Hillsborough: The truth about the cover up begins

In an interview with The Sunday Mirror, a policewoman has admitted she was forced to change her statement as part of the huge police cover-up following the Hillsborough disaster.

The article reads:

Special Constable Debra Martin made a statement telling how a Liverpool fan of 15 died in her arms at 3.55pm on the day of the tragedy, which claimed 96 lives.

But officers branded her a ‘œliar’ and forced her to change the time in her account to 3.15pm ‘“ to hide the fact he could have been saved.

The case refers to that of Kevin Williams, whose mother Anne has continued the fight for the Truth despite continual rejections from the courts. Her latest case was refused by the European Court of Human Rights just last month.

Martin told the Mirror “These families deserve the truth after all these years.”

She explained ‘œKevin was struggling to breathe. I gave him CPR (mouth-to-mouth). I’ll never forget his little face looking straight into mine. He uttered the word ‘˜Mum’ ‘“ it was his last and he died in my arms.’

Explaining the cover-up she told ‘œWe were all told not to talk to the Press, then a female officer and a man knocked at my door. The WPC told me my statement was wrong and she was there to change it as it was inconsistent with what had happened.’

She continued ‘œThe WPC said, ‘˜You’re a liar. We don’t even know if you were there. It’s probably all in your imagination’. I couldn’t believe it. Then I began getting hate mail at the police station.

‘œThe final time the WPC hounded me at my house, they were adamant I had to change the time Kevin died. She put a new statement I hadn’t written under my nose ‘“ I couldn’t take it any more, so I signed it.’

Anne Williams responded ‘œI’ve been screaming for 20 years that my son could have been saved ‘“ he wasn’t dead at 3.15pm. The police just covered it all up.’