Fans react to Alonso speculation

As the transfer speculation surrounding Xabi Alonso’s future rumbles on, we’ve taken a look to see what the fans are saying in the This Is Anfield Forums right now.

  • OperationRED: “He is not going anywhere now. Impossible. Real simply cannot keep pushing the envelope like this. Xabi is the dominant play making CM of the moment, and is under contract. Its a non starter.”

  • DEVGRU: “Rafa appears to have the upper hand but what do you do if a player says he wants to leave and doesn’t want to stay anymore? Do you keep him and know you have an unhappy player on your books or sell and get what you can for him?”

  • Leoo: “If he does go, we should get madrid to chuck in Gago and 25M. Gago is a very good midfielder, who is still young and under Rafa could really improve to the level that Alonso reached last season. He is also Argentinean so that may help keep masch at Anfield.”

  • zooropa21: “If he stays with Liverpool he is likely to get a better salary arrangement, if he moves to Real he will certainly get a better salary arrangement. Since Liverpool were not so keen on keeping him last summer, this summer is his time for payback. His play the past season was particularly better than the prior two, likely playing his ass off knowing the upside that awaited him in the summer.”

  • Labrador18: “Benzema is reported to have been sold to Madrid for between £30-35 per SkySports. I would be shocked beyond belief if they had the money to persuade Rafa to sell Xabi, I don’t see it happening.”

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