Carra warns Owen ahead of Anfield return

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has warned Michael Owen ahead of the Manchester Utd striker’s return to the club for the first time since signing for the arch-rivals.

After completing his contract with Newcastle Utd at the end of last season, Owen signed with Alex Ferguson’s side, scoring the winning goal in the Manchester Derby on Sunday.

Owen spent 14 years at Anfield, before leaving for Real Madrid in 2004. Carragher says Owen can only expect a hostile reception when he returns as a Utd player on October 25.

“Our fans are usually brilliant with former players but he might get a cool reception,” Carragher said.

“I can understand the fans’ point of view. He used to play for us and now he is at our big rivals. At the same time, Michael has got his own career to think about. He wants to play in the Champions League and get back into the World Cup squad. The move gives him that opportunity.

“It will upset some fans but that’s football.”