season later.

Torres said;

My future is tied with Liverpool, because I still have four years left to run on my contract. Therefore, should Rafa leave, I will stay on and fulfil my contract with the club. My wish is that Rafa extends his contract with Liverpool. I cannot think about how a possible departure might affect me, because it hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t like wasting time thinking about ifs and buts.”

Our Spanish sensation also rejected claims his injuries have cost Liverpool the chance of winning the Premier League this season;

I don’t think that my injury should be considered as a reason for Liverpool not winning the league. Although following a couple of poor results we have lost touch with Manchester United at the top, the team has done well this season. The league though is still alive, but United are looking strong and they are not dropping points. [But] I don’t think that I’m to blame for the injuries, it forms part of the game.”