No. 13 – Our first ever League Championship

No. 13 – Our first ever League Championship

After nearly a decade of ups and downs between the divisions, the Championship trophy finally arrived at Anfield at the end of the 1900/01 season. Just two seasons previous, Liverpool had lost the Division 1 title on the final day of the season when they lost 5-0 to Aston Villa, but this season it would be different.

On the 24th of April 1901, Liverpool faced West Brom who were bottom of the League Table, Liverpool had to win to secure their first ever League Championship. Over 4,000 people watched on at The Hawthorns as Liverpool captained by Alex Raisbeck recorded a 1-0 win when John Walker became Liverpools hero with the only goal of the game (this was only his sixth goal of the season).

Liverpool clinched the title by 2 points over Sunderland who finished the season as runners up. The first ever League Champions, but there were many more special days and Championship medals to come!!

Travelling back to Liverpool on train, the newly crowned champions were greeted by a large crowd at the central station, and memories of team captain Alex Raisbeck carried shoulder high through the streets to the tune of ‘The Conquering Hero’ will never be forgotten.

Liverpools squad throughout the 1900/01 that are written into Anfield folklore never to be forgotten are : Bill Perkins, Billy Dunlop, William Goldie, Thomas Hunter, John Glover, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, Maurice Parry, Raby Howell, John Robertson, Jack Cox, John Davies, Tom Robertson, Sam Raybould, John Hunter, Andy McGuigan, Charles Satterthwaite, John Walker, Tom Robertson.