PFA Awards: Are you having a laugh?

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This afternoon, the PFA Player of the Year nominees were announced. We receive the press releases from the PFA and usually we add them to the site, this one, we won’t.

In case you don’t know, there’s only one non-Man United player of the six nominees. That is, of course, our very own Steven Gerrard.

The problem I have is with the five other nominees, and one in particular – although the problem isn’t with the player, it is with his nomination.

Ryan Giggs. Great pro and all that but seriously what a joke. The PFA Player of the Year Award is for just that, the best player during the football year – not over the last decade and happens to have had a half decent year.

Giggs has played 23 games for United, scoring once. Probably comparable to many mediocre players in the Premier League. Boo hoo. Gerrard has played 27 games, scoring 13. Same amount of assists. Hardly comparable if you ask me. Plus the fact Gerrard’s influence is far greater than Giggs’. No room for sentiment in my opinion.

The four other nominees are;

– the centre half who was banned for a drug related offence and yet still went on to captain this fine country.

– the over-hyped own-biggest-fan, posing, moaning, prancing winger who’s done f-all this season but his name alone means he makes the list.

– the goalkeeper who kept 14 clean sheets courtesy of his back four doing a good job and yet still has never won the golden glove because our Pepe Reina has won it every year he’s been in England (by the way, van Der Saar has kept just one clean sheet more than Reina still and made 15 saves less) and I take it the nomination doesn’t include his blunder against us at home, at Newcastle and a few others if I remember rightly.

– and the classic centre half who has been sent off twice in key fixtures this season and was what Alan Pardew would say by Fernando Torres… Ok, maybe he’s the most deserving of the five actually though.

I’m not saying the list shouldn’t feature any United players, or should feature all Liverpool players but to overlook Xabi Alonso proves what a joke this list is. Far more ‘on-form’ and influential than any of Van Der Saar, Ronaldo or Giggs.

There’s plenty of others much more deserving of a place than some who are nominated; Murphy and Hangeland at Fulham, Jagielka from the Blues, Stephen Ireland from City (although he is on the young player list), even Lampard for Chelsea.

If the award is to have any ounce of credibility, Gerrard must win it.

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